Terni Round White and Eames Style Dining Set

The Terni Round White and Eames Style Dining Set is a great opportunity to add splash of contemporary colour to your dining area alongside a sleek white satin finish. The cool simplicity of the Terni table is a great match for the immediately recognisable Eames style dining chairs, making this set really standout from the crowd. What You Need To Know:
  • The style of the Terni table is a simple four legged apron construction; a contemporary nod to a classic family dining table. This creates an open and spacious feel around the base of the table, allowing plenty of room for dining chairs and legs.
  • The finish of the Ternin table is a matt satin. Satin isn't highly reflective or glossy but it's got enough of a light sheen to be smooth and tactile, bringing a light a fresh look to your dining space.
  • The edge of this modern dining table is finished with a subtle chamfer. This gives the table a slim profile and just adds that extra little bit of shape, rather than a hard edge.
  • The crisp white finish of the Terni table works really well with a bold statement of all one colour of Eames chair, but equally you can mix it up and really personalise the look with a combination you like best. With a variety of bold colours to choose from, this set is wonderfully versatile and suited to a variety of styling scenarios.
  • The legs of our Eames replica dining chairs are reinforced with a steel inner rod and we've also added small rubber washers at the joints so that they don't squeak or rattle. This makes our chairs strong, durable and much sturdier than many other Eames replicas on the market.
Combining a crisp matt white finish with a choice of striking colours, the Terni Round White and Eames Style Dining Set is is a great way to add a fresh and modern look to your dining area. If you would like more information, the Eames Style Dining Chairs and Terni White Round Dining Table can also be viewed as separate products.


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