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Savannah Modular Grey Corner Bench Set

The Savannah Modular Corner Bench Set is a luxurious corner setting offering generous seating options that will keep your guests sitting comfortably all summer long. The cosy padded cushions of the Savannah outdoor bench brings an interior level of comfort to your garden. The Savannah Corner Bench also offers plenty of seating flexibility as the modular units can easily be rearranged to suit you and your guests. One of the benches has a handy side table with can double up as an extra seat when needed. What You Need To Know:
  • The overall footprint of this item, as shown in the first image, is 186cm on the shortest side and 226cm on the longest side - which has the attached side table.
    • The Savannah corner bench has been designed exclusively for Danetti with comfort and style being focal points. This is clearly visible in the generous and sumptuous seating cushions, where you can lounge back and really enjoy those long summer days.
    • This set includes a 2-seater bench with side table, a 2-seater bench and a corner unit, so it can seat 5 people comfortably. It also includes a versatile garden tray table. This set is modular which means you can rearrange the seats in a variety of ways such as a linear arrangement around a coffee table, a smaller corner bench around a garden dining table, or add more chairs to extend your bench size... the possibilities are endless.
    • The frame of the chairs is made from powder coated aluminium. Aluminium itself is inherently anti-rust while the grey powder coat creates an effortlessly modern and matt looking finish. Anti-rust and so easy to clean, you needn't worry about your garden table during those summer showers!
    • The Savannah corner sofa has soft foot pads. This is to protect your patio or decking, while also protecting the underside of the seat.
    • To ensure the Savannah modules don’t slide away from each other, we’ve included heavy-duty Velcro straps to connect the pieces. This means you can keep the modules in place, preventing them from slipping apart, yet they are quick and easy to move, without the use of any tools.
    • The side table on the 2 seater bench is made from polywood although it has the look of real wood. The benefits of polywood over real wood mean that it won't warp or discolour like real wood. It's also very easy to clean, saving you both time and money!
    • The cushions on the Savannah range are kept in place with an anti-slip mat, so they don't move around but can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and storage.
    • The fabric used on the Savannah range of cushions is showerproof, which means that light rain or moisture will not be absorbed into the material. This is essential for outdoor furniture as, during those light summer showers, you don't have to take the cushions in every time. It also means that spills are easy to clean as they will just wipe off.
    • The price shown is for the Savannah Modular Corner Dining Bench Set. We've shown the corner bench with the Savannah Coffee Table to create a relaxed outdoor lounge area and the Porto Round Grey Garden Table for spacious garden dining, which you can add to this set below.