Fern White Gloss 4 Seater and Eames Style Dining Set

A white gloss dining table it a great opportunity to introduce colour into your space through your choice of dining chairs, so we've made this style option even easier by creating the Fern White Gloss 4 Seater and Eames Style Dining Set. This sleek dining set combines a crisp white gloss finish alongside tactile wooden and bold colour finishes, all designed to instantly update the look of your existing dining room interior. Go for all one colour or mix and match your seats for a considered yet creative look. What You Need To Know:
  • The Fern White Gloss Dining Table is designed to seat 4 people, making it ideal for a small family or everyday dining.
  • The white gloss finish of the Fern table is applied in 3 layers, each dried for 24 hours and then hand polished to achieve its high shine. The white gloss finish creates a fresh and light appearance which is reflected throughout the room, while also helping to create the illusion of more space in your setting.
  • White gloss is a very neutral tone, making it incredibly easy to coordinate with the iconic design of the Eames chairs and the range of colours the chairs are available in.
  • The solid beech legs of our Eames Style Dining Chairs are enforced with an internal steel support. This secret support, plus the steel cross wires on the base results in the chairs not only being hardwearing and sturdy, but also still maintaining a sleek streamlined look.
  • We've also added rubber washers between the fixings on the chairs to ensure that the hard parts don't squeak or become loose over time. This handy feature is something that you won't find on many other Eames chairs on the market.
Fresh, fun and effortlessly stylish, the Fern White Gloss 4 Seater and Eames Style Dining Set will instantly bring a bright and light look into your dining area. If you would like more information on the individual products, the Eames Style Dining Chair and Fern 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table can also be view separately.


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