Edie Garden Chair

Bring the style of the indoors outside with the Edie Garden Chair. Part of our exclusive outdoor furniture range, this garden chair is a modern take on traditional garden seating. With its clean lines, sleek shape and contemporary colour palette, the Edie Dining Chair has been designed to instantly give your outdoor space a fresh new look. What You Need To Know:
  • The clean shape and simple design of the Edie chair is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It is incredibly easy to style with a variety of dining tables, while still adding modern flair to your outdoor space.
  • No one wants to spend their summer cleaning their garden furniture. That's why we've chosen to construct the Edie chair from molded Polypropylene. It's water resistant, easy to clean and low maintenance, allowing for quick cleaning after busy summer BBQs and family gatherings.
  • Being made from plastic, the Edie Garden Chair is lightweight yet durable. This means that you can easily move the chairs around your garden to suit both your space and seating arrangements.
  • A key factor to consider with any outdoor furniture is storage. That's why we've given this plastic garden chair the feature of being a stackable seat as they won't clutter up the garage if you decide to store them inside. Chairs can blow about in windy conditions but by stacking chairs (and adding weight), you reduce the risk of damage and remove the need for indoor storage. This makes the Edie chair incredibly practical.
  • Like with all of our interior dining chairs, our range of outdoor dining chairs come with floor protectors. This thoughtful feature is to not only protect your decking or patio, but also the feet of the chair. You can also use the chairs both in and outdoors.
If you're looking to coordinate with Edie Garden Dining Chair, why not take a look at the matching Edie Garden Dining Armchair? If you're after a slightly different shape, we also have the Skye Garden Dining Chair and Lola Garden Dining Chair, all part of the exclusive outdoor range.


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