Ceramic Furniture

Ceramic furniture is a stylish and practical alternative to marble. Durable, heat resistant and available in different shades, have a look at why ceramic would be the perfect addition to your home.

So, Why Ceramic?

Scratch Resistant

Ceramic is hard-wearing and scratch proof, meaning theres no need for coasters or place mats.

Heat Resistant

The heat resistant properties of ceramic mean it can withstand high temperatures, so dishes can be served straight from the oven.

Non Porous

Ceramic isn't porous so red wine and coffee cup rings, greasy stains and the kids colouring pen marks are a thing of the past.

Our Popular Styles


The Mia range is available with a white marble finish or dark grey. The pedestal base make this table ideal for pairing with chairs or benches.
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The Louis range of ceramic tables extend from a 4-8 seater table, so it’s the perfect choice for entertaining or family get togethers.
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The Anton is a sleek and stylish option, while the durable marble ceramic surface makes it ideal for everyday living.
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"Our Ceramic tables allow you to get the look and feel of Marble at a better price and with increased durability."

Sarah - Danetti Product Designer

Danetti Customer Homes