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Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs

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Bring your garden to life with our selection of modern garden chairs, perfect for outdoor dining this summertime. We wanted the range to be an extension of your home, so thought why not bring the style of the indoors outside! That's why we’ve designed this range with style, comfort and colour in mind, so you know you’re choosing from some truly premium pieces. Lightweight yet durable, our plastic dining chairs will keep you sitting comfortably all summer long.

Outdoor dining chairs come in a whole variety of shapes and colours, so you can really have some fun with your styling. However, no matter what your budget, taste or space, there are three main factors you’ll want to consider:

    Material - check the material of your dining chairs is suitable for outdoor use. It’s also a good idea to look up any care, cleaning and maintenance tips so you’re fully aware of what upkeep the chairs need to keep them looking their best.

    Shape - dining chairs with arms will offer more support when seated while a slightly curved back will allow you to sit back a really relax. Consider the shape of dining chair that will suit not only you seating needs but also how it will look alongside the shape and design of other furniture pieces in your garden space.

    Storage - can the chairs be stacked or folded? These space-saving qualities will be greatly beneficial when it comes to storage!