Mid-Century Modern

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Mid-century furniture was defined by organic shapes and orb like forms, rich colour combinations and contrasting textures. A new fascination with using materials like plastic provided cutting edge style with clean lines and function being the main criteria, furniture was designed to nest, stack, fold or bend and colour was used boldly. Our collection is inspired by these qualities with a contemporary twist to bring the look up to date.

Stylists Tip: Incorporating the Mid-Century Modern look into your home needs to be carefully planned and blended harmoniously into your surroundings. Avoid the museum look by choosing a few pieces and letting them sit within your existing interior style. Remember the design ethos behind the Mid-Century Modern style which was minimalist with a focus on design, form and function, take care not to layer the look with too many patterns or textures, and break up expanses of wood with plain simple colour to create a feeling of space and simplicity.