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A white gloss TV unit is a great way to freshen up the look and feel of your living room interior. As a curator of modern furniture choices, we’ve made it our mission to offer you a wide selection of sizes and styles to suit every room size. When it comes to our ever expanding range of TV units, TV tables and TV stands, we have a whole selection of modern pieces that are perfect for giving your TV a new home!

Good To Know: Designed to house your TV, store a range of media products and display a variety of items, a TV stand is such a practical addition for any living room interior. Whether you’re short on space, an avid gamer, a minimalist or movie lover, there is sure to be a TV unit that is perfect for your needs. To achieve the high shine on our range of white gloss TV units, three layers of painted gloss are applied in controlled conditions and dried for 24 hours between each covering. This gives the unit a wonderfully bright and smooth finish that you wouldn't get with the use of a low-quality gloss.

Stylist’s Tip: White gloss is one of our favourite finishes and it proves really popular with our customers. This is because it's ideal for contemporary living but also blends well into a variety of settings due to its clean tactile look. You could further accentuate the fresh and spacious look of white gloss by choosing a TV unit that has an open back, or perhaps a glass shelf, both of which will keep your room looking bright and modern.

Now you’ve chosen your finish, make sure you ask yourself the following questions to make sure you choose the right TV unit for your space...

  • Will my TV fit? make sure you check the measurements of both the TV stand and the size of your TV, along with where you’re hoping to place the unit.
  • Do I need cable management? If you do, you might what to consider a TV table with an open back or a unit that has a cable tidy system.
  • Do I need storage in the TV unit? Consider if you want to store DVDs, remotes and other items in the unit or whether you have space to store these elsewhere.
  • Is there a plug where I plan on putting the unit? This is important to consider but easy to miss. You don’t want cables from your TV trailing across the floor!
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