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White Sideboards

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Sideboards have been around for a very long time! The sideboard started out as a piece of wood on trestles that was then covered in white linen, strewn with flowers and used to display best silverware that wasn't being used for the feast, obviously time move along and it was then used as a serving area. Nowadays, we like to do a bit of both! Some of us use our sideboard as somewhere to stack plates and various dishes lending us a 'helping hand' for serving at mealtimes, for others, this is a desirable surface that is used to greatest effect as a display area for prized possessions and much loved accessories.

Stylists Tip:

If you are choosing a white sideboard for your dining room, decide on what style you are looking for. Does it need open or closed storage, or maybe a combination of the two? Do you want one that conceals crockery and cutlery? Perhaps you want to use it as a display area, so you are looking for something with open shelves. Whatever your needs, we have a sideboard to fit the bill perfectly and we also have a good selection of sizes so that you can choose something that will suit your room space and help to create a fabulous dining area. Read More...