Medium Wood Sideboards

Medium Wood Sideboards

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FurnitureMedium Wood Sideboards

Medium wood sideboards are a great way to create a real style impact in your room without it looking too intrusive. The medium wood tones will blend well with most colour schemes, allowing you to style our range of wooden sideboards to your heart’s content! Our walnut sideboards are a good compromise between light and dark tones, designed to add an interesting feature to your dining setting or create a focal point in a kitchen/diner.

What is a wood veneer? For our range of wooden sideboards, we use a wooden veneer which is made up of thin slices of timber that have been bonded to an MDF core. The grain is then meticulously matched and the wood is then finished and treated with a sealant. The great thing about thick veneers is that they give the look of solid timber but with more stability, as they are far less prone to cracking or splitting, unlike solid wood.

How do I clean a wood veneer? All you need to clean your wood veneer sideboard is a damp, non-abrasive lint free cloth. For more stubborn marks, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth and always move in the direction of the wood grain. Stay away from using a sponge, wax-based polishes or cleaning products on your wood veneer as these are designed for raw solid timber rather than veneers.

Stylist’s Tip: A walnut finish works really well against white and would blend beautifully with a white dining set for a sophisticated look.

When it comes to choosing the perfect sideboard, it doesn't stop at selecting a sleek-looking finish. Sideboard sizing is key and one part of selecting a sideboard that you’ll want to get right! To make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s a handy checklist of all the vital sideboard measurements:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Storage Space

  • Top Tip: To get a better idea of how much space your chosen sideboard will occupy, draw out its measurements onto a piece of cardboard and lay it where the sideboard will be positioned. This way you’ll see how much floor space you’ll need and whether there is enough room for people to pass by. Read More...