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Having a white gloss desk will instantly add a bright and fresh look to your home. Perfect as a work space in a small home office, the white gloss finish on our range of desks will gently reflect the light helping to create the illusion of more space. This will allow you to really maximise what room you have available while also adding a really clean and modern look to your space The white gloss that we use for our range of desks is made up of three layers of painted gloss, of which are applied in controlled conditions and dried for 24 hours between each covering. This care and consideration in the application process gives the white gloss a depth and high shine that you just wouldn't get with a low-quality gloss.

Where do want to place the desk in your home? One of the great features of our range of desks is their considered sizing. This is because they are not too big or bulky, yet still have enough storage and surface space, making placing them in your home incredibly versatile. Instead of dedicating a whole room to become an office, you can create a study area in an impromptu nook or corner of your living room, making the desks very practical. When choosing where to place the desk in your home, it’s important that you consider the size of the desk and the space you have available, keeping in mind that you’ll need enough space for the size of your chair and for it to be tucked in and out of the desk.

Stylist’s Tip: Since white gloss is such a neutral tone, it allows for a whole variety of styling opportunities. It can blend in with your existing interior if you already have glossy finishes, or you can create a strong statement look depending on what chair and colour you place by the desk in situ. If you’ve not had a glossy finish in your home before, a desk is a great way to introduce the finish into your space in a subtle yet sleek way.

How do I clean a white gloss desk? To clean your white gloss desk, it’s best to use a soft microfibre damp cloth. For cleaning more stubborn or greasy marks caused by food and drink, you can add a splash of mild detergent like washing up liquid to your cloth and this will give your cleaning an extra boost. That said, we strongly advise against using any harsh chemical based cleaners on a gloss surface as this will potentially damage the gloss. Finally, try to avoid throwing things down on the desk, especially sharp objects such as keys, as this will scratch the surface. A bowl or stylish dish is perfect for placing on the desk to prevent marks and minor scratches.

Top Tip: A really effective yet subtle way to protect your gloss desk form surface marks is to use sticky pads on the bottom of objects with a rough base, such as vases or storage for your stationery pieces. This will protect the gloss without interrupting your styling, as it gives the surface an extra layer of protection.

After something different?A more subtle take on a white gloss finish, a grey gloss desk will bring a lovely shine to your space accompanied by a hint of warmth. Like white gloss, grey gloss is great for styling alongside a wide range of finishes. A grey gloss desk will instantly give your study space a designer look.

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