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The coffee table has come a long way in recent years. They're made in different shapes, all sorts of sizes and with a variety or designs to fulfil their purpose as more than just a surface to put your drink on! Here at Danetti, we like to keep up to date with all trends in the interior world and so we've searched for the coffee tables that we feel best serve their purpose as a multi-functional, essential item of furniture. Our Rectangular Coffee table collection are the most traditional shaped tables but the design is contemporary and perfect for modern households. If you are looking for a Rectangular Coffee Table, you've come to the right place!

A beautiful table which doesn't block the front of a sofa or chair like some of the large wooden options can. Gives a great sense of space in the room whilst still offering a practical solution.

T Young - Ripple Glass and Black Chrome Coffee Table
Good to Know:

Coffee tables can look bulky so the design is very important and it is wise to consider the surrounding furniture carefully. If you have a large room, then you can probably afford to be quite generous with the size of the coffee table, a smaller room could end up looking cramped if you go too big or wide with your table. It is also worth thinking about ensuring your coffee table doesn't dwarf your sofas and armchairs so getting the size right is really important. As the coffee table more often than not takes centre stage, it is important that it reflects the style of the room so do choose your coffee table carefully so that you get the feel right in the room. This is why we love the Rectangular Coffee Table, as it works well in most living spaces, is easy to place and looks effortlessly good! Read More...