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Spend the weekend clearing clutter

February 11, 2011 0
Somen Coffee Table

Somen Coffee Table

This weekend’s not set to be the best from a weather point of view, so here at Danetti we’ve all concluded that it’s the perfect weekend to clear the clutter and start a-fresh!

Yes, it might be Valentine’s weekend, but starring at a home full of paperwork and unwanted Christmas presents isn’t conducive to romance, is it?

So, why don’t you join us. Spend a few hours clearing your home office, living room and bedroom, filing those bank statements, putting those gifts up on ebay and generally making your home feel spacious again.

If you need extra storage space, then Danetti can help. We have lots of sideboards, cabinets and even stools with concealed storage to help you.

Let us know how you get on!

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