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3 Desks, 3 Ways to make your workspace your favourite place!

February 15, 2017 0

Working from home is becoming ever more popular, with people taking the leap into freelance work or deciding to stay in and avoid any persistent rail strikes! We have a great new selection of desks to inspire and encourage productivity. Whether you are a meticulous minimalist or creative with colour, we have the perfect work space inspiration for you…


Look 1: Cavour Black Glass Desk – A Grown up, Executive Space
Ideal for those who juggle commuting to the office and working from home.  


May we please introduce you to our stylish, new Cavour Black Glass Desk. Finished with a matt black glass top and slimline leg, the Cavour is perfect for any home office or corner workspace. We have styled the Cavour Black Glass Desk with an indulgent concoction of leather, marble, glass and brass, bringing an air of sophistication and tranquility. Add in our Zilo Fabric Dining Chair and you have a comfortable and relaxing home office. Make working from home not feel like work at all!  


Cavour Black Glass Desk £149

Get the Look:

  • Playing off the graphic lines of the frame, we’ve used geometric shapes in a sophisticated palette. Taking inspiration from the warm timber floor we have kept the accessories simple, playing with luxe heritage colours and textures. Adding in a desk lamp into a decorative grouping will soften the look and create a more mature, executive feel.  



  • We have chosen to use the Zilo Dining Chair as the black base looks great with the matt black leg of the desk. Another great alternative you could is our Delta Dining Chair. The Eiffel leg of the Delta mimics the cross bar of the desk creating a coordinated feel. Both chairs are available in a range of colour to suit any mood. We have used the Orange and grey to show you different looks.   


Delta Dining Chair £49

Zilo Dining Chair £59


  • To make your work space more transitional and comfortable, try creating a reading corner with our Drift Occasional Chair. Perfect for when you need to take a break for that all important work / life balance!


Drift Leather Occasional Armchair £499


Look 2 : Trestle Matt White Desk – Contemporary update on the classic trestle style
Ideal for families to share for homework and working from home.  


If you prefer a more minimalistic and clean work space then look no further than our new Trestle Matt White Desk, featuring a contemporary update on a classic Trestle style leg. The Matt white finish is so versatile and will work in any existing decor schemes. Incorporating the drawer to sit flush with the leg keeps the lines compact and creates a beautiful silhouette. The single full length drawer is then perfectly concealed within the matt white top, helping to keep all that unwanted clutter away… tidy desk, tidy mind!!


Trestle Matt White Desk £249

Get the Look

  • We have opted for a minimalist story balanced out with a touch of brass. By keeping the colour pallet neutral the Trestle desk will sit perfectly in any existing home office or in the corner of a busy family room!



  • Using the Ida Dining chair we create a modern scandi feel, with the wooden leg adding warmth against the matt white finish of the Trestle desk. The padded seat offers comfort for prolonged homework sessions! The Stylo Dining Chair is another great alternative, with the chrome base complementing the trestle leg and offering a more contemporary and modern scheme.


Ida Dining Chair £59

Stylo Dining Chair £49


  • Stack up your favourite pile of magazines that you cannot bring yourself to throw away for a quick burst of inspiration, or even for a little read while you take a break from working. And don’t forget to add a touch of greenery, keeping the air cleansed and your focus sharp!



Look 3: Fern White Gloss Desk – Modern, stylish and practical
Ideal for the perfect inspirational bloggers work space


Ok, you got me. So the Fern White Gloss Desk may not be new, but has long since been a favourite in our range of Fern products. We have given the Fern White Gloss Desk and update, inspired by the recent trend of jewel tones, to show you how to bring the trend to life without cracking out the Mulberry Purple paint! The chunky legs and curved edge the Fern White Gloss Desk brings drama and visual impact to any space.


Fern White Gloss Desk £249

Get the Look

  • We’ve used a complementary palette of Blue and yellow glass to reflect beautifully in the high gloss finish of the desk. The fresh mimosa is a tease of approaching spring season and the enlarged leaf print in a blue hue pulls out the colour in our accessories, making a creative and inspirational work space.



  • The Ink Blue of our Zilo Dining Chair helps pull this tonal look together and add a touch of comfort! Alternatively, try using our new Finn Dining Arm Chair. The bucket style seat cradles you while you work- so comfortable you’ll never want to leave your desk!


Finn Dining Arm Chair £55

Zilo Dining Chair £59


  • For when you’ve finally had enough working, take time to relax in the Canio Occasional Chair and matching foot stool. The soft grey leather ties in nicely with the blue, white and yellow colour  scheme, while offering quiet space to wind down. Chuck on your favourite knitted throw, and you have created the perfect work space!


Canio Leather Occasional Armchair £499
Canio Leather Footstool £259


10 Top Tips for perfect Home Office

Here in the office we have compiled a list of top tips for styling your work space and creating the best possible destination to get productive…

  1. When it comes to choosing your desk chair, always go for comfort. You’re more likely to work well if you are comfortable, so go for something with good amount of padding, or you can add  padding to, or perhaps a bit of spring in the back.
  2. Although we say tidy desk, tidy mind, that doesn’t have to mean draws (more out of sight, our of mind!). Draws will always help you hide all of the junk, but why not go for some coordinated desk accessories? These will help you keep organised and show off your favourite accessories!
  3. Hanging something above your desk will help create a designated work space and will effectively zone your work space. Your choice of imagery can either integrate your desk into an existing room, or separate it as a work space…
    Option A: A notice board or wall collage will instantly create a feeling of a workspace and activity, and is a great place to keep all your inspiration and notes, clearly stating “this is where I work”.
    Option B: Or, try bringing the desk into the room, in keeping with the general living space by hanging your favourite piece of art to mirror the feel of a room. Maybe hang a selection of family photos as a gallery wall to make the desk feel integrated into the room and frame the desk itself. see what a difference this will make…
  4.  If you’re a bit of a hoarder (like me) and need to optimise space on your desktop, swap out a desk lamp for a floor lamp. By choosing one which can be angled, you can spread light wherever you need it most and keep your desk clutter free!
  5. If you’re tight on space and don’t want your home office to take over a room, then options for a desk with drawers is a wise move. Keep the styling more ‘Living’ and pop any work related bits, even your laptop, in the draws.
  6. An open plan home office is a great thing to have. But if you want to keep the area spacious as possible, then choose dining chairs which double as a desk chair. That way your home will be perfectly co ordinated and will take up half the space!
  7. When thinking about the perfect spot for your home office lighting is very important. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, position it in direct daylight to soak up all of the vitamin D! You may also want to angle your desk to face into a room, rather than looking at a wall. Or if the desk is used by a teenage, try to opposite to minimise distraction!
  8. Always. Have. Post-its. If you are prone to forgetting important information, like picking up the kids from karate or calling your mum back, then post-its are a lifesaver! Have a stack in arms reach at all times, weather this is at your desk or around the house, or even in your pocket. you cannot go wrong!
  9. Make sure that whether you have an office room or work in the corner of the kitchen, give yourself designated ‘me time’, where you can close off and spend at least 30 minutes to clear your mind and focus. There is nothing less productive than being interrupted every 5 minutes, so give yourself the time and make sure everyone knows it!
  10. And finally, these are our Top 3 Home office accessories that are the must have buys to compliment your desk area. If we must be working at home, we need all the stuff, right..?

Desk Bin – Not the most fun purchase but kind of essential, especially if it’s a homework desk.

House Plant – Something living gives any space, especially as desk, a feeling of life and energy. We love a succulent or an ivy for their low maintenance credentials.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse –  If you’re not working on a laptop, to avoid too much cable clutter go for wireless accessories. They are inexpensive and enable you to clear the desk when you need to.


Let us know what you think of our new Desks and if you have any top tips for your perfect Home Office. While you’re at it, take a look at the rest of our desks right here.


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