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Glass Dining Tables

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Glass dining tables look modern and elegant in all settings. The reflective qualities of the glass will enhance the feeling of space in your room and will help make your kitchen or dining area appear bigger as the light is able to flow freely around the room and through the table. Because the glass is transparent it is far less visually restrictive than other finishes so works exceptionally well in small spaces where you want to create a light and airy feel.

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Our Dining Tables Pocket Guide has tips to help you decide!

Stylists Tip: Your glass table will only look contemporary and elegant if it is kept clean and polished looking! The best way to do this is by using warm water and mild detergent and a microfibre cloth at least once a week. To keep your table looking good, protect your glass table top by using placemats or runners to protect the glass from being scratched by plates, glasses and other heavy products such as vases or oven to table pots. Read More...