Naro Glass and Riva Stackable 4 Seater Dining Set


Product Code: DSF2939

If you’re thinking about adding a pop of colour to your dining space but want to do so in a sleek and modern way, the Naro Glass and Riva Stackable 4 Seater Dining Set might just be the answer. This glass four seater dining set brings together a range of modern finishes to add a fresh, open and modern feel to your dining area alongside the vibrant colour palette of the Riva dining chairs.

What You Need To Know:

  • The table top of the Naro is 110cm in diameter, meaning it can comfortably seat 4 people. This sizing is perfect for everyday family dining, providing a comfortable seating space that doesn’t take up too much room.

  • A glass finish can have less of a visual impact in a room due to its transparency. This makes the Naro a great pairing with the colourful Riva chairs as they really stand out, making a colourful and bold statement in your space.

  • The circular clear table top of the Naro is made from 1cm thick tempered glass, which has been tested to British Standards. This means the glass is extremely strong, sturdy and very durable, therefore very practical for everyday use.

  • The chrome pedestal base is a trumpet shape which really helps to open up your space. This is because the shiny chrome finishes gently reflect the light throughout your room, while there are no table legs to get in the way. It’s a really simple but effective way to make the most of the space you have available.

  • The Riva chair is completely upholstered in fabric making it stand out for its clean lines and simplicity. This is done by hand to increase its durability and ensure a technical neatness, so you know you are getting a quality dining seat for your home.

  • The Riva chairs have the ability to be stacked, meaning you could always have a few extra seats stored away, ready for when you have more people around for dinner. It’s also a great feature for busy households as you needn’t have the chairs out all the time, saving you on storage and space.

If you like the look of the Naro Glass and Riva Stackable 4 Seater Dining Set but are after something smaller, this set is also available in a two seater option. We have a whole variety of Naro sets with different table sizes, finishes and choices of chair, so be sure to browse the range to see all we have to offer.

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    Dining Tables Options:
    Naro Round Glass 4 Seater Table

    Size / Finish: 1100mm / Clear Glass

    Delivery 7 to 9 weeks approx.

    Dining Chairs Options:
    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Ink Blue

    More than 4 In Stock

    Delivery up to 10 working days

    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Graphite

    More than 4 In Stock

    Delivery up to 10 working days

    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Lime

    Only 1 In Stock

    Delivery 5 to 7 weeks approx.

    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Grape

    Delivery 5 to 7 weeks approx.

    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Fuchsia

    Delivery 5 to 7 weeks approx.

    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Teal

    Delivery 5 to 7 weeks approx.

    Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

    Colour: Silver Grey

    Delivery 5 to 7 weeks approx.

    Price: £449.00 GBP In stock

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    Table Measurements
    Property Measurement
    Table Height 76cm
    Table Diameter 110cm
    Chair Measurements
    Property Measurement
    Chair Height 83cm
    Chair Width 40cm
    Chair Depth 45cm
    Chair Seat Height 45cm


    The Naro dining table will be delivered to you unassembled. This is so it's as streamlined as possible for transport so that the table gets to you in great condition. To put the Naro table together, all you need to do is fix the base to the pedestal and then the pedestal to the table top. It’s very easy to do and the table will come with full assembly instructions and fittings. We do advise making sure you have enough people to safely upturn the glass table top as it is heavy.

    The Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chairs come fully assembled. This means they come right out the box and are ready for use.

    Care & Cleaning

    The number one tip for looking after tempered glass surfaces is a pretty obvious one, but it’s so important to not place or use abrasive materials on the table as this will scratch its beautifully smooth surface. It’s best use placemats and coasters when using the Naro table as this gives the glass surface that extra layer of protection. To clean a tempered glass table, you can either spray a non-abrasive glass cleaner onto a lint free cloth and gently rub the glass clean in a circular motion or use lukewarm soapy water, being sure to dry the table after cleaning to avoid water marks.

    When it comes to cleaning the fabric Riva chairs, wipe any spillages or marks with a slightly dampened cloth as soon as the mark appears. Be sure to dry the area with a kitchen towel after cleaning to remove any excess moisture. It’s best to only use specialised upholstery cleaning products to treat any marks as you know the product will be safe to use on the fabric. Also, it’s best not to place the Riva chairs in direct sunlight or by high sources of heat, as like with most things, this can cause the colour to fade.


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