Interior Focus: Autumn Decorations & Designs

Interior Focus: Autumn Decorations & Designs

Crisp leaves, gorgeous orange and yellow hues, and the smell of pumpkin spice – there really is something quite magical and cosy about this time of year. Although adding a bit of ‘spooky factor’ to your home can be fun when it comes to Halloween, you do not have to wait until the end of October to get creative and play with your interior.

In this blog post, we are going to share some styling tips on two looks that are guaranteed to bring those autumnal vibes into your home – see how you can have some styling fun with our top tips for building these looks.


First Look: Classic Autumn

This looks is all about the ‘natural’ and warm colours and incorporates materials that give a nod to this time of year such as orange pumpkins, leaves, acorns, wood, clove spiked oranges, and earthy tones. This keeps is simple and makes a strong autumnal statement.

Seasonal decorations are a great way to add temporary interest to an interior that is clean and modern throughout the rest of the year. It is a time to have fun and experiment. If you are worried about mess with getting too natural or crafty, how about a faux garland (like the one below) – it would not drop leaves and will see you right through to Christmas.


Instagram Credit: @thesmalleyhome
 Instagram Credit: @thesmalleyhome


If orange is the only way to go for you this October, then why not use your pumpkin as a vase for other seasonal flowers? Cut the top quarter off a pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and the insides, and fill with dahlia, sunflowers, cornus, berries or yellow and orange roses.


Clara Rust Velvet Bar Stool

Clara Rust Velvet Bar Stool 


Serena Rust Velvet Bar Stool

Serena Rust Velvet Bar Stool 

Danetti Detail: If you cannot get enough of that gorgeous autumnal rust colour, check out our new Clara and Serena bar stools so you can keep the rich colour all year round.

If you do have colour in your home, but are worried about overkill, use the colour wheel to help build your look. Autumn shades complement jewel tones and teals as they are opposite on the colour wheel. This also makes it more Autumn than Halloween.


Form Dark Teal Velvet and Brass Bar Stool With Backrest

 Form Dark Teal Velvet and Brass Bar Stool  

 More Styling Tips:

  • Bring a bit of the outside inside by using natural materials in your décor. Colourful flowers, dried corn and dried leaves are all signs of autumn and create a real homely and rustic vibe, adding to that October cosiness.
  • The dining table is a great a focal point to show off any arrangements and add extra little touches; use twine to tie up linen napkins and cutlery when serving dinner to add those extra autumnal accents to your table and centre piece.
  • Lanterns or seasonal candles will add a homely evening glow this time of year as well as a ‘toasty’ feel to any room with warming scents such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple pie, mulled cider and more.

Second Look: Autumn with a twist

Autumn Interior Style

Instagram Credit: fayes_homestyle

Clover Dark Green Velvet Dining Chair with Light Wood Leg

Clover Dark Green Velvet Dining Chair with Light Wood Leg

This look is more of a soft ‘Natural Nordic’ look that centres around natural foliage and painted pumpkins. It still nods to those traditional elements but incorporate other shades and tones.

The look here is all about layered textures so more is more with mixed foliage, twigs, real, faux, pampas grass, fir cones. One long walk and you will have all you need! Tip: unless you are going full out faux, make sure you all decorations on or in something as these types of Autumn decorations will drop and make a less if not.

Landon Real Leather Dining Chair and Instagram Credit: @hollysbuttercup_interiors
Instagram Credit: @hollysbuttercup_interiors


Painting pumpkins is a chic way of adding a little ‘October’ to your home but feels more Autumn than Halloween. If you are wanting to add a few painted pumpkins in other shades and tones around your home, you can use tester pots or mix up paint that you already have at home. If your home follows more of a monochrome colour scheme, having white or silver pumpkins can still create a seasonal atmosphere and provide a more cohesive look with your home palette.

If you do not like the idea of doing an all-out ‘fall’ themed display, why not create some evergreen centrepieces and opt for simple and elegant garlands with plain candles.


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