How To Pick The Perfect Mattress

How To Pick The Perfect Mattress

If there is one product you should love and invest in, it is your mattress. Did you know research shows that an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to an hour’s vital, restful sleep? Not what you need… it is time to relax and retreat to a comfortable bed after a long day.

If you are in search of a new mattress, there are actually a few things you should consider before you make your purchase and that is where this blog comes in! A helpful and handy guide on how to pick the perfect mattress that is right for you and your needs.


What you need to know before you start the search

Now this might seem like an obvious one, but a lot of people do not link their lack of sleep to a faulty mattress. The National Bed Federation recommends replacing your mattress every 7 years, so it is quite often worn out before we even realise.

According to The Sleep Council, having a bed with the correct support, comfort and space can have a real positive impact on your sleep cycle. Those who invested in a better-quality mattress reported waking less during the night, feeling less fidgety, less disturbed by their partner and were less likely to wake up feeling tired or achy.


Boutique Opulence 2400 Pocket Spring Super King Mattress


Could it be time for a new mattress? If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to more than two of the below then it may be time…
  • I wake up during the night
  • I fidget a lot at night
  • My partner wakes me up when they roll over
  • I wake up feeling tired
  • I wake up feeling achy
  • We have had our mattress for more than 7 years

A note from Danetti: We sell mattresses for Double Beds, King Size Beds and Super King Size Beds – plus, we know how much of a hassle it can be to get rid of your old mattress, so we offer a disposal service where we take away your old one and recycle all the separate components so nothing goes into landfill.


Forever Wellness 1700 Pocket Spring King Size Mattress

The Comfort Factor

Your mattress needs to offer the right support for your body and most importantly, your spine. The most popular choice of mattress tension for us is our Medium range which is both comfortable and supportive. Mattresses also come in Firm tension which has thicker gauge springs.

If you are unsure on where to begin when it comes to picking the right tension, you can shop with comfort in mind knowing that we can help pick the right mattress for you – each of our mattresses is made with care in the UK by skilled experts using premium constructions and natural materials.


Comfort Bliss 1000 Pocket Sprung Double Mattress


Your Sleep Personality

It is important to consider other factors of your sleeping routine that are important to you. For example, if you always get hot at night you should consider purchasing a breathable mattress with primarily natural fibres.

Do you prefer to keep the bed making and changing the sheets process simple? If you would prefer to not have to flip and rotate your mattress over on a regular basis, there are easy care options available to suit you better.

If you want to a cosy and enveloping feeling from your mattress, you might prefer a pillow topped mattress. Whatever your preference, make sure your mattress suits the factors most important to you.


Ultimate Pillow-Top 2000 Pocket Spring King Size Mattress


Where is it going?

If the mattress is going in your master bedroom and will be used every day, it would be beneficial to explore all options that match your comfort and personality preferences as there may be mattresses available in both a low, medium and high price range. If you are looking for a mattress for your spare bedroom, then you may want to consider more budget friendly styles.

Budget will often play a part of the choosing process, but one thing worth bearing in mind is, if you spend £1000 on a new bed and mattress and you keep it for its recommended life cycle, according to The Sleep Council, that equates to less than 40p per night and if you want to break it down further, just 6p per hour of sleep. Well worth the investment!


To summarise:

  1. Make sure you have done a bit of research before you start to shop

  2. Pick the right size mattress for your bed

  3. Always think about what kind of comfort would suit your body best

  4. Remember other factors that matter to you personally and would benefit your sleeping habits

  5. Explore various price ranges to suit your budget and your rooms


Publish Date: September 2020

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