Ultra Violet: How to use Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 in Your Home

Ultra Violet: How to use Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 in Your Home

Every year Artists, Designers and Stylists all wait with baited breath for Pantone’s Colour of the Year announcement. Last week Pantone refreshed our memory with previous winners of Colour of the Year, before releasing this year’s colour. Welcome, Ultra Violet.

In all honesty, we felt slightly underwhelmed with this seemingly primary colour. However, we very rarely see one colour used on its own. Once you begin to combine Ultra Violet with different colours, you start to see the life behind the colour. You see how it accents and plays off other tones, and how truly powerful the colour is.


What is Ultra Violet?

The internet is full of articles on the meaning behind Ultra Violet. Some point toward more political meanings,  but we agree with the more creative and futuristic connotations. Think of Prince. Purple is his iconic colour trademark and is undoubtedly one of the most creative and talented individuals. Ever. The same goes for David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, who all used Purple as a sign of the future, creativity, and equality.

That said, it’s unlikely anyone will be painting their entire house in Ultra Violet. Instead, we will use Ultra Violet in carefully selected harmonious colour pallets. Pantone have created a range of suggested colour palettes all incorporating Ultra Violet to create different moods and looks. We’re going to take a look at our 3 favourites, and show you how to work Ultra Violet into your home interior style.


Look 1: Intrigue



Ultra Violet is a vivid purple, so why not go all out and pair with deep, rich colours? Pantone has created the Intrigue colour palette, featuring warm greys and harmonious blues. Despite being made up of cool colours, the undertones of the greys and blues used are warmer, which is key to this colour palette working for interiors.

Our Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chairs are perfect if you want to recreate this colour palette in your home. We all know colour trends come and go, so by updating just your dining chairs, you have a very cost-effective and quick home update. The Cross 4 seater dining table in Grey Gloss and Oak is ideal for the Intrigue colour palette. The Grey gloss table top helps to ground the bright and bold colours, whereas the wooden table leg adds a warm, homely touch. What’s more, you can get this look for under £500!

If you’re feeling adventurous, play around with a bright wallpaper on a feature wall- we love Circus, by Cole and Sons.


Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chairs in Grape, Graphite Grey, Teal


Cross Grey Gloss and Oak 4 Seater Dining Table


Circus Wallpaper from Cole and Son’s


Look 2: Kindred Spirits



Unlike Intrigue, Kindred Spirit is a super harmonious colour combination as all the shades used sit closely together on the colour wheel. By teaming Ultra Violet with shades of purple, violet and pink we have created a completely different look. As much as this look would suit a little girls bedroom, it also works well in the everyday interior, you just need to know how to balance the sugary tones with base colours.

Instead of using pink, add pops of metallic copper and substitute true lilacs for warm greys with lilac undertones. The Tori Dining Chair in Cool Grey and Mulberry Purple are great options for this colour scheme. The Mulberry purple brings the colour trend, while the cool grey stops your home feeling too sweet. Use monochrome and metallic accents to balance the colour and keep your interior crisp and modern.


Tori Dining Chair in Mulberry Purple


Sanza Grey Gloss Extending Dining Table


Plaza Silver Grey Velvet Stool


Anzio Barstool in Mulberry Purple

Look 3: Purple Haze



Pantone’s Purple Haze colour palette sits in-between Intrigue and Kindred Spirits, with its cooler, more contemporary combination. We see aqua and a dusky yellow teamed with more grey-based purples. Darker greys have been used to deepen the colour pallet and keep the look modern.

This look is a great interior style for young families. The eclectic combination of the colour appeals to the young side, while the grey base notes add the style and contemporary feel. This look is super easy to create in your own home and works especially well with open plan living areas. Start with a base of White, and introduce colour in your dining chairs and side tables and soft furnishings. Avoid your home feeling too cold by adding hints of brass throughout.


Finn Dining Chairs (L-R) in Aqua, Mulberry Purple, Mustard Yellow, Slate Grey, Steel Blue


Aver Extending Dining Table in White and Grey Oak


Finn Bar Stools in Slate Grey


Harlequin Array Wallpaper


How are you going to use Ultra Violet in your home?

To round up, we love Ultra Violet. Once you combine with different colours, be it opposites on the colour wheel or neighbouring colours, the versatility of this colour of the year is endless. Just remember these simple rules when styling Ultra Violet in your home:


  • Balancing Ultra Violet with shades of grey will help ground your interior and avoid looking too sweet.
  • Using a taupe based grey will create a warmer colour palette. However, using a blue-based grey will create a cooler, more contemporary look.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match your dining chairs for a designer style. Choose opposite colours for a younger, more eclectic look.
  • Keep your large furniture pieces, such as your dining table and sofa, more neutral. As these pieces are more expensive, it’s not cost-effective to update these each season. Instead play around with the smaller pieces of furniture to add colour and style to your home.
  • Metallics will help add warmth to a cool colour palette. Brass and Copper are ideal for pulling out warmer tones in your greys and purples and will keep your home bang on trend.


Show Us Your Style!

Remember to share your beautiful Danetti interiors with us on Facebook and Instagram by using #mydanetti in your shots. Have you used Ultra Violet in your home? Leave us a comment and let us know how you’ve styled it.

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