Tips and ideas for creating a great home office

Working from home can be bliss. No need for the daily commute (unless your home is extraordinarily large!), no office politics, no fighting over the last drop of milk for your coffee.

But many people who are lucky enough to work from home don’t get the best out of the situation because they never get around to creating an efficient and attractive environment for themselves to work in.

If your home is big enough, then it’s best to make your office in a spare room so you can close the door on it in the evenings and really take a break. Even if you can’t devote a whole room to the office, then there are clever ways of making sure that your office space and living space are clearly defined.

We’ve got a few suggestions for making your home office an oasis of calm and productivity, and furniture solutions that will enhance your home rather than ruin it …


Yellow is energising

The psychology of colour is important in any room, but it’s perhaps most important of all in a home offices. You have to think about how you want to feel when you are in your office space: energised, productive, creative, yes, sleepy, cosy or stressed, no. Well there are ways of using colour to help you get into the right mood. For example, an office space painted or furnished in a stimulating yellow will keep its occupant upbeat and exhilarated, while a business-like deep blue colour scheme can aid concentration. Purple encourages creativity and lateral-thinking (although is also linked to day-dreaming). Red is at the bottom of list for office colour because it raises the heart rate and can become overpowering

The most important thing is that you chose the right colour for the type of work you do.

You should also consider the colours in the rest of the house. You may want your office space to stand out from the rest of the house so that you can keep the two areas separate in your mind, and there will be a clear cut-off when you finish your work for the day and go back to your ordinary living space.


The main consideration is that your furniture is fit for purpose – that the desk and chair are a suitable height and that they allow you to sit and work in a way that’s not going to cause you aches and pains.

The Sweet office chair from Danetti (above left) has an adjustable height so you can make sure you’re sat at the correct height for your desk and computer. It’s also great no matter what office colour scheme you go for – the back of the chair comes in seven eye-popping colours.

Other chairs from Danetti include the Empire chair (right), which comes in a wood veneer, or a leather upholstery finish in a variety of colours.

For desks, Danetti has a great variety, all of them contemporary and sophisticated looking.

You could go for something cool and futuristic like the Lenda curved table (below), which would be great for working at, and also for holding impromptu meetings with clients.

If you’re after something made from natural materials then Danetti also has a range of wooden tables and desks including this Spirit table (below), which can double up as a dining table if you’re entertaining.

This is one of the great things about home office furniture – if you buy multi-purpose items then you can also use them when you’re not working!


* Make sure you get the lighting right. A strong over head light is recommended if you need to hold meetings in your home office. If not, then task lighting is the most important. At Danetti we have a range of lighting solutions, including some great statement lighting to give your home office a creative and original look. You can see it here.

* Clutter can sap your energy, so invest in furniture that will keep everything accesible but out of view. The Santino four-door sideboard from Danetti (left), for example, is a really attractive and practical option. For other storage solutions, see our full range.

* Plants and other decorative accessories add life and personality to a home, office, so don’t be afraid to add a few quality shelves and display your possessions – just make sure that they improve the room, and never start looking like pointless clutter.

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