The coolest bars in films

We love a good bar stool here at Danetti. And we like other bar furniture from funky chairs to hard-wearing bar tables.

Even when we’re watching a film we’re always getting inspiration and ideas.

So we thought, just for fun, that we’d cast our minds back to the best bars we’ve ever seen in films.

Not all of them have great furniture (we’re not sure we’d sit down in half of them) but they are iconic, never the less.

Cocktails & Dreams in Cocktail
It’s the film that symbolised everything good and bad about the 80s – cheesy music, entrepreneurial spirit and the shallowness of success. We loved Cocktails & Dreams and wished we could go there on a Saturday night instead of our own boring local! The furniture wasn’t that remarkable – the neon sign is the thing we all remember.

Rick’s Bar in Casablanca
Much of the classic film Casablanca is set in Rick’s Bar, an elegant colonial-style gin bar with Sam on the piano, white table cloths and twinkling lights. It’s somewhere from a by-gone era, but great for inspiration if you’re setting up a restaurant yourself.

Lost in Translation
When Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson get chatting in the hotel bar in Lost in Translation, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship (to borrow a line from Casablanca!). The bar is actually the bar at the top of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, and it’s a dark modern space with leather bar stools and chairs and dark wood tables.

Coyote Ugly
It’s the bar where the party never ends, the bar staff are some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see, and the drink is free-flowing. If we owned Coyote Ugly we’d be worried for the furniture frankly – plastic wipe-clean chairs would be the safest bet!

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