New Section Added! Understanding Colour and it’s Uses

Colour: An IntroductionWe are happy to announce we have just added our new guides all about Colour. Under the heading of Colour: An Introduction we have included a number of pages that explain the basics, colour theory and more, to help you with any problems you may encounter when designing and updating your home.

An understanding of colour is very important when it comes to anything creative, interior design is no exception. Understanding the theory behind which colours will work and which won’t, can often make or break a room. Colour should always be a thoughtful addition to any the room, because not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is powerful enough to influence the emotions of those surrounded by it.
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We plan to add new interesting content regularly so we can provide you with the information you need, to succeed. If there is anything you would like help with, please email us at

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