Need Black Dining Chairs? These are In Stock and Ready to Go!

A set of beautiful black dining chairs is probably one of the most effortless ways in which you can make your dining room look sophisticated, stylish and up to date.

Black dining chairs have been big in the world of interiors for the past couple of years and that’s partly thanks to the Monochrome come-back. Forget elaborate decorations and fiddly details, the Monochrome look is all about simplicity, form and texture.

Creating the Monochrome look is easy and modern black dining chairs will definitely set you off along the right path.

Monochrome is far from boring, but you’ve got to mix it up a little to give your dining guests some visual variation.  For example, try combining black dining chairs with brushed metal legs with a white dining table that has brushed metal legs too, such as the Angola White High Gloss Dining Table. Or why not try putting a set of  black faux leather dining chairs with a nice walnut or oak wooden dining table?  The Style Walnut Extending Dining Table or the Angola Modern Oak Dining Table are fabulous options at great prices! The possibilities are endless….

Here are a few of our popular in-stock Black Dining Chairs for your dining delight!  Full range available on the website.

Moda Dining Chair

The exclusive Moda Dining Chair is a very elegant and stylish dining chair. It is upholstered in high quality comfortable padding, covered in either beautiful black or fashionable white faux leather, which is quilted on the back to give a luxury look and great support. The elegant brushed steel legs make this a contemporary and modern addition to any kitchen or dining room.

Chic Dining Chair

The exclusive Chic Dining Chair has simple and clean cut lines. It is upholstered in high quality comfortable padding, covered in a beautiful black faux leather. The elegant brushed steel legs make these chairs the ideal companions to many of our dining tables with brushed steel legs and frames.

Style Dining Chair

The exclusive Style Dining Chair is very elegant with modern cantilever legs. It is upholstered in high quality, comfortable padding, covered in a beautiful black faux leather. The elegant cantilever legs are also brushed steel making the Style a trendy addition to our Black Dining Chair Range.

Fern Dining Chair

The Fern range of dining chairs comes in classic Black as well as five other funky colours, from trendy white to the popping brightness of yellow and the juiciness of berry. The seat is made from laminated plywood and the seat and back are all one piece, which makes the chair look streamlined and seamless.

This chair is for home use, and would add a contemporary, designer look to any dining area. Team with a glass, wooden or laminated dining table and you have instant style without breaking the bank.

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