More Storage Solutions for Lounges and Sitting Rooms

One of the secrets to a modern and stylish look in your living space is keeping on top of clutter by using clever storage solutions.  When living rooms are used for lots of different purposes – they often have to double up as a home office or play room – then accumulated clutter in the lounge can quickly make the space look messy and disorganised.  Restore calm back to your living room with one of our contemporary coffee tables with hidden storage.

Velenza Large Matt White Coffee Table

The round Velenza Matt White Coffee Table is not only cool, it’s useful too! Twist the top section round to reveal two storage compartments underneath. These are ideal for stashing away the TV remote control, coasters, newspapers and toy cars out of sight.

Measurements: 300mm high, 800mm in diameter.  Also available in a slimmer size which is 510mm high and 400mm in diameter.

Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table

The modern Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table is a sleek rectangular coffee table with a hidden benefit. The lid smoothly lifts up on hinges at either side to provide a handy storage compartment within for magazines, newspapers and coffee table books. As an added advantage, the lid can be locked into the raised position so you can safely use it as a dining table or desk, as well as just for coffee.

This is the perfect coffee table for a studio apartment or living space that needs to have a dual purpose. Measurements: 450mm high, 600mm wide, 1200 long.

Denza White Coffee Table

The white high gloss Denza Coffee Table is a fabulous long rectangular coffee table with hidden storage within it. The lid lifts up on hinges at either side to provide a handy storage area to hide all that clutter! The edge of the lid creates a design feature with its smooth curves. In addition, the lid can be locked into the raised position so that you can balance a laptop or TV dinner upon it!

The two legs of the Denza are looped with rounded corners, to create a stylish finishing touch.

Measurements: 320mm high, 600mm wide, 1200 long

Fina White Gloss Coffee Table

Keep everything neat and tidy in your living area with the modern Fina White Gloss Coffee Table, which has the hidden advantage of a storage area underneath the top. Lift the lid to reveal a funky bright yellow storage compartment for stashing away all those odds and ends.

The perfect rectangular white gloss coffee table for modern homes.

Measurements: 350mm high, 600mm wide, 1060mm long

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