How to use Spiced Honey in your Home – Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

September sees the release of UK colour specialist, Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019. Previous years have highlighted varying shades of blues, purples and coppers. But what does 2019 bring? And how will we use in our interiors? Say ‘Hello’ to

Spiced Honey



The experts at Dulux say; “Spiced Honey is a warm Amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself. Spiced Honey can be soothing or calming, cosy or vibrant, depending on the palette you pair it with.”

Dulux have created 4 very different looks incorporating Spiced Honey into all manner of interior styles. But how do you work this look into your home? With a new colour of the year from Dulux and Pantone released every Autumn / Winter, it’s hard to keep up with these changing colour trends.


So to help you out, we’ve taken the new Dulux Spiced Honey colour palettes and shown you how you can change your dining chairs to sit within these interior schemes. This is a quick and cost effective way of updating your interiors. Use the new colour of the year 2019 on your walls, and mix and match our colourful dining chairs to suit your favourite style.



This colour palette features very harmonious, natural, earthy tones. Spiced honey has been balanced out with darker mulberry and slate greys, and lighter oatmeal and taupe shades to keep the colours similar.

A harmonious colour palette is made from selecting neighbouring colours on the colour wheel. A few shades darker, or lighter, will create a soothing interior, perfectly suited for living rooms and bedrooms.


To introduce this colour palette of Spiced Honey into your home, keep your wall treatment simple, and match your woodwork and ceilings to your walls. We’ve selected the Finn Dining chair in Taupe, Taupe Grey and Mulberry Purple to bring the light and dark shades to your Spiced Honey walls.

Choose soft textures such as plush velvets and waffle knits to emphasise the soothing feel.

New Dining Table?

We recommend the Grey Gloss and Glass Arc Dining Table. The high gloss grey leg complements the colour palette perfectly, while the glass top allows the colours of your Finn chairs to be seen at any angle.


Arc Glass and Grey Gloss 4 Seater Dining Table



Similar to the Soothing colour palette, the Calming board has colours toned down with a grey base. Wack up the saturation of these pinks, purples, blues and greens, you will have a very eclectic look indeed. However, by choosing a more muted tone, we end up with the calming, pastel colour palette.


This Calming look is perfectly suited to rented accommodation or first-time buyers, as it works great with a blank canvas. The Finn Chairs we’ve chosen with this board is the Aqua, Taupe and Steel Blue.

By keeping a cooler colour palette in our dining chairs, we can then inject Spiced Honey and the pink and purple tones into our wall colours and home accessories. What’s more, this combination of Finn chairs can be updated throughout the changing colour of the years. This palette will sit with Driftwood of 2018, and Denim Drift from back in 2017.

By sticking to a neutral colour palette, you give yourself the flexibility to refresh your soft furnishings and wall colours, rather than buying new colourful furniture every year!

New Dining Table?

For this look, try the Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table. The matt white table top balanced with the oak legs bring warmth and a scandi vibe to your interiors.


Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table

Aver White and Oak Extending Dining Table


This Cosy colour palette is reminiscent of traditional English countryside cottages, with a slightly modern twist. The classic shades of sage, oatmeal and rust are brought into the 21st century with a pop of Brick Red and Teal.

Dulux recommends being experimental with your wall paint treatment. The below image shows Spiced Honey used around windows with 2 stripes of brick red racing around the centre of the wall.



Stick to using the neutral colours on your walls for longevity, and inject a pop of colour into your dining chairs. If this is the Spiced Honey look you’re after, we suggest choosing the Finn Chairs in Teal, Brick Red and Taupe Grey.

New Dining Table?

If you’re looking for a new table too, we think the Cleo Dining Table would look great in the Calming setting. The Oak table top mimics the tone of Spiced Honey, whilst the powder blue base brings some much-needed colour.


Cleo 6 Seater Modern Farmhouse Dining Table




Finally, we have the Vibrant colour palette. Made up of all the colours in the rainbow, however, knocked back to a slightly more muted shade.



The key to getting this look right is to select one main colour and 2 accent shades. Introduce the remaining colours in small quantities throughout the space. We think as a starting point, the Slate Grey works perfectly with Spiced Honey. As an accent, Mustard and Aqua are always a safe bet. Then, the bright reds, oranges and royal blues can be used as your highlights in soft furnishings and accessories.


New Dining Table?

To avoid any danger of this look feeling too much like a playschool, be sure to choose a sleek and modern dining table. The Grey Gloss Sanza is a great option. Its angular silhouette will bring a crisp edge to the mismatch of colours, while the cool grey will balance those bright shades.


Small Grey Gloss Sanza Extending Dining Table


So there you have it!

How will you be using Spiced Honey in your home? Don’t forget to share your beautiful homes with us by tagging #mydanetti on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to see how you bring Spiced Honey into your homes.

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