Desks Guide: How To Create Your Dream Home Office

Desks Guide: How To Create Your Dream Home Office
If you’re fed up of having to clear a space on a counter or balance everything on your lap when you want to get some work done, then you’ll definitely want to consider a home desk! Our collection of minimalist but designer desks are perfect for creating a handy and stylish study space for your home. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to choose the right desk for your home. You’ll finally have a handy workspace to call your own!


Home Desks: What To Consider Before You Buy

1. What size desk do I need?

When it comes to desks there isn’t a one size fits all solution. However, for a desk to be useful as a study area, it’s helpful to work out your spacing so you know what’s going where. For example, with a desk that’s 120cm in length, you could have:

  • 40cm laptop area

  • 40cm drawing or writing area

  • 25cm for a storage tray or dividers 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re sitting at the desk comfortably. You don’t want a chair that’s too high or a desk that’s too low, so once you know the height of your desk, you can measure this against your chair to make sure the two pieces work together. All of our dining chairs are a great match with the desks, so it’s easy to find a stylish pairing!


2. Where should I place a desk in my home?

If you have a home office then this will obviously be where you’re desk will live. However, that’s not to say you can’t have a desk if you don’t have a separate room. You just need to be a bit more creative with your placement! If you work from home or are planning on getting some serious work done at your desk, then it’s probably best to place it away from the busiest areas of your house, such as your kitchen or living room. However, if you’re planning on using it for some downtime on your laptop then these rooms will be just fine.


The great thing about our range of desks is that their streamlined sizing means they’re big enough to work at but slim enough to make use of smaller, previously unused spaces. How we’ve styled the Trestle desk above, for example, shows how you can turn an open space into a sleek workstation.

3. What can the desk hold?

Trestle Matt White Desk


If you need a desk to hold a computer and miscellaneous items, you’ll need to check how much weight the surface can hold. If you’re planning on using the surface for just for your laptop and a couple of books, then most desks will be perfectly fine. All of our desks have a total weight bearing of 100kg.


Top Tip: if the desk itself doesn’t have much storage space, consider making use of the area around it. For example, you can stack boxes and dividers underneath your desk for neat, quick and easy storage, or use your wall space by adding some sleek shelving units.


4. How do you work?

Are you happy to work just on your laptop, or do you like to spread out your papers and see every piece you’re working on? Consider how you like to work as this will affect what shape and size will be best suited to your needs.  If you work from home full time you’ll want to consider:
  • Closeness to natural light
  • A desk that has some storage OR putting your desk in a space where you can have a shelf
  • Access to plugs and charging points
  • The comfort of your desk chair
They make seem like minor details but this can make a world of difference if you’ll be using your desk regularly.


5. What material?

Once you’ve decided on the desk shape and design you like, it’s time to consider the material. Desks in various colours and finishes can create such different looks, even if the shape and size is similar. For example:


Matt White: 

A great alternative to white gloss, a matt white finish will give your study space a fresh look just without the reflective quality of a gloss finish. Matt white is ideal if you want a more subtle take on a contemporary vibe.

Care and Cleaning

  • As with gloss, it’s best to wipe up any spills immediately by using a soft microfibre damp cloth, without applying too much pressure.

  • We’d strongly advise against using harsh chemical based cleaners as this will damage the material finish.  

  • After cleaning, give the surface a quick wipe over with a dry cloth to remove any moisture from the surface.


Natural Wood: 

Natural wood desks will give your study a warmer and slightly more traditional look, but that’s not to say it has to look old-fashioned. Pair a wooden desk with some chrome stationery pieces or a colourful desk chair to update the look.

Care and Cleaning

  • To clean a wood veneer desk, dampen a non-abrasive lint-free cloth and move in the direction of the wood grain.

  • For more stubborn marks, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth.

  • Never use wax-based polishes or cleaning products on your wood veneer as these are designed for raw solid timber rather than veneers.

  • Use coasters every time you place hot or cold drinks on the surface as this will give the veneer an extra layer of protection against general wear and tear.


White Gloss:

Fern White Gloss Desk

Fern White Gloss Desk

We’re big fans of a white gloss finish, and looking at a piece like the Fern
white gloss desk, it’s very easy to see why! Other than being an incredibly
easy way to update the look of your interior, the white gloss will keep your
room feeling modern and fresh. Because white gloss is so neutral, you can
style it alongside a whole variety of colours and finishes making it incredibly

Grey Gloss: 


A more subtle take on a white gloss finish, a grey gloss desk will bring a lovely shine to your space accompanied with a hint of warmth. Like white gloss, grey gloss is great for styling alongside a wide range of finishes. A grey gloss desk will instantly give your study space a designer look.


Care and Cleaning

  • To clean your gloss desk, use a soft microfibre damp cloth, without applying too much pressure.
  • After cleaning, don’t leave the desk to air dry. Instead, we suggest giving the gloss surface a quick wipe over with a dry cloth to remove any moisture.
  • Avoid throwing things down on the desk, especially sharp objects such as keys as this will scratch the surface. A bowl or stylish dish is perfect for placing on the desk to prevent marks and minor scratches.


Black Glass: 

If you’re after something to really impress friends and family when they check out your new home office, black tempered glass would be a great option. Safe, strong and durable, forsted black glass isn’t your typical desktop finish but it certainly does the job- and does it well. A glass finish works incredibly well with a design like the Cavour desk as it’s in keeping with the clean lines and streamlined shape of the desk.


Care and Cleaning

  • This great thing about a glass desktop is that you can use antibacterial sprays, even ones that contain bleach, as the glass is nonporous.

  • You can also use a specific glass spray, such as a window cleaner, to protect the surface from smears using a lint-free cloth.

  • Don’t leave the table to air dry after cleaning because if left, the soapy residue can leave stubborn watermarks and avoid placing abrasive materials on the table as this will scratch its beautifully smooth surface. Most things will be fine but objects with a rough underside could leave a mark if dragged.


Get the Look

Once you’ve chosen your perfect desk, you can easily build out your designer looking study setting. Whether you’ve got a dedicated home office or want to make use of a unused space, side tables and sleek cabinets are are ideal accompanying items that will turn any space into your very own home office haven. Here are three of our styled desk looks to give you some study space inspiration:


Look one: Cavour Black Ash & Zilo Chair in Orange

The streamlined shape of the Cavour makes it ideal for smaller study spaces as it both physically and aesthetically takes up less of your room. Here we’ve styled the Cavour with the Zilo chair in russet orange to add a pop of colour alongside a comfy place to sit.


Look two: The Trestle & Ida Chair in White

If you need a little more storage space but still don’t want your workspace to take up a lot of your room, the Trestle is ideal. This modern desk has a handy drawer so you can tuck away your keyboard or stationary items. However, it maintains a sleek shape. Here we’ve styled the Trestle with the Ida dining chair. The wooden legs add a touch of warmth and while the PU upholstered seat keeps it comfy. 

Look three: The Fern & Zilo Chair in Blue

Slightly chunkier in shape, the Fern is a simple but really effective way to transform an unused spot into your new favourite study corner. Having solid legs creates a neat space under the surface to stack and store various books and boxed. This is perfect if you’re a little pushed for room. Pair a white gloss piece like the Fern with a colourful dining chair for a really on trend impactful look.

Show Us Your Style!

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Published Date: February 2018 

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