Creating a love nest at home

As the working week draws to a close, everybody at Danetti is thinking about heading home for the weekend.
The weather’s so cold and windy, most of us are just planning to hibernate for the next 60-something hours until Monday morning comes calling.
This set us thinking about how important it is that our homes are comfortable, cosy places where we can snuggle up. It’s even more relevant because Valentine’s Day is approaching.
Great furniture can really transform your property into a home, give you a sense of belonging and of permanence. If you keep buying basic, flimsy flat-pack furniture then you’re unlikely to create a particularly welcoming home.
At Danetti, we’re passionate about the quality of our furniture (you can tell by the fact that we advertise many of our products as suitable even for commercial use that we are very confident of our quality).
So what do you need to create a love nest at home that’s so welcoming you’ll never want to go out?
First off, you’ll need an amazing sofa.
Don’t opt for one that’s too small or too structured, go for something that you and your partner can sink into while watching a film, and one that’s good for lounging about on.
Next, make sure your home feels ordered by investing in great storage. If you’re looking around thinking you need to clean up then it’ll make you unsettled. Large multi-purpose cabinets and sideboards are best, as they can house different types of things, from books to bed linen.

You’ll also need a dining table. Too many of us have become fans of TV dinners so a formal table starts to seem unnecessary, but it’s essential if you and your partner or family are going to have proper conversations without interruptions from Eastenders!
Buy comfortable dining chairs to match the table so you won’t quickly be dashing off to wash up – instead you’ll want to stay around the table chatting.
For your home to seem extra cosy, it’s great if you can create informal relaxing areas where you can chill out, maybe read magazines or listen to music. If your home is lacking an area like this, then clear a corner of a room, or the spare bedroom and fill it with soft, comfortable, low cube seating. We have lots of choice at Danetti.
So there you go, your home will become a place to chill out as a couple away from the rat race.

If you’ve created a relaxing environment at home with the use of Danetti products, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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