Colour: An Introduction

Colour is the result of the light spectrum, and the different wavelengths that are reflected and absorbed by an object. When light hits an entity some wavelengths are absorbed and some are reflected, our perception of the object’s colour come from the wavelengths that are reflected. This information is initially received by receptors in the retina of the human eye and then translated by the brain, to create the various different colours that we as humans can recognise.

An understanding of colour is very important when it comes to anything creative, interior design is no exception. Understanding the theory behind which colours will work and which won’t, can often make or break a room. Colour should always be a thoughtful addition to any the room, because not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is powerful enough to influence the emotions of those surrounded by it.

We have put together a variety of informative pages that should help to increase understanding of this subject and hopefully aid you in developing your interior design ideas.

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