Back 2 School: Create a Motivational Homework Station

Back 2 School: Create a Motivational Homework Station

Summer is almost over which means it’s time to get back into a normal routine before your kids head back to school. “I don’t wanna go back to school!” you hear them cry. But what if we could help you create a motivational and fun homework station, a space your kids will want to spend time?


Cavour Frosted Black Glass Desk


Making that dream desk area for your kids could not be easier. All you need are these 3 things;

  1. Natural Light
  2. Calm Atmosphere
  3. A Beautiful Desk (from Danetti, of course)

Give your kids this focused space and it’ll be straight A*’s come exam season! Let’s go back to basics as we show you just how simple it is to get that motivation homework station.


Secondary School Starters

Moving up to secondary school can be scary for some kids. A bigger environment, lesson timetables and so many new faces to learn, coming home to a serene and motivation homework station is really important to ease their minds.


Trestle White Desk


The first thing required for a calming, motivation homework station is natural light. Positioning your desk facing a window, or close to is a great start. Kids nowadays spend so much time in artificially lit rooms staring into screens. So when it comes to clearing their head and focusing on homework, natural light will do them the world of good.



Not only is natural light better for your wellbeing, but when working on a screen, it’s also super important to give your eyes a break. As a general rule, every 20 minutes you should focus on something 20 feet away for a good 20 seconds. This will reduce eye strain and tiredness, and help keep focused on the task at hand!


Desk Styling

Now, when it comes to setting up your physical workspace, you want to reduce distraction and promote productivity. Keep your desk clear and uncluttered. Our Trestle Desk is perfect for this, as it’s smooth white silhouette and a desk-wide drawer is perfect for clearing away general desk clutter.



Keep essential books and a task lamp on the surface, and tuck away any other bits and pieces. Out of sight, out of mind!

By investing in good habits at the start of term, you’ll be setting your kids up to succeed. This is exactly why getting your homework station set up early is a great idea. Get your kids excited about starting secondary school.


Get the Look

Trestle White Desk


Ida Dining Chair


When it comes to decorating your home, it’s really down to you as to colour schemes and how you want the room to feel. Here are our stylist’s top 5 interior design tips for styling a home office, for you or your kids:


  • Keep colour schemes subtle. Whether you like dark colours or light, pinks or greens, avoid clashing too many colours or prints, as this may have a negative effect on your concentration levels. Instead, stick to 2-3 complimentary colours with a couple of accent shades if you’re after that pop of colour.


  • Invest in good storage solutions. Keep your desk surface clear by organising your bits and bobs into drawers, shelves or even pretty storage baskets. I’ve said it once already, but a tidy desk means a tidy mind!


  • Add soft textures. Homework or general working from home can be time-consuming, so be sure you’re comfortable. Add printed cushions to desk chairs or a soft rug underfoot. Although it’s a workspace, there’s no reason it can’t feel like your lounge!


  • Lighting is everything. We’ve already mentioned the importance of natural light, but when the nights draw in and there’s a lack of daylight, be sure you have some good house lighting. Avoid harsh overhead lights and these can cause eye strain. Instead, style your desk with beautiful, yet practical, task lamps to keep that Hygge feeling.


  • Minimise distractions. We all love a good stack of books or a wacky painting, but when you’re trying to work, there’s nothing worse than being distracted by things that are possibly altogether more interesting. Only keep the essentials on your desk to keep you focused, but be sure to plan in breaks. Pop out for a coffee and some fresh air during long revision sessions to keep you motivated.


College Kids

It’s a tricky time, college. Not only do you have to study more and work harder, but you’ll also have to compete with the freedom of being able to drive and reaching the age of 18. We would recommend creating that cool, mature home office space for your kids to make them want to study.


Cavour Matt Black Glass Desk


The Black Matt Glass Cavour Desk is perfect for your young adults. Its smooth frosted glass top softens the black and is versatile for any home interior style. Boost the calm atmosphere by styling your desk with soft textures, luxe storage solutions and house plants.


Cavour Black Glass Desk Danetti


The handy size of the Cavour Desk allows space for all manner of working, be it art materials or laptops and books. As the tempered glass desktop boasts a slim profile, you also have plenty of room for under-desk storage.


Desk Styling

When it comes to styling your desk and home office, be sure you have your child get involved. What do they want the colours to be? How do they want to organise their workspace? If it’s a space they have created, they will want to spend time there. Just make sure to delicately guide them away from very bright colours, as this may not help promote productivity the same way muted shades will.



Get the Look

Cavour Black Glass Desk


Russet Orange Zilo Dining Chair


Uni Student

Compact furniture is ideal for uni halls or first rental properties, as the sizing tends to be slightly less generous than they’re probably used to at home. Whether your children decide to continue with education or make their first steps into the big wide world, you can still support them with a multi-functional workspace.


Scandi Natural Oak Desk


While at university, it is still important to create that motivational homework station, however, now the environment has changed slightly its function needs to be adaptable. With libraries and classrooms so readily available for studies and halls so full of distractions, it’s maybe not worth creating a designated workspace.



Instead, create a multifunctional area for your young ones; a desk that doubles as a dressing table. The Scandi Desk is small and compact, with a handly concealed drawer for office supplies or beauty products. A smaller desk will allow more space in your room, reducing that cluttered, and sometimes stressful feeling.


Desk Styling

Uni is all about finding yourself and expressing your personality, so have fun when creating your workspace. Pin pictures and postcards up onto the wall, but be sure to keep your worktop uncluttered. Invest in trendy storage baskets and avoid throwing clothes over the back of the chair! By keeping your worktops and space around your desk clear, you will be promoting a serene environment, perfect for writing that dissertation!



Get the Look


Grey Senn Colourful Dining Chair


No matter where your little ones are in their educational journey, it’s so important to start off the new term on the right foot. Just remember, regardless of budget all you need is a lovely (uncluttered) desk in a calm space with natural lighting. That’s all there is to it- style how you wish, but remember our stylist’s recommendations!

For more tips and tricks on how to style your dream home office, check out our Desk Buying Guide.

Have you created a dream homework station for your kids? Let us know by leaving a comment and tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

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