A Danetti wedding list fit for royalty

Like the rest of the country we have royal wedding fever at Danetti (well, the women do, the men… not so much!)

We were talking about how refreshing it is that the royal couple are set to start their married life in a simple Welsh farmhouse rather than in a royal palace.

If you’re not part of their inner circle then the chances are you’ll never get to see inside the farmhouse, but we’d love to take a peek.

We wonder whether it’s a modern, uncluttered space with contemporary furniture choices, or whether they’ve filled it with heirlooms belonging to the groom’s family.

And we’re curious as to whether Wills and Kate have a wedding gift list like most young couples. If so, what’s on it?

We’ve come up with the dream royal gift list from Danetti. These are the things that we think would suit their classic taste, and would look right at home in their farmhouse.

Wills and Kate, if you’re reading we’d love to know what you think of our choices!

1. Soho modular seating

This squashy sofa is perfect for newly-weds who will want to snuggle up to watch movies, and because it’s so large it’d be perfect for when their London friends visit too. It’s available it a vast array of colours, so they could go for an on-trend eggplant shade, or a neutral mocha.

2. Petar TV stand

Presumably Wills and Kate will have to keep up with current affairs, so they’ll probably watch Newsnight and other factual programmes. Plus they’re probably sneaky fans of X-Factor, so a HUGE TV will be in order. Where better to position it than on this stylish and modern TV stand? It’s high-backed so neatly frames the TV and has storage underneath for DVD players and games consoles.

3. Gant extending glass table

As one of our high-end table choices we think this would be the ideal investment buy for Wills and Kate. The glossy glass top (available in neutral, coffee or black) is incredibly stylish and chic and because it’s an extendible table it’s great when there are just the two of them, but can be extended out to seat more than 10 people when needed – ideal for when Kate’s family and Prince Charles and Camilla pop over for supper!

4. Camelia high-backed dining chair

The Camelia chair reminds us of a throne, so we thought it would be the ideal choice for the second in line to the British throne. Kate and Wills should ask for a set of 10 as a wedding present so they can seat all their relatives around the Gant table.

5. Elma wooden bar stool

Not every meal in the Wills-Kate household is going to be a grand affair – sometimes the royal newlyweds are just going to want to grab a croissant and a coffee before they go out for a day of official engagements. These Elma bar stools are the perfect accessory for their farmhouse kitchen… they’re natural wood, so will be in-keeping with the era of the property and the rustic vibe, but the curvy shape is contemporary.

6. Pursuit low stool

When Prince Harry comes to visit we like to imagine the two princes sitting together playing video games and eating pizza. If so, these low stools would come in very handy. They can be arranged however you like and are available in a wide selection of colours. Personally, we’d choose a combination of red, white and blue, for an kitsch patriotic look!

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