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Our Picks of Mid Century Modern Contemporary Furniture
November 13, 2014 at 10:57 am 0
It’s fair to say that the Mid Century trend is here to stay. We all love the drama of ‘Madmen’ and that romantic hark back to the glamour of the 50s and 60s. With the fashionable silhouettes and colours in the high street and that unmistakable interior feel, we’re seeing it’s influence all over the pages of those in vogue. Whether the reality of the time was really that way, or it’s our modern interpretation that actually adds the charm, I find myself wondering; why do we covet the looks that our grandparents and parents would discard and how can we achieve something that is modern whilst picking up on the seemingly timeless appeal of the period? Perhaps the popularity of the trend is, as with so many design classics, in it’s simplicity. The subtle tapered angle of a table leg or a corner that’s been ever so slightly smoothed off can be enough for us to feel that the inspiration of the piece was taken from the Mid Century. It’s often just that, a feeling, rather than something so obvious. Good design should after all be felt, not told. We don’t have to make our homes look like the set of Madmen to take part in this trend. Unlike the glossy pages of magazines that change issue to issue, we curate our homes over time. Although they do evolve with our tastes, we tend to live with our furniture and make it part of our home and the memories made there. And most of us don’t want to change our look just because trends dictate. I sometimes like to look back at a piece that I might overlook if I was seeing it for the first time now but that I know I once loved. How to realistically achieve a look like this could be seen as challenging. As vintage has become so prevalent there is the question of is it even modern to be ‘Retro’ anymore? In the real world, scouring car boot sales and finding that iconic design classic in a skip is for most, unachievable. I love the idea of filling my home with these eclectic finds but really I want something that’s new, that’s mine and that more importantly won’t smell like old jumpers and have woodworm. I want fresh design and contemporary newness for the key pieces, and to build on that with accessories. If you invest in the key elements, clever accessorising is the way to keep your style evolving with the trends. True style is, and always has been about putting together a selection of things that work for you. It’s your edit of all the items on offer and all the influences that are available to you. What we love about the Mid Century trend is that you can buy into it as little or as much as you like. We have created a range of products that take small cues from the era but are unmistakably modern. By blending quiet details and versatile finishes you can get the look, in keeping with your style. Here are our favourite picks, showing how you can play with colour and texture to get a feel for the Mid-Century:   Walnut and White Gloss Sideboard   This look is about colour and texture; Teal, White and Walnut straight away conjure up the mood of the Mid Century Era. The walnut doors and drawers of the Assi Walnut and White Gloss Sideboard are just a subtle nod to the trend. To keep it modern the carcass of the sideboard is white gloss, which coordinates perfectly with the Assi White Gloss Extending Dining Table. Both the table and the sideboard have the same style of leg. This consistent detail allows these pieces to sit together without looking like a ‘set’. The Eames Style Dining Chair in any combination of Teal, Aqua, Cool Grey, Black and White will complete the look. Teal is an unmistakeably Mid Century hue but is also a warm sophisticated jewel colour in it’s own right. Follow the look through to the living space with the Assi Walnut Coffee Table. It’s a nice touch to add something in the living space to tie in with the dining space.   Eames Dining Chair   The previous mood is warm and rich but the Mid Century style can also be fresh and clean. This look is perhaps more subtle and takes inspiration from shapes and silhouettes of the time, keeping colour minimal in a simple statement. With the Ellie White Oval Extending Dining Table, it’s all about the shape. A soft edged oval with a tapered chrome legs, it’s designed to be a flexible versatile piece. For chairs I personally love the Eames Style Dining Chair in Mustard Yellow. The slightly retro shade gives a cheery pop of colour to a quiet muted scheme. If all yellow is too strong, it can be softened with White or Cool Grey. The colour palette of the Eames Style chairs gives you a great opportunity to pick up on an cent colour. I chose the yellow wallpaper here but you can pick out a colour of a feature wall or accent paper and work with that. If you prefer the tactile quality of an upholstered seat the Lena Quilted Dining Chair would work with this look. The tapered chrome leg and back that’s not too high keep the room feeling informal and welcoming. The centrepiece of this look is the Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard. The colour and details bring the look together and provides a perfect blank canvas for layering up and displaying accessories. Cool Grey and White Gloss with slightly angled legs and perfect proportions, it adds another dimension to the room.
Dining Sets
New Modern Round Dining Sets
March 15, 2012 at 1:44 pm 0
Vico Matt White Round and Tori 4 Seater Dining Set

Vico Matt White Round and Tori 4 Seater Dining Set £479.00

Round tables are perfect for everyday family dining as well as for throwing a dinner party. As King Arthur realised, round tables allow guests to make eye contact and chat easily to those next to them as well as those across the other side of the table, creating a relaxed and sometimes lively atmosphere. Not only are round tables very practical, they look really attractive too. Since most rooms are square or rectangular, a circular table can help to soften the lines in the space and make it more interesting. Many round tables have a central pedestal which not only looks elegant and stylish, but also provides more leg room for diners. In our range we have cosy circular tables for two, slightly larger ones suitable for four to six people, and oval tables which can seat larger groups.  We’ve got a great selection of round tables and round dining sets, from white high gloss and white matt, to black glass and clear glass, to Wenge oak stained veneer. You can use our dining table selector tool to find the table that fits all of your requirements.  Scroll down to see some of our favourites from the new range. Naro Black Glass and Imola 4 Seater Dining Set
Naro Black Glass and Imola 4 Seater Dining Set

Naro Black Glass and Imola 4 Seater Dining Set £519.00

The Naro Black Glass Dining Table has an elegant, modern design which draws attention to the stylish chrome trumpet base. The 12mm thick black tempered glass table top measures 1000mm in diameter, making it perfect for four people. The high back and well cushioned seat of the modern Imola Cantilever Chair make it an absolute dream to sit upon. Well upholstered in dense foam and high quality, durable faux leather, the Imola looks and feels wonderful. The contemporary flattened cantilever legs which are finished in shiny chrome, complement the smooth shape of this trendy dining chair. The Naro Black Glass Dining Table is also available with a selection of other chairs in our Dining Sets range.

Ellie White Oval and Coco Dining Set

Ellie White Oval and Coco Dining Set

Ellie White Oval and Coco Dining Set £699.00

The modern Ellie White Oval Dining Table is a minimalist's dream table. Its oval shape and simple structure make it a truly versatile table for any dining room. The fashionable table top is white satin lacquered with funky slim legs finished in chrome.  Paired up with this trendy white oval dining table are the Coco A Frame Chairs. These retro-styled modern classics are a funky shape, curvy and smooth and extremely comfortable too. The Coco A-frame chair features an attractive retro-styled UV-resistant multilayer composite technopolymer shell, mounted on a 10mm steel rod frame. The trendy acrylic seats are available in opaque white, black and red as well as funky transparent red, orange, green, clear and smoke grey. The Ellie White Oval Dining Table is also available with a selection of other chairs in our Dining Sets range.

Naro White Round and Curva 4 Seater Dining Set

Naro White Round and Curva 4 Seater Dining Set

Naro White Round and Curva 4 Seater Dining Set £649.00

The stylish curvy chairs of this dining set really accentuate the simple modern design of the Naro White Gloss Round Table. The white glossy table top measures 1100mm, is 30mm thick and sits atop a contemporary trumpet shaped chrome base. Complementing the Naro White Gloss Round Table are four stunning Curva Dining Chairs. These elegant, comfortable curvy chairs have shiny chrome legs in a beautiful tapered design. The well-padded seat is covered in soft faux leather, available in either classic Black or modern White.

The Naro White Round Dining Table is also available with a selection of other chairs in our Dining Sets range.

Naro Clear Glass and Elise 4 Seater Dining Set

Naro Clear Glass and Elise 4 Seater Dining Set

Naro Clear Glass and Elise 4 Seater Dining Set £515.00

This stylish 4 seater dining set is perfect for modern dining rooms and kitchen diners. The Naro Dining Table is a stylish round clear glass table with a sturdy yet stylish round chrome base providing perfect support for the circular clear tempered glass table top.

Complementing the contemporary Naro Table are four stylish, modern Elise dining chairs, upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather in a choice of four colours - classic black, trendy cream, rich brown or modern white.  The slender trendy legs are finished in highly polished chrome and are beautifully tapered to make the Elise Dining Chair the perfect partner to the Naro Cafe Table.

The Naro Clear Glass Dining Table is also available with a selection of other chairs in our Dining Sets range

Ideas and Inspiration, Styling Tips
Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
January 17, 2012 at 12:52 pm 0
One of the secrets to making a small living area seem more spacious is keeping on top of clutter and using clever storage solutions.  Often our living areas are multi-purpose rooms and double up as home offices or play rooms, as well as lounges.  Clutter in the lounge can make for a messy and unwelcoming reception room, but this is easily remedied with innovative storage ideas. Fern White Gloss Sideboard
Fern White Gloss Sideboard

Fern White Gloss Sideboard £399.00

The Fern White Gloss Sideboard is the perfect solution to storage dilemmas in modern and contemporary homes. As part of the Fern Range, it matches perfectly with the white high gloss dining tables in the Fern Range, to create a bright and trendy dining environment. The white high gloss finish bounces light all around the room, making the space look and feel larger and lighter. The Fern White Gloss Sideboard has four handy cupboards to store away all those bits and pieces that you don't want on display, and is supported by two feature loop legs which are finished in brushed metal. Cruise White Gloss Sideboard
Cruise White Gloss Sideboard

Cruise White Gloss Sideboard £487.00

The Cruise White Gloss Sideboard has a simple design with clean and crisp lines. The Cruise Sideboard comes in a white high gloss finish that looks light and bright in modern living areas.  Two cupboards provide handy storage and the perfect place to hide away toys, books, dvds and any other nicknacks you don’t want on show.   Keto TV Table
Keto TV Table

Keto TV Table £1085.00

Stylish and modern, the Keto TV Table is a wonderful piece of white gloss storage furniture for your living area as well as something on which to place the TV!  The Keto has two drawers on the front so you can hide away your remote controls and anything else that might make the space look cluttered. This white high gloss TV unit with drawers is well finished and versatile and its simple design makes it ideal as a stylish sideboard too.  The Keto TV Table is finished in a trendy high gloss white lacquer with highly polished chrome legs. Cusi Small Coffee Table
Cusi Small Coffee Table

Cusi Small Coffee Table £449.00

Uniquely designed, the Cusi Small Coffee table is a beautiful, simple piece of furniture with a twist. Built into the base of this oriental inspired coffee table, is a storage space, perfect for those large coffee table books, magazines or even DVDs. This handy modern coffee table is available in Pure White, Wenge or Chocolate finish and you need only to simply pull the table top apart to access the storage area underneath. No fuss, no handles, just simple modern looks and clean cut lines. Also part of the same range is the Cusi Square Opening Coffee Table, Cusi Square Coffee Table and the Cusi Long Coffee Table. Somen Coffee Table/Stool
Somen Coffee Table/Stool

Somen Coffee Table/Stool £297.00

The retro, stylish Somen Coffee Table/Stool is a bright and colourful storage solution bound to make an impact in whatever environment it's put into.  This retro stool is out of the ordinary, as it has been designed so that you can choose to have it as a simple stool or add a top to it to transform the stool into a coffee table. This simple designer storage stool can be upturned to make a low table, thanks to a methacrylate double-faced top, which creates a solid coffee table surface. The polyethylene plastic finish of the Somen means it can be easily cleaned and makes it robust enough to be used outdoors too.  Available in two different sizes and a range of colours.