Black Friday Tips – A Buyers Guide
November 22, 2019 at 9:32 am 0

So the jig is up, we all know it’s coming. Black Friday 2019 is a week away and most of us have at least one thing in a tab on our phones or laptops – ready to hit ‘Buy’. With all the deals, emails and incentives it’s easy to get Black Friday fatigue. But more importantly, if you are going to buy something, how do you make sure that you navigate Black Friday like a pro; buy the thing you want, stress free, for the best price possible.

These are our top Black Friday buying, from the experts: Get prepared

1. Get prepared

If you are looking for anything like a sofa, or a bed, or a big piece of furniture order your swatches now. Most retailers have a swatch service (ours is Free, just saying). If you order now you will have them in a day or two so you will be ready to order when the time, or the deal, is right.

2. Ask yourself ‘What is it worth to ME’

Its competitive out there, some retailers are offering huge discounts to get your business. If it’s something you can buy anywhere then it obviously makes sense to go where the deals are. But for larger items and investment purchases you need to prioritise your buying criteria and most importantly buy what you love. If you are looking at a sofa for example – you will have that sofa for at least 5-10 years. If you buy the one that you love, in a year or two you will still love it - but if you buy something because it was £50 cheaper than ‘The One’ you won’t be sat there in a year’s time going ‘yes but think how happy we were when we saved £50’. The value of the item should outweigh the value of the discount.

Tip: look for sites offering finance options. This means that you can buy ‘The One’ at the Black Friday price and spread the cost over the year.

3. Avoid the Shops

It sounds obvious but buying online rather than going to store will save you money and preserve your sanity. If previous years are anything to go by, the Highstreet is not a fun place to be come Black Friday.

Take Black Friday online and:

  • Save even more money by avoiding parking charges and get away from unwanted impulse purchases. If you go to the shops the chances of your coming away with just what you went for are slim. Buy online and head straight to the sites you like, no distractions.
  • Don’t be beat by out of stocks. Buying online you will be buying from a central stock pool, not just the limited units allocated to one store.
  • Shopping online you can be calm and focused, making sure that you’re not panic buying.

4. Sign Up

An inbox full of offers can be bamboozling but if there are things you are looking at, at this time of year it’s crazy not to subscribe to mailing lists. Not only are there early offers and VIP access emails going out but with so much buying going on over Black Friday there is slight air of snooze you lose. The larger the discount the faster the items may sell so the quicker you see the deal, the less likely you are to miss it.

Tip; A sign up isn’t a life commitment. After Black Friday you can always have a little purge and go through your emails unsubscribing from brands that you’re no longer interested in. Since the GDPR changes last year brands have had to make it easy. Unsubscribing is as easy a click of a button, literally.

5. Do your research

With so many sites in perpetual sale and making bold discounting claims, it’s important to know that the deal and the company you are buying from is genuine. Read reviews, check prices and make sure you have done all your homework before the day itself.

Do your price research and make sure your Black Friday discounts are real deals and are not just repeated discount you see throughout the year’ – Amanda, Ecommerce Marketing Manager

If you wanted to compare smaller items or tech, Tom from Technical here at Danetti recommends a site called Camel Camel Camel, which will provide a price history for any product that is sold on Amazon.

6. Refresh

We’re all stalking down our favorite sites and checking out the offers, which sometimes change daily. Things are going in and out of stock, due to demand, and depending what you are looking at availability can change. To make sure that you are always looking at the most up to date information you need to keep refreshing your page and clear your cache and cookies.

The easiest way to make sure that your cache and cookies is always clear, and the page is up to date is to open up an incognito window in your browser’ – Tom, Technical Manager

And finally when it comes to a Black Friday mantra, and your choosing your dream bed or dining set, chanel Karl Lagerfeld, who surely knew a thing or two about shopping:

Buy what you don’t have yet or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.’ - Karl Lagerfeld.

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More Tips for Furnishing a Small Space
January 9, 2012 at 11:30 am 0
White Gloss furniture will give a small living space a light and airy feel by enhancing the natural light within the room and lending a sense of spaciousness to make it feel more attractive and welcoming.  White gloss furniture instantly reflects light, unlike dark, matt colours which soak up the light and give a more sombre feel.  White gloss furniture is therefore the perfect choice for smaller rooms or those with little natural light.  Here are some of our favourite white gloss pieces which are perfect for smaller living areas. The Fern White Gloss Dining Table Range
Fern 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table

Fern 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table £149.00

Our Fern White Gloss dining tables have a classy minimalistic design with simple, smooth straight lines that make the Fern Range stand out from the crowd. Their high gloss, pure white surface reflects light, automatically creating the illusion of space in your dining area. The high quality wooden lacquered finish provides a long lasting and hard-wearing finish - perfect for busy every day life.  The Fern White Gloss Dining Table Range features a Kitchen Table, a 4 Seater Dining Table, a 6 Seater Dining Table and an Extending Dining Table which will seat up to 10 people.   Angola White Gloss Dining Table
Angola White Gloss Dining Table

Angola White Gloss Dining Table £229.00

The exclusive Angola White Gloss Dining Table is a beautiful, contemporary dining table which is perfect for a modern kitchen or dining room.  The Angola White Gloss dining table has a funky yet timeless design; the high gloss table surface is enhanced beautifully by the brushed steel frame and legs, which in turn create triangular corner insets to give a funky, modern twist. Ellie White Gloss Oval Dining Table
Ellie White Oval Dining Table

Ellie White Oval Dining Table £289.00

The modern Ellie White Oval Dining Table is a minimalist's dream table.  Its oval shape and simple structure make it a truly versatile table for any dining room.  The fashionable oval table top is white lacquered with funky slim legs finished in chrome.     Reeves White Gloss Coffee Table
Reeves White Gloss Coffee Table

Reeves White Gloss Coffee Table £330.00

A modern, trendy piece of furniture with a popular high gloss finish, the Reeves White Gloss Coffee Table’s top folds back on itself to create a squashed loop effect and a continuous flowing shape which is pleasing to the eye. The funky brushed nickel plated loop style legs are strong yet stylish, and sit between the two layers of the table top.  Also available in this white high gloss range is the Reeves TV Table and Sideboard.   White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table
White High Glos Stak Coffee Table

White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table £345.00

Contemporary and unusual, the White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table is bound to be the signature piece in any living area. Its funky layered design creates a piece of furniture that gives a different view from each side, and a piece of artwork for your lounge. The glossy bright white surfaces reflect light in interesting ways and give plenty of space for your cups, magazines and ornaments. The White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table is available in either a rectangular or square version and also comes in walnut or chocolate coloured wood.