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5 Need to Know Tips to Create Space in a Small Home
February 16, 2018 at 2:54 pm 0
As homes get smaller and storage space gets converted into living space, it can be a challenge to keep our homes looking clean and tidy. When it comes to maximising space in a small home, there are many clever storage ideas which are easier than you think to put into place.   how to maximise space in a small home

Assi Grey and White Gloss Compact Sideboard

  The key is to choose high-density storage and multi-functional furniture to get the most out of your small space. Our Stylist shows you 6 of the best storage ideas for compact living. Learn how you can clear the clutter and create an open and spacious small home. Use this as your shopping list for a bright, open and multi-functional home.  

1. Multi-functional Furniture

It's no secret that our homes, regardless of size, require a lot of furniture to live comfortably. But what if we could combine furniture to become more compact and take up less space in our homes? We have a wide range of must-have pieces which do exactly that:  

Duo Sidetable

This modern side table is a clever way to combine a footstool and side table, all in one. When needed, the padded stool can be separated from the table, allowing you to put your feet up after a long day.   Duo Side table

Duo Side Table in White / Grey

  Or if you're entertaining you have an extra seat for extra guests, however, if not needed, it slides neatly under the side table taking up less space. As a result, making your small home feel larger and more open and eliminating any extra trip hazards!   Duo Side Table

Duo Side Table in White / Grey


Metro Extending Dining Table

When entertaining in a compact home, seating all of your guests comfortably can be a challenge. The Metro Extending Dining Table is a compact 4 seater with a thin, space-saving frame, which can be extended not once, but twice to a healthy 8 seater dining table.   Metro Dining Table Unextended

Metro White Gloss Dining Table Unextended

  The slim metal frame keeps the overall look and feel of this table light and open. What's more, both extension leaves are kept in the table itself, meaning you don't have to find any extra space for storage. When it comes to buying an extending dining table, don't forget to check where the extension leaves will be stored. If they do not stay with the table, consider where else these can be kept, such as under a bed or sofa. But in those smaller properties- internal storage is the best option!   Metro Dining Table Fully Extended

Metro White Gloss Extending Dining Table Fully Extended

  Pair with a streamlined stackable dining chair, such as our Tori dining chair, to easily store any extra seats when not needed. Stackable dining chairs will have a much smaller footprint to store, and give you a significantly higher level of comfort than foldable dining chairs!   Tori Dining Chair

Tori Stackable Dining Chair in Cool Grey


2. Glass Furniture

One of the easiest things you can do when it comes to maximising space in a small home is to consider the finish of your furniture. You can create the illusion of space simply by choosing glass furniture. Glass furniture allows light to flow freely throughout your compact home, giving the appearance of a bigger space.  

Zen White gloss and Glass 6 Seater Dining Table

Our Zen 6 Seater Glass Dining Table is the perfect solution for compact homes. With its tempered glass top and trestle style legs, the Zen creates a modern silhouette while allowing light to flow. Team up with the Luka White Oak Dining Chair for a slim, minimal look.   Glass and White Gloss Zen 6 Seater Dining Table

Zen Glass and White Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table


Tiva Coffee Table Set

To combine both Multi-functional furniture and Glass Furniture, choose the Tiva Coffee Table set for your compact home. As with the Zen, the glass top keeps your room open and light, while doubling up on extra surfaces.   Tiva Coffee Table Set

Tiva Coffee Table Set, Stacked

  Stack the 2 tables together when tight on space, or separate for a matching glass coffee table and side table set.   Tiva Coffee Table Set

Tiva Coffee Table Set, Separated


3. Small Footprint

When it comes to dining furniture for small homes, the biggest thing to consider is the footprint of the furniture. A smaller footprint means it will take up less floor space, allowing you to add extra dining chairs or save floor space.  

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool

Typically, a gas lift bar stool will have a slightly smaller footprint than a fixed height barstool. This is because a gas lift barstool has a central pedestal base, opposed to 4 legs on each corner.   Anzio Gas Lift Barstool

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool in White

  The backless seat will also help you space feel more open, once again maximising the space you may or may not have.   Anzio Gas Lift Bar Stool Detail

Anzio Gaslift Barstool Seat Detail


4. Storage Solutions

Possibly the best way to maximise space in a small apartment or house is to invest in storage furniture. However, these pieces can be bulky and not the most attractive. We would recommend a compact sideboard. They are smaller than a regular sideboard, but still, offer plenty of storage to hide any unwanted clutter and give the illusion of space.  

Assi Compact Sideboard

Choosing a high gloss sideboard, such as the Compact Assi and White and Grey Gloss, will reflect light around your home. This will help stop too many shadows and keep your small space bright and open.   Assi Compact Sideboard

Assi Compact Sideboard in Grey and White Gloss

  Make the most of the handy drawers and cupboards for hiding those bits and bobs which can make smaller homes feel messy.   Assi Sideboard Cupboard Detail

Assi Compact Sideboard Storage


5. Stylist Secrets

Getting the right furniture in a small home can make a huge difference to your way of living. However, there are smaller changes you can make which will still help a small space feel bigger.  
  • Layout- Spend time moving furniture to get the best possible layout for your home. Take a look at our Blog Post about open plan living for tips and tricks when it comes to zoning your home.
  • Colour- Using darker colours in small homes will not help make the space feel bigger. Use light colours both on walls and in soft furnishings to keep your small space bright.
  • Finish- As with the use of colour, darker wood finished can make compact homes feel smaller. Opt for White or Glass furniture and think about a high gloss finish. The reflective surface will bounce light around the room giving the illusion of a larger space.
  • Declutter- Small spaces can easily feel messy and crowded, so keep props to a minimum and stay on top of the loose papers! This is why pieces such as our compact sideboards are so handy!
  • Mirrors- It's common knowledge that mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space, so make the most of it! A well-placed mirror can change the shape and look of a room instantly. Place opposite a window for maximum effect.
  • Console Tables- For those smaller hallways or living rooms, Console tables are a great addition. They're a practical extra surface for your favourite pictures and vases, but can easily be used as a compact desk or dressing table.
  Calanna Console Table in Grey Oak

Calanna Console Table- add an extra, slim lined surface without blocking any light.


Show us your Small Home

So there you have it. Hopefully, you are now feeling inspired to make the most of your interiors with our top ways to save space in a small home. Got any tips which work for you? Tell us about it! And don't forget to share your pictures with us by tagging us with #mydanetti across Instagram and Facebook!  
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Airbnb Basics for Beginners: Getting the Perfect Home Interior
August 11, 2017 at 4:40 pm 0

In this modern world there's a term that keeps popping up over and over again; Sharing Economy. But what does it mean exactly?

Sharing Economy: an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet.

Sounds great, right? Sharing your off street parking to a commuter, renting out a room for a lodger, or maybe even letting out your entire house for holiday makers, there's no denying this is an intriguing concept. So how do you make it happen for you?

There are many sites on the world wide web, but perhaps most popular is Airbnb. You can let your home out for weekly getaways, or share a room to meet new people and make a bit of extra cash along the way.

I’ll admit though, the thought of having essentially a stranger staying in your home can be daunting. We’ve created a series of Airbnb Basics to supply you the best tips and tricks on looking after your Airbnb home, be it cleaning, styling or furnishing. This is your one stop Airbnb beginners guide. 


Make your home the perfect holiday destination with our Airbnb Basics guide. Siena Corner Sofa and Arc Glass 4 Seater Dining set with Riva Stackable Dining Chairs


Getting Started

Almost anyone can host on Airbnb but there are some barriers. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Airbnb FAQ’s. Heres a few things worth checking out before getting too stuck into Hosting;

  • House / Liability Insurance- Airbnb offer some sort of coverage, but it's a good idea to make your insurance company aware when you start Hosting on Airbnb, and also explore your other insurance options. Remember to add your furniture to any insurance policy too. These are investment items and you want to make sure you're covered should anything happen... Insurance isn't all about electricals!
  • Costs, Taxes and Fees- As with most sharing sites, there will be some applicable costs. Again, we highly recommend reviewing Airbnb’s post about what you’re likely to be charged when being a Host. 
  • House Rules, Safety Card and First Aid Box- When sharing your home or letting it out, you must make sure to lay down some ground rules, along with safety information. Look at a Welcome Pack, with all the do’s and don’ts, Safety information, emergency numbers and have a first aid box clearly posted.

Stylists Tip: Be sure to include any 'no snacking zones' and how to care for you furniture in your House Rules- let your guests know these are to be followed and respected.

  • Property Type- Airbnb has 3 different types of properties, and it's key to list yours correctly, not only for your listing to be found, but also for your security. These are:
            • Shared rooms- You’ll be sharing space with other guests, as well as sharing the entire property
            • Private rooms- You’ll have your own private room, however the rest of the property will be shared.
            • Entire homes / apartments- You’ll have the entire property for yourself. These are great for those big family trips away, or if you just prefer your privacy.

Creating the Perfect Listing

Now you know what Airbnb is all about, its time to get your listing up and running. So, whats the first thing that attracts you to a potential rental property? The pictures of sweeping staircases, insane garden views and the most desirable magazine-worthy interiors? Getting your home interior pictures right is super important in pulling in those future guests…

  • Lighting is so important! A bright and airy room flooded in natural light will always appear more appealing. Avoid synthetic light, and photograph your home in the morning, when the lighting is spot on.
  • De-clutter. Make your home look like the pages of your favourite interior design magazines by removing any remotes, mugs, washing, children toys etc. Your home wants to look like the perfect getaway / relaxation zone. 

Stylists Tips: Add a strategically places mug and magazine to make your home look lived in, but uncluttered! 

  • Get back and capture the entire room. You could use a wide angled lens to get more of the room in, but you don't want that 90’s fish eye effect. Just get back as far as you can, even if it means moving some furniture. The more your guests can see, the more likely they are to book with you.

 Moodboard using our Stone Grey and Taupe Grey Finn and Stylo Dining Chairs


Airbnb Interiors

Once you're ready to be a host(ess) with the most(ess), you need to make sure your home is practical for weekly new guests and also stylish, so people see your listing and want to stay. Luckily for you, we’re masters in creating beautiful interiors, so heres our tips for the perfect Airbnb home makeover.


The biggest thing to remember is that, although you are careful in your home, other guests may not treat it the same. That's where tough and durable furniture comes in. Some of the most durable kitchen table finishes on the market are Tempered Glass and HPL (high pressure laminate).


Zen Dining Table, £289


The Zen 6 seater Glass Dining Table is a perfect option for letting out your home on Airbnb. With a 10mm thick Tempered Glass top, this makes the table extra strong and resistant to breakage. As tempered glass will not splinter, the Zen Dining Table is also a kid friendly dining table. Plus, the sleek ‘V’ shaped gloss legs mean this 6 seater glass dining table is ticking all the boxes for modern interiors.

Stylists Tip: A Glass Dining Table allows light to flow through you room, helping with those all important interior photos and creating a light, airy kitchen! 


Ellie Extending Dining Table, £499


If a Glass Dining Table isn't your style, but you still want a durable kitchen table finish, take a look at our Ellie Extending Table. Made from HPL, this is one of the strongest, high performing materials for the home. HPL is able to withstand a temperature of up to 180ºC, but we would recommend using coasters anyway! Still unsure what HPL is? Take a look at our Material Spotligth: HPL post to find out more.   


Easy Clean

Secondly, you have to have wipe clean surfaces. There's nothing worse than scrubbing coffee stains out of a solid oak dining table, or trying to get red wine off of your favourite leather dining chairs! Let's face it, you can't watch your guests 24/7, so making sure your home is easy to keep clean is paramount.


Santo Dining Chair, £79


If you want to add more protections to your leather or faux leather dining chair, make sure you protect with a quality product, such as scotchgaurd fabric & upholstery protector. This will coat your chairs in an extra protective layer to repel those unwanted spills and prevent any nasty stains!


Detail of Zen Table


When it comes to keeping you table clean, our Zen and Ellie tables couldn't be more low maintenance. Just follow these simple steps;

  1. Wipe table with a clean cloth, soaked in a solution of warm water and fairy liquid. Make sure you cloth is rung out well.
  2. Wipe up any spillages as soon as they happen to avoid any staining. If you do find a stain, use a non-abrasive cleaner such as a magic sponge, or try adding a touch of vinegar to your cleaning solution.
  3. Take a dry, clean micro-fibre cloth to buff away and water makes, and keep your table streak free and sparkling!

Stylists Tip: If your table however does require specialist care, like a solid oak table, make sure to include this in your House Rules, so your guest know straight away to take extra care!


Compact Furniture

One of the key things potential guests will be looking at when browsing Airbnb is open, light and airy spaces. No one wants a home which is cluttered, dark and dingy. That's where compact furniture comes in.


Eve Compact Sideboard, £349


Although smaller, this handy space saving furniture for small apartments is ideal for rented properties. By having smaller, compact furniture, it means your space will feel more open, while still offering practical storage solutions. Which, as a result, will be much more appealing to potential lodgers!


Eve inside cupboard


Our Eve compact sideboard has a high gloss finish and matt tempered glass top (durability) and is a stylish piece for any hallway, living room, dining room or bedroom! Plus, for you part time Airbnb Hosts, a compact sideboard with drawers a good idea to tuck away any personal items and mark as an out of bounds area.


Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture goes hand in hand with compact furniture. These clever space savers are ideal for rental properties and first time Airbnb hosts. Be it a side table which hides a footstool or a Console Table which doubles as drinks cart, there's no denying the possibilities are endless.


Fern Console Table, £199


The Fern console Table is a practical extra surface but also ideal for showcasing your favourite items. The high gloss finish also helps reflect light back around your room.


Duo Side Table, £149


Much as the Fern Console Table is multi-functional, the Duo Side Table doubles up as a table for remotes, lamps and magazines, while the pouf which tucks neatly inside can be pulled out as a perfectly sized footstool! Multi-tasking at its finest!


Dining Benches

When looking for an Airbnb property, 9 times out of 10 people will be looking for new experiences. You want your home to be that new experience, something different from the day to day.  Although you cannot physically give them a new experience, you certainly can give then a new interior experience.  

Loop Right Hand Corner Bench, £899

  Stand out from the crowd with a Dining Corner Bench and create a multi-functional American Diner style booth. Dining benches are such a focal piece and add so much style and class to a kitchen / diner. The Loop Bench Range offers multiple sizes and styles to suit any home interior. Combine a corner bench with a backless upholstered dining bench, or perhaps a mix and match of dining chairs and a 3-4 seater dining bench with backrest. Either way you'll have a totally desirable and magazine worthy kitchen. So now you have the basics to getting started on Airbnb. Don't forget to read through all the FAQ's over on Airbnb and familiarise yourself with the safety tips and tricks.  

Coming soon...

We've got so much more to share with you when it comes to getting your home Airbnb ready! Keep a look out for the next post in the series, where we will be talking through all things colour and getting the most out of your Airbnb listing!

Have you got any Airbnb hosting questions? Submit them below and our experts will be sure to get back to you. In the meantime share your Airbnb interiors with us by tagging us in your pictures and using #mydanetti.
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Interior Master Class: How to Style your Sideboard
August 31, 2016 at 2:16 pm 0

Create show stopping focal points in your home with our top Sideboard styling tips.

Have you ever looked through the pages of magazines and wondered how the stylists make furniture look so good - is there a secret science to creating that effortlessly stylish look? The answer is yes. With a little insider info direct from the Danetti Stylists, we’ll show you how it’s done. Creating a perfectly styled sideboard!  

All White:

At first glance this looks like a really beautiful simple shot of a white sideboard, but it's no accident how casually grouped it looks - it's all planned! This arrangement is particularly interesting as it is styled up on one side. So, how come it doesn’t look lopsided? It's all to do with the careful balance of accessories and so visually it looks equally weighted. White sculptural forms with soft rounded edges grouped loosely in three’s work beautifully together and set the scene for the eye trickery! What does that mean? Well, it's quite simple! A cascading ivy takes the eye from the low left hand side and slowly rises along the surface to the top of the taller plant and the picture frames. Your eye is never too distracted as the grey tones of the prints and the candles blend gently into the otherwise all white scheme - easy!  

Aria glass and white oak sideboard £649.

Family Living:

Family living is often vibrant and fun with bursts of colour but sometimes lots of clutter! Danetti have created this wonderful Glide sideboard in collaboration with Julia Kendell to allow ample concealed space within the sideboard itself . Allowing you to create a stylish surface on top. So how does this one work? Well again there is a careful planning to this stylish arrangement. Firstly the grouping of three accessories on one side add varying heights to one side. Then adding wide bowl on the other side helps balance the tall group and combine beautifully with the sideboard and other accessories.  All the while subtly combining all the colours used elsewhere - simple!  

Glide sideboard in grey gloss with teal and oak £549. 

Warm Tones:

Its much harder to create a fresh look on a wooden surface than on white furniture. Wood is a wonderful material but the grain can create quite a distraction and is a focal point in its own right. So, how can you lighten up the look of wood and blend the accessories? The stylists at Danetti have created this look to accentuate the warm tones of the Walnut Assi sideboard. By choosing some soft aubergine and chocolate coloured glass vases compliment the warmth of the walnut. Then we've blended the coloured glass with white pots and monochrome prints. By using lots of greenery and a copper tray for the grouping on the left hand side to sit on we tie the entire look together. Why does the tray help? Well, using a darker tray helps to bridge the colour and warmth gap between the white sculptural pots and the rich wood tones helping to blend the colours and textures so that it looks pleasing and not too harsh.  

Assi walnut sideboard £449.


Eastern Promise - Stylists Top Tips! 

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Q&A with Interior Designer and Presenter Julia Kendell
November 27, 2015 at 2:31 pm 0
Following the recent launch of our new  ‘Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell’ range, we managed to catch up with Julia during the recent shoot for the launch of our collection. We had a chat with her to find out what she thought about the collaboration and the individual products.

Why did you choose to work with Danetti?

When I am designing an interior for a client I will only specify furniture from a supplier I can trust and who I know will be reliable. The furniture also has to be aesthetically beautiful, fit the brief and it’s also got to be good value. I have to be absolutely sure that it's going to arrive on time, in good order and should anything go wrong, I have to know that the company will be on it straight away. Danetti satisfies all those criteria so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to collaborate on a furniture collection with them.

What elements of your personal design ethos have you incorporated into this range?

My personal ethos is all about creating an emotional connection both between the interior and the inhabitants who will be using that space. The reason that’s important is because in this day and age we're all so busy and we need a home that we can retreat to at the end of the day. Somewhere you feel safe, that's also energising. So for me creating this range of furniture, creates a perfect backdrop for home life that has a sense of energy about it. And that has been really important.

How would you sum up the range?

I’d sum up the range as being a fresh and robust collection combining organic materials and glossy surfaces. I've created something that’s really energising and is just a really fabulous collection for contemporary family living.

The Peacock blue is a beautiful accent - is it a bit of a signature colour of yours?

I really enjoy designing with blue. It’s a very calming colour and because of this and because it’s very easy on the eye. It means you can use quite punchy shades to create impact and depth in a scheme without it unbalancing the whole look of the scheme and without it drawing too much attention. So yes, it's just a fabulous colour. I love it!

What elements of the process of design do you enjoy the most?

I love the entire experience of designing and putting this collection together. It has been hugely exciting for me. Of course I suppose nothing beats the moment when you’ve done all the concept drawings, you’ve had all the meetings and then suddenly the pieces arrive and you can unwrap them and see them in the flesh. It's just so exciting.

How important was it to you that these products were affordable?

Affordable design has always been at the heart of my work. When I first started out in the industry a very long time ago it was very much an elitist sport. Only the very wealthy could afford to have really beautifully designed pieces of furniture and interiors and of course there's no reason why everybody shouldn’t have a beautiful home. So throughout my career, I’ve always championed really good quality design at good value.

What does good design mean to you?

Good design to me is creating a balance between something being aesthetically very pleasing (so it's satisfying all the senses I suppose, something that feels good, that’s tactile, that looks great, sometimes that smells great too) and also being functional and practical. You want something that makes you feel a whole emotional connection. 

How do you see these products integrating with the modern family?

I think that the dining table and the space around it is really underestimated. In this day and age when families are so busy and when the illuminated screen is such a draw - we need to be able to have family time around the dining table. It’s one of those moments when we can really connect as a family. It’s the place where you have Xmas lunches and birthday dinners. You can sort out problems and share experiences. Frankly, it is where memories are made, family memories and that is so, so important.

What do you think of the bar stools?

I am particularly thrilled with the bar stools. It’s really difficult actually to find the perfect bar stool. One that you can move easily, is comfortable, looks great, but these bar stools I think are spot on. They’re very easy to move around. Plus, they’re light as anything but they are very robust and you know they are going to last and they look fantastic. Even just the tiniest detail like the beautiful stitching around the seat. They’re absolutely stunning -I'm so so pleased with them!

How about the sideboards:

The sideboards have been designed with detail in mind and they will satisfy even the most discerning client. The chamfered detail throughout the whole piece is just beautiful. Whats more the 'soft close' mechanism and the super smooth sliding door are great too. It’s just so lovely to use. I love the combination of the materials as well. The gloss, and the matt and the timber I think just works so beautifully together. And of course there are a lot of surprising little details as well like the mirrored backs on some of the pieces - just beautiful…

What do you like best about the table selection? 

For the cost of the Arc round table, the price I think is quite amazing. I haven’t seen such beautiful veneer detailing on a table at that price - ever! So just how lovely to be able to have such a stunning piece in your kitchen or dining room. The Zen table is a contemporary spin on the classic trestle table it is the perfect size for a family or a group of friends. I wanted to keep the lines nice and simple and straightforward - it’s just perfect.

The chairs are so elegant, how do you feel about the results?

Comfort is so important when it comes to sitting at a dining table. The design of the Form Dining chair really focus's on this. It's available with and without arms and the detailing again is really really superior. Particularly the way the frame follows the curvature around the back, it’s just the most beautiful chair. Definitely designed with comfort very much in mind. We all like to spend time at the dinner table, nobody wants their friends or family to feel uncomfortable. Therefore the design makes you feel like you want to spend hours at the dining table. So there you have it! Our Exclusively Danetti range with TV Interior Designer and Presenter Julia Kendell in all it's glory. If you want to see more, head over to Danetti.com for more.
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One Sideboard, 3 Looks With Julia Kendell
November 18, 2015 at 5:18 pm 0
Featured Image Revised Take inspiration from our stunning new ‘Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell’ range of sideboards and see how versatile the collection is. We worked with Julia to create three very different looks using the same sideboard. It’s so important to us that this range is versatile so we wanted to show you how it’s done. See how these looks can be achieved easily and used to enhance a variety of styles. Think outside the box and let your imagination do the styling!  


Look One: Naturally Organic Sideboard

Julia wanted to show the sideboard looking feminine and tactile, so opted for calming colours and natural textures. Choose your accessories carefully for this look. Julia selected pieces in soft pastels, twigs, interesting sculptural shaped flowers. A delicate framed butterfly print combined to give the look a slightly botanical feel with elegant style. Neutral Revised Naturally Organic: Glide sideboard in white gloss with grey and oak, £499

How to get this look at home:

  1. Use a few bold shaped items but in pale colours.
  2. Look for dried flower heads; hydrangeas and cow parsley work well.
  3. Twigs or something with height will add impact and substance to the look. You don’t have to buy them though, we just picked ours from the woods!
  4. Layering up a few different clear glass pieces will add interest without being intrusive.
  5. A simple framed print in soft colours will give the sideboard a focal point. For this look Julia opted for purposeful central placement.

This combination of organic elements and simple, elegant pieces creates a soft, welcoming look that sits well in most contemporary environments. Keep the look ‘clean’ and defined allowing the twigs and flowers to add the unconstrained movement in the display.” Julia Kendell


Look Two: Gorgeous Global Sideboard

The eclectic traveller look is a favourite style for Julia. Having been lucky enough to travel to amazing places as an Interior Designer, she’s picked up some interesting authentic pieces along the way. As a palette, classic monochrome works well for this look. Julia felt that black and white would give the sideboard style definition. A fascinating selection of accessories and curiosities add interest and create a well travelled antiquitous feel. Therefore blending in effortlessly with the contemporary sideboard. It’s easy to create with a selection of much loved treasured possessions and a few simple quick tricks.   Monochrome Revised Gorgeous Global: Glide sideboard in white gloss with grey and oak £499

How to get this look at home:

  1. Decide on the look you are going for, Julia went for ‘tribal global traveller’ - but it would work well with a different theme such as Mediterranean, Indian etc
  2. Cloches are a great way to showcase something simple and unusual - Julia used an old camera and a plant; even the simplest object is elevated to something special under a cloche.Man From Kathmandu
  3. One striking piece will give your collection a focal point, Julia’s wooden statue from Kathmandu was her choice for this ensemble.
  4. The contemporary zig zag vase helps set the scene and Julia then used touches of black and white throughout the selection to tie them all together. The ceramic we chose has a vaguely tribal feel, perfect for this look.
  5. Use something living like an orchid or a leafy fern to breathe life into the look and stop your arrangement from appearing dusty or antiquated.
  6. Authentic artefacts aren’t essential to this look. The best thing is to use something that means something to you, a piece that you love. But failing that you can get some amazing ‘global chic’ items in charity shops or on the highstreet. One of our go-to places for inexpensive but great quality props is Homesense.

“Its lovely to have a place to assemble your treasured memories of trips and adventures, family heirlooms and quirky finds. Collecting these together in one place has more impact than dotting around the house and has a wonderful sense of energy and history” Julia Kendell

Look Three: Playful Retro Sideboard

Although this might not be the most obvious look for this fabulous collection as it has a contemporary retro feel to it. It feels playful, fresh and bright and would be at home in any family living space. Julia managed to bring something new to the retro look with some lovely styling ideas. There is a fine line between stylish and kitsch with retro styling. Remember you want it to be more Conran less Austin Powers so get the balance between retro and contemporary right.  

How to get this look at home:

  1. Choose a few pre-loved or nostalgic accessories in bright colours to kick start your look. We used the bullseye telephone and the ochre coloured pot filled with bull rushes give the sideboard enough of a nod to the retro, without looking too themed.
  2. Add a few more sharp, contemporary products that will give it a really updated feel. The juxtaposition between the new and the old will give a designer styling look.
  3. Introduce something individual and cool. Julia used string, mini clothes pegs and a selection of Penguin Classic book cover postcards to create wall art. Childrens drawings of fun photographs would look great as well.
  4. A pendant light hanging over the sideboard is a great idea and can be themed to match the scheme - this globe style light is typical of the 60’s era.

“Retro is all about having fun, adding pops of colour and creating a space where people want to stop and look and leave with a smile. Have confidence in your choices, not mixing too many styles or colours, and leave plenty of space around groups of items to avoid the car-boot look!” Julia Kendell

To see these looks come to life, check out the video and comment telling us which you like the best.


The product that we used in this shoot was the The Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell Glide Sideboard in White gloss, Grey gloss and Oak, £499, www.danetti.com

Coffee Tables
Top 10 Coffee Tables Under £200
August 20, 2013 at 2:09 pm 0
Here is our guide to our Top 10 Coffee Tables priced under £200. These modern coffee tables have fantastic style but they do not break the bank! We offer a wide selection of contemporary Coffee Tables, in a range of styles and finishes, this means that there is one to suit every living room. Luna Black Glass Coffee Table
Luna Black Glass Coffee Table £89.00

Luna Black Glass Coffee Table £89.00

The Luna Coffee Table is beautiful and eye catching, perfect for a modern living room. The table top is made from sleek Black Glass which has a triangular shape with curved corners, creating an unusual shape. The table top is made from safety glass to ensure durability and strength which is 8mm thick. The three slim chrome legs have a funky, unique design to create an overall simple but elegant coffee table.     Assi White Gloss Coffee Table
Assi White Gloss Coffee Table £89.00

Assi White Gloss Coffee Table £89.00

The Assi White Gloss Coffee Table has cool, trendy brushed metal legs, which are angled to create a retro design. Sitting on these funky brushed metal legs is a stylish White Gloss Table top. It has a triangular pebble shape with chamfered edges and slim profile. It is also available with a Walnut Veneer or Matt Black table top - ideal for a modern living space.   Luca White Gloss Coffee Table
Luca White Gloss Coffee Table £159.00

Luca White Gloss Coffee Table £159.00

The Luca Coffee Table has trendy curves, ideal for stylish living rooms. It has a cool White Gloss finish that reflects the light perfectly, creating a light and airy feel. The rounded corners and chunky legs complete the glossy look ensuring this coffee table is eye catching. Pair it with the Luca Nest of Tables to complete the White Gloss look in your living space.   Solero Clear Glass Nest of Tables
Solero Clear Glass Nest of Tables £139.00

Solero Clear Glass Nest of Tables £139.00

The Solero Nest of Tables has three modern tables of different sizes that nest inside each other. The tables have sleek clear glass tops that reflect the light beautifully but are also sturdy and strong. The clear glass tops are set upon rectangular chrome loop legs, creating an elegant and stylish set. These handy side tables will add style to your living area without taking up a lot of space!   Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table
Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table £139.00

Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table £139.00

The Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table is part of our fantastic range of Naturale Washed Oak Furniture. The timber used has been hand chosen, carefully kiln dried and aired in order to preserve and enhance the natural wood grain. It has then been given a white wash to create a contemporary look. The chunky square side table is ideal for a living room as it can be used as a small coffee table, lamp table or end table.       Emilia White Oak Lamp Table
Emilia White Oak Lamp Table £139.00

Emilia White Oak Lamp Table £139.00

The Emilia White Oak Lamp Table is the perfect size to be used as a side table or an end table in your stylish living room. The White Oak Veneer is light and eye catching as the warm oak grain shows through. Underneath the stylish White Oak table top is a storage or display area. This area is finished in Light Grey Oak to create a funky contrast. There is also a larger Emilia White Oak Coffee Table available.   Velenza Matt White Coffee Table
Velenza White Matt Coffee Table  £159.00

Velenza White Matt Coffee Table £159.00

The Velenza Coffee Table is a contemporary round occasional table which can be used as a center piece or a lamp table. It is finished in high quality matt white lacquer which is an alternative to white high gloss. There are two hidden storage compartments within the Velenza meaning this coffee table is the perfect storage solution as it can hide away newspapers, magazines or remote controls. To access these storage compartments, you simply twist the sections.   Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table
Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table £169.00

Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table £169.00

The stylish Nuvola Coffee Table is part of the exclusive Danetti Nuvola White Oak Range. The coffee table is finished in stylish White Oak Veneer which is sure to brighten up your room whilst creating a warm look. The simple design has two useful storage insets which are perfect for storing your belongings or displaying ornaments - ideal for a living room. This coffee table is both eye catching and useful.       Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table
Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table £199.00

Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table £199.00

The Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table is so flexible as it can be used as a small coffee table, end table or lamp table - it's up to you! The rich dark wood square top sits upon two legs that are made from 12mm clear safety glass. The glass has been tested for strength and has also been certified to BS6206. One of the legs is positioned width wise at one end and the other runs length wise creating extra interest but fantastic support.  This coffee table is available with an alternative White Oak top.          
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Stylish Dark Wood Living Room Furniture Collection
July 15, 2013 at 11:00 am 0
The Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Collection is one of our favourite ranges of contemporary living room furniture. The Espresso Dark Wood Collection is beautifully finished and is complemented perfectly by the sleek clear glass.

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Shelving Unit

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Shelving Unit

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Shelving Unit £599.00

The modern Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Shelving Unit is an ideal display unit for stylish homes. This contemporary shelving unit measures 1840mm in height, 1600mm in width and 390mm in depth. The Aria Espresso Shelving Unit is perfect for displaying photographs and ornaments but can also be used for storage. If you are feeling adventurous you could use the elegant Shelving Unit as a room divider or traditionally place it against a wall.  

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Sideboard

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Sideboard

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Sideboard £549.00

The Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood sideboard would look stunning in your dining room or living room.  The Aria Espresso Dark Wood Sideboard has four soft closing drawers for storage but also a large display area for ornaments or photographs. The elegant supporting legs are made from 12mm thick tempered clear glass that has been carefully tested for strength and durability.  It has also been certified to BS6206 which confirms their safety and resistance.

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Dining Table

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Dining Table

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Dining Table £499.00

Amaze all your guests with the Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Dining Table. The contemporary table top is 100mm thick which contrasts beautifully with the tempered clear glass legs. The stylish glass legs are 12mm thick and have been tested for strength and durability, certified to BS6206.  The elegant glass legs and chunky wood table top complement each other beautifully.  One glass leg runs across the width of the table at one end and the other runs along the length of the table.
Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Large Coffee Table
Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Large Coffee Table

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Large Coffee Table £249.00

The stylish large Espresso Dark Wood Coffee Table surface is supported by two elegant legs manufactured from 12mm tempered clear glass.  One of the sleek glass legs runs across the width of the coffee table at one end and the other runs along the length of the thick table top, providing a stylish but supportive base.

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Small Coffee Table

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Small Coffee Table

Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Small Coffee Table £199.00

The Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Small Coffee Table is so versatile - it can be used as a Coffee Table, End Table or Lamp Table in your living space. The thick Espresso Dark Wood square top is mounted on two stylish legs made from 12mm tempered clear glass.  One of the slim glass legs is positioned width-wise at one end of the coffee table and the other runs length-wise.  

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The New and Exclusive White and Grey Nuvola Furniture Collection
July 8, 2013 at 11:00 am 0
The elegant and modern White and Grey Nuvola Furniture Collection is one of our new and exclusive collections and we love it!  All of the items in this stylish collection are finished in trendy White Oak Veneer with modern Grey Oak Veneer features, making this Collection very eye catching and unique.
Nuvola White Oak TV Unit
Nuvola White Oak TV Unit

Nuvola White Oak TV Unit £279.00

The fashionable Nuvola White Oak TV Unit is the perfect size and height for your TV and AV equipment and it would look stunning in your living room. The eye catching TV Unit is finished in gorgeous modern White Oak Veneer and the natural oak grain creates warmth and a tactile look. It also has three practical storage departments which are perfect for storing DVDs or remote controls, as well as a shelf suitable for a DVD player.

Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table

Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table

Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table £169.00

The Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table is a stylish addition to your living space.  This trendy coffee table is finished in bright White Oak Veneer which will brighten up your living space whilst the oak grain creates warmth.  The simple design has two storage insets which could be used to store magazines or books but also could be used to display ornaments.

Nuvola White Oak Lamp Table

Nuvola White Oak Lamp Table

Nuvola White Oak Lamp Table £149.00

The Nuvola White Oak Lamp Table is finished in stylish White Oak Veneer, which is eye catching and elegant, ensuring this Lamp Table will be a key feature in your home.  This white furniture is cool and modern but the oak grain shows through to create warmth and a tactile finish.  This modern Lamp Table has a unique but simple design that is perfect for your living room. Coming Soon...

Nuvola White Oak Bookcase

The stylish Nuvola White Oak Bookcase adds a bright and airy feel to your living space because it is finished in trendy White Oak Veneer. This unique and contemporary bookcase has four shelves, perfect for storing books or displaying ornaments which makes this bookcase very practical. The Nuvola Bookcase has a height of 1640mm, width of 595mm and depth of 395mm.

Nuvola White Oak Sideboard

The classic Nuvola White Oak Sideboard would look stunning in a modern living space and it provides a handy storage solution.  This elegant sideboard has two large cupboards which could be used to store plates and dishes or use it to stash away bits and bobs you don't want on display.  The top surface of the Nuvola White Oak Sideboard can be used to display ornaments or photographs.  The sideboard has the following measurements: length of 1200mm, height of 902mm and depth of 395mm.  
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More Storage Solutions for Lounges and Sitting Rooms
April 11, 2013 at 10:10 am 0

One of the secrets to a modern and stylish look in your living space is keeping on top of clutter by using clever storage solutions.  When living rooms are used for lots of different purposes - they often have to double up as a home office or play room - then accumulated clutter in the lounge can quickly make the space look messy and disorganised.  Restore calm back to your living room with one of our contemporary coffee tables with hidden storage.

Velenza Large Matt White Coffee Table
Velenza Large Matt White Coffee Table

Velenza Large Matt White Coffee Table £249.00

The round Velenza Matt White Coffee Table is not only cool, it's useful too! Twist the top section round to reveal two storage compartments underneath. These are ideal for stashing away the TV remote control, coasters, newspapers and toy cars out of sight. Measurements: 300mm high, 800mm in diameter.  Also available in a slimmer size which is 510mm high and 400mm in diameter.   Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table
Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table

Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table £289.00

The modern Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table is a sleek rectangular coffee table with a hidden benefit. The lid smoothly lifts up on hinges at either side to provide a handy storage compartment within for magazines, newspapers and coffee table books. As an added advantage, the lid can be locked into the raised position so you can safely use it as a dining table or desk, as well as just for coffee. This is the perfect coffee table for a studio apartment or living space that needs to have a dual purpose. Measurements: 450mm high, 600mm wide, 1200 long. Denza White Coffee Table
Denza White Coffee Table

Denza White Coffee Table £299.00

The white high gloss Denza Coffee Table is a fabulous long rectangular coffee table with hidden storage within it. The lid lifts up on hinges at either side to provide a handy storage area to hide all that clutter! The edge of the lid creates a design feature with its smooth curves. In addition, the lid can be locked into the raised position so that you can balance a laptop or TV dinner upon it! The two legs of the Denza are looped with rounded corners, to create a stylish finishing touch.

Measurements: 320mm high, 600mm wide, 1200 long

Fina White Gloss Coffee Table
Fina White Gloss Coffee Table

Fina White Gloss Coffee Table £299.00

Keep everything neat and tidy in your living area with the modern Fina White Gloss Coffee Table, which has the hidden advantage of a storage area underneath the top. Lift the lid to reveal a funky bright yellow storage compartment for stashing away all those odds and ends.

The perfect rectangular white gloss coffee table for modern homes.

Measurements: 350mm high, 600mm wide, 1060mm long
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Modern White Gloss Sideboard Storage Solution – Now In Stock!
February 16, 2012 at 12:48 pm 0
Fern White Gloss Sideboard

Fern White Gloss Sideboard £399.00 (should be £599.00)

The exclusive Fern White Gloss Sideboard is new to our range and is the perfect solution to storage dilemmas in modern and contemporary homes. As part of the Fern Range, it matches perfectly with the white high gloss dining tables in the Fern Range, to create a bright and trendy dining environment. The white high gloss finish bounces light all around the room, making the space look and feel larger and lighter.  This sideboard also represents excellent value for money at the introductory price of just £399.00 (should be £599.00). The Fern White Gloss Sideboard has four handy cupboards to store away all those bits and pieces that you don't want on display, and is supported by two feature loop legs which are finished in brushed metal. All in all, the Fern White Gloss Sideboard is a fantastic storage solution - in stock now and ready for delivery!