5 Reasons You NEED a Velvet Sofa in Your Home.
November 8, 2019 at 3:27 pm 0

With its sumptuous feel and regal good looks, a velvet sofa really does look and feel the part. Velvet has a suppleness unlike any other fabric, making it a real style staple for your home. But we understand opting for a velvet couch, at first, might seem a little daunting. It’s a big step but one we believe is well worth taking. Let us tell you 5 Reasons You NEED a Velvet Sofa in Your Home!

Archie 2 Seater Velvet Sofa in Jewel Green

1. It Feels Great
First things first when it comes to velvet- it’s just so wonderfully tactile! Who can resist running their hand up and down this rich fabric. Because of this, luxury velvet sofas and furniture alike inherently have a very cosy and inviting feel, making them a great choice for creating a cosy living room setting. Velvet also comes in a variety of colours, making it even easier to style alongside your existing interior, or create one you’ve always dreamt of!

2. It’s Practical
One question you’re sure to ask yourself is: are velvet sofas practical? Sure they look great, but can they stand the test of time and everyday use? Once only a fabric for the richest and finest of settings, we often think of velvet as being delicate and therefore hard to care for. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s just not true! A synthetic velvet, such as ones made from a high-quality polyester, are less susceptible to marking, fading or crushing. So you get the real look and feel of velvet but with added protection. 

A velvet sofa is much easier to clean and maintain than you may think too. For the best results when cleaning, try to act as soon as the spill or mark occurs. This is because it’s far easier to clean velvet before the mark sinks through to the base cloth. All you need to use is a soft cloth and some warm soapy water, rubbing in a circular motion. Then, leave the material to air dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. 


- Use an absorbent cloth or kitchen towel to soak up the spill before it sinks past the top layer of fabric. You will find that most liquids will sit in droplets on the pile for a moment before they sink though.
- Dampen a clean, cloth in a solution of warm water and a drop of washing up liquid.
- Dab the affected area gently to remove any marks. If necessary, rub gently in the direction of the velvet.
- Avoid getting your velvet furniture too wet. It's a good idea to take a hair dryer and very gently, on a cool setting, dry the velvet. Stroke gently with your hand to ensure the velvet does not dry in the wrong direction.

3. It’s Durable
Practicality and durability go hand in hand when considering what sofa to choose for your home. That’s why the 100% polyester short pile velvet we use for our range of sofas and furniture has been rub tested to 40,000 rubs, so you know it’s far from delicate. 

Velvet is also difficult to snag, as it has no loose threads or raised weaves to get caught on buttons or zips. Many polyester velvets are stain resistant so light marks caused by food or dirt can be brushed off with ease.

Or, what about our Florence sofa? Filled with loose fibres, the plump back cushions add an extra element of comfort. This makes the back cushions are supportive yet cosy, ideal for relaxing with the family.

Deep, warm and cosy - the Florence 3 Seater Sofa in Anthracite

4. It’s Effortlessly Stylish
If you want to update the look and feel of your living area, a velvet sofa is the way to go. Velvet instantly gives a room a more luxe look due to the qualities of the fabric. The colour of a velvet sofa also has far more depth than a flat cotton or linen fabric. This is because velvet has a nap (which is the direction in which the pile of fibers lies), that catches and reflects light across shapes and folds, making the colour look wonderfully rich and enticing. 
Because velvet upholstery gently reflects light instead of absorbing it, this makes a velvet settee a great pairing against a dark wall or small corner of your room. Velvet also looks great alongside a mix of finishes, from sleek brass and matt black to shiny gloss and chrome, like we’ve styled here with the Amber Grape 2 Seater Velvet Sofa.

Autumn Tones - Amber Grape 3 Seater Velvet Sofa

5. It’s Wonderfully Comfortable 

As we mentioned in point 1, velvet is soft to the touch. But when you pair this with sumptuous sofa cushions and supportive arm and backrests, you have yourself a seat that’s irresistibly comfy! Overly slouchy sofas can create a messier look, that’s why our range of velvet sofas have a medium sit. This means the seat has a blend of foam and fibre, making the sofas comfortable and supportive while also being able to recover when the seat is vacated. This also helps to avoid excessive pooling over time.

Take our new Archie sofa: We’ve engineered this seat so that the arms gently slope down the side, making them perfect for curling up against and watching a movie. They also offer a supportive seated position, ideal for reading or working on your laptop.

Trend Alert - Archie Velvet Sofa in Jewel Green, perfect with Blush Pink.

So, have we convinced you a velvet sofa is the way to go? We have plenty more tips and tricks when it comes to introducing this stylish fabric to your home, just take a look at our Ultimate Velvet Furniture Buying guide. You can view the new sofas and more over on our website.

What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?
February 19, 2013 at 3:35 pm 0
The colours you choose to wear and have in your living space say a lot about your personality and outlook on life.  Fashion may also have an impact on what shade of a colour you choose, however, most of us will unwittingly veer towards our favourite basic colours as we feel most comfortable with these around us.
Como Leather Corner Sofa

Como Leather Corner Sofa £2299.00

Black may be perceived by some as high fashion and by others as depressing and morose.  However, people who choose black as their colour of choice are often creative and sensitive.  Black can also be a ‘safe’ or classic colour - think about those favourite black trousers or LBD (little black dress) that we all own!  
Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set

Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set £749.00

White is pure and tranquil and provides the perfect blank canvas for accent colours and statement pieces.  People who choose white are often logical thinkers, well organised and dislike clutter and disorder in their lives.    
Teora Bar Stool

Teora Bar Stool £89.00

Red is a colour loved by people who like to stand out and used in their homes to create a highlight in a particular area.  Lovers of red are often spontaneous, passionate and gregarious, but they are also tenacious and determined in all they do.  
Day Dream Chair

Day Dream Chair £129.00

Blue is chosen by laid-back and easy-going types.  Blue in the home gives a feeling of tranquility, peace and harmony.  People who like blue are generally tidy and enjoy stability in their lives.      
Fern Dining Chair

Fern Dining Chair £38.00

Green is often chosen by people who are affectionate and dependable but speak their minds.  Green can be both invigorating and soothing in the home, and depending on what shade of green you choose, it can be experimental, fresh and reminiscent of nature.  
Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair

Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair £76.00

Yellow, the colour of sunshine and chosen by those with a sunny disposition.  People who like yellow enjoy learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others.  They are upbeat and happy go lucky types.  Yellow is a great colour for bathrooms and kitchens for a quick boost in the morning.    
Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool

Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool £139.00

Purple signifies an artistic and creative nature.  However, this creativity can sometimes come across to others as arrogance.  Purple in the home is sexy, romantic and sometimes moody, depending on the shade.
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