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A Dining Set To Suit Your Lifestyle
August 12, 2013 at 11:18 am 0
We offer a fantastic range of Dining Sets that vary in style, finish and size ensuring there is a table and chairs dining set to suit everyone. Naro and Elise 2 Seater Dining Set
Naro and Elise 2 Seater Dining Set

Naro and Elise 2 Seater Dining Set £247.00

This contemporary Dining Set is perfect for a smaller dining space. It would also look fantastic in a trendy, modern home. The small Naro Table has a round clear glass table top. It is supported by a sleek round chrome base which complements the glass perfectly. Paired with the 2 Seater Naro Table are the slimline Elise Dining Chairs. They are upholstered in luxurious faux leather in a choice of colours.   Zack Glass and Tori 2 Seater Dining Set
Zack Glass and Tori 2 Seater Dining Set

Zack Glass and Tori 2 Seater Dining Set £269.00

The Zack Table has a funky glass table top, that has been certified to the BS6206 which ensures strength and durability. The cool glass table top is supported by trendy chrome legs that make this table stand out from the crowd. It has useful table feet that protect your floor but are also adjustable. The Zack Table is complemented by the Tori Dining Chairs. They are upholstered in high quality faux leather in either: Black or White. The slim chrome legs support the curvy and comfortable seat. This Dining Set would be perfect for your kitchen - can't you just imagine eating breakfast here? Fern 4 or 6 Seater Dining Set
Fern 4 or 6 Seater Dining Set

Fern 4 or 6 Seater Dining Set £339.00

The bright Fern 6 Seater is finished in funky White High Gloss and has a simple design. The White Gloss is practical, therefore this table is perfect for a family home. The high quality lacquered finish provides a hard wearing finish, which is perfect for a busy lifestyle. The Fern Chairs are available in six bold colours that will brighten up your home. The laminated plywood seat and back are all one piece creating a seamless look. Angola White Gloss and Argenta Dining Chairs
Angola White Gloss and Argenta Dining Set

Angola White Gloss and Argenta Dining Set £509.00

The Angola White Gloss Dining Table is finished in stylish White Gloss which is complemented perfectly by the Brushed Steel legs. This dining table comfortably seats up to six people. Paired with the Argenta Dining Chairs, it is a trendy Dining Set. The metal frames are upholstered in high quality faux leather in a selection of bright colours. The Argenta Dining Chairs are stackable and versatile, which means you can store them easily or add extra chairs when guests arrive. Tiva Glass and Gliss Large Dining Set 
Tiva Glass and Gliss Large Dining Set

Tiva Glass and Gliss Large Dining Set £639.00

The Tiva Chrome and Glass Dining Table has a sleek clear glass table top that is 12mm thick. The funky glass table top is supported by square chrome legs which match the chrome legs of the Gliss Chairs perfectly. This dining table seats up to 6 people comfortably. The Gliss Dining Chairs have a retro design. The bold trendy seats are available in a range of colours, suitable for all tastes. This Dining Set would look beautiful in a conservatory. Assi White Gloss and Moda Extending Dining Set
Assi White Gloss and Moda Extending Dining Set

Assi White Gloss and Moda Extending Dining Set £695.00

This Dining Set will wow your friends! The Assi Dining Table has a White High Gloss Table top which is curvy with chamfered edges. When it is extended it will seat up to 8 people meaning it is perfect for hosting dinner parties. With brushed metal legs it creates a retro look. The designer Moda Dining Chairs complete this modern dining set. They are upholstered in Black, White or Grey Faux leather which is quilted to create a luxurious look. The elegant brushed steel legs match the dining table perfectly. With this Dining set, you will at the envy of all your friends. Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set
Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set

Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set £749.00

The Fern Dining Table is finished in fashionable White High Gloss which has two extension leafs. When this dining table is not extended it seats up to 4 people, with one extension leaf it seats up to 8 people and with both extension leafs it seats up to 12 people! Therefore this dining table is great for a large family home. Accompanying this large dining table are the Curva Dining Chairs, which are exclusive to Danetti. They have trendy curved backrests that offer comfort along with the padded seat. It is upholstered in soft faux leather in either Black or White. The tapered chrome legs contrasts the curvy seat perfectly.                  
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Choosing a dining room table: the Danetti guide
March 24, 2010 at 12:06 pm 0
A well-chosen dining room table can become a focal point for your home. A place where you and your nearest and dearest can gather each evening, and where you can entertain guests. But you need to choose the right one. Dining tables that are too large can make the room seem cramped, and ones which are too small can make it difficult to fit all the food and glasses on. Answer our ten-point questionnaire and you'll discover which is the right table for your home


Etti extendable dining table

Etti extendable dining table

1. Should you go for round, square or rectangular? Round dining tables are thought of as very sociable as everybody can talk to each other. Square dining tables are great for fitting into small corners of a room, so they're a good option for flats, and a great solution if you don't normally have to seat more than four people. Rectangular dining tables can seat a lot of people, so are ideal if you like to entertain, and the straight edges mean they use space efficiently. 2. How much space do you have? There's no point cramming a large table into a small space - it will be difficult for people to get into their chairs and the room will appear smaller than it is. You're better off opting for a table that allows you to have a metre all the way around, so diners can comfortably pull out their chairs to sit down and you can walk around the table easily even when people are seated. 3. Do you want the table to be multi-purpose? Many of us use the rooms in our home for lots of different things these days. You may want your dining table to double up as a desk for your children to study at, or for working from home - int his case, you need to make sure it's super sturdy and hard-wearing. You may even want your table to double up as a coffee table. We have the solution at Danetti: the coffee table that folds out to become a dining table. 4. What's your interiors scheme like? Perhaps you have a minimalist scheme and you want to follow this through in your choice of dining table, or perhaps you want the table to be a focal point and stand out from the rest of your scheme with use of colour, or of natural wood. Perhaps you have a bright and cluttered interior and the table needs to be simple, for example in white or glass with clean lines, so the overall effect is not too busy. At Danetti we can help you - talk to us about what you have in your home already and we can make some suggestions. 5. Who will be using the table? Perhaps there are just two of you, so you only need a bistro table, or perhaps you have lots of children, in which case you'll need a large serviceable table that can be wiped clean. If you like to entertain, a glass dining table can look very impressive and twinkly when laid with glassware and expensive crockery. 6. What chairs do you have? This is an important consideration, as you not only need to match the style of the chairs with the table, but the height must be suitable as well so you're not having to bend or stretch to reach your plate. We think that leather dining chairs work well with most contemporary dining tables, especially glass ones.
Ocus dining table as used in a kitchen-diner

Ocus dining table as used in a kitchen-diner

7. Is the table to be placed in a room on its own, or in a kitchen-diner or living-room-diner? For kitchen-diners you have two options - create a harmonious look with very streamlined, functional looking dining furniture, or create a clear division between the cooking area and the dining area with the use of soft textures and curvy lines on your chairs and dining table. The same goes for the living-dining-room, you could try to match the dining furniture to the sofa, or create a contrasting look. 8. What's your budget? At Danetti we stock dining tables ranging from just over £100 to in excess of £2,000, so we will be able to find you something that's good value for money whatever you're looking to spend. Café-style tables tend to be the cheapest, while large, extendable tables will be at the top end.
Galaxy extending dining table

Galaxy extending dining table - great for flexibility

9.What's your dining style? Perhaps you're someone who likes to catch a quick bite before going out every night of the week, or maybe you prefer to organise lavish parties and invite friends and family over to yours for five course meals with all the trimmings. There's no point taking up room in your home with a table that you will never use, so make sure that your choice fits your lifestyle. Extendable tables are a good solution for those who only entertain occasionally. 10. Do you plan to use the table outdoors? Some of our tables are so hard-wearing that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is a good option for those with smaller homes, where storage of outdoor furniture is a problem during the colder months. There's no need to have separate furniture for in and out! We hope this guide to buying a dining table has been useful and that it has given you some food for thought. If you need more help we are just a phone call away! Contact us.