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Funky Bar Stools Give Kitchens a Trendy Accent Colour
June 27, 2012 at 1:15 pm 0
Bar stools are not just for sitting on, although of course a comfortable seat is a “must”, they are also perfect for adding the final touch to a new kitchen and a welcome burst of accent colour.  After the serious business of a kitchen re-design or makeover, now is the time to have a bit of fun and introduce a splash of colour with funky, modern bar stools. We have many trendy designer bar stools in black, white and cream in our range, but if you are looking for a bright pop of colour at the breakfast bar, how about one of these gorgeous bar stools? Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool
Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool

Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool £139.00

The Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool is stylish and contemporary, and a great way to modernise any kitchen. Its clean lines and sleek looks make it a real show-stopper at your breakfast bar.  The trendy round seat is upholstered in high quality faux leather in a gorgeous rich Mulberry Purple colour.  This looks fabulous as an accent colour in a modern white, black or grey kitchen! The pedestal is brushed metal to go with stainless steel appliances, and the heavy round flat base provides stability. The height is adjustable via the gas lift system. Teora Bar Stool
Teora Bar Stool

Teora Bar Stool £89.00

We love this stylish modern bar stool, the Teora Bar Stool is part of our new exclusive range of contemporary kitchen furniture, offering excellent comfort, good looks as well as great value for money. A stylish, modern bar stool, the comfy Teora is well upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather in a choice of high fashion Putty Grey or gorgeous rich Ruby Red. The stylish legs are finished in trendy chrome making the Teora perfect for modern kitchens everywhere. Coco A Frame Bar Stool
Coco A Frame Bar Stool

Coco A Frame Bar Stool £149.00

The Coco A Frame Bar Stool sports a generous and colourful shell seat available in a range of opaque or transparent colours. The opaque colours include : white, red or black and the transparent versions available are clear, orange or green. The Coco brightens up bars and modern homes with its exuberant colours and design. Louina Bar Stool
Louina Bar Stool

Louina Bar Stool £139.00

The Louina bar stool has all the comfort and support of a chair, but it's perched up high, making it ideal for sitting at a breakfast bar or a high bar table. It's an incredibly stylish bar chair, with a seat in a choice of white, red, orange, green or black. You can either opt for a frame in chrome, or have one powder coated in the same colour as the seat.  The Italian designer style really shines through in this piece of furniture.  The curved seat and back and the well-positioned foot-rest mean that this is colourful and comfortable, as well as cool!    
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Red Bar Stools Give Your Kitchen a Welcome Dash of Colour
October 18, 2011 at 9:59 am 0
Red bar stools are very popular amongst people with high gloss white kitchens, trendy black kitchens and contemporary grey kitchens.  Red bar stools also make fabulous accent pieces in kitchens with light wood or cream cabinets.  Red is a very vibrant and strong colour which makes it the perfect accent colour to warm up a cool kitchen, without being too over-powering.  Adding small touches of red in the form of bar stools, kitchen chairs, crockery or saucepans can give your kitchen a welcome dash of colour and added zing.  There are many different shades of red; from cooler blue-ish reds, to bright pillar box red, to bright eye-popping orangey- red.   At Danetti we have a wide spectrum of red bar stools to choose from to suit your colour scheme and budget. Elegance Red Leather Bar Stool
Elegance Red Leather Bar Stool

Elegance Red Leather Bar Stool £99.00

The Elegance Red Leather Bar Stool is upholstered completely in leather including the legs, and exudes effortless style, without breaking the bank.  The red leather on the seat is upholstered to a strong, durable beech and birch plywood seat which is supported by a chromed steel frame. Ignis Red Leather Bar Stool
Ignis Red Leather Bar Stool

Ignis Red Leather Bar Stool £129.00

The Ignis Red Leather Bar Stool brings you contemporary style and design at a great price. With its sleek, minimalist curves, the Ignis would make a bright addition to your kitchen. The curvy seat and backrest are upholstered in bright red leather and sit atop a modern chrome pedestal with a funky trumpet base and simple T shaped footrest. Frascati Funky Red Bar Stool
Frascati Funky Red Bar Stool

Frascati Funky Red Bar Stool £178.00

The funky Frascati bar stool has a metal structured frame in a chrome finish. The frame legs are a trendy crossed design fixed to opposite sides of the seat, and the stool also has a simple small fixed foot rest attached to the frame.  The modern seat on the Frascati is 'tractor seat' style and is produced in red as well as a wide variety of colours. The polypropylene seat makes the Frascati a hard wearing model that can stand up to the rigours of both home and commercial use. Mirage Modern Red Bar Stools
Mirage Modern Red Bar Stool

Mirage Modern Red Bar Stool £189.00

The Mirage Modern Red Bar Stool is available in both an adjustable gas lift version and a fixed leg version.  Both stools are available in a wide range of colours, including Red, in both luxurious buffed leather and hard-wearing faux leather. The Mirage Gas Lift Bar Stool is a sturdy comfortable bar stool, with an easy to use gas lift system. The trendy flat square base and funky squared hanging footrest are finished in chrome.  The Mirage Modern Bar Stool with fixed legs has a very comfortable and well upholstered seat set atop slim clean-cut chrome legs. Candess Contemporary Red Bar Stool  
Candess Contemporary Red Bar Stool

Candess Contemporary Red Bar Stool £269.00

We love the stylish elegant curves of the contemporary Candess Red Bar Stool.  If you are looking for comfort and don't want to compromise on quality, then the Candess Red Bar Stool ticks all the boxes. A stylish, modern Italian designer bar stool, the comfy Candess is upholstered in your choice of either hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather or soft, tactile split leather in a choice of seven colours, including Red.  The gas lift version has a chrome pedestal with a round base and is fully adjustable for your requirements.  The trendy fixed leg version is finished in either a highly polished chrome or matt aluminium lacquered metal, available in two fixed heights.  This stool is suitable for use in the home, or commercial premises like a restaurant or bar.
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Red bar stools give a cool retro look
August 25, 2010 at 10:51 am 0

Red bar stools are the classic interior design statement of a 1950s-style diner, and they've remained fashionable thanks to nostalgia and people wanting some old-school retro charm in their homes and restaurants. We stock many of our bar stools in red, so here we're highlighting the best designs...

Bodoni gas lift bar stool in red

Bodoni gas lift bar stool

1. The Bodoni red bar stool This stunning angular bar stool is very hi-tech looking, and would be right at home in a stylish and contemporary kitchen or a bar. The red faux leather gives it a slight retro feel, as does the round pedestal base. The upholstered faux or buffed leather seat is supported by a strong and elegant chrome or satin aluminium frame. Sitting by the breakfast bar has never been made more comfortable with the design of the deep seat and supportive backrest and the rectangular foot support is ideally placed so you're never left with your feet dangling! Also available in this range is the Bodoni Bar Stool and the Bodoni Dining Chair.
Pod Gas Lift Bar Stool

Pod Gas Lift Bar Stool

2. The Pod gas lift bar stool
The gas lift pod bar stool is sleek, ultra modern and very comfortable, with a chrome base, steel frame and tough yet comfortable plastic seat. This stool with its moulded curves and shiny construction would not look out of place in a modern art gallery, but we can also imagine it in a retro-inspired cafe or diner. It's great for this kind of setting because the plastic seat is totally wipe-cleanable so will stay looking fresh for years. The gas lift feature means you can be sitting high and mighty at your bar and then sitting comfortably at the right height for a dining table!
Florenta bar stool

Florenta bar stool

3. Florenta bar stool The Florenta is a simple but attractive piece of furniture designed by Fabio Di Bartolomei and suitable for commercial use. Complete with a retro-style curved seat, arm and back rest this bar or kitchen stool comes in a variety of eye catching colours, including red.
It's all perched upon a chrome frame which includes a foot rest for maximum comfort and a circular base in chrome or aluminium satin for stability. The seat is made from high quality polyurethane and as gas lift adjusts to varied heights, making it a very versatile seating choice. This is a 'special order' product with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.
Elario bar stool in red

The Red Elario bar stool

4. Elario bar stool (available in retro red) If you are looking for that retro but stylish look then the Elario is the bar stool you need. The Elario stool consists of a chromed steel tube frame and an upholstered seat with an attractive chromed band. Available with several options including faux or real leather, the round shape and vibrant colours combined with the chromed steel the design of the Elario is reminiscent of the 60s we reckon.
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Buy seats for your home or business in party political colours!
May 7, 2010 at 9:16 am 0
In the wake of yesterday's general election the political map of the UK is looking like a particularly colourful patchwork quilt - with blue, red, yellow and for the first time green seats. We thought we'd pay a tongue in-cheek tribute to the election by showing you our favourite blue, red, yellow and green seats. Which one gets your vote?
Blue Emo chair

Blue Emo chair

These delightful brightly coloured polypropylene dining chairs which we call Emo are guaranteed to cheer you up. They've got a simple, modern look, and have been ergonomically designed so you get superior comfort and lumbar support. The chair is all moulded polymer - which means there are no screws, joints or stress points to cause instability. They're great used indoors or outdoors, and can be neatly stored away when not in use as they stack up to 10 chairs high. You can mix and match colours to create a fun interiors scheme.

Coco flat chair in red

Coco flat chair in red


The Coco flat chair is a retro-styled modern classic, with a friendly informal shape which will give any space a very cool vibe and make it a place you want to be.

With its gentle curves, semi-transparent material and smooth texture, we think the Coco will fit into any home or work environment, and would be great for use in waiting areas, bars and cafes.

This version of the Coco is the pedestal chair, which has an attractive UV-resistant multi-layer composite acrylic shell, mounted on a swivel and gas-lift pedestal with a sturdy circular base.

Orla bar stool in yellow

Orla bar stool in yellow

The Orla bar stool is a new take on an old theme. From the front the Orla may look like any other square bar stool, but viewed from the side the angle of the seat and frame becomes apparent and creates an eye catching piece. You can imagine a line of Orlas in a bar or nightclub, the angled upholstered seat drawing the customer to sit. The Orla stool has four legs in a chrome finish and the upholstered seat is available in a variety of colours. The Orla bar stool is sturdy enough for the commercial environment, but would look equally good in the modern domestic interior space.

Kiri chair in green

Kiri chair in green


The Kiri chair, designed by Philippe Stark, is a unique piece of furniture.

It is a stackable polypropylene chair suitable for outdoor use. It comes in a range of colours and looks great in a wide range of locations. The stackability is handy for space-saving storage and transport, making it a great choice for gardens, pubs, cafes and outdoor events.