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Danetti Garden Range 2019- Explore The Collection
March 8, 2019 at 2:43 pm 0

The 2019 Garden Collection is finally here!

Last year we launched our first ever collection of garden furniture for contemporary homes (you can see that right here). After such a phenomenal response, this year we're back and bigger than ever.

Verano Garden Lounge Chair
Sit back and relax in the new Verano Garden Lounge Chair

We've developed 2 new ranges of Modular Garden Sofas, some beautiful day beds and some of last years favourites in new colourways. So keep on scrolling to take a look at this year's modern garden furniture.

Modular Garden Benches


The new Savannah modular garden unit allows total garden flexibility. Modular units are available in a single, double, corner, double with side tables, so you can pick and mix the units to suit your garden, regardless of its size.

Savannah Corner Modular Bench

For extra versitility, we have shown you how to take your dining set and turn it into 2 smaller areas to make the most of your garden.

Garden Modular Unit
Split up your corner unit to create a cosy garden hangout zone.

Grey Modular Garden Furniture
Add 2 extra single units and take your cosy corner set into a social hub perfect for parties!

The Savannah modular units are made from a seamless lightweight powder coated aluminium frame. They require no assembly at all- simply unpack and position in your garden, ready to enjoy the summer sun.

Savannah Day Bed
Push the cushioned Savannah Coffee Table up into the corner for a "never leaving this spot again" day bed.

Whats more, the Savannah Coffee Table comes with a removable cushion. This allows you to use it as a coffee table, or attach the cushion for a foot rest or, better yet, a luxurious day bed!

Bali Modular Unit

Also new for 2019 is the Bali Modular Garden Furniture. This set is super luxurious and is ideal for modern, minimal gardens. As with the Savannah range, the Bali comes in a variety of indivudual modular pieces so you can create a look perfect for your garden.

Bali Modular Corner Bench

Unlike our previous corner garden sofas, the Bali range has a tempered frosted glass side table, whereas the Palermo and Savannah both had polywood side tables. The tempered glass brings a level of luxury unlike any other.

Bali Garden Dining Set

Garden Dining Benches

Palermo Outdoor Benches

Back due to popular demand is the Palermo Corner Benches, but this year they've had a bit of a makeover...

Teal Garden Corner Sofa
The Ocean Palermo Range works great with the Dark Grey Palermo Dining Table

We've introduced not only a new Ocean Teal colour but also 3 seater garden benches with backrest. This gives you the freedom to use as outdoor dining furniture, or separate for the evening to create an intimate, comfortable setting.

Palermo and Skye Dining Set for Gardens
Mix and match to create your own personal outdoor dining set up

Mix and match your outdoor dining bench with our stackable plastic garden chairs. We've brought back the same best selling styles from last year and introduced more colours and styles, giving you optimum options for your garden style.

Palermo 3 Seater Dining Bench
Make the most of the summer evenings with the Palermo benches, giving extra comfort for long, lazy mealtimes.

Pair up 2 of the new 3 seater Palermo benches to take your garden dining set from day to night. These benches offer the comfort of a garden sofa with the practicality of dining chairs.

One small change we have also made this year is that we have removed any fittings to hold the corner units together, and replaced this with velcro straps, allowing you to keep as a corner sofa, or separate to create a more social, relaxed feel.

Willow Corner Bench and Day Bed

The Willow range has been designed in house and consists of a beautiful hand wrapped rope back. The simple grey colour palette brings depth and style to green gardens and offers the most appealing place to relax.

Rope Back Corner Sofa
The Willow Garden Corner Sofa is perfect for summer lounging.

The corner sofa is perfect for parties, while the love seat / day bed is perfect for first time buyers.

Willow 2 Seater Sofa with Coffee Table
Use your Willow Love Seat as a sofa and coffee table...
Willow 2 Seater Garden Sofa and Foot Rest
...a sofa and foot rest...
Willow Day Bed
...or as a super cosy daybed. Perfect for sunbathing (just make sure you slap on the SPF)

The cushions on these and all of our garden furniture are showerproof, meaning you can leave them out in a light summer shower and they will be absolutely fine. For heavier downpours we recommend taking them inside, just to be on the safe side.

Verano Lounge Chairs

We did some digging last year and it seems that if you don't have a huge amount of space in your garden, you'll go for lounge furniture over dining furniture.

Verano Lounger Set

We don't blame you. Even if you have a BBQ on the go, you'll spend more time sitting around and lounging than eating, which is exaclty why we've designed the new Verano Lounge Chair.

Verano Headrest

With a perfectly positioned head rest and matching foot rest if you only have limited space in your garden, make sure you make room for these.

All of our garden furniture is UV protected and designed to be left outside, meaning the colour will not fade in the sun and you're fine to leave it out all year long.

We would recommend a garden furniture cover to keep off any grit and grime, but should you choose to leave out, they're easily cleaned with a spray from the home and a wipe down with a clean cloth.

Dining Tables

Rio dining table with removable ice bucket

We have also introduced 2 new dining tables and new colour options of last years favourites such as the Koko and Palermo. This year, we've listened to your feedback and included an ice bucket to our new Rio table- making those long summer evening even more enjoyable!


Porto garden dining table

The Porto is a generous 4 seater outdoor dining table, but will easily seat 6-8 comfortably. We have new dining sets including our new Alma dining chairs, and the Ivy outdoor dining chairs (keep reading to check them out!) to suit all garden styles, from family orientated to sleek and modern.

U-shaped garden corner dining set

The beauty of the Porto Table is that it's hand size means it's suitable for small townhouse gardens or your larger country gardens. Pair with a with a U-shaped bench for all-day comfort!


Rio garden dining table with ice bucket

We love the Rio dining table. With it's handy removable ice bucket you really can take the party from day to night while maintaining all the garden style you're after.

Rio White Garden Table with Ice Bucket

When not needed, you can remove the bucket and cover the hole for a classic garden dining table. However, when you want to get the party started, simply fill with ice and your favourite beverages and keep them cool all night!

Ice Bucket

Ice bucket being removed

Ice bucket removed fully

Available in white or dark grey you're sure to find the perfect addition to your garden.

Garden Dining Tables

The Koko Dining table was first launched last year, however after so many of you were trying to get your hands on it once it sold out, we knew we had to bring it back for 2019. But this year it's had a bit of a makeover.

Koko white garden dining table

Still made from powder-coated aluminium and a frosted tempered glass top, it now also comes in white! Channel those Ibizan terrace vibes in the Surrey hills!

We have also updates the small 2-4 seater Palermo Garden Dining Table to white, making sure you have plenty of style options regardless of the size of your garden.

Garden Dining Chairs

Ivy and Porto dining garden set

I gave you a little preview earlier on, but we're super excited to share with your the new Ivy Garden Dining Chairs.

Made from a sleek powder-coated aluminium frame, the also boasts a beautifully handwrapped rope back and cushioned seat.

Rope back dining garden chair

The modern styling brings all the style and detail from your interiors to your garden, proving that garden furniture is an extension of your home.

Have a look at the new Alma stackable garden dining chairs too. They are made from the same polypropylene as all of our garden chairs from the first collection, but with an updated armchair shape.

Alma garden stackable dining chair

Alma has been designed with long summer evening in mind. The curvaceous back holds you for extra comfort while packing a style punch.

Tell us What You Think!

Now you've seen the new collection, let us know your favourite pieces and how you'll be spending the summer.

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us and using #mydanetti!

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Aluminium: Why You Should Buy Aluminium Garden Furniture
May 25, 2018 at 4:34 pm 0
Summer is just around the corner, so what better way to enjoy the warm weather than sunning yourself on some stylish garden furniture! We’ve written a whole series of posts about sizing and styling garden furniture (which you can read here). But what about materials? Introducing Aluminium…  

What Makes Aluminium So Special?

Aluminium garden furniture is perfect for climates that have a mix of rainy and sunny spells. This is because it is inherently anti-rust. So when exposed to the elements,  aluminium develops a microscopic layer of oxide on its exterior. It’s this oxide layer that acts as a barrier to protect the metal from further damage and prevent it from corroding (the more you know!).  Despite being incredibly durable, aluminium furniture won’t break the bank. This means you can have both style and quality at an affordable price.  

Strength & Durability 

Highly resistant to cracking or other types of blemishes, aluminium garden furniture is ideal for busy families as it can withstand both the elements and frequent use. Although we do recommend that you store your aluminium furniture in a dry place during the winter months, or use a cover during rainy spells, you don’t have to worry about the elements breaking down the structure of the furniture itself as it is highly resistant.

Function & Form

Another great feature of aluminium is that it’s light enough to pick up and move around your garden but substantial enough that it still makes a style impact in the space. This makes it easy to restyle in your garden and then store inside during the winter months. Lightweight doesn’t mean flimsy though; aluminium still has a weighted quality which makes it heavy enough to stay put on your patio. This, combined with features such as the frosted glass top of our Palermo and Fresco tables, will keep your garden table neatly in place.  

How Do I Clean Aluminium Furniture?

If you’re after garden furniture that’s low maintenance and easy to clean, aluminium is about to become your new best friend! This is especially true if you buy a powder coated frame or cast aluminium as the finish is baked on. This makes it outperform basic sprayed-on coatings when it comes to durability and longevity. To clean the powder-coated aluminium frame of your table or benches, first, remove any decorative cushions and furniture accessories. Then, simply wash the surface with a lint-free cloth and soapy water. Dirt and salts can build up on the surface over time causing it to look dusty and grimy, so it’s best to first clean this away to avoid damaging the powder coating.     Top Tip: Don’t forget to wash underneath the furnishing and in all cracks and grooves. If your furniture has a glass top, clean it with a household glass cleaner but try to avoid spraying this on the powder coating.   For more stubborn or greasy marks, you can add a mild household acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Stay away from any ammonia, TSP or soda-based products as this can encourage further oxidation on the surface. Avoid scraping or rubbing the powder coating with an abrasive cloth as this could damage or even remove the coating from the surface. It’s a good idea to use your garden hose to give your aluminium a good rinse. Because aluminium is anti-rust, this won’t damage the surface. If you do this, avoid using a pressure washer or a strong setting on a garden hose nozzle as such a strong and focused stream of water could damage the furniture’s finish. A normal garden hose will do just the trick. Allow the furniture to dry completely before placing cushions on the seat. We advise that you wash your table and bench frames as and when needed when in use, but make sure you give them one last thorough clean before you store the furniture away for winter. Top Tip: Try to clean your powder-coated aluminium furniture in the shade to avoid fast-drying streaks and unwanted fading.

How Do I Keep Aluminium Looking Its Best?

A powder-coated aluminium surface not only increases the visual appeal of the aluminium but also gives the metal additional strength. This helps to reduce scratches and dents from daily use. However, to keep it looking its best we suggest keeping an eye out for small chips or cracks on the surface. This is so you can prevent any water from entering underneath the outer layer. To further protect the surface after cleaning, wipe the surface with a little car wax or baby oil on a dry cloth as this will help give the surface a wonderful shine. If you really want to keep your powder coated aluminium looking its best, from time to time you may also want to also apply a wax product that is specially designed for keeping powder coatings looking new. A good time to do this is just before storing or covering your patio set for the winter.    

So there you have it!

That’s why you should buy aluminium furniture for your garden. Easy to move and style. Practical when it comes to cleaning and able to withstand the weather. What more could you need! If you’d like to see more, why not take a look at our range of aluminium garden furniture on our website.  

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Inspiring Garden Ideas – 3 Steps to an Ibiza Style Garden
April 20, 2018 at 4:18 pm 0
It is finally starting to feel like spring! There's no time like the present to get your garden sorted for summer, so you can really make the most of every second of sunshine. But with so many different variations of garden style, how do you know what you want? We're here to help guide you to your dream contemporary garden with a mini-series of inspiring garden ideas. Starting with Ibiza Style.  

Palermo Corner Bench and Coffee Table

  When you think of Ibiza Gardens, you think crisp, white render, azure blue oceans and cloudless skies. Safe to say good old Blighty is not that. Although, with a bit of creativity and know-how, creating your own modern, white Ibiza Style garden is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

1. Colour

The key to creating a modern Ibiza garden is the minimal colour palette. Based in predominantly white settings and with a simple palette of natural woods, fresh greenery and blue skies, this look is surprisingly easy to recreate in the UK. However, put your own spin on things by playing with the levels of colour.  

Ibiza Style - Pinterest


Palermo Corner Bench, Fresco 6 Seater Garden Dining Table and Edie Garden Chair, all in White.

  For example, Ibiza villas tend to have courtyards covered in white render, balanced with natural wood furniture and potted plants. On the other hand, we tend to have luscious green gardens with wooden decking the occasional white wall or fence. Same colour palette, just different quantities.  

Palermo 6 Seater White Garden Dining Table and Skye Dining Chairs in Aqua, Slate Grey and White

  If you wanted to create an Ibiza style in your garden, be sure to choose white garden furniture. The Palermo and Skye 6 seater garden dining set is perfect for this, as the all-white colour palette works well with your existing green gardens. In turn, this creates that effortless Ibiza look.  

Palermo 2-4 Seater Garden Dining Table with Aqua Lola Garden Dining Chair

  Alternatively, for contemporary garden ideas for small gardens, take a look at the Palermo 2-4 Seater with Aqua Lola Dining Chairs. The same effect will be created, just on a smaller scale. What's more, the rich blue of the Lola garden chair mimics the colour of the Mediterranean sea, reaffirming that cool, Ibiza style.  

2. Mood

It is no secret that Ibiza is the party capital of the world. But did you know Ibiza also has some of the best chill-out zones, too? This is why creating that Ibiza feel in your garden will make it or break it. You can achieve this simply by zoning your garden space. If you have the luxury of a large garden, you can create a garden dining area as well as a relaxing chill-out space. To create that informal style, play around with your seating options.  

Palermo 6 Seater Garden Dining Table with 3 Seater Palermo Garden Benches

  Rather than choosing garden dining chairs, opt for a garden dining bench to allow for more flexibility with your seating options. This also gives the freedom to squeeze a few extra bums on the seats if needed. By doubling up on your benches this also creates a relaxed vibe, idea for those Ibiza nights. For the chill-out zone, our Palermo Corner Bench with coordinating coffee table is the ideal setting for chilled summer evenings.  

Palermo Corner Bench with Coffee Table


Ibiza Chill-Out Space - Pinterest

  If you've not got the space to have 2 separate zones, no problem! Our garden range is crafted with an aluminium base, making it very light and easy to move around. For meal times, sit your table up against your corner bench. Then, when you want to relax in the sun, simply move your table aside and enjoy the space.  

3. Personality

The final ingredient to Ibiza Style Gardens is personality. Although the colour palette may be seen as clinical and modern, you will never see an Ibiza garden looking cold and stark.  

White Palermo Corner Garden Bench

  Play around with texture by adding cushions, rugs, and your favourite tableware to stamp your garden with your own, personal style. Stick to a complementary colour palette, by introducing pops of green and extra white highlights for a true party feel. Add candles and festoon lighting to keep the evenings cosy. And give your guests chunky throws for when the temperature drops.  

Ibiza Evening via Pinterest


Palermo Dining Bench and Table Detail

  It's all of these little details that will really bring our outdoor space to life. Show us you Garden Style by tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and don't forget to check out our full range of contemporary garden furniture over at danetti.com.
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Garden Furniture Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know
April 4, 2018 at 11:06 am 0
If you're looking to revitalise your garden with looks that were made for lounging, you've come to the right place. In this Garden Furniture Buying Guide, we'll talk you through sizing, care and cleaning, so you can make the most of your outdoor space this summertime. Whether you use your garden for dining, lounging or big get-togethers, there is sure to be a setting that's perfect for your space.  

 5 Things To Consider...

  1. What’s your budget? As with any furniture, you can spend a little or spend a lot. But if you’re smart with your options, you’ll really get the most for your money. Check what materials the garden furniture is made from, consider how versatile it is and how often you’ll use it to really make your budget stretch further.   2. How will you use your garden furniture? Will it be for relaxing, dining or both? Do you have lots to seat or only have room for a few? How about the option to add some extra seats? This will help you choose whether you need garden chairs or benches, coffee or dining tables, or all of the above!   3. Where will the garden furniture be stored? Stackable outdoor dining chairs are a great feature when it comes to storage as they’ll take up far less space than if stored individually. Tables that are sturdy yet lightweight are ideal as they make for easy storage. If indoor storage isn’t an option, opt for a garden cover to keep your furniture protected through the winter months.   4. Does the garden furniture require much maintenance? It’s best to check the level of UV protection and shower proofing on fabrics, and the anti-rust features of metal frames. This is so you know the furniture is fit for outdoor use. Removable cushions and seat covers are also important for easy cleaning and storage.   5. Have you thought about comfort? We truly believe that your garden seating should be an extension of your home. We have comfy sofas and seats inside, so why shouldn’t we have this luxury outdoors! This means checking not only the materials, fabrics and cushion construction but also making sure the size and shape of the future are right for your space.  

Garden Furniture:  Sizing & Materials

It’s likely you’ll sit in your garden differently to the way you sit around a table inside. For example, it's normal outside to sit 8 round a 4 seater table, as you don’t tend to sit elbow to elbow in the same way. Your garden is a more relaxed, informal setting, so you can be more generous with your seating and spacing options.  

Garden Chairs

Similar to a dining chair, if you are after a garden chair with lumbar support, a back height between 30cm and 40cm is ideal.   The optimum seat height for an average dining chair is when there is 26cm to 30cm between the top of the seat and the top of the dining table. If your chair is 46cm to 51cm from the floor to the top of the seat, it will fit well under a standard height table while allowing plenty of legroom.   If you opt for garden armchairs you may need to double check the spacing. The thickness of the table top will eat into your space available for the arm of the chair so you’ll want to make sure it can be tucked in (if this is the look you’re after).   Remember to check the width of the footprint of the chairs you are considering. It’s where the feet will go that defines if they’ll alongside the table or not.   Material - check the material of your dining chairs is suitable for outdoor use. For example, you’ll want to check the level of UV protection and showing proofing of bench cushions and fabrics, and the anti-rust features of metal frames. Shape - dining chairs with arms will offer more support when seated while a slightly curved back will allow you to sit back a really relax.  Storage - can the chairs be stacked or folded? These space-saving qualities will be greatly beneficial when it comes to storage. The weight of the stacked chairs will also stop them flying around the garden in these British summers!  

Care and Cleaning: Plastic Dining Chairs

What are they made of? The chairs in our outdoor garden range are made from moulded polypropylene which is a hard wearing and durable plastic.
  • Wash over the surface with warm soapy water to remove any surface marks.
  • If you want to take your cleaning a step further,  you can use a mild household cleaning spray or furniture wipes. Baby wipes are also a quick fix if you need to wipe a minor spill.
  • Because the chairs are made from polypropylene, it’s fine to use an antibacterial spray on the surface.
  • You can also spray with a hose to clean making the chairs even more low maintenance.

Garden Tables

The length measurement of a table refers to the length of the table top, not from where you can fit your chairs tucked in underneath. Generally speaking, the description of the table will include how many it can seat. However, if you are hoping to squeeze in a few more or use other chairs, make sure you check.   To help this, measure between the table legs from the narrowest point to ensure your chairs will fit neatly under your table.   Indoors we suggest leaving around 70-90cm between the edge of your table and each wall or between other pieces of furniture in the room. However, as mentioned previously, you can be a bit more flexible with this in an outdoor space. Just keep in mind that the chairs need to be able to be pulled in and out, leaving enough room for people to pass through.   Top Tip: If you want a better idea of how much space the table will take up, mark out the space on a sheet or piece of card.    

What Shape Dining Table?

A round dining table is perfect if you have a small garden or patio but still want to create a sleek outdoor dining setting. They typically have a pedestal style base which allows you to pull up a couple of extra seats when needed as you’re not restricted by table legs or corners.   A square or rectangular dining table will allow plenty of room for all of your BBQ spreads and tasty treats. Mirroring that of your dining area indoors, a larger dining table will create more of a presence in your garden space. Pair a rectangular or square dining table with corner dining bench and some dining chairs for a really stylised and statement look.    

Care and Cleaning: Garden Tables  

Powder Coated Aluminium

What are they made of? When aluminium is exposed to the elements, it’s material qualities mean that it develops a microscopic layer of oxide on its exterior. It’s this oxide layer that acts as a barrier to protect the metal from further damage and prevent it from corroding!
  • To clean the powder coated leg frame, first, remove any decorative cushions or furniture accessories. Then, simply wash or hose the surface with soapy water or with a mild household acid such as vinegar or lemon juice.
  • To further protect the surface after cleaning, wipe the surface with a little car wax or baby oil on a dry cloth as this will help give the surface a wonderful shine.
  • Avoid using a pressure washer or a strong setting on a garden hose nozzle as such a strong and focused stream of water could damage the furniture finish. A normal garden hose will do just the trick.

Etched Tempered Glass Table Tops

What are the made of? Acid etched tempered glass with a film colouring applied on the back. Because acid etched glass isn’t an applied finish that can chip or peel off, it really becomes an integral feature of the glass.
  • To clean acid etched glass, spray the glass lightly with a good quality, non-streaking window cleaner.  Then wipe the table top over with a clean, soft lint-free towel.
  • After cleaning, move the cloth in a circular motion to dry the glass. This will help to prevent water marks and spots.
  • Never use anything abrasive as this will scratch the beautifully smooth surface.
  • We advise not to place hot utensils straight onto the table's surface. Instead, use something such as a table matt or wicker coaster. This will prevent the glass surface becoming marked or slightly damaged over time from the heat.

Garden Benches

Garden benches are perfect for creating convivial seating areas that will allow everyone to enjoy meals outdoors. If you're after benches for your outdoor space, here are a few tips and things to consider:   Allow enough space so that the front of the bench is in line with the front of the table. This applies whether you have your bench tucked in or at the full length of your table.   A full-length outdoor bench works especially well with a pedestal-style table. You can neatly tuck the bench in while still maximising the space you have available.    A backless bench will be narrower than a bench with a backrest. This means you’ll have all the seat comfort without the extra depth of the back. Backless benches are also lightweight and easy to move in and out. This makes them ideal for versatile garden seating.   A garden corner bench is a great alternative to dining chairs. It can instantly create a cosy seating area in the corner of your garden or patio. It also does the job of an outdoor sofa as you can sit back and get unashamedly comfortable just as you would indoors.  

Care and Cleaning: Garden Benches

What are the cushion covers made of? The cushion covers for our garden range are made from 100% polyester. A synthetic polymer,  polyester is a very smart material choice for an outdoor cushion covers as it’s resistant to stretching and shrinking, it’s quick drying, moisture resistant and easy to clean. All of our garden benches have removable cushions with removable covers. This means they can be machine washed if needed. However, we recommend keeping this to a minim as this will hinder the effectiveness washed, however, we don't recommend as it can affect the showerproof / anti UV coating.
  • Polyester is showerproof due to its coating. The cover isn’t indestructible though. We suggest that you don’t leave your cushions out in the rain or bad weather. Also, make sure they’re thoroughly dried before storage.
  • For regular, light cleaning, you can lightly brush off any loose dirt or grime and then vacuum the surface.
  • We strongly advise against using any harsh detergents as this can damage the material. Instead, stick to water-based cleaning agents.
  • Never clean outdoor cushions with a pressure washer as any excessive pressure can tear through the material.


We’ve covered a lot. Don’t feel overwhelmed though. Here’s a final run through of what sizes you need to keep in mind and the top tips from this post. You’ll be sat lapping up the sunshine in your lovely garden in no time!  
  1. Measure your space so you know what you have to work with.
  2. Check the table, chair and/or bench height so you know you’ll be sitting comfortably.
  3. If you want to use the table ends, it’s a good idea to measure the table width.
  4. Knowing your table length will help you decide how many chairs you can have. You’ll also know what bench length and size to go for.
  5. Remember to check the table measurement from in-between the legs, not just the table top.
  6. Check your materials, both for comfort and durability.
  7. Outdoor seating is far more flexible than indoor, so have some fun with your styling.
  8. Consider storage, whether that’s indoors or in another area of your garden space.
  If you'd like to read some more of our Danetti guides, you're in luck. We've covered everything from how to style your living room to sizing for dining benches. To find out more, have a look at the Danetti Guides section on our blog.   Keep your eyes peeled for our garden styling tips blog post which will be coming soon...

Show Us Your Style

Summer is just around the corner. So when you have your stylish new Danetti outdoor furniture in your garden, we’d love to see! Post a picture on either Facebook or Instagram with the #mydanetti for a chance to be featured on our page.
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Danetti Outdoor: Get to Know our NEW Range of Modern Garden Furniture
March 14, 2018 at 10:55 am 0
You may have seen over the last few months a smattering of images of our new Danetti Outdoor Range. A capsule collection of modern and contemporary garden furniture with all the comforts of inside, outside.   As warmer weather is on the horizon, we are all dreaming of those long summer nights spent with friends and family. And what better way to get the outdoor inspiration flowing than taking a look at our new outdoor furniture range. You're best to draw up your shopping list now so you're ready to enjoy every second of the warm weather! Numbers are limited so you won't want to hang around for this one...  

The Outdoor Range

While designing this new range of durable garden furniture, function, style and easy maintenance were at the forefront. We have created a versatile range of 2 seater dining tables, for smaller gardens and patios, to larger 6 seater garden dining table and luxurious corner sofas. Regardless of the size of your garden, you're sure to find your new outdoor furniture right here.  

Palermo 2-4 Seater Dining Table

  The Palermo 2 Seater Garden Dining Table is the ideal option for those with smaller gardens. You can quite happily seat 2-4 people, depending on your needs. As with all of our outdoor dining tables, the etched tempered glass top adds weight to the durable aluminium base and gives a soft, matte finish.   Team with the Lola stackable garden dining chair for a clean, minimal outdoor setting. The Lola Chair comes in Aqua, Slate Grey and White.  

Palermo 4 Seater Dining Table

Available in your choice of White or Dark Grey, the Palermo 4 seater is the perfect choice for first-time buyers and mid-sized gardens. This outdoor dining table is super versatile and can be paired with either our garden dining benches or your favourite stackable dining chairs.       Pair with the stunning Skye Outdoor Stackable Dining Chair for an Ibiza inspired designer garden setting. Available in White, Slate Grey, Aqua or Olive Green to suit your outdoor colour schemes.   Alternatively, for a more uniform garden setting, why not choose 2 backless garden benches with your 4 seater Palermo Dining Table? This space-saving dining set allows you to tuck the benches completely under the tempered glass outdoor dining table. This means you can keep the patio clear with easy access to your tabletop for those, larger parties!    

Palermo 6 Seater Outdoor Dining Table

If you have a larger garden, our Palermo 6 seater dining tables would be a great choice for you. The great thing about outdoor furniture is that place settings are much more flexible. More guests? No problem! Simply pull up a couple extra chairs or seat a few extra bums on our dining benches and you can happily seat 8 or more!   The White Palermo Range is suited for fresh, modern garden styles and works great with our Aqua or Yellow stackable outdoor dining chairs. The Grey Palermo Range works great with our deeper Slate Grey and Olive Skye Dining Chairs. Place in gardens with darker decking or painted fences for a moody, boho vibe.      

Palermo Garden Dining Benches

Bring a real designer look to your garden with one of our garden benches. From compact 2 seaters to the larger 7 seater corner sofas, these benches will bring the wow factor to any outdoor oasis. If you really want to mix things up, combine your colourful garden dining chairs with a modern garden bench for a social space you'll never want to leave.    

Corner Benches

Keep your garden style slick by pairing the Palermo Corner Bench with our 2 or 3 seater Palermo Backless Benches. This creates a very co-ordinated outdoor space. What's more, as this range of garden furniture is lightweight, you can easily move your dining table out of the way and enjoy your benches all summer long.   Alternatively, match your new Garden Benches to your outdoor dining table, as our Palermo Range comes in the same white and dark grey for a coordinated look.  Mix and match with our bright garden chairs for a fun, laid-back outdoor space.   Available in Yellow (Ginger), White and Cool Grey, the Edie Stackable Garden Chair will add colour and structure to your garden. Also available is the coordinating Edie Armchair, for added style and comfort.    

Fresco 6 Seater Dining Table

If a pedestal style garden table is not your cup of tea, take a look at the Fresco Outdoor Dining Tables. Made out of the same lightweight and durable aluminium and etched tempered glass, the Fresco Dining Table has a tapered style leg for a minimal look. Pair up with the Edie stackable plastic garden chairs for a crisp, classic style.     Add the Edie Dining Armchair at the ends of your tables for an indoor seating style. These chairs are also great for families, as children are less likely to be running around during dinner when sat in an armchair!     The tapered leg of the Fresco Dining Table offers a simple silhouette, to keep your garden light and allow your perfectly manicured lawns to be shown off.    

Koko 4 Seater Dining Table

And finally, take a look at our Koko 4 Seater Dining Table. Comfortably seats 4 with the flexibility to squeeze in more, depending on how many you're entertaining. With a similar style leg to the Fresco Range, the minimal shape of this table is ideal for compact gardens.   Pair with the Lola Dining Chair to keep the simple silhouette, or why not choose a combination of colours for a fun setting.    

What's your favourite?

By now, we hope you have made up your mind on your favourite pieces from our first range of Outdoor Garden Furniture. If you're still unsure, you can order your very own Garden Swatch Pack. Simply visit one of the garden product pages on our website. The pack contains samples of all the fabrics and colours, to make your decision process that bit easier.     Don't forget, numbers of our Garden Range are limited, so snap up your favourites early to avoid disappointment. Plus, you're going to want to have your outdoor furniture sorted before the warmer weather comes. There's nothing worse than the sun being here with nowhere to sit and enjoy it! Already bought your garden furniture? Be sure to tag us in your pictures of Facebook and Instagram with #mydanetti and #danettioutdoor. Here's to a great summer!
Cleaning Guides, Outdoor
Cleaning Outdoor Plastic Garden Furniture
March 4, 2013 at 3:51 pm 0
Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair

Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair £64.00

With the sun peeping through it is tempting to get out on the patio and give the outdoor furniture a clean in readiness for warmer weather that we hope is around the corner.  If you have plastic garden furniture, getting it ready for the Spring and Summer months should be fairly straightforward. If your plastic table and chairs have been under-cover then a wipe with a soft cloth and soapy water may be all that is required to remove dust and the odd cobweb.  However, if your plastic garden furniture has been out in the elements all
Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair in White

Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair in White £64.00

Winter, it will probably be necessary to undertake a deeper clean, and white plastic furniture may even require a mild bleach solution to bring them back to sparkling white.  Always protect your skin and eyes and wear rubber gloves before trying the bleach solution out first in an inconspicuous place, just in case there is an adverse reaction with the plastic material.  A mild bleach solution is also very good for removing any mildew on your plastic garden furniture. Using your soapy water (washing up liquid or car shampoo are ideal), give the table and chairs a good wash with a soft cloth or sponge, not forgetting to wash the underside too.  If your furniture is older or made from softer plastic then you should avoid using the abrasive side of the sponge as this will scratch the plastic surface.  You could try using an old toothbrush to get into any corners and crevices.
Emo Chair

Emo Chair £49.00

Once you are satisfied that the furniture is completely clean, rinse off the soapy solution.  A garden hose is the best way to do this, making sure that you turn the furniture over to rinse underneath.  You could also use a pressure washer but again make sure that the pressure is not too strong as it may damage the surface of the plastic.  It is probably a good idea to avoid letting the soapy/bleach solution go near any valuable plants in the garden as you are rinsing!
Happy 491 Low Stool

Happy 491 Low Stool £57.00

Allow the furniture to drip dry and then finish the drying process off with another soft cloth to avoid any water spots.  If you are feeling really keen, you could then give it all a coat of car wax (follow the instructions on the tin) to create a water repellent shine and help lengthen the life of your plastic garden furniture.   
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The Danetti guide to buying outdoor furniture
April 6, 2011 at 10:55 am 0
Tastio deluxe outdoor chair in green

Tastio deluxe outdoor chair in green

The sun is shining (well it was last time we looked) and we’re all moving our lives outdoors. Weekends are filled with barbecues, drinks on the terrace and casual family meals in the garden. If you’re thinking about investing in some new garden furniture to celebrate the arrival of summer, we have a few handy tips on what to buy and how to take care of your purchases. How much to spend? As you’ll find with most furniture, the more you spend, the better the quality of materials and the longer your product will last. However, if you’re on a budget, look out for plastic furniture (Danetti has a huge selection) which can be really durable but still very reasonable. What to buy? Before choosing, think about what you need the furniture for. If you rarely have friends over then some simple stackable chairs and an extendible table may be great. If, on the other hand, you’re planning to fill your garden with friends and family for the entire summer, some furniture which can be left out may be better. Danetti stocks a range of square, rectangular, round and oval tables, and a vast array of garden chairs so you’ll find plenty of choice. Which materials to choose? Aluminium outdoor furniture is light in weight and practical too. It's easy to maintain and is really durable – it won’t rust. Chairs and tables with tubular frames are the most light-weight of all, although this means they're not ideal for use in particularly exposed, windy areas. Some aluminium will discolour over time, but you can guard against this by choosing a powder coated product. Wooden outdoor furniture looks great and is practical. It blends seamlessly into the outdoors and has a great individual look. The weight of wooden furniture means it’s a stable choice in exposed windy weather. Remember though that wood will require treatment every 6-12 months to keep it in tip top condition, especially if you're leaving it outside all year round. Rattan or wicker-effect furniture will add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. The appearance is natural but stylish and it’s lightweight and easy to put away for storage, however this does make it less practical in wet or windy weather. Lastly, but by no means least, plastic furniture. It’s great if you're on a budget and you want furniture that’s contemporary and practical. Because plastic is man-made and can be moulded, you’ll be able to choose from a huge array of colours and designs. Plastic furniture is easy to clean and is extremely durable, and can even be left outside during the winter. How should you maintain your purchases? Look at the furniture's care instructions to find out if you're going to need to stain, re-paint, clean or move your furniture undercover during bad weather. It’s important to make sure you have room to store your furniture during the winter if it’s going to be susceptible to frost or continued rain. Even if products say that they can be left outside all year round, you might find that putting them away will prolong their lives!