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Introducing our best selling wooden bar stool
March 6, 2011 at 9:54 pm 2

Beautiful oak bar stool - one of our best sellers

Whenever a product sells particularly well, we like to tell you about it on the blog because items are usually best sellers because they're particularly great. The oak bar stool has taken us by surprise with its popularity. It's a classic piece of furniture that has a great country look - it'd be perfectly at home in a farmhouse kitchen, for example. But we think it's sold so well because it's also the kind of item that you can place in a contemporary home to give it a slightly cosy look. Just imagine these stools in a state of the art kitchen. They'd be a welcome contrast, we think. It's no surprise to us that this stool has been selected to be featured in some of the biggest interiors magazines in the UK. They know a great buy when they see one!
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We’re not all about cutting edge modern design…
February 14, 2011 at 1:35 pm 0
Beautiful wood, oak bar stool

Beautiful wood, oak bar stool

It's no secret that Danetti is known for its design-led, cutting edge modern furniture. We love chairs in bright molded plastics, huge modular sofas, glass tables with chrome legs, and statement bench seating. We actually think most of these pieces can be easily incorporated into any interior scheme, modern or more traditional, and will add a designer look wherever they are placed. But if your tastes are more traditional, and you would rather a wooden bar stool to a plastic one any day, and if you like your tables to be made from real wood as well, then we can help. We've tracked down pieces that we think are timelessly stylish, with some modern features.
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For instance, there's our hugely popular oak bar stool (above). This little gem is one of our best sellers and it's easy to see why. The sturdy wooden frame and seat make it a piece that you could have for generations to come - and it will never look out of date for the simple reason that it's got a timeless appeal. The Russi sofa (left) is another item that's a bit of a classic and would look right at home in a traditional living room - it's perfect for families to lounge around on. These items are perfect if you want to create a cosy home, full of natural materials, and accessories like throws and cushions. Just call us on 0844 804 2222 if you would like advice on styling a more traditional home.