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Modern Furniture for Open Plan Living
April 23, 2012 at 10:30 am 0
Open plan living has become more and more popular in the UK, with over one in five home-owners having transformed their formerly separate kitchen and dining rooms into one large open plan kitchen, dining and living area.  If you are keen to embrace the open plan living concept, then take a look at our website for ideas as to how best to furnish your new, contemporary entertaining area. Bar Stools Around an Island Unit
Elise Modern Bar Stool

Elise Modern Bar Stool £79.00

A well-positioned island unit is eye-catching as well as useful.  It can be the perfect place to fit an oven or hob and some people like to have their sink there to face outwards whilst they wash up! However, the reverse side of the island is perfect for a set of bar stools to perch on at the end of the day with a glass of wine (whilst your loved one cooks of course!) or in the morning for a quick cappuccino and croissant. A Modern Dining Set
Tiva Glass Table and Coco Chairs Dining Set

Tiva Glass Table and Coco Chairs Dining Set £639.00

Make the most of your trendy, open plan dining area with a contemporary dining set. Our dining sets range offers something for everyone - modern yet practical and durable dining tables and chairs to suit many types and size of kitchen-diner.  You can create a whole range of different looks in your dining area depending on the type of dining set you choose. Glass and high gloss dining sets reflect light and give a modern and funky feel, whereas wooden dining sets are timeless classics.  And of course, extending dining sets, offering great style and flexibility, are always popular for people who love to entertain.  We have plenty of dining sets to choose from in all shapes and sizes, so take a look. Casual Seating
Cube and Drum Stools

Cube and Drum Stools from £99.00

When you want to relax and unwind with your family and friends you need comfortable casual seating that will also fit in with your modern decor and room layout. We have a selection of trendy tub chairs, contemporary cubes and flexible modular seating which can be upholstered to match your colour scheme perfectly, so all you need to do is put your feet up and relax!
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Modular Furniture for Office Breakout Areas
October 31, 2011 at 1:51 pm 0
Over recent years, the way in which businesses operate has become much more relaxed as well as open plan.  Modular seating has become more and more popular as many companies have recognised that informal office breakout areas are beneficial in encouraging employees to relax and build good working relationships, and that many meetings taking place within the business are small and informal.  These breakout spaces are always popular and well-used, creating a central hub in the office and a relaxed and inviting environment. If you are looking to source modular seating, low stools, bar stools, tables and chairs which are suitable for a break out area and manufactured to very high standards, with commercial use in mind, take a look at some of our suggestions below.  To see our full range please take a look at our website, and if you need any further advice don’t hesitate to contact us. Jamie Modular Seating Range
Jamie Modular Seating Range

Jamie Modular Seating Range from £279.00

Whether you have a small space in your premises that needs some stylish seating, or have a whole building to fit out, the Jamie Modular Seating Range is a great flexible solution.  There are 11 components in the range, including concave and convex seats, which means you can position your seating on a curve. Whichever combination you go for, you'll have a contemporary and up-market seating area that's comfortable too.  And the range of colours is stunning, with 22 shades of faux leather, all of them durable and hardy enough to withstand the demands of a commercial environment. Pop Modular Seating
Pop Modular Seating

Pop Modular Seating £389.00

The Pop is a funky modular seating range where choice is paramount.  It is upholstered in faux leather and you can make this chair look just how you want it to. Choose the colour of the front of the chair and another colour for the side of the chair - use the drop down menus to see the options available. Not only does the Pop look brilliant in break out areas, it is fabulous for a waiting area in a restaurant or salon, in reception areas, or in a creative business. We love the chunky and solid look of the Pop and its smooth curves and deep padding means it both looks great and feels comfy to sit on. If you need a few seats, you can position them in a straight line, right next to each other, or on a curve, perhaps separated by small tables. Drum Low Round Stools
Drum Low Round Stools

Drum Low Round Stools from £109.00

The Drum Low Round Stools are a classic cylindrical low stool made in the UK and the ideal companion for modular seating. They are finished to a high standard, ideal for demanding commercial environments, and perfect for casual seating. These low round stools are available in a variety of sizes and can be finished in a wide range of funky colours in either micro-suede or faux leather. Cube Low Stools   
Cube Low Stools

Cube Low Stools from £99.00

If you prefer cube shaped stools to complement your modular seating arrangement, the Cube Seating Collection offers a range of flexible, fun and informal seating. Use it on its own to provide a small seating area in your office, shop, bar or other commercial space, or team it with other items from the Cube Collection for a customised solution. The cube stool collection comes in such a great variety of colours - with choices including tan, pink, zesty lime and royal blue, available in either faux leather or micro-suede finish. You can mix and match colours and textures to create a bespoke look, or go for a totally co-ordinated one-colour set.
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Product focus: Jamie modular seating
March 15, 2010 at 10:25 am 0
Jamie modular seating

Jamie modular seating

Commercial interiors can be difficult places to furnish. Often the spaces are awkward and the pieces you choose have to be really hard-wearing and flexible. We're always talking to our commercial customers about these issues, and keeping our eyes open for furniture that will fit the bill. We've just started stocking the Jamie modular seating collection, and we're very pleased with what it has to offer. For a start it comes in 22 different colours of faux leather (see the colour palette below), so pretty much whatever your interior scheme, you'll be able to match up the Jamie. Secondly, there are 11 pieces in the collection, including concave and convex seats, which means you can position your seating on an inwards or outwards curve - not something you'll find very often. It's a great solution for bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes, reception areas, waiting rooms, and staff rooms. If you're unsure about how the Jamie could work in your commercial space, call us to have a chat - we've helped many business owners and interior designers get the look they want, and will be happy to help you.
Jamie colour swatches

Jamie colour swatches