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Furniture Cleaning Tips: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need
September 28, 2017 at 2:44 pm 2
Keeping on top of the housework is nobody's favourite task. With so many different surfaces to dust and other daily tasks still to do, we're all guilty of letting things slip. Well, never fret! We've compiled your one stop cleaning guide, with all the tips and tricks to make maintaining your furniture a walk in the park. From High Gloss and Wood Veneer to Real Leather and Plush Velvet, there's something here for you.   White Gloss Fern dining Table

Fern White Gloss 4 Seater Dining Table, £179

  We all know that cleaning our furniture is a bit of a task. Whether you're in a compact one-bed apartment, or a six bedroom house, we will take you through the basics and also provide you with our Stylist's secret tips!  

Essential Cleaning Materials

Before you do anything, let's make sure we've got the right 'ingredients'. These are our must-haves when it comes to our photoshoots and caring for your new furniture.  
  • Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths: I don't know what we would do without these bad boys! They're super soft and magically pick up the finest dust. Have a multi-pack of these to hand at all times.
  • Clean Dish Cloth: For the initial rub down.
  • Dish Soap: Classic. First point of call for any cleaning. Just make sure it's gentle!
  • Magic Sponge: It's surprising how versatile a magic sponge is- from skirting boards to trainers, these are an absolute lifesaver.
  • Hairspray: The first of our Stylist's Must Haves when it comes to cleaning. All will be revealed soon on this...
  • White Vinegar: For an extra kick on those extra tough stains.
  • Baby Oil: For the ultimate shine and incredible smell.
  Once you've got the above list in the house, we're ready to get stuck in... Elbow grease at the ready!  

Hard Materials


High Gloss Cleaning Tips

Our most popular finish is Gloss. Available in Grey and White, the high gloss finish is super crisp, sleek and stylish. When it comes to cleaning high gloss furniture, you have to be gentle. Avoid harsh cleaners at any cost. High Gloss Furniture is perfectly practical when you regularly look after it.

  Zen White Gloss Desk

Zen White gloss Desk, £269

How to Remove Stains from High Gloss Furniture

For day to day gloss cleaning, you shouldn't need to do anything more than wipe down with warm soapy water and dry with a microfibre cloth. But what if you get a tougher mark? How do you remove stains from high gloss furniture? There are multiple different stains which can be a challenge to shift. Luckily enough, our Stylist has some insider secrets for cleaning those more stubborn, and most common stains:  
  • Pen:

    When it comes to removing felt tip or biro marks, what we tend to use is a tiny bit of hairspray. This will work on many different surfaces, not just gloss. The key for hairspray's magical cleaning properties is actually the alcohol content. Spray on the effected area and leave for a moment before wiping away. Test on an inconspicuous area first, just in case!
  • Sticky Marks:

    These are notoriously difficult to remove. Leave it too long and it will attract dust and you're left with a nasty black smudge. These are very easily removed though by rubbing very gently with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water and vinegar.
  • Tomato Sauce:

    The dreaded Bolognese stains. Is there any worse stain to have on your new high white gloss dining table? The key to cleaning food stains off a high gloss surface is to catch it early! As soon as you have a spillage, mop it up straight away and use a vinegar and soapy water solution. However, if your stain is a bit more bedded in, you have to be super careful. There's plenty of high street cleaners you can try. Just make sure you read the manufacturers instructions carefully, so as not to damage the colour or shine of your gloss furniture.
  • Day to Day Cleaning:

    When looking after your Gloss Furniture for those daily spills, make sure you mop up any mess straight away, and wipe with warm soapy water. As above, be sure to buff off any water to showcase that beautiful shine.
  It almost goes without saying that coasters and placemats are a must for any dining table, especially high gloss dining tables. Using coasters will prolong the life of your gloss surfaces and keep the compliments flowing!    

Glass and Frosted Glass Cleaning Tips

Tempered Glass is one of the most durable and practical surfaces to have in your home. Due to its soft and highly reflective surface, it does require regular maintenance, but never more than a quick wipe over.  One of the easiest things you can use is a household window cleaner, as the alcohol can cut through those greasy fingerprints with ease! Although we would also recommend some home-made cleaning remedies too.   Profile 6 Seater Glass Dining Table

Profile 6 Seater Glass Dining Table, £149

  It couldn't be easier to make your own Glass Cleaner. All you need is a 50:50 solution of water and white vinegar shaken up in a spray bottle. The reason we love making our own cleaning spray is that you know exactly whats in it. Meaning its safer for your family as you don't have to worry about regular chemical use or allergies. Simply spray generously over your glass surface and buff off with a lint free cloth. If you don't have any micro fibre cloths to hand, kitchen roll works great too. Also be sure to clean the underside of your glass table. There is no point cleaning the top and not the bottom, so buff away all of those sticky fingers to a super spotless surface.    

Frosted / Cloudy Glass Cleaning Tips

So what about Frosted Glass? How do you clean a cloudy glass surface? Well, exactly the same way as you'd clean normal glass. The only difference being is you cannot use any oil based cleaning products. This is likely to soak into the frosted finish and leave nasty stains. Just incase, here's a few tips for maintaining your frosted glass surface.  
  • Spray your Frosted Glass Dining Table with your 50:50 water / white vinegar solution and leave to soak in a little longer than you would do with a clear glass table.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution.
  • For stubborn stains, create a paste with 2 parts baking soda to 1 part white vinegar. Apply to the surface and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, rub in with a clean, soft sponge then wipe off with a clean, damp cloth.

Chrome Cleaning Tips

We love chrome here at Danetti. Its highly reflective surface adds style and brightens any room. Chrome does take a little bit of attention to keep it perfect and shiny. As with gloss, if you keep on top of chrome cleaning regularly, you shouldn't have any problems!   General day to day cleaning is the same as you would do with Gloss and Glass, just with warm soapy water. Add a splash of white vinegar for an extra boost, and consider using a chrome polish for added gleam!     Tiva and Stylo Dining Set

Tiva and Stylo 6 Seater dining Set, £489

How to Remove Rust from Chrome

If you have accidentally left your chrome to get a few rust spots, do not worry. These can be really easily removed, however, it is really important to protect your chrome furniture. What's more, you probably have everything you need at home already!  
  • First, make sure you chrome is thoroughly cleaned. Warm soapy water and a clean sponge should be enough, but feel free to add a splash of white vinegar for tougher cleaning.
  • Next, take some regular kitchen foil and this dunk into some water. Again, feel free to add a dash of salt- this will speed up the process a little.
  • Rub your kitchen foil back on forth over the rust marks. Although remember not to rub too hard- this can damage the surface. You just need a light rub.
  • Finally, wipe off any water with a clean and dry microfibre cloth. This will restore the shine and keep your chrome like new!
  • Just incase you want to up the shine factor once more, you can always add a coating of chrome cleaner. Just be sure to read manufacturers instructions!
If you do give this method of removing rust from chrome a go, please test out on an inconspicuous area first!     Plaza Velvet Stool in Grey

Plaza Velvet Stool in Grey and Chrome, £99


Black Chrome

Similar to classic Chrome, the only difference with black chrome is the black pigmentation. Keeping black chrome clean is exactly the same as classic. However, due to the colour of black chrome, we wouldn't recommend taking kitchen foil to it. This may damage the colouring, and nobody wants that! Should your black chrome be cared for regularly, you shouldn't have any issues with keeping fresh and slick.

Form Black Chrome Dining Armchair

Black Chrome Form Dining Armchair, £129


Brushed Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

Much like other metals you'll find in your home, cleaning brushed metal is super easy, should you keep on top of it. Although a Chrome finish is super modern, sleek and shiny, the practicality of Brushed Metal is invaluable. It will hide any little scratches, keep a glossy feel and is suitable in all different interior styles. Be sure to dust your brushed chrome regularly to avoid it looking dull. Again, soapy water should be all you need to remove any marks. For those harder to remove marks, window cleaner or our 50:50 water and white vinegar spray work really well! Our favourite tip for cleaning brushed metals has to be Baby Oil! Baby oil goes a long way, so use sparingly. All you need to do is rub the baby oil on with a paper towel, and buff away any excess with a dry, micro fibre cloth.   Monti Real Leather Barstool Base Cleaning

Monti Real Leather Barstool, £169

  Brushed Steel is such a beautiful metal to use in your home. By keeping on top of its maintenance and ensuring to polish regularly, it can last for years and years. As modern kitchens tend to use brushed metals on everything from cookers, sinks and fridges, using baby oil will keep your home shining and smelling amazing.  

Wood Veneer Cleaning Tips

When it comes adding warmth to your modern home, you cannot beat a touch of wood. Caring for real wood can be time-consuming and complicated, which is why we love Wood Veneers so much. With modern day technologies, you could hardly tell that your new table isn't real wood (except maybe looking at the price tag!).   Cleo 4 Seater Oak and Grey Gloss Dining Table

Cleo 4 Seater Dining Table, £299

  If you find that you do get stains on your wood veneer- DO NOT reach straight for the hard chemicals. These will most likely damage the colour, texture and overall finish of your wood veneer. Where possible, contact the manufacturer and ask for tips first. If this isn't possible, for example, you spill wine during a dinner party out of hours, then try these quick and easy steps;  
  • Remove as much of the liquid/sauce as possible as quickly as you can.
  • Avoid the hesitation to scrub as the veneer finish. This will only make things worse and you can bed the stain deeper into the surface.
  • Mix 1 part white vinegar in 2 parts soapy water and dab with a clean microfibre cloth. Be sure not to wet the table too much, and dab in the direction of the grain.
  • Be sure to dry the table thoroughly, and if needed, repeat the above steps until the stain has gone. The key is to act fast to remove any stains.

Plastic Furniture Cleaning Tips

Good quality plastic furniture is a God send- especially for families! It's cost-effective, durable and so easy to clean. So much so it almost doesn't need its own section, but while we're on it....   Finn Dining Armchair

Finn Dining Armchair, £59

  Plastic dining furniture can be cleaned with pretty much anything, as long as you're not using harsh chemicals. Warm water or baby wipes work best on plastic, and you can give it a good rub to clear any tougher set stains.  Just be sure not to let any food sit, as this may stain, and avoid using scratchy pads, as this may damage the finish.  

Do's and Don'ts

Now we've covered the cleaning and maintenance of hard finishes, there are some key facts to remember. We've broken it down into Do's and Don't for your convenience.  


  • Do use warm soapy water as your first option. This should remove majority of marks.
  • Do add a splash of white vinegar for a deeper clean.
  • Do be sure to use a soft cloth on any type of surface. Micro Fibre cloths are super useful!
  • Do make sure you wring out your cloth so as not to saturate the surface. Too much water can damage the finish.
  • Do get into the habit of wiping down regularly. This doesn't have to be much, just a quick dust or wipe down as part of your post meal time routine.


  • Don't use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia based cleaners. These can affect the finish and colour of your furniture. Stick to the gently cleaners.
  • Don't rub- dab instead. That way, you won't damage the surface and will also help keep the surface dry.
  • Don't let any spills or stains sit on your furniture. The quicker you clean it up, the less likely you are to get staining.
  • Don't use any abrasive cleaners or cloths, as these may scratch the surface.
  • Don't use any shop bought cleaners without reading the manufacturer's instructions very carefully.
  Calanna White Oak Console Table

Calanna White Oak Console Table, £199

So, there you have it. All the cleaning tips you could possibly need.

Just to recap a couple of key factors when it comes to cleaning your furniture.
  • Warm soapy water is perfect for cleaning any surface or fabric.
  • Tough stains can be removed by adding a splash of vinegar to your soapy water.
  • Never rub your furniture. This can effect anything from the colour to the feel. Make sure you dab.
  • Regular maintenance is a good idea. Little and often will help you out in the long run.
  • If you're ever unsure on how to clean your products, contact the manufacturer for tips.
  • For deep cleaning on delicate fabric, consult a professional. The last thing you want is to try DIY and make things worse. If in doubt, ask.
  Don't forget to share you pictures using #mydanetti with us across our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Pages. And if you can't decide what you purchase next, have a look at our Pinterest and Houzz for some interior inspiration!
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Your Sofa Buying Questions, Answered
August 25, 2017 at 4:06 pm 0

A few weeks ago we gave you, our loyal and stylish customers, the opportunity to ask our product experts and stylist your sofa buying questions. In this blog, we will be answering your questions and sharing our top tips for the little bits which can sometimes be overlooked.

  Dillon 2 seater leather sofa

Dillon 2 Seater Leather Sofa, £1349

Getting Started

Before you start looking for new sofas, you must do your homework and check the size of your room. The last thing you’ll want is to spend your hard-earned cash on a couch which doesn't fit your space.

  Robin 2 seater leather sofa size and detail

Robin 2 Seater Leather Sofa, £1249

  1. Height - this is from the floor to the top of the cushions
  2. Length - The overall length of the sofa
  3. Depth - How deep the sofa is
  4. Seat Height - How far from the floor the seat is
  5. Seat Depth - How deep the seat is (this is key to comfort!)

It’s key to check these measurements against where you will be positioning your new sofa. Double check spacing around any doors and walkways, so you're not side-stepping around your house!

You Asked, We Answered.

  Luxe leather sofa range in heather

Luxe 2-3 Seater in Heather, £1799

What are the colour trends for this season? What trend should I invest in?


Colour trends for interiors tend to hang around for a few years, with subtle updates for each season. This year we’ve seen the rise of millennial pink, luscious greens and the continued dominance of grey interiors.

AW17 plays on these key colours, refreshing with a warmer, more opulent twist. Millennial Pink becomes Plaster Pink. Palm Green becomes Emerald, and Cool Greys are updated with warmer tones and natural accessories.

“Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever” - Yves Saint Laurent

Dillon 2 seater leather sofa

Dillon 2 Seater Leather Sofa, £1349

  However, it's important to remember what is in fashion right now may not be in 5 years time. That's why when you’re buying a sofa, you need to look for a classic, timeless style; something that will last you for years to come. Your sofa is an investment piece. You’re probably looking to spend upwards of £800 on a sofa, which you won't want to be doing every couple of years. That's why we recommend playing with your soft furnishings and wall colours to reflect trends and keep your settee stylish and timeless.  

Stylist's Tip: If you want your open plan area to feel light and airy, opt for a slightly lower backed sofa. This is a more modern shape and allows you to see above and across your space.


What are your tips for zoning an open plan room?

Open plan living is on the rise. With more of us knocking out walls for a family-friendly, more social home, creating the perfectly zoned living area can be a challenge.

  siena Corner sofa with Riva and Arc dining set

Siena Corner Sofa, £2999 


For this, we would recommend first understanding how you naturally flow through your home. For example, placing a couch in the middle of a walkway is not ideal. Start by drawing a rough plan of your open space and decide what destinations you need. This could be a living area, dining area and kitchen, or perhaps just a work zone in your living room.

This way you can physically draw on the zones, clearly see your walkways and place your furniture accordingly.


Stylist's Tip: With open plan homes, you tend to see all 4 sides of your furniture. Make sure when you’re shopping that you have a good look at the back of the sofa, and make sure it's pretty to look at!

  Dillon sofa range back stitch detailing

Dillon Range Back Detail


So, to answer your question, there is no right or wrong way to zone a room. It’s a lot of trial and error, but having a plan of the areas you want, and an idea of the space you have helps! 


How do I keep my sofa looking like new?

There are many things you can do to keep your sofa looking ‘box fresh’. One of the most important tips is using fabric protectors! You’ll kick yourself after that first spillage if you don't protect your sofa from day 1.

  Siena 2 seater fabric sofa

Studio Fabric 2 Seater Sofa, £699


We would highly recommend using a fabric protector, specifically one designed to repel stains and allow for a quick and fuss-free cleanup. There are plenty of products on the market, however, we recommend Scotchgards Fabric and Upholstery protector. Just be sure to read the instructions correctly before use and test an inconspicuous area first.

When it comes to keeping a Real Leather Sofa clean, it requires a little more care and attention. Avoid any heavy chemicals on leather as this can cause damage and discolouration.

  1. Firstly, using a soft brush attachment on your hoover, give your sofa a good once over to pick up any crumbs, dust and spare change.
  2. Take a bowl of warm water and add a touch of white vinegar.
  3. Next, dampen a clean microfibre cloth in your solution and wring it out very well- you want a damp cloth, not a wet one.
  4. Wipe down the entire sofa, starting from the top. Rinse out your cloth as and when.
  5. Take a clean, dry towel and dry off your sofa. It's tempting to dry with a hairdryer, but this will dehydrate the leather, which we don't want.
  Luxe leather swatch in parchment

Luxe Leather Swatch in Parchment


Once your sofa is clean, you can use a leather conditioner (found all over the high street) to protect the leather even further and keep it hydrated. Just be sure to follow the manufacturers directions carefully!


What’s the most durable sofa material?

When it comes to a sofas durability, there are so many different finishes and textures to choose from. You first off need to understand your lifestyle and what your sofa will be used for. If you're shopping for a playroom, you are going to need something much tougher than a sofa for an occasional room. That said, you'll be hard-pressed to find a sofa which isn't durable! Heres a run down of the fabrics on offer and their benefits;   wren leather swatch in cloud grey
Wren Leather Swatch in Cloud Grey
Leather: Typically, a leather sofa can last up for 4 times longer than a Fabric Sofa. This is down to the makeup of leather. It's super tough and flexible, meaning it's less likely to tear or wear away. It's also easier to clean, as spills tend to naturally run off.
Elise Faux Leather Swatch in Cool Grey
  Faux Leather: A slightly cheaper alternative to a real leather sofa, but giving the same, luxurious look. Faux leather is not as flexible as real leather but will still move and age in a similar way. It's also a very low-maintenance material.   Plaza Velvet Stool
Plaza Velvet Stool, £99
Velvet: Having a huge resurgence in the interior world, Velvet sofas are super luxurious and bang on-trend. However, tread with caution as Velvet requires a lot of care. If you're interested in a velvet sofa, be sure to gather samples and check the quality of the velvet. Linen: Linen has such a beautiful look and feel to it, making your seating look comfy and stylish. It is also naturally hyper-allergic as its made from all natural fibres. Linen sofas are susceptible to staining though, so make sure you protect it!   Studio fabric swatch in cloud grey
Studio Fabric Swatch in Cloud Grey
Cotton / Polyester Blends: this is a very popular fabric for sofas, as you get benefits from both Cotton and Polyester. It's strong and durable and easy to keep clean! Wool: A more traditional sofa fabric, wool is tough and warm. It's also a really sustainable material, biodegradable and recyclable- helping the environment all the way. Wool also doesn't lose its form and will naturally bounce back to its original shape.  

Stylist's Tip: The fabric you choose for your sofa can change the feel of a room instantly. For modern interiors, choose leathers and flat weave fabrics. More tradition interiors will suit prints, wools and linens.


What style of sofa will suit my modern home?

With a modern home, there are a few key details which make a sofa more suited. Traditional sofas tend to have higher backs, curved armrests and decorative legs. However, when looking for a modern sofa, look for styles with sleek and minimal legs, lower backs and more ergonomic shapes. Our Siena Sofa Range has many features which make this a modern sofa;

Slim Angular Legs

  Siena range leg detail   The minimal style of the Siena's leg helps with the modern look. As they are thin, they are not a key feature of the sofa, but more of a subtle style suggestion. the Matt Black finish also means they do not overpower the simplistic style, as a chrome finish may.  

Adjustable Headrests

  Siena adjustable head detail   The great thing about adjustable headrests on a leather sofa is that you can choose the most comfortable position for you. This can vary when chilling down with a movie or entertaining. When the sofas not in use, you can lay all headrests down flat to open up the room even more.  

Low, Sculpted Armrests

  Siena sofa range arm detail   Having an armrest which is an extension of the seats, rather than a high armrest, keeps the shape smooth and stylish. This is also a more comfortable seating position when relaxing and is less formal.  

Stitch Detailing

  Siena corner sofa stitch detailing   The stitch detailing is a key design feature to this modern leather sofa. It showcases the craftsmanship that has gone into your handmade sofa and is a key feature of a leather sofa. The Siena is just one of our modern styles. Check out our modern sofa collections right here.  

How can I clean my couch without removing any cushion covers?

Removable cushion covers can be a great idea, however, once they've been through the wash once, they never fit the same way again. This is why lots of sofas nowadays do not have removable covers. Plus, with modern technologies, maintaining your fabric sofa without putting it through the washing machine is common practice.   Siena corner sofa with chaise

Studio Fabric Corner Sofa, £1599

  If you do get those unsightly spills and stains, here are our top tips for maintaining your fabric sofa:
  1. For any small little marks, you can usually clean them off with some warm soapy water- as long as you catch them quick enough! Put 1 tablespoon of dish soap (such as washing up liquid) into 2 cups of warm water.
  2. Take a clean white cloth and dampen it in your soapy water. Pat over the stain (DO NOT RUB) and use a dry white cloth to absorb the water. Repeat this 3-4 times until stain has gone.
For a deeper clean, you can add a touch of vinegar to your cleaning solution, or try a professional carpet/upholstery cleaner. Just be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines!  

Stylist's Tip: Micro fibre cloths are you best friend. They're great for cleaning all sorts of surfaces, be it dining tables, bar stools, even window sills. Have a little stockpile of them as they're amazing... Plus you can chuck them in the washing machine and use over and over again! 

  If you want more tips and tricks for fabric cleaning, check out our blog: How to clean a fabric sofa – Our insider secrets for keeping your sofa newer for longer.  

What's the best seating arrangement for a small living room?

Finding a sofa for a small living room can be challenging, that's why you need to know your measurements. There are a few options which will suit a compact living room, however it's really down to the overall feel of the room you want to create.  

Corner Sofa

Siena corner sofa with chair left handed

Studio Corner Sofa, £1599

A corner sofa is great for compact living rooms. They can come in many different sizes, so double check the fit. Most corner sofas are available in a left and right handed option to slide into any home.  


Ellis 2 seater sofa and arm chair scene

Ellis 2 Seater Leather Sofa, £1899 and Ellis Armchair, £1099

  If your room is more of a cozy snug, or not used for entertaining, mixing and matching a couch with an armchair is a great option. Position a 2 seater sofa agains the wall, with an armchair sat adjacent. This promotes a casual and cozy feel, without making the room too crowded!  

How do you style a sofa?

Now you have your new couch, it's in position and protected, you can have fun with styling! Its a good thing to keep styling simple with your seating area - less is definitely more. There's no point in piling on the scatter cushions, as you'll only end up taking them off when you're sitting down!   Luxe chesterfield sofa in Heather

Luxe 2-3 Seater Leather Sofa, £1799


Here are our Stylist's Top 6 tips for Styling a Sofa:

  1. As previously mentioned, keep scatter cushions to a minimum. I would say a maximum of 5 on any couch. Also, a general rule of thumb when styling- things always look better in odd numbers.
  2. Throws can make or break a sofa look. In the winter pile on the heavy knits, faux furs and add soft lighting to your side tables. In the summer, swap out your chunky blankets for lighter linens and cotton throws.
  3. Avoid your seating area looking too twee by having mismatched cushions. Stick to a complimentary colour scheme, but play with patterns, textures and shapes. Throw in 1 large cushion, a couple of square cushions and an oblong one for an easy, yet stylish feel.
  4. Rugs and sofas go hand in hand. Make sure you get the sizing right though. Ideally your rug should be larger than you sofa, to frame the room and add warmth underfoot.
  5. For extra comfort, choose an ottoman rather than a coffee table.  You can place a tray on top for any decorative items, and have a super sleek place to rest your feet!
  6. Don't over style. Your seating destination will look much more welcoming when it's looking natural and lived in. If your cushions are perfectly plumped and your throw is expertly folded, it wont look as inviting.

Siena leather ottomanSiena Leather Footstool, £349


Insider Tips

Although we had loads of great questions sent in, there are a few tips that we, as your experts, think it's important to take into consideration when shopping for sofas...
  • Believe it or not, the frame of your sofa can make a huge different to the longevity of your chosen piece. Traditional sofas tend to be glued and stapled together. This is a cheaper method of building sofas, however it wont last as long as modern sofas.
  • Modern Sofas are made out of many different types of wood to make them much more durable. From softwoods for stress areas, and plywood for added strength.  You can also get sofas with a metal frame, however this will require a little more care over the years.
  • When sofa shopping, it's pretty obvious but check that any corners and edges are padded. Especially if you've got young ones as this will avoid any unsightly bumps on the head!
  • It's also really important to consider your lifestyle. A sofa in your playroom probably won't last as long as your living room, so choose a more cost effective sofa, or perhaps a sofa bed, for when your kids have sleepovers.
  • Be careful with a leather sofa and new denim or heavily dyed fabrics. The colour can transfer, and due to leathers nature, this will soak in and be tricky to remove without specialist care.
  • The most important measurement for your comfort is the seat depth. A deeper seat will be more cosy, comfortable and supporting. If you have a narrow seat depth, you'll always be sat more upright and not so relaxed.
  • If you have wood floors or brand new carpets, use floor protectors to avoid any dimples in your flooring. Flooring is one of the most expensive costs of your home, so you don't want to be damaging this.
  • And Finally, the most crucial piece of knowledge we can bestow onto you is this:


I can remember a time where we had to remove the window to get our sofa into our rented flat. Luckily we put the window back in seconds before the landlord showed up. So save yourself this awkward situation and check you'll get it in your house!

Go For It!

Now you're armed with all the facts and tips when it comes to sofa shopping, it should be a breeze! Remember though, if you have any other questions, we're more than happy to help! Once you've got the most Instagram worthy living room we'd love to see your pictures! Tag us in your pics and use #mydanetti to be featured on our pages!
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How to clean a fabric sofa – Our insider secrets for keeping your sofa newer for longer
June 23, 2017 at 5:38 pm 1

Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa, £699


How to Clean a Fabric Sofa (and other upholstered furniture)

  So, you’ve just unwrapped your brand new sofa, sat down to enjoy it, and along come your little monkeys to put sticky bolognese fingers all over it! Accidents happen, but sometimes there is nothing worse than red stains on a grey sofa. It sounds silly, but do you really know how to clean a fabric sofa?  

Thats why we have compiled a step by step guide to clean a fabric sofa. Ranging from little spot cleaning to a full deep clean, our handy tips and advice will keep you sofa looking brand new for years to come!

Studio Sofa Fabric. This mélange fabric is easier to keep clean as it is made up of lots of different shades of grey (so hides any little marks!)

Spot Cleaning


1. For any small little marks, you can usually clean them off with some warm soapy water- as long as you catch them quick enough! Put 1 tablespoon of dish soap (such as Fairy) into 2 cups of warm water.

2.  Take a (this part is important) clean white cloth and dab it into your soapy water. Pat over the stain (DO NOT RUB) and use a dry white cloth to absorb the water. Repeat this 3-4 times until stain has gone.   3.  If you have a slightly more stubborn stain, then try adding 1x tablespoon of white vinegar into your soapy solution. White vinegar is a great household cleaner and can be used in all sorts of cleaning solutions. Don’t worry about the vinegars smell, as this will disappear once dry.  

If you catch a stain before its dried in, the above method is great at removing small stains and is super gentle on your upholstery. As long as you don't rub, you shouldn't be able to see any evidence there was any marks!

These spot cleaning tips work great for all sorts of Fabric, including the super on trend Velvet. Just be sure to dab, otherwise some colour may rub away!

Plaza Velvet Stool, £89

Deep Cleaning


If you have some worn in stains, or feel your furniture is in need of a real deep clean, it couldn't be easier! Don’t worry about spending hundreds going to a pro- just grab some baking soda and a dry carpet cleaner (such as Vanish or Shake’n’Vac) and follow the below steps;

  • Take your baking powder and sprinkle generously over the seats. If you need to remove seat cushions place on a clean sheet to save any extra dirty marks!
  • If you feel a deeper clean is needed, at this stage you can add a dry carpet cleaner, and brush in along with the baking powder. Make sure you use a clean, soft brush so as not to damage the fabric. You can purchase specific carpet and upholstery cleaning brushes, but using a clean brush from your dustpan and brush will work just fine. 
  • Leave the powder to soak in for 20 minutes. Now is the time to go pop the kettle on and put your feet up.
  • Once the baking powder has worked its magic, vacuum it all up! Most vacuums will come with a upholstery attachment, which will usually have red felt pads around the edges to protect the fabric.
  • Take your time when vacuuming. Start on one side and work down in lines, to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Fabric Dining Chairs (such as our Riva and Zilo) are also subject to spills and stains, so the baking powder will also work wonders for these, too. Follow the same method as above to keep your chair shiny and new!

Arc and Riva 4 Seater Dining Set, £475

Future Protection


Hopefully now your sofa is looking good as new and smells fresh as a daisy! If you want to protect your sofa from future stains, try using a product such as Scotchgard Fabric Protector. This will coat your sofa and keep cleaning to a minimum. Check out the manufacturers instructions here, and be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first!

As long as you are gentle, follow any manufacturers instructions, and pat instead of rubbing- your colourful fabric will stay bright and cheerful forever! And thats how you clean a Fabric Sofa.

Zilo Fabric Dining Chair, £69

Helpful Info

  • When you're thinking about how to clean a fabric sofa, take a trip to your local supermarket! There are some great products on the market for cleaning upholstery, such as Vanish Power Foam and Shout. Just be sure to follow instructions carefully and test a patch first. Do not to leave on too long to avoid any discolouration.
Easy Clean Riva Fabric Chairs are ideal for families!
  • Make sure you do not use any coloured cloths to clean your sofa. Using a white cloth will allow you to see if any colour comes off. If so, stop using the product immediately. This is why its so key to test a small patch first!
  • It goes without saying that sofas are not designed to eat dinner on each night. Thats just an accident waiting to happen! Check out our lovely dining tables to ensure your eating area is as desirable as your sofa!
  • Kids are messy. Its a fact of life. Darker colours always work best for families, as marks don't show up so much, but if you do opt for a light colour sofa, a fabric protector is an essential.
  • Blue jeans are your sofas biggest enemy, be it Fabric or Leather! Make sure any new blue jeans go through the wash to avoid any colour transferring. (Or make PJ’s a must have when chilling on the sofa… win win!)
Our Velvet Plaza Stools are super soft to the touch.
  • When cleaning velvet make sure you do not rub the fabric. Because velvet is a cut pile the fibres are only attached to the base weave. By rubbing this you'll end up pulling out some fibres and potentially creating a bald patch! Not a good look...
  Fancy more cleaning tips? Check out our blog post about keeping Faux Leather fresh and clean right here.  

If you have any great tips for cleaning fabric sofas, please share them with us in the comments below. Also be sure to show us your brand new Danetti Sofa on Instagram, Facebook at Twitter using #mydanetti!


Angelo Occasional Chair, £276