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Our top 5 Dining Sets under £500 – From compact living to family homes
June 29, 2017 at 12:00 pm 0

The kitchen is the hub of our homes. It is where we socialise, eat, relax and spend most of our time when were at home. Which is why making your kitchen your favourite space is so important. However, we all know kitchens are not cheap, let alone the furniture we put in them!

We've compiled this handy list of our top 5 Dining Sets for under £500. Perfect for those quick and easy home updates, which will make the world of difference! From compact living starter homes to established family homes, you're sure to find the ideal new dining set for you and your loved ones.  

1. Compact Living

As homes get smaller (and more expensive) the desire for compact furniture grows. However, cheap dining furniture will always be a false economy as you use it everyday. For a lot of us, all we need is a really affordable 2 seater dining set for a small space. Maybe somewhere that’s not so much about crowded dinner parties, but more used for intimate dinners or a cosy brunch spot. In this case, choose something that still has the feeling of quality without it costing your right arm!!  

Instant Update

Our Fern 2 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table with Elise Dining chairs is the perfect option for compact living. The gloss finish reflects light back around the room, while the faux leather Elise Dining Chairs bring a touch of modern luxury.  

Fern grey gloss and Elise 2 seater dining Set, £329


Style Wish List

If you live in an apartment, often the layout focus is more on the kitchen and living areas, without a dedicated dining space. So why not keep kitchen cupboards for the boring pots and pans, and use a compact side board for the pretty plates? The Lexi Compact Sideboard is the ideal partner for this dining set, and is a practical and stylish storage solution.  

Lexi Compact Sideboard in Grey Gloss, £339


2. Style and Durability

In our busy family homes the use of our dining furniture can change on a daily basis. Be it everyday dining, dinner parties or birthday parties, at some point your'll likely to have more guest to accommodate. The beauty of this dining set is that you can comfortably add a few more chairs, ensuring all your guests have a place to sit! Plus, when it comes to style and durability, a 6 seater glass dining set including chairs is a winner!  

Instant Update

This 7 piece dining set consists of a tempered glass dining table with up 6 of our favourite Stylo Chairs. Inspired by the classic Eames Eiffel chairs, the Stylo is a hardwearing (and very comfortable) moulded plastic seat- meaning no spillages to worry about!  

Tiva and Stylo 4-6 Seater dining Set, £489


Style Wish List

Much as the Tiva Table, the matching Console reflects the same light, modern and sleek feel throughout the room. The Tiva Console works with any colour scheme, blending into existing home settings. Most of all, you can keep up to date with any interior style as small furnishings and decorations are much easier to change up!    

Tiva console Table, £139


3. Family Home

Choosing practical, yet stylish dining furniture when you have young kids is a tough one. But you shouldn't compromise style for practicality! The inexpensive Senn coloured chairs add colour and interest which is great for a vibrant, stimulating family home. However, if you do want to change things up and refresh you’re style as the kids get older, this table gives you loads of choice and leaves it really open when it comes to choosing chairs.  

Instant Update

Using different colour dining chairs really brings the family vibes, while the White gloss and Oak dining table keeps your kitchen contemporary and modern. Either choose one colour for your chairs or mix and match, for a fun and colourful option.    

Arc and Colourful Senn 4 Seater dining Set, £449


Style Wish List

Carry this light and airy scheme throughout the rest of your home by adding small touches of oak. Try using the Oak Dice Side Tabes in your living room for a quick update. As a result you'll create an easy, considered look to your home.    

Dice Side Tables in Oak, £119


4. Crisp and Modern Dining

  If you want to create an expensive feel without the hefty price tag, look no further than our Profile Dining Table. Get this glass dining table for under £150, and you're sure to be buying quality. Also, by pairing this glass dining table with the Ida chairs, you've got that designer look without the designer price tag!  

Instant Update

The padded seat of the Ida Chairs adds that extra layer of comfort, which in turn can extend your family meals together, as we all know that isn't easy these days!  

Profile and Ida 6 Seater Dining Set, £409

Style Wish List

Mimic the sleek style of the Profile Table with our minimal Fern Console Table in Grey Gloss. In addition, this is a practical extra surface for plates, lamps, whatever you'd like! (Plus it looks great as drinks cart!)  

Fern Grey Gloss Console Table, £199

5. Starter Home

  While purchasing your first home is super exciting, probably best part is filling it with all that lovely furniture! However, this is an expensive time, and you'll watch to watch the pennies. The Arc Dining Table is a great starter home piece as it is timeless, elegant and can move with you throughout the coming years. Therefore when teamed with the Riva Chairs you've got a really fun and cool dining area to show off to all your friends!  

Instant Update

The round glass dining table can sit centre stage or tucked away in the corner. Especially relevant is the fact the Riva's are stackable dining chairs, meaning you're space saving all the way!    

Arc and Riva 4 Seater dining Set, £475

Style Wish List

As open plan living is on the rise, continue the colour throughout your home by introducing one of our new Plaza Velvet Stools. The teal works perfectly to create a co-ordinated and styled home, while nailing current interior design trends for 2017.

Plaza Velvet Stool, £99 Available to pre-order now!

Mind made up?


Hopefully we have helped inspired you to give you kitchen a quick home update, just by switching up your dining set! If not, let us know what you'd like to know? Just in case, here are a few tips for buying a new dining set and the things to look out for;

  • Space is key. Make sure you're measuring where you want you dining table and chairs to sit, because you need to allow  enough room to pull out the chairs to sit comfortably.
  • Think about maintenance. Since so many of us are on the go, we don't always have time to clean. Think about a glass or gloss finish as these can be quickly cleaned with warm soapy water and buffed off with a dry micro-fibre cloth.
  • Always use coasters and placemats. Regardless of the finish of your table, you want to protect its surface. So, by using coasters and placemats you're preventing and scratches or marks.
  • Stackable chairs are a godsend! Because we are all after more space, you can stack them up and tuck in a cupboard in the corner until you need them!
  • Glass dining tables are super hard wearing and fit into any home interior style. If you're struggling to choose- Glass is a great option!
  • Choose colourful dining chairs, not colourful dining tables. Your dining table will last a long time, so you want something thats timeless. Chairs on the other hand you can have some fun with! As dining chairs are usually the cheaper options, its!
  • Most of all, choose a quality dining set. You might be able to find cheaper options out there, but can you guarantee the quality? We pride ourselves on our quality, and our aim really is to make great design affordable to everyone. 

Since we love seeing your pics, let us know which Dining Set you've chosen by sharing your pics on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tagging us and using #mydanetti. We're looking forward to seeing your amazing homes!

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How To Guide on Choosing Your Perfect Dining Bench
March 7, 2017 at 5:10 pm 0

Mellow and Nala Dining Set

Dining Chairs have always been the first choice when it comes to sitting around a table, however over the last few years as our interior confidence has grown, more and more of us are opting for the luxurious yet cosy Dining Bench.

But there are so many choices and combinations and styles how do you choose the right combo for your home? Well, worry no more! We have compiled a handy pocket guide with all the information you will ever need when it comes to selecting the perfect Dining Bench... In this blog, we break down the most important factors to consider when buying a dining bench. Helping you to make your decision making a little easier. Mellow Dining Bench without Backrest

Mellow Bench w/ Backrest

The first thing you need to consider is the look, style and size of your dining area. If you eat most of your meals in the kitchen and need space saving solutions, then it may be best to consider a corner bench or a straight bench. These will tuck neatly under your table. However if you want to spruce up your Dining room and have the luxury of space, then the bigger the better!

Hudson Bench and Dining Chairs with White Gloss Zen Dining Table

Below we have listed the benefits of Dining Benches vs. Dining Chairs, to help you make the most informed decision. And if you're feeling adventurous, there’s nothing stopping you mixing up Dining Chairs and Benches! This will create a really chic and stylish look to your Dining Area. (You could try our Mellow Bench range with the Zilo Dining Chairs for a modern and coordinated look!) Dining Benches vs Dining Chairs

Measure Up!

Before buying any dining bench or chair, you must know the size of your table. If you are in the market for a new table as well as seating then the world is your oyster! Meaning you can choose your table and bench size together! If you already have your table, then following the below tips will make things much simpler….  
  • Start off by measuring the Height and Length of the table top. If you have an extending dining table then also measure at each length.

The Mellow Velvet Benches are great when paired with a pedestal table, such as the Sanza, as you are able to tuck them neatly under allowing you extra space in your dining room.

  • Now it is time to decide if you want to be able to tuck the bench under the table or use the full length of your table. If you are tight on space then we recommend measuring in between the legs. Make sure you're allowing about 10cm for clearance. That way you can choose a bench that will tuck in neatly without knocking on any table legs.  
Once you have your table measurements you can start looking for your Dining Bench (exciting!). When deciding on a bench it is very important to check the size of the bench and cross-check to make sure it will sit perfectly around your table.

Dining Bench Sizes

Whether you go for a full-length bench or one you can tuck in, make sure you allow enough space to sit on the benches. For this, we recommend that the front of the bench is in line with the edge of the table. Make sure you check the following measurements with any Dining Bench. (we have a handy diagram of all required measurements in our Pocket Guide);

Fergus Bench with Backrest in Mustard Yellow

  • Seat Back Height (If you have a bench with a backrest, don't forget to check it fits with any panelling or window sills.)
  • Seat Height (from floor to seat)
  • Bench Depth
  • Bench Length
  • Seat Depth

The Dover Backless Bench is ideal for tucking under tables and keeping out of the way

Bench Sizing Infographic

Corner Bench

Corner Benches are designed mainly to suit tables with pedestal legs, such as our Sanza and Aria tables. That’s not to say they can’t work with tables with legs though! If choosing a Corner Bench, it's really important to consider your sizing to make sure you have enough space to fit around the table legs and sit comfortably. Our dining benches are available in both Left and Right handed options.

Left Handed- Longer side is on the left

Right Handed- Longer side is on the right.    

The above images show you the difference between the size of our 5 seater and 7 seater Loop Corner Benches. They're also a clear way to show a left handed bench against a right, making your corner bench shopping that little bit easier. Loop Corner Bench and Sanza Extending Dining Table

Sanza White Gloss and Loop 7 Seater Right Hand Corner Bench Dining Set

Bench with Backrest

By choosing a bench with backrest you will create more visual impact and a style statement when walking into a room. The backrest also offers more support when seated and is a great option to have full length for ultimate style points!   Mellow Dining Bench with Backrest

Mellow 3 Seater Bench with Backrest

Finley 3 Seater Bench with Backrest

Dover 3 Seater Bench with Backrest

Mellow Velvet 3 Seater Bench with Backrest

Bench without Backrest

Backless benches are great for opening up your dining area as without a back, they have less of a visual impact in the room. These are a space-saving style and can easily be tucked in or sit full length. Without a backrest, the bench is also that little bit lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

Mellow 3 Seater Bench in Petrol Velvet

Loop 4 Seater Dining Bench without Backrest

Loop 4 Seater Bench without Backrest

Pairing a backless bench with a bench with backrest is a great way to balance out your dining room while allowing maximum style points.

We hope this has helped you make an informed decision! What? You still can't decide which one of our lovely benched to go for? Alright then, here is a breakdown of what tables work best with each type of bench…   Bench and Table pairing Infographic

What have we learnt?

So, just to recap, here is a quick checklist of all the key factors to buying your new Dining Bench;

Mellow Velvet and Grey Gloss Sanza Dining Set

  1. Measure - This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a Dining Bench. There’s nothing worse than receiving your brand new dining set to discover it doesn't fit in your ideal location! Save yourself the hassle by planning ahead and knowing measurements on your table, bench and also where it will sit.
  2. Location - Be sure about where your new dining bench will be positioned, and double check sizes. (honestly- this part is so important!) Just to make sure you have enough space. Deciding whether you have a corner nook or a spacious dining room will help make a more informed selection.
  3. Table Style - Whether you have a round, square or rectangular table. Extending or fixed, pedestal or legs, make sure you know what size it is and what look you are going for. Be sure on whether you want to tuck in your bench, keep full length. Perhaps you want to mix and match your Bench with Dining Chairs.
  4. Bench Style - There are so many choices so explore all options and combinations to make sure you will maximise the space. All the while creating a beautiful and welcoming dining area! Remember, Backless Benches are lighter and easier to tuck under the table, whereas Benches with Backrest are more visually impactful and create a strong sense of style.
  5. Log on - Now you know what look you're going for, get yourself onto danetti.com and explore our range of Dining Benches, Table and Chairs. Perfect for that effortlessly coordinated style.

Dover and White Gloss Sanza Dining Set 

And finally

You can find our Dining Benches Pocket Guide right here, full of useful tips and guidance. You will also find a very handy list of Perfect Pairings, where we've done all of the hard work for you and expertly matched benches and tables together. There are also lots of helpful pointers on cleaning your benches! I know, we're just too kind… Let us know which bench and table you have gone for, and don't forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram tagging @Danetti_com and using #Danetti.
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Danetti At Home: Festive Edition
December 7, 2016 at 3:46 pm 0

danetti at home festive edition

It’s Competition Time! Fancy Your Chance to Win £300 of Danetti Vouchers?

  To get us all in the festive spirit, we want you to share a Christmasy image of your Danetti furniture on our Facebook page. If you don’t own anything Danetti yet, you can still enter by letting us know what you would like to spend the prize of  £300 of Danetti Vouchers on if you won. Make sure to leave your comment on our festive competition Facebook post. Alternatively, you can share an image on Instagram, using the hashtag #danettiatchristmas. To find the winner, we will choose our favourite 5 photos, and then 5 comments will be selected at random. One of the ten finalists will be selected at random to win. Whether you enter by photo or comment, all participants will receive a one-time code for FREE DELIVERY. To receive your free delivery code, make sure you send us a private message on Facebook with your email. We will send you your unique code once the competition has ended.   Our Christmas competition will close midnight 3rd January 2017 so make sure you share a picture or comment soon so you don’t miss out!   Good luck! And Merry Christmas :)  

Festive Christmas Competition T&C’s:

  • To enter, you’ll need to share a photo of your Danetti furniture on our Facebook page, or comment on the competition post with the pieces you like best.
  • You can also enter by sharing an image on Instagram, using the hashtag #danettiatchristmas.
  • We will select 5 photos and 5 comments at random which will make up the 10 finalists. Out of this 10, one winner will be chosen at random.
  • The competition will run from the 7th December 2016 to 3rd of January 2017. Unfortunately, after this time entries will not be counted.
  • Make sure you send us a private message on Facebook with the email address you'd like us to contact you on. We can only send you the code if we have a valid email.
  • You cannot use this free delivery promo in line with any other promotions.
  • The free delivery offered is free standard delivery which is worth £19.99 and is only redeemable on orders over £200.
  • You cannot exchange the prize for money or any other product or service.
  • No purchase necessary.
  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanettiFurniture/?fref=ts Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danetti_com/ Website: https://www.danetti.com/
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Interior Colour Schemes for Kitchens and Diners
October 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm 0
Your kitchen is often the hub of the home, a place to hang out and chat, dine, enjoy a drink at the bar with a friend, do homework with your kids, cook up some comfort food or enjoy a special occasion. Whatever you do, you’ll find the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home and so it needs to be decorated accordingly. We decided to look at some of the most popular kitchen colours and share them with you!
black kitchen

Elle Deco

Back to Black:

Black can be seen as a bit dark and gloomy but not when teamed with the right other finishes. Black is becoming increasingly popular and being used more and more in kitchen spaces. Where before a black granite worktop was considered ‘on trend’, we are now seeing units being given the black treatment and worktops in walnut, concrete or stone. Forget all memories of shiny 80’s style black gloss, this time around it’s a much more organic look. So, we’re seeing sophisticated matt black finishes making an appearance in the kitchen which is then given a luxe treatment with elegant black leather and more subtle styling. Green plants add a burst of life to the scheme and the effect is very striking. However, if you are feel slightly dubious about this being too overpowering in your space and you are not too confident about it, then pare down the blackness and go for a warm grey instead. You can still blend black accessories and natural wood finishes and achieve a similar, softer look.  

Get the Look:

teal kitchen


Feel the Teal:

Ever since being names as Dulux's Colour of the Year 2014, Teal has become a really popular colour for Interiors. It is calming and restores balance in a room but also energises a space - which is ideal in a busy hub like the kitchen! Teal is extremely versatile and blends well with concrete, stone, chrome and metal as well as a more natural modern scheme like white, black and wood tones. So, whether you decide to go for teal kitchen units and more neutral worktops, walls and tiles or perhaps paint the walls or use teal tiles with a plain simple white, wood or black kitchen, this uplifting colour has really positive qualities that will bring zest and umph to any kitchen! Teal is a great backdrop for traditional and contemporary looks, so don’t think it can only be used in modern kitchens! Dating back hundreds of years, Teal is a very traditional colour. So be bold, brave and feel the teal!  

Get the Look:

white kitchen


All White

A white kitchen is still for many the first choice. It always looks smart, crisp, hygienic and fresh. Whilst it may be deemed the ‘safe’ option, generally speaking this blank canvas can provide the basic shell for showcasing some beautiful styling with accessories and splashes of colour. All white has been the ultimate in ‘cool’ style for a good few years, but it is worth noting, that it can look clinical or cold, so finding a definite ‘look’ is important to give this ‘heart of the home’ area character and and warmth. This could mean introducing a colour, texture or a glossy finish like chrome, brushed steel or glass. An all white kitchen can go in almost any style direction, yet create very different moods depending on what it’s used with. So, the options are limitless. Bright colours will create a fresh energised space, muted tones will create a calming atmospheric room. It's the hues and finishes you choose that will determine the mood in the room - it’s a brilliant option and so versatile!  

Get the Look:

bright kitchen


Kitchen Brights:

Colourful kitchens are always happy places to be! Often they are family kitchens as children need stimulation and sometimes their artwork, oilcloth tablecloths, multi coloured plastic plates and cups etc can add to the colour. A vibrant kitchen bursting with colour is always a fun place to be. It is worth bearing in mind that the family kitchen needs to be able to ‘grow-up’ just like the family. Bright kitchens could date or become tired - so do choose carefully! Some interesting advice I read recently was this, ‘There are no bad colours, just bad colour combinations’. This is a very good piece of design info - use the colour wheel to look up shades that blend. Are they warm cool? Do they enhance each other or clash? Generally speaking I would say these rules apply; either choose neutral kitchen units and add pops of colour with bar stools, splash backs, dining chairs and table. Or if you want bright kitchen units make sure the rest of the kitchen is subtle and perhaps stick to similar tones and hues - monochromatic schemes in brights work well. If you’re not sure - stick to a white kitchen and introduce other shades on the walls, chairs and tiles!     

Get the Look:

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Q&A with Interior Designer and Presenter Julia Kendell
November 27, 2015 at 2:31 pm 0
Following the recent launch of our new  ‘Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell’ range, we managed to catch up with Julia during the recent shoot for the launch of our collection. We had a chat with her to find out what she thought about the collaboration and the individual products.

Why did you choose to work with Danetti?

When I am designing an interior for a client I will only specify furniture from a supplier I can trust and who I know will be reliable. The furniture also has to be aesthetically beautiful, fit the brief and it’s also got to be good value. I have to be absolutely sure that it's going to arrive on time, in good order and should anything go wrong, I have to know that the company will be on it straight away. Danetti satisfies all those criteria so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to collaborate on a furniture collection with them.

What elements of your personal design ethos have you incorporated into this range?

My personal ethos is all about creating an emotional connection both between the interior and the inhabitants who will be using that space. The reason that’s important is because in this day and age we're all so busy and we need a home that we can retreat to at the end of the day. Somewhere you feel safe, that's also energising. So for me creating this range of furniture, creates a perfect backdrop for home life that has a sense of energy about it. And that has been really important.

How would you sum up the range?

I’d sum up the range as being a fresh and robust collection combining organic materials and glossy surfaces. I've created something that’s really energising and is just a really fabulous collection for contemporary family living.

The Peacock blue is a beautiful accent - is it a bit of a signature colour of yours?

I really enjoy designing with blue. It’s a very calming colour and because of this and because it’s very easy on the eye. It means you can use quite punchy shades to create impact and depth in a scheme without it unbalancing the whole look of the scheme and without it drawing too much attention. So yes, it's just a fabulous colour. I love it!

What elements of the process of design do you enjoy the most?

I love the entire experience of designing and putting this collection together. It has been hugely exciting for me. Of course I suppose nothing beats the moment when you’ve done all the concept drawings, you’ve had all the meetings and then suddenly the pieces arrive and you can unwrap them and see them in the flesh. It's just so exciting.

How important was it to you that these products were affordable?

Affordable design has always been at the heart of my work. When I first started out in the industry a very long time ago it was very much an elitist sport. Only the very wealthy could afford to have really beautifully designed pieces of furniture and interiors and of course there's no reason why everybody shouldn’t have a beautiful home. So throughout my career, I’ve always championed really good quality design at good value.

What does good design mean to you?

Good design to me is creating a balance between something being aesthetically very pleasing (so it's satisfying all the senses I suppose, something that feels good, that’s tactile, that looks great, sometimes that smells great too) and also being functional and practical. You want something that makes you feel a whole emotional connection. 

How do you see these products integrating with the modern family?

I think that the dining table and the space around it is really underestimated. In this day and age when families are so busy and when the illuminated screen is such a draw - we need to be able to have family time around the dining table. It’s one of those moments when we can really connect as a family. It’s the place where you have Xmas lunches and birthday dinners. You can sort out problems and share experiences. Frankly, it is where memories are made, family memories and that is so, so important.

What do you think of the bar stools?

I am particularly thrilled with the bar stools. It’s really difficult actually to find the perfect bar stool. One that you can move easily, is comfortable, looks great, but these bar stools I think are spot on. They’re very easy to move around. Plus, they’re light as anything but they are very robust and you know they are going to last and they look fantastic. Even just the tiniest detail like the beautiful stitching around the seat. They’re absolutely stunning -I'm so so pleased with them!

How about the sideboards:

The sideboards have been designed with detail in mind and they will satisfy even the most discerning client. The chamfered detail throughout the whole piece is just beautiful. Whats more the 'soft close' mechanism and the super smooth sliding door are great too. It’s just so lovely to use. I love the combination of the materials as well. The gloss, and the matt and the timber I think just works so beautifully together. And of course there are a lot of surprising little details as well like the mirrored backs on some of the pieces - just beautiful…

What do you like best about the table selection? 

For the cost of the Arc round table, the price I think is quite amazing. I haven’t seen such beautiful veneer detailing on a table at that price - ever! So just how lovely to be able to have such a stunning piece in your kitchen or dining room. The Zen table is a contemporary spin on the classic trestle table it is the perfect size for a family or a group of friends. I wanted to keep the lines nice and simple and straightforward - it’s just perfect.

The chairs are so elegant, how do you feel about the results?

Comfort is so important when it comes to sitting at a dining table. The design of the Form Dining chair really focus's on this. It's available with and without arms and the detailing again is really really superior. Particularly the way the frame follows the curvature around the back, it’s just the most beautiful chair. Definitely designed with comfort very much in mind. We all like to spend time at the dinner table, nobody wants their friends or family to feel uncomfortable. Therefore the design makes you feel like you want to spend hours at the dining table. So there you have it! Our Exclusively Danetti range with TV Interior Designer and Presenter Julia Kendell in all it's glory. If you want to see more, head over to Danetti.com for more.
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Q & A – A word with our stylist
June 10, 2015 at 5:20 pm 0

Q and A

Q&A with Jess

Our Stylist Jess has been part of the team for a little while now so we decided to put her under the microscope;  see what makes her tick creatively and get to know the woman behind the mystique.
Shoot with Julian Bajzert

Shoot with Julian Bajzert

Can you tell us how you came to be a stylist?

Many moons ago, I was fresh from my Art Foundation course and waiting to go to University to study History of Art and needed a job for 9 months. My uncle (who was an art director) took me to see what went on at a photographer Julian Bajzert’s studio . I was very lucky that I got on really well with him and his lovely PA / Stylist Baz was going to Australia for a year - so he asked me if I wanted to cover for her. I leapt at the chance….and never looked back really. I was very fortunate when Baz returned, I continued as her assistant..it was a real case of right place, right time.

For those who aren’t familiar what does a stylist do? Can you tell us about a normal work day for you?

Depending on the job in hand, usually I would be either styling or propping or writing. So, for example, next week we are shooting images of our fabulous new range of occasional chairs. So, last Friday I went to do recce’s of potential locations, but we’ve decided to shoot them in the Danetti studio so this week we are designing the ‘set’ and calling in wallpaper from the fabulous Mineheart and then I will be choosing props to go with each set. So, tomorrow I will probably go and buy the props (this is called propping) and then on Friday I will be making sure the set is all ready to go for Monday morning. On Monday morning we will start shooting the chairs with our photographer Ashleigh. This involves us finding a pleasing angle, Ashleigh will set up her camera and lights and  and then I will ‘dress’ the set accordingly..we will spend the day creating gorgeous images of our fabulous new products!

Styling at Danetti

What is the difference between an interior designer and a stylist?

An interior designer is usually employed to design a residential or commercial property and can be involved almost from the blueprint stage. An interior stylist designs and styles an interior set for photography, film or perhaps an exhibition or show...it’s not usually a permanent fixture.

What formal training do you have or if self taught, how did you learn?

I didn’t have any formal training at all - I started off ‘styling’ Julian Bajzert’s lunches and hampers to Lords cricket(!), sweeping the floor and making clients coffee (wine after 12pm?!...it WAS the late 80’s!). When he became a bit more confident about my ability, I started doing small jobs and then it kind of snowballed - I was basically thrown in at the deep end and learnt on the job. However, I have heard that now you can do Interior Stylist courses!

Living Etc Magazine

Where do you find your inspiration for design?

Well like most people I love browsing through magazines, I love to look through Elle Deco and Living Etc magazine and interior design books, and wait with baited breath for all the press Look Books to come out! But I also love going online and looking at sites like Houzz and Apartment Therapy , blogs like Kate’s Creative Space (which I love) and Decor8….and I am still a fan of Martha Stewart (sorry!)...

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

There are two things that I always bear in mind...one is something my Dad said to me once..he heard it and held on to it and passed it on to me..‘the person who does what they love, never does a day’s work in their lives’ ….and the other phrase that I always repeat in my mind was my best friend at school who was an eternal perfectionist and she said ‘Always remember, OK...is NEVER good enough’.

What is your favourite style?

This may be a bit disappointing but I like lots of different styles, I love vintage retro, I am a big fan of mid century design - I am not averse to a bit of shabby chic and I find minimalism pretty stunning in the right space...and I love modern contemporary  too (which is hard as I work for Danetti and end up wanting to take so much of it home!). So to be fair I sort of mix all that up and use elements of each...which may not be very consistent but the results are often pleasing and certainly quite unique...I hate the word but I suppose ‘eclectic’ best describes it!

How would you describe your home?

Eek! Eclectic (messy), cosy (cramped) lived in (worn out) vintage (crumbling!)....I love my home but it’s quite a busy place and there are lots of us in there - mostly boys (grrr!)...but it’s a real family home and I have been very happy there…(and I do get my say mostly with the interior styling….although sometimes its hard to see all my hard work through the piles of trainers, footie boots, school bags etc that seem to litter the house)...the keyword is Home and I think you can make that wherever you live, with the right mix..

If money was no object where would you live and how would you decorate it?

I would live in a rambling Arts & Crafts house in Cornwall and I would want it look almost untouched as though time had stood still with all the original period features and perhaps some 1930/40’s smoky pastel colour schemes (I would break this rule and have some mod cons in essential rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms). I am a sucker for period detail and history so I would want it to look authentic. Failing that, I would want a state of the art contemporary house in the hills of Cape Town decorated in Danish mid century style with a swimming pool and a huge sun deck!

IMG_3018-greyWhat is your favourite Danetti product and why?

I know that everyone I work with will think this is utterly predictable but I am a great lover of mid century retro and I do absolutely love our Eames style chairs! But...if I am not allowed to say that! I think I would say the Fern Grey Gloss Table OR the Curva chairs...I love the grey gloss table - its a gorgeous colour and very tactile…..the Curva chairs are very feminine, all curvy with long legs like steel stilettos - gorgeous design with a touch of Art Deco about them.

What is your favourite shop?

I think it would have to be Rockett St George …..I have a longstanding passion for everything they do and sell - I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on their site that I haven’t coveted….right behind them are Graham & Green, Oliver Bonas and Mineheart.

Sir Terence Conran

Who is your favourite designer - dead or alive..

I am a big fan of Le Corbusier and I have always loved Ray & Charles Eames, but if I was to pick someone who I thought had contributed outstandingly to design in my own lifetime - it would probably be Sir Terence Conran….( I would also do a quick hats off to the original English Eccentric, Nicky Haslam...I love his opulence - he is the ultimate Renaissance man!)

The Quick Fire Round:

What is your favourite colour? Pink What is your favourite book - Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Agni Bay Corfu

Agni Bay Corfu

Where is your favourite holiday spot - My parents place in Ibiza or Agni Bay in Corfu. What’s in your bag? - 3D glasses from the cinema, a Lego man, a pair of sunglasses, a notebook, old keys to our front door, make up bag, purse, a mini speaker, my phone and charger, Antonis’ (my 8 year old) socks(why?), my eldest son’s Santander card (not mine….oops..wasn’t wearing glasses this morning..this could be interesting).... Favourite paint colour? Top Hat from Fired Earth is a favourite closely followed by Mrs Booth!
Heathcliff & Cathy

Heathcliff & Cathy

Favourite film? Wuthering Heights (the old one with Lawerence Olivier and Merle Oberon)    
Dining Chairs, Product Reviews
Stylish, Modern Elise Dining Chair – Product of the Week
September 2, 2013 at 12:05 pm 0
The modern and stylish Elise Dining Chair certainly stands out from the crowd, with its curvy design and elegant, tapered chrome legs.
Elise Dining Chair

Elise Dining Chair £79.00

The beautiful backrest and seat is upholstered in luxurious but hard wearing faux leather. It is available in a choice of 8 fashionable colours: classic Black, warm Cream, rich Brown, Latte Beige, Poppy Red, Ruby Red, fashionable Putty Grey and modern White. The depth from the front of the seat to the backrest is 440mm which ensures the lightly padded seat is comfortable when you want to linger over dinner.  
Elise Dining Chair

Elise Dining Chair £79.00

The sleek, slender legs are finished in highly polished chrome which complements the faux leather seat perfectly. The legs are tapered creating extra interest and an elegant look. The Elise Dining Chair is an elegant addition to any dining area.   Here's what some of our customers have to say about the Elise Dining Chair:
  • Very strong heavy chairs much better than I thought they would be. By A Dimech from Hornchurch
  • Very comfortable with support for the lower back. By K Swinton from Kelso
  • Just to let you know the dining set has arrived safely - it is beautiful, just what we wanted. By S Davies from Preston
  • I am emailing to let you know how impressed I am with this company. My order was placed just before 6pm last night. Less than half an hour later I had a phone call to say the chairs would be delivered between 7 and 8 am today. About a 12 hour turn round! Just before 7am a van pulled up outside my house and by 7am the chairs were in my kitchen! I would like to mention a special thanks to Daniel Smith for his helpful advice. I am very pleased with the chairs he suggested. All in all I can't remember when I have been so impressed with a company's service before and I have certainly never emailed or written a testimonial before. Thanks Danetti. By D Wilson from Hemel Hempstead
  • Just writing to say we received our new dining chairs yesterday, all well packaged and delivered on time. They certainly look quite stunning around our dining table, particularly in the bright red. They are also very comfortable to sit on. Thank you for your excellent communication and quality products.  Many thanks. By C Harrison from Eastbourne
Elise Dining Chair

Elise Dining Chair £79.00

Cleaning Guides, Materials
How To Care For…Different Types of Leather
August 19, 2013 at 11:51 am 0
There are many different types of leather that all have different properties and styles. We offer a wide range of furniture that is upholstered in gorgeous leather and faux leather. Take a look at our guide to looking after the different types of leather. Faux Leather
Lilly Faux Leather Dining Chair £89.00

Lilly Faux Leather Dining Chair £89.00

Faux Leather is made from synthetic materials meaning it is very durable - perfect for the domestic and commercial market. It has a similar look and feel to real leather but faux leather furniture is usually less expensive. Faux Leather can crack and split, especially if the furniture is placed in direct sunlight. All you will need to keep your faux leather furniture looking great is a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wash your faux leather with, ensuring you clean small areas at a time. You then use a dry cloth to wipe the washed areas, and you can also use a faux leather cleaner to remove specific spots. It is important to apply a protective gel to ensure the Faux Leather does not dry out. Regenerated Leather
Quad Regenerated Leather Bar Stool £94.00

Quad Regenerated Leather Bar Stool £94.00

Regenerated Leather has a completely smooth texture. This finish is produced when the leather goes through a manufacturing process that compresses the fibres. It is a popular choice for commercial markets as it is very hard wearing and strong, and a less expensive alternative to genuine leather. You must wipe down the regenerated leather furniture surface every two weeks with a damp, clean cloth and this will remove dirt that collects, but also be sure to dust the crevices and creases either with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth. It is important to clean spills whenever they occur, firstly blotting the spillage and then carefully wiping it with a damp cloth. You must not use soap or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the leather. You can also apply a leather conditioner twice a year. Aniline Leather Aniline Leather is the most natural and tactile looking leather as its unique surface has the animal hide characteristics showing. As it is very soft and has been dyed, without a pigmented surface coating, it can easily soak in stains and get dirty. You must dust the Aniline Leather furniture weekly with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. If you stain the furniture use a damp cloth to dab off any excess and do not use household cleaning products. An Aniline Leather Protection cream can be applied to protect against staining and scratching but you must read the instructions and test it before using. Semi-Aniline Leather
Davini Semi Aniline Leather Corner Sofa

Davini Semi Aniline Leather Corner Sofa £1999.00

Semi-Aniline is similar is Aniline Leather as the natural animal hide is still visible but it has a small amount of pigment in the surface coating or clear finish so shade variation can occur. This clear coating gives the soft leather extra protection and increased wearability. You must ensure that you dust the semi-aniline leather on a weekly basis and a damp cloth with a mild soapy solution can be used to remove dirt. If you spill something, use a damp cloth to dab off any excess but do not use household cleaning products. If you choose to a use a semi-aniline protection cream to add extra protection, you must read the instructions and test it before use. Soft Split Leather 
Candess Split Leather Bar Stool £386.00

Candess Split Leather Bar Stool £386.00

Split Leather refers to a piece of leather that has been split from the skin of the hide and depending on the thickness it can be separated into multiple layers. Because it has been split, the Leather is fragile so must be treated to make it hard wearing and durable. It can be designed to have a pattern embossed or buffed to create suede. Regularly you must wipe the split leather furniture with a damp cloth, starting from the top and moving downwards. You must then let it air dry and then buff it with a cloth that has been dampened by a leather cleaner. Any split leather that resembles suede must be cleaned with suede cleaner and a brush which is perfect for removing spots or stains. Generally it is important to keep all split leather furniture out of direct sunlight and heat and avoid using all purpose cleaners.        
Extending dining tables, Product Reviews
Contemporary Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table – Product of the Week
August 14, 2013 at 10:54 am 0

The Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table is sleek and modern. This contemporary extending white high gloss dining table is perfect for hosting dinner parties, and is sure to impress your friends!

Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table

Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table £419.00

This beautiful extending Dining Table is finished in fashionable White High Gloss which beautifully reflects the light in your dining area, creating a light and airy feel. The stylish White Gloss Dining Table has four stylish square legs and frame which is finished in trendy brushed metal. The brushed metal frame and legs complement the sleek White Gloss Table Top perfectly.

Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table

Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table £419.00

The trendy Dining Table extends at one end and when it is fully extended it seats up to 8 people. The two 300mm extension leaves are stored underneath the dining table top which means they can be easily and quickly slotted into place. When the Dining Table is unextended it measures at 1300mm, with one extension leaf it is 1600mm and with two extension leaves the Casa is 1900mm.

The Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table would look fantastic with some of our stylish Dining Chairs. Take a look at The ModaLucia, Lilly or Louisa Dining Chairs as these would look beautiful with this white gloss table. The Casa Dining Table is also available with a Wenge, Matt Black or Matt White finish.

Here are some of the testimonials we have received for our Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table:

  • Superb furniture and excellent customer service. By M Poynter from Bury St. Edmunds
  • Absolutely love the table. Very high quality, joineries were very clean and I can tell the professional has done it. I have recommended to a friend who is looking into buying it. Like chairs, it is very easy to assemble, possible to assemble by one person. Overall, I am very much satisfied with the table. By Y Phyu from London
  • Table looks good and feels solid. Fairly simple to put together. By S Parks from London
  • I bought this table after two attempts by another big online retailer to deliver a table. Both when opened were damaged and had to be returned.. they did offer a third to be delivered but I did not want to take another chance.. I saw Danetti online and found this table.. It was the same price and I have to say it is a good quality piece of furniture... I was expecting the worst as I opened it but what can I say?  8 bolts puts it together and all parts are good quality. The extending table function is well thought out and works well.. the two extra leaves store away nice and neat under the table. Great gloss finish, good metal finish and great customer service and delivery.. The delivery guys were probably the two most polite and helpful delivery people I have ever encountered. Many thanks Danetti, great service, price and delivery. Well worth buying! By E MORSLEY from Chelmsford
  • Sleek, clean lines, very easy to assemble (my teenage kids did it for me) and I love that the additional leaves to extend the table store inside, hidden and safe! By M Maccallum from Carshalton
  • Great finish on the table top and legs. The extending capability is also easy to use and highly practical. By H Chishti from London
Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table

Casa White Gloss Extending Dining Table £419.00

Dining Inspiration, Dining Sets
An Extending Dining Set – Perfect for Sunday Lunch!
August 13, 2013 at 10:04 am 0
Take a look at our fantastic range of stylishly modern Dining Sets - there is one to suit everyone!  If you have a young growing family, or just enjoy having friends and family over for Sunday Lunch, then take a look at our wide range of Extending Dining Sets.  We have lots to choose from and they are very flexible. If Wills and Kate were hosting a Sunday Lunch we think they would choose The Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set.
Eton Mess

Eton Mess

And what would Wills prepare to serve Kate and their guests? We think their menu might look like this: Starter: Garlic and Jersey Royal Soup Main: Roast Beef with all the Trimmings Dessert: Eton Mess Coffee and Cheese Board
Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set

Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set £975.00

The Curva Round White Gloss Extending Dining Set is ideal for the future King and Queen. It has a sleek round White Gloss Table Top that can easily be cleaned, useful when you have a newborn like Wills and Kate. It extends with a 400mm wide extension leaf, making it an oval shaped, perfect for a growing family or visiting friends. When extended the table top measures 1600mm in length and 740mm in height - perfect for a high chair. The matching White Gloss extension leaf is stored separately. The glossy white table top is supported by a matching gloss pedestal which has a funky polished steel trim on each side with a matching polished steel base.
Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set

Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set £975.00

The Curva Dining Chairs have an elegant curved back, making them as comfortable as a throne. The well padded seat is upholstered in soft and luxurious faux leather, available in designer Black or classic White. The Curva legs are finished in shiny chrome and have an elegant tapered design which ensures this dining set stands out from the crowd. What would you serve, if you were hosting a Royal Sunday Lunch?