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First-Time Buyers: Furniture Guide
August 21, 2013 at 11:11 am 0
According to the news, the UK housing market has been booming in recent months, due to the increase in first-time buyers entering the property market - up 30% on the 2012 figure. First-time buyers have been able to access lending and lending has hit is highest quarterly total since 2007. The Council of Mortgage Lenders said that 68,200 home purchases were made in the second quarter of 2013 by first-time buyers. In June last year the rate of first-time buyers in the property market was 38% but this year it has grown to 46%. Fern and Elise Kitchen Dining Set
Fern and Elise Kitchen Dining Set £247.00

Fern and Elise Kitchen Dining Set £247.00

The Fern White Gloss Kitchen Table is ideal for a small, modern kitchen and it will remain stylish for years to come.  It is made from sturdy MDF and has a sleek white high gloss surface that beautifully reflects the light, creating the illusion of spaciousness. This dining table is sturdy and durable, perfect for a busy lifestyle. Alongside the glossy table are the elegant Elise Dining Chairs. They are upholstered in hard wearing but soft faux leather in a choice of bold colours: Black, Putty Grey, Poppy Red, Ruby Red, Latte Beige, Brown and White. The padded seat is supported by slender legs that are finished in polished chrome and are stylishly tapered. Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool
Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool £119.00

Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool £119.00

The Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool completes the modern kitchen look. The Elise Bar stools represent great value for money but they do not compromise on quality. The stylish bar stool is upholstered in luxurious but durable faux leather in a choice of designer Black, cool White or rich Cream. The padded seat and back rest ensures this bar stool is comfortable. The chrome pedestal and flat round base is finished in shiny chrome with an additional gas lift mechanism to ensure this stool is suitable for all. Umbria White High Gloss Sideboard
Umbria White High Gloss Sideboard £539.00

Umbria White High Gloss Sideboard £539.00

The trendy Umbria White High Gloss Sideboard would add style and sophistication to your dining area. It is finished in fashionable White High Gloss which like the Fern Kitchen Table will remain stylish in the future. This contemporary storage solution has three drawers and two cupboards, providing plenty of space to store cutlery and crockery. The funky White Gloss Sideboard is supported by squared looped legs, that are finished in aluminium completing the stylish look. Davini Leather Corner Sofa
Davini Leather Corner Sofa

Davini Leather Corner Sofa £1999.00

The Davini Leather Corner Sofa is perfect for relaxing on after a hard day at work. It is upholstered in high quality, dense padding and soft genuine Leather. Adjustable headrests create additional comfort as they can be adjusted to support your head and neck. The leather seats are quilted by the back rests and arm rests are plain creating a luxurious look. It is available in classic Black, Antique Cream and Whisper Beige real leather. You can choose either a right hand facing chaise or a left hand facing chaise in order to suit your living room. The stylish legs have a squared loop shape and are finished in polished chrome, they are easily attached by the screws supplied. The sections of the sofa are connected via a hook and slider system. Luca White Gloss Nest of Tables
Luca White High Gloss Nest of Tables £119.00

Luca White High Gloss Nest of Tables £119.00

The Luca White Gloss Nest of Tables are a useful and versatile set of coffee tables. The smaller table fits neatly underneath the larger table to maximise space in your living room. It can be used as an end table, lamp table or a small coffee table, as it is such a versatile piece of furniture. The round shaped coffee tables are finished in high quality, White High Gloss which reflects the light beautifully. Luca White Gloss Coffee Table
Luca White Gloss Coffee Table £159.00

Luca White Gloss Coffee Table £159.00

Matching the Luca White Gloss Nest of Tables is the Luca White Gloss Coffee Table. The cool coffee table has a rounded, curvy shape that adds style to your living room. It has a smooth White High Gloss finish which enables the light to be reflected around the room. This glossy Coffee Table has a length of 1200mm, width of 600mm and height of 405mm. Petra TV Stand
Petra TV Unit £219.00

Petra TV Unit £219.00

The Petra TV Stand stands out from the crowd with its unusual and funky design. The polished pedestal and round base supports the lozenge shaped TV Unit. The funky shaped TV Unit is finished in sleek White High Gloss, completing the living rooms White glossy look. It has a grey tempered glass shelf, located in the middle of the unit providing space for Av equipment or storage. The Petra TV Unit has a maximum load of 35kg.                    
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How To Care For…Different Types of Leather
August 19, 2013 at 11:51 am 0
There are many different types of leather that all have different properties and styles. We offer a wide range of furniture that is upholstered in gorgeous leather and faux leather. Take a look at our guide to looking after the different types of leather. Faux Leather
Lilly Faux Leather Dining Chair £89.00

Lilly Faux Leather Dining Chair £89.00

Faux Leather is made from synthetic materials meaning it is very durable - perfect for the domestic and commercial market. It has a similar look and feel to real leather but faux leather furniture is usually less expensive. Faux Leather can crack and split, especially if the furniture is placed in direct sunlight. All you will need to keep your faux leather furniture looking great is a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wash your faux leather with, ensuring you clean small areas at a time. You then use a dry cloth to wipe the washed areas, and you can also use a faux leather cleaner to remove specific spots. It is important to apply a protective gel to ensure the Faux Leather does not dry out. Regenerated Leather
Quad Regenerated Leather Bar Stool £94.00

Quad Regenerated Leather Bar Stool £94.00

Regenerated Leather has a completely smooth texture. This finish is produced when the leather goes through a manufacturing process that compresses the fibres. It is a popular choice for commercial markets as it is very hard wearing and strong, and a less expensive alternative to genuine leather. You must wipe down the regenerated leather furniture surface every two weeks with a damp, clean cloth and this will remove dirt that collects, but also be sure to dust the crevices and creases either with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth. It is important to clean spills whenever they occur, firstly blotting the spillage and then carefully wiping it with a damp cloth. You must not use soap or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the leather. You can also apply a leather conditioner twice a year. Aniline Leather Aniline Leather is the most natural and tactile looking leather as its unique surface has the animal hide characteristics showing. As it is very soft and has been dyed, without a pigmented surface coating, it can easily soak in stains and get dirty. You must dust the Aniline Leather furniture weekly with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. If you stain the furniture use a damp cloth to dab off any excess and do not use household cleaning products. An Aniline Leather Protection cream can be applied to protect against staining and scratching but you must read the instructions and test it before using. Semi-Aniline Leather
Davini Semi Aniline Leather Corner Sofa

Davini Semi Aniline Leather Corner Sofa £1999.00

Semi-Aniline is similar is Aniline Leather as the natural animal hide is still visible but it has a small amount of pigment in the surface coating or clear finish so shade variation can occur. This clear coating gives the soft leather extra protection and increased wearability. You must ensure that you dust the semi-aniline leather on a weekly basis and a damp cloth with a mild soapy solution can be used to remove dirt. If you spill something, use a damp cloth to dab off any excess but do not use household cleaning products. If you choose to a use a semi-aniline protection cream to add extra protection, you must read the instructions and test it before use. Soft Split Leather 
Candess Split Leather Bar Stool £386.00

Candess Split Leather Bar Stool £386.00

Split Leather refers to a piece of leather that has been split from the skin of the hide and depending on the thickness it can be separated into multiple layers. Because it has been split, the Leather is fragile so must be treated to make it hard wearing and durable. It can be designed to have a pattern embossed or buffed to create suede. Regularly you must wipe the split leather furniture with a damp cloth, starting from the top and moving downwards. You must then let it air dry and then buff it with a cloth that has been dampened by a leather cleaner. Any split leather that resembles suede must be cleaned with suede cleaner and a brush which is perfect for removing spots or stains. Generally it is important to keep all split leather furniture out of direct sunlight and heat and avoid using all purpose cleaners.        
What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?
February 19, 2013 at 3:35 pm 0
The colours you choose to wear and have in your living space say a lot about your personality and outlook on life.  Fashion may also have an impact on what shade of a colour you choose, however, most of us will unwittingly veer towards our favourite basic colours as we feel most comfortable with these around us.
Como Leather Corner Sofa

Como Leather Corner Sofa £2299.00

Black may be perceived by some as high fashion and by others as depressing and morose.  However, people who choose black as their colour of choice are often creative and sensitive.  Black can also be a ‘safe’ or classic colour - think about those favourite black trousers or LBD (little black dress) that we all own!  
Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set

Fern and Curva Extending Dining Set £749.00

White is pure and tranquil and provides the perfect blank canvas for accent colours and statement pieces.  People who choose white are often logical thinkers, well organised and dislike clutter and disorder in their lives.    
Teora Bar Stool

Teora Bar Stool £89.00

Red is a colour loved by people who like to stand out and used in their homes to create a highlight in a particular area.  Lovers of red are often spontaneous, passionate and gregarious, but they are also tenacious and determined in all they do.  
Day Dream Chair

Day Dream Chair £129.00

Blue is chosen by laid-back and easy-going types.  Blue in the home gives a feeling of tranquility, peace and harmony.  People who like blue are generally tidy and enjoy stability in their lives.      
Fern Dining Chair

Fern Dining Chair £38.00

Green is often chosen by people who are affectionate and dependable but speak their minds.  Green can be both invigorating and soothing in the home, and depending on what shade of green you choose, it can be experimental, fresh and reminiscent of nature.  
Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair

Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair £76.00

Yellow, the colour of sunshine and chosen by those with a sunny disposition.  People who like yellow enjoy learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others.  They are upbeat and happy go lucky types.  Yellow is a great colour for bathrooms and kitchens for a quick boost in the morning.    
Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool

Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool £139.00

Purple signifies an artistic and creative nature.  However, this creativity can sometimes come across to others as arrogance.  Purple in the home is sexy, romantic and sometimes moody, depending on the shade.
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New Modern White Gloss Furniture Range
November 8, 2011 at 5:35 pm 0
Have a look at our latest modern white gloss furniture range.  The high quality white gloss lacquer and quality craftsmanship is superbly complemented by mood enhancing lighting features.  The colour of the lighting can easily be changed to match your mood or other furnishings in the room. Ambient White Gloss Display Cabinet
Ambient White Gloss Display Cabinet

Ambient White Gloss Display Cabinet £799.00

This beautiful white gloss display cabinet is the perfect piece of furniture for a modern and contemporary home. There are two handy cupboards for storage at the bottom of the cabinet and a large display area at the top with glass shelves.  As you can see, lighting at the top of the cabinet and above the two cupboards really makes this cabinet stand out from the crowd. The colour of the lighting can easily be changed by remote control to match your mood or other furnishings in the room. Ambient Small White Gloss Sideboard  
Ambient Small White Gloss Sideboard

Ambient Small White Gloss Sideboard £599.00

A beautiful white gloss sideboard which is ideal for a modern living room or dining area. There are two handy cupboards at the bottom of the sideboard, along with two drawers for extra storage.  The lighting underneath the drawers really enhances the smooth sleek lines of the contemporary design of this chic sideboard.  Again, the colour of the lighting can easily be changed by remote control to match your mood or other furnishings in the room. Ambient White Gloss Dining Table and Four Chairs
Ambient White Gloss Dining Table and 4 Chairs

Ambient White Gloss Dining Table and 4 Chairs £1199.00

This eye-catching modern dining set is the perfect centre-piece for any contemporary dining area. The stylish white gloss dining table is accompanied by four elegant dining chairs, which have a white gloss finished frame and slatted back, with a tactile black faux leather seat.  Coloured light in the centre of the dining table, provided by an LED with a rechargeable battery with at least 8 hours' life, makes this dining set unique. Ambient White Gloss Extending Kitchen Table
Ambient White Gloss Extending Kitchen Table

Ambient White Gloss Extending Kitchen Table £749.00

A modern square table which can seat up to 4 people when unextended which is the perfect size for most modern kitchens.  If more seating space is required, the square top can be easily flipped and extended into a rectangular top to seat up to 6 people. The top extends from 900mm square to 1800mm x 900mm.
General News
Free Delivery on Orders Over £100 During November
November 8, 2011 at 2:47 pm 0
Free Delivery for November

Free Delivery for November

Take advantage of our fantastic Free Delivery Offer. For the month of November, *Free Delivery (worth £19.95) will be given at check-out on all orders over £100 placed during November 2011 to addresses within Mainland UK. Here are some of our in-stock items, ready for fast despatch. Take a look at our website to see our full range.
Oak Bar Stool

Oak Bar Stool £68.00

Elise Bar Stool

Elise Bar Stool £79.00

Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool

Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool £99.00

Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool

Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool £119.00

Fondi Brushed Metal Gas Lift Bar Stool

Fondi Brushed Metal Gas Lift Bar Stool

Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool

Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool £149.00

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Choosing a dining room chair: the Danetti guide
March 15, 2010 at 2:22 pm 0
Choosing dining room chairs can be a tricky business. Here at Danetti, we want to help you find something that is both stylish and functional. You need dining chairs which are comfortable, hard-wearing, attractive, and that co-ordinate with the rest of your furniture and your interior style. If you have a small home then you may also want your dining chairs to be stackable. To make sure you don't make a purchasing faux pas, follow our 10 point guide to choosing the best chairs for your dining space: 1. Think about the style. If you have a contemporary home interior then you need chairs that are going to fit in. Plain, minimalist designs, perhaps with chrome and leather, will work well in a contemporary setting. Cutting edge design will make your home seem more expensive.
Coloured dining chairs

Hard-wearing dining chairs

2. Think about the material. Just in case the red wine bottle spills, it is best to have dining chairs that are serviceable. Wooden or plastic dining chairs are great because they can simply be wiped clean and will not mark. Leather or faux leather dining chairs are also very hard-wearing, and can be cleaned with special products. 3. How many chairs do you need? If you have a small dining room table then you may just want two or four dining chairs to go around it. In this case, you can afford to make a bit of a statement with bold design and striking colour. However, if you have a very large dining room table then you will need to buy perhaps 10 or 12 dining room chairs, and you may want to keep the look simple and uncluttered by choosing a minimalist style of chair. 4. Who will be using them? If you are a young couple and you want dining chairs for your friends when they come for dinner parties, then the dining chairs can be very design-led and your decision mainly based on how the chairs look. If you expect to have older guests who need a comfortable seat, then you may want to buy chairs with arm rests and high back, which are great for support.
Match dining chairs with dining table

Match dining chairs with your dining table

5. What dining table do you have? Mis-matching tables and chairs can really ruin the look of your dining area. You need to make sure that the seats are a good height for sitting at the table, and that the materials are matching or complimentary. A glass and chrome table, for example, can look very harmonious with a leather and chrome dining chair. Ask Danetti if you want advice and suggestions about which chairs go well with which tables. We'll be happy to help. 6. Are you planning on open-plan living? If you're creating a kitchen-dining or a living-room-dining space, then you will need to take into account the furniture you have in the other parts of the room. What colour and style is your kitchen? What material is your sofa made from, what is the flooring like? At Danetti we have such a huge range of dining chairs that you're sure to find something that will fit in. 7. Plan your budget. Quality dining chairs can be a good investment - the last thing you want is for the chairs to become wobbly or unstable for people to sit on. We normally recommend that you spend at least £50 per chair, and often the more you pay, the more you get, in terms of design and quality. Remember at Danetti there is a 2-year guarantee on all products so  you know you are buying furniture that will last, whatever your budget. 8. Do you need more space? Stackable dining chairs are a great option for people living in small homes, because the chairs can be neatly stacked in the dining room, or in another room, until you have guests to stay. For many people only 2, 3 or 4 chairs are needed regularly and the others only now and then.
Dining chairs in bright colours

Danetti's dining chairs come in many colours

9. What colour do you fancy? Danetti's dining chairs come in a huge variety of colours - many styles are available in red, green, blue, purple, orange, and tens of other colours, plus the popular black, white and brown. You can pick your dining chair colour to co-ordinate with your soft furnishings, or even to provide a 'pop' of accent colour in a very plain and minimalist scheme. 10. Do you need the chairs to be multi-purpose? If you buy dining chairs in neutral colours, or colours that tone in with the rest of your home, then you can easily use them in hallways, bedrooms, even studies, when you're not using them at the table. This can both save you money and mean that you don't have an excess of furniture clogging up your home.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Now you have your checklist, take a look at Danetti's full range of dining chairs ...

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Choosing The Right Dining Furniture
September 5, 2008 at 1:34 pm 0
With good food, good company and comfortable furniture, I'm sure that we all would agree the most important and enjoyable part of the day is sitting down to dine, whether it be with family or friends. Finding a dining table and dining chairs that can fit well in your dining space can be challenging.

So Here is our Danetti Guide To Choosing The Right Dining Furniture

  1. Measure The Space

    Measure the dining area, there should be at least a 900mm gap between the wall and the edge of the dining table. This ensures that the chairs will sit comfortably under the table and that the chairs are easy to pull out.
  2. Consider Who Will Be Using The Space

    When sitting down to dine, the last thing you want is to be knocking elbows with the person next to you, so always think about the space and how it is going to be used. If you will use the area for family dining then a 4-8 seater dining table can be sufficient enough but if you hold frequent dinner parties then opt for a larger dining table seating over 8 people. If you only entertain large groups on an occasional basis, consider buying a smaller table that can expand. Ideally, the dining table should measure 900mm inches across. Narrower than that leaves no place in the middle for food; wider than that makes conversation difficult with the person seated opposite you.
  3. Choose Chairs That Compliment Your Table

    As being a formal occasion, choose a dining chair that has similar design elements to the table to create symmetry. Advisably match the legs of the table and of the chair.
  4. The Chair Must Be Comfortable

    We recommend a choosing a dining chair that is 435 mm wide as a standard size and at least 400mm deep. Obviously if you have a larger space and have opted for a bigger table then this can be increased. Dining chairs that are under these dimensions should be avoided as they cannot offer enough support.
Now you should be able to create the perfect dining experience!