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How to Mix and Match Your Dining Room Furniture: The Mismatched Look
April 21, 2016 at 4:20 pm 0
Mix and match dining setting At a first glance mix and match furniture may look like a totally random selection. However, it’s actually a much more considered design set up than just throwing any old pieces together. After all, you don’t want your dining space looking like your old student digs or your first flat, where non-matching furniture was more of a necessity than a lifestyle choice! When done correctly, mixing your dining chairs is a great way to create a unique look in your dining area. We’ve put together our own definitive guide to offer you style tips for pulling off a mix and match dining set. We also have tons of dining room decorating ideas, so you'll be creating this very on-trend mix and match look in no time!  

Same Colour Dining Chair, Different Design:

By keeping the colour of your dining chairs the same, you are able to keep the coordination. You're also able to have some fun with the shape, style and size of the chairs you choose.  

Mix and Match Same Design Dining Chair, Different Colour:

One of the easiest mixed dining chairs design ideas is having the same shape and style of dining chair but in a variety of complementary colours. This is because there is still consistency from the design of the chairs, but you can really get creative with which colour combinations you choose. Opt for two tones or a neutral palette for a more subtle take on this look.
Mix and match dining set: Arc Oak and White Gloss and Senn Colourful Dining Set Danetti

Mixing bold chair colours against tactile wooden and gloss surfaces is a fun take on the mix and match look. Not to mention the gorgeous look of the close up and detailing.


Same Material Dining Chair, Different Design:

This look is ideal if you have a particular material choice in mind but still want mix things up. The key to pulling off this mismatched dining setting is to stick with just one material finish but in different chair styles. We’ve opted for real leather but you can choose any material that best suits your space. It’s a good idea to stick to one colour when opting for this mismatched look. This is so that there aren't too many points of difference. All of our leather chairs come in the same palette creating plenty of potential to coordinate different designs of chair.   

Play With The Height Of Chairs and Bar Stools:

Okay, so a bar stool isn’t technically a dining chair but we had to include this mix and match dining setting. Having different heights in your dining space, such as bar stools at a breakfast bar, will help to create a nice visual balance in the space. We’ve kept elements the same such as the wire leg frame of both the Eames chairs and of the Anzio bar stools, as it is a contemporary coordinating feature that helps to tie the whole look together. If you want to have an even more coordinated look throughout your space, you might want to consider something like an Eames Style Bar Stool, as they have similar styling on the base and the seat mirrors the continuous curve of the Eames chair.
Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool Danetti

You can also mix the colours of the bar stool seats, like we've styled here with the Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stools in mulberry purple, white and black £132

Mixing The Traditional With Modern:

When mixing traditional with modern pieces, less really is more. Try not to have too many different styles of chair as this can make the space look jumbled rather than styled. We’ve selected a seat similar to the Eames Dining Armchair, called the Finn Dining Armchair, as its iconic design means it will always look on trend and up to date. To add a traditional spin, we’ve chosen the tactile oak frame finish of the Scandi style Senn Oak and White Dining Chair, which also helps to add a touch a warmth. The white finish of both of the seats helps to tie the whole look together. When selecting a table for this look, we’d suggest something with glass and chrome accents, like the Tiva Small Glass Dining Table or Naro Round Glass 4 Seater Table. The transparency of the glass would let the chairs be the ‘star of the show’ while the chrome accents would give the set a truly modern edge. If you’re really inspired by this timeless look, we definitely recommend taking a look at our “How to Add a Modern Edge to a Traditional Home” blog post (after you’ve finished reading this one of course), which offers an array of style inspiration for creating this look throughout your home.    

Different Details:

Mix and match furniture can create a very impactful setting. However, there are ways around this if you’d like to have a more subtle take on this statement look but still with some level of variation. Changing just one element or detail of your chair selection keeps the coordination but breaks up the palette for a mini mixed look.

Tactile Textures:

When mixing textures, we suggest keeping the shape and style of your dining chairs as similar as you can. This is so all the style impact from this look comes from your choice of mixed of materials. Whether it’s wood with chrome or fabric and faux leather, like we’ve opted for with our Riva and Tori chairs, having a mix of textures in your dining area will create a tactile and very contemporary vibe, with the added benefit of getting to have such a range of gorgeous material finishes in your home! Both of our Tori and Riva chairs are stackable seats, so they are great space savers. This makes the chairs ideal for storing away and then getting out again when you have guests round for dinner.    

Same Style Dining Chair Different Design:

This dining room design is another subtle take on the mix and match look. By keeping the style the same but having a slightly different design of chair, you are able to mix things up just enough so there is a stylish visual impact, without the look becoming too overpowering in your dining space. A great way to do this is to place dining armchairs at the each end of the table. This not only mixes things up a bit, but it creates a really neat and uniform modern dining room. There's also two extra comfy seats at the end of the table for your favourite people. This style of chair is definitely something to consider if you want to comfortably sit around your table chatting, long after the dinner plates have been cleared away! Have we inspired you to give the mix and match look a try in your dining area? Let us know your favourite style in the comments, alongside any stylish set ups you already have in your home! :)
Coffee Tables
Top 10 Coffee Tables Under £200
August 20, 2013 at 2:09 pm 0
Here is our guide to our Top 10 Coffee Tables priced under £200. These modern coffee tables have fantastic style but they do not break the bank! We offer a wide selection of contemporary Coffee Tables, in a range of styles and finishes, this means that there is one to suit every living room. Luna Black Glass Coffee Table
Luna Black Glass Coffee Table £89.00

Luna Black Glass Coffee Table £89.00

The Luna Coffee Table is beautiful and eye catching, perfect for a modern living room. The table top is made from sleek Black Glass which has a triangular shape with curved corners, creating an unusual shape. The table top is made from safety glass to ensure durability and strength which is 8mm thick. The three slim chrome legs have a funky, unique design to create an overall simple but elegant coffee table.     Assi White Gloss Coffee Table
Assi White Gloss Coffee Table £89.00

Assi White Gloss Coffee Table £89.00

The Assi White Gloss Coffee Table has cool, trendy brushed metal legs, which are angled to create a retro design. Sitting on these funky brushed metal legs is a stylish White Gloss Table top. It has a triangular pebble shape with chamfered edges and slim profile. It is also available with a Walnut Veneer or Matt Black table top - ideal for a modern living space.   Luca White Gloss Coffee Table
Luca White Gloss Coffee Table £159.00

Luca White Gloss Coffee Table £159.00

The Luca Coffee Table has trendy curves, ideal for stylish living rooms. It has a cool White Gloss finish that reflects the light perfectly, creating a light and airy feel. The rounded corners and chunky legs complete the glossy look ensuring this coffee table is eye catching. Pair it with the Luca Nest of Tables to complete the White Gloss look in your living space.   Solero Clear Glass Nest of Tables
Solero Clear Glass Nest of Tables £139.00

Solero Clear Glass Nest of Tables £139.00

The Solero Nest of Tables has three modern tables of different sizes that nest inside each other. The tables have sleek clear glass tops that reflect the light beautifully but are also sturdy and strong. The clear glass tops are set upon rectangular chrome loop legs, creating an elegant and stylish set. These handy side tables will add style to your living area without taking up a lot of space!   Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table
Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table £139.00

Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table £139.00

The Naturale Solid Washed Oak Side Table is part of our fantastic range of Naturale Washed Oak Furniture. The timber used has been hand chosen, carefully kiln dried and aired in order to preserve and enhance the natural wood grain. It has then been given a white wash to create a contemporary look. The chunky square side table is ideal for a living room as it can be used as a small coffee table, lamp table or end table.       Emilia White Oak Lamp Table
Emilia White Oak Lamp Table £139.00

Emilia White Oak Lamp Table £139.00

The Emilia White Oak Lamp Table is the perfect size to be used as a side table or an end table in your stylish living room. The White Oak Veneer is light and eye catching as the warm oak grain shows through. Underneath the stylish White Oak table top is a storage or display area. This area is finished in Light Grey Oak to create a funky contrast. There is also a larger Emilia White Oak Coffee Table available.   Velenza Matt White Coffee Table
Velenza White Matt Coffee Table  £159.00

Velenza White Matt Coffee Table £159.00

The Velenza Coffee Table is a contemporary round occasional table which can be used as a center piece or a lamp table. It is finished in high quality matt white lacquer which is an alternative to white high gloss. There are two hidden storage compartments within the Velenza meaning this coffee table is the perfect storage solution as it can hide away newspapers, magazines or remote controls. To access these storage compartments, you simply twist the sections.   Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table
Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table £169.00

Nuvola White Oak Coffee Table £169.00

The stylish Nuvola Coffee Table is part of the exclusive Danetti Nuvola White Oak Range. The coffee table is finished in stylish White Oak Veneer which is sure to brighten up your room whilst creating a warm look. The simple design has two useful storage insets which are perfect for storing your belongings or displaying ornaments - ideal for a living room. This coffee table is both eye catching and useful.       Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table
Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table £199.00

Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table £199.00

The Aria Small Espresso Dark Wood Coffee End Table is so flexible as it can be used as a small coffee table, end table or lamp table - it's up to you! The rich dark wood square top sits upon two legs that are made from 12mm clear safety glass. The glass has been tested for strength and has also been certified to BS6206. One of the legs is positioned width wise at one end and the other runs length wise creating extra interest but fantastic support.  This coffee table is available with an alternative White Oak top.          
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How To Care For…Different Types of Leather
August 19, 2013 at 11:51 am 0
There are many different types of leather that all have different properties and styles. We offer a wide range of furniture that is upholstered in gorgeous leather and faux leather. Take a look at our guide to looking after the different types of leather. Faux Leather
Lilly Faux Leather Dining Chair £89.00

Lilly Faux Leather Dining Chair £89.00

Faux Leather is made from synthetic materials meaning it is very durable - perfect for the domestic and commercial market. It has a similar look and feel to real leather but faux leather furniture is usually less expensive. Faux Leather can crack and split, especially if the furniture is placed in direct sunlight. All you will need to keep your faux leather furniture looking great is a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wash your faux leather with, ensuring you clean small areas at a time. You then use a dry cloth to wipe the washed areas, and you can also use a faux leather cleaner to remove specific spots. It is important to apply a protective gel to ensure the Faux Leather does not dry out. Regenerated Leather
Quad Regenerated Leather Bar Stool £94.00

Quad Regenerated Leather Bar Stool £94.00

Regenerated Leather has a completely smooth texture. This finish is produced when the leather goes through a manufacturing process that compresses the fibres. It is a popular choice for commercial markets as it is very hard wearing and strong, and a less expensive alternative to genuine leather. You must wipe down the regenerated leather furniture surface every two weeks with a damp, clean cloth and this will remove dirt that collects, but also be sure to dust the crevices and creases either with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth. It is important to clean spills whenever they occur, firstly blotting the spillage and then carefully wiping it with a damp cloth. You must not use soap or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the leather. You can also apply a leather conditioner twice a year. Aniline Leather Aniline Leather is the most natural and tactile looking leather as its unique surface has the animal hide characteristics showing. As it is very soft and has been dyed, without a pigmented surface coating, it can easily soak in stains and get dirty. You must dust the Aniline Leather furniture weekly with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. If you stain the furniture use a damp cloth to dab off any excess and do not use household cleaning products. An Aniline Leather Protection cream can be applied to protect against staining and scratching but you must read the instructions and test it before using. Semi-Aniline Leather
Davini Semi Aniline Leather Corner Sofa

Davini Semi Aniline Leather Corner Sofa £1999.00

Semi-Aniline is similar is Aniline Leather as the natural animal hide is still visible but it has a small amount of pigment in the surface coating or clear finish so shade variation can occur. This clear coating gives the soft leather extra protection and increased wearability. You must ensure that you dust the semi-aniline leather on a weekly basis and a damp cloth with a mild soapy solution can be used to remove dirt. If you spill something, use a damp cloth to dab off any excess but do not use household cleaning products. If you choose to a use a semi-aniline protection cream to add extra protection, you must read the instructions and test it before use. Soft Split Leather 
Candess Split Leather Bar Stool £386.00

Candess Split Leather Bar Stool £386.00

Split Leather refers to a piece of leather that has been split from the skin of the hide and depending on the thickness it can be separated into multiple layers. Because it has been split, the Leather is fragile so must be treated to make it hard wearing and durable. It can be designed to have a pattern embossed or buffed to create suede. Regularly you must wipe the split leather furniture with a damp cloth, starting from the top and moving downwards. You must then let it air dry and then buff it with a cloth that has been dampened by a leather cleaner. Any split leather that resembles suede must be cleaned with suede cleaner and a brush which is perfect for removing spots or stains. Generally it is important to keep all split leather furniture out of direct sunlight and heat and avoid using all purpose cleaners.        
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How to…Care for Glass Tables
August 13, 2013 at 9:52 am 0
We offer a wide selection of modern glass dining tables with gorgeous glass features like the Stylish Aria Espresso Dark Wood and Glass Dining Table and the contemporary Tiva Large Glass and Chrome Dining Table.  Here is a quick guide to caring for your glass table to keep it clean and shiny.
Naro Round Glass 4 Seater Table

Naro Round Glass 4 Seater Table £139.00

Although all of the Glass we use in our furniture is certified to the BS6206 which ensures strength and durability, Glass is still extremely fragile and easily damaged.  If it's a coffee table or dining table, you should use coasters and place mats to reduce the risk of marks and spillages on the glass table top.  It also best to avoid putting heavy items on the glass as it could get chipped or broken. It is important to clean a glass surface regularly, and you can do this by using a mild detergent mixed with warm water.  It is recommended that you do this every time you have used the table to ensure it continues to look new.  After you have cleaned the surface, buff the surface with a dry cotton cloth and this will leave the surface shiny.
Aria Small White Oak Coffee End Table

Aria Small White Oak Coffee End Table £199.00

If spillages aren't cleaned up in time, they can become grimy and difficult to remove.  To clean this grime, mix baking soda and white vinegar with warm water to create a cleaning solution.  Spray the liquid onto the problem area, leave it for a few hours and it should then be easily wiped off! Our Top Tips:
  1. Use coasters or place mats to reduce the risk of spillages and marks
  2. Avoid putting heavy items on to the glass
  3. Regularly use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to wipe the surface
  4. Buff the surface with a dry cotton cloth
  5. Mix baking soda and white vinegar with warm water to remove grime
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How to…Care for High Gloss Furniture
August 5, 2013 at 11:46 am 0
Need some advice on looking after your High Gloss Furniture? Here are our top tips to keep your High Gloss Furniture looking brand new! All you will need is a feather duster, soft microfibre cloths, a spray bottle filled with clean water.
Fern White High Gloss Kitchen Table

Fern White High Gloss Kitchen Table £99.00

On a daily basis you can wipe over the High Gloss furniture with a feather duster to remove any dust that might accumulate throughout the day. To remove finger marks or sticky patches, you should use the microfibre cloth with a touch of soapy water and 'buff' away the fingermarks and patches. Ensure that you don't apply too much pressure when cleaning the surfaces as they can easily be damaged.
Assi White Gloss Sideboard

Assi White High Gloss Sideboard £396.00

If you spill any food or drink on your High Gloss Furniture, it is recommended that you wipe it away immediately. This is because the Lacquer Paint could become stained by the spilled substance. But if this isn't possible, use a microfibre cloth with some soapy water and it should easily wipe right off. After you have cleaned your High Gloss Furniture you can use a dry microfibre cloth to buff away the water to create a beautiful shine. Overall:
  1. Use a feather duster to remove day to day dust
  2. Microfibre cloth with water removes finger prints or sticky patches
  3. Make sure that you do not use chemical cleaners
  4. Wipe up food or drink spillages immediately
  5. Dry microfibre cloth to buff away excess water
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Social and Commercial Dining – The Rules
September 5, 2008 at 4:09 pm 0
You've found the perfect dining table and chairs, the dining room table looks every inch an extract from one of those good home magazines, and the candles add the final touch, creating the right mood for your dinner party. Guests arrive and are met by a canapé and wine reception, when everyone is gathered; you guide your guests to the dining table..from then on in it all goes horribly wrong. There is not enough space around the table for guests to pull out and get under it, eventually they manage but your guests now resemble sardines rather then the magazine extract you had planned. This could have been avoided if we had just followed the 'Rules of Dining'. Now obviously these are not strict guidelines, they bare room for a little flexibility, for instance to squeeze in that extra person who didn't RSVP, so you had no idea they were coming, but they are guidelines all the same, to help you achieve the most from your dining experience. Choosing the Right table: - The table should be 750mm in height, allowing room from the slightest to the most robust guest. So chairs should be around 450mm high at the seat. Choose Numbers: - Each diner requires 600 mm to eat comfortably, whilst leaving 100mm between each person to avoid any stray elbows landing in soups. For four persons dining, a square/circular dining table is ideal for creating the right level of dining intimacy and gives enough room for all. For six plus , you should look at rectangular tables, the standard length of these dining tables is 1200 mm, many come with folding leaves so are easily extending to fit all guests comfortably. We suggest the Innocence Dining Table for four diners and the Lenda Classic Dining Table for six diners or more. Choose the Area: - You will need to keep at least 600mm free space around your dining room table to allow easy access in and out. So for a square dining table measuring 1200mm x 1200mm, a space of 3600 mm sq is required. Commercial Dining Every restaurateur knows the importance of a restaurant layout and you only get one chance to get it right. There are many important factors to consider but top of the list is - layout. It is crucial to get the right spacing, leaving enough room for your waitress to manoeuvre comfortably for both them and diners, around the dining tables and to and from the kitchen. The space needed around the tables is slightly more than standard dining, this is to allow for the flow of traffic between the tables and give each tables its own level of privacy. The distance around each table should be 900mm for comfortable dining. Which Table to serve what? : - Dependant on which cuisine style your restaurant is serving, will be a deciding factor on the different level of space required by individual diners, a diner in a coffee shop requires less room than someone in a restaurant having a three course meal.
Colour Theory
September 5, 2008 at 2:39 pm 0

Complementary Colours

Complementary colours are colours found on opposite side of the colour wheel. The Primary colours complementary colour is a combination of the other two Primary's mixed together, for example:

Complementary Colours

Complementary Colours

Red complements Green - which is created through mixing blue and yellow

Blue complements Orange - which is created through mixing red and yellow

Yellow complements Purple - which is created through mixing blue and red

Complementary colours are important to recognise because if they are placed in a room next door to each other they will make the other seem brighter, creating the most contrast.

This can be exploited in your rooms, if you feel confident enough, or it can be a useful tip to know in order to avoid problems


Monochrome meaning one colour. However, you can include different tones of the same colour to stop the scheme seeming to monotonous. For example; should you choose the colour black, any of the different tones desaturating all the way up to white can be used, so this would include the whole grey tonal range (as long as it was exempt of all other colour).

Another way to add interest to a room when using a monochromatic theme is to introduce a variety of textures in that colour.

Analogous Colours

Analogous Colours are a collection of colours found adjacent to each other in the colour wheel, one of which is normally a primary colour (red, yellow or blue).

Analogous Colours

Analogous Colours

When using an analogous range of colours, one is normally dominant while the others can be varied in intensity to create a myriad of different variations. Tip : If you are having problems putting colours together, look to nature. Everything in nature has perfect harmony and balance, you will never go to wrong if you use that as a basis for choosing your colours.

Split Complementary

Split Complementary is a variation of the complementary colours, except this uses one of the complementary colours and the two colours adjacent to the opposite complementary.
Split Complementary Colours

Split Complementary Colours

For example : yellow and purple blue and purple red (as above) This provides similar colour contrast to the standard complementary colours but without the tension. This could be a more viable option in comparison with the complementary colours as you can still achieve a high contrast, but with a smaller chance of creating major issues. Its always worth remembering that these colours should not be used in equal measure and to their full saturation. To get the best effect one should be most dominant and they should range in saturation/brightness.

Triadic Colours

Triadic Colours are three that are equal distance around the 12 segment colour wheel.
Triadic Colours

Triadic Colours

For example : yellow orange and blue green and red purple (as seen above) With this scheme one colour is normally used as a dominant, whilst the other two are accent colours. These trios of colour are considered to be more harmonious and balanced than the complementary colours and are a popular choice amongst artists. Again once the main colour is chosen it should feature the most in the room with the other two colours used sparsely, like on cushions, a vase, a rug etc. Tip : By using accessories to display the accent colours it also means should you want to update later on, you can easily replace them to give the room a whole new feel, providing not only a cheap option but a quick one to.
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Choosing The Right Dining Furniture
September 5, 2008 at 1:34 pm 0
With good food, good company and comfortable furniture, I'm sure that we all would agree the most important and enjoyable part of the day is sitting down to dine, whether it be with family or friends. Finding a dining table and dining chairs that can fit well in your dining space can be challenging.

So Here is our Danetti Guide To Choosing The Right Dining Furniture

  1. Measure The Space

    Measure the dining area, there should be at least a 900mm gap between the wall and the edge of the dining table. This ensures that the chairs will sit comfortably under the table and that the chairs are easy to pull out.
  2. Consider Who Will Be Using The Space

    When sitting down to dine, the last thing you want is to be knocking elbows with the person next to you, so always think about the space and how it is going to be used. If you will use the area for family dining then a 4-8 seater dining table can be sufficient enough but if you hold frequent dinner parties then opt for a larger dining table seating over 8 people. If you only entertain large groups on an occasional basis, consider buying a smaller table that can expand. Ideally, the dining table should measure 900mm inches across. Narrower than that leaves no place in the middle for food; wider than that makes conversation difficult with the person seated opposite you.
  3. Choose Chairs That Compliment Your Table

    As being a formal occasion, choose a dining chair that has similar design elements to the table to create symmetry. Advisably match the legs of the table and of the chair.
  4. The Chair Must Be Comfortable

    We recommend a choosing a dining chair that is 435 mm wide as a standard size and at least 400mm deep. Obviously if you have a larger space and have opted for a bigger table then this can be increased. Dining chairs that are under these dimensions should be avoided as they cannot offer enough support.
Now you should be able to create the perfect dining experience!