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How to Use Colour in your Home: Mulberry Purple
October 27, 2017 at 4:04 pm 0

Previously we have explored the colour trend of using Oak & Blue together in our Dining Room (If you missed it, you can read all about it right here). This week we are going to mix things up a bit and look at a braver colour combination: Aqua and Mulberry Purple! 

  Mulberry Purple and Aqua Moodboard   Over the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of dark colours in our homes, and this is one interior design trend that does not look like it's slowing anytime soon! Now is the time to update your look with rich, autumnal tones. We're talking deep mulberry purples and asphalt greys teamed with a refreshing aqua. Well, you don't want your home feeling too dark now the nights are drawing in! 

Colour Trend 1: Deep Purple

Let's start off with the ever popular Jewel Colours. Dominating the pages of your favourite Interior Magazine this is actually a really easy trend to pull off.  You just need the confidence to do so! Coloured Dining Chairs are a great way to bring this trend to life as they add a punch of colour and attitude to any space, without creating huge house renovations.


Fern & Stylo Dining Set

Fern Grey Gloss and Stylo Extending Dining Set, £595

This room is subtle, white and very airy, but by dropping in a hint of Mulberry Purple we bring depth and mood to the space. Our Fern Dining Table in Grey Gloss balances out the deep Purple tones, but also reflects the colour around the room. Instant colour coordination and a bang on trend dining area! Introduce Jewel tones like Sapphire and Emerald into your accessories to create a harmonious, colourful look. 

  Danni white Leather Dining Chair

Danni Dining Chair, £169


However, if you want a more dramatic dining room decorating trend, choose a Mulberry Colour Paint for your walls such as Abigail Ahern’s “Bleecker”. This is a very deep shade of purple which reflects light beautifully. Whether you paint just a feature wall or go all out and paint the walls, ceiling, skirting and door frames too, you will not be disappointed!

Get the Look:

Fern Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table, £399

Stylo Dining Chair in Mulberry Purple, £49

Stylo Dining Chair in Aqua, £49

Abigail Ahern Paint in Bleecker

Anzio Bar Stool in Mulberry Purple, £95

Colour Trend 2 : Colourful Scandi Style

Potentially the biggest Interior Design trend around is the light, airy and minimalist Scandi style. Typically this colour trend is a subtle palette of whites, neutrals and warm textures like chunky knits and naked woods. That's not to say it can't be colourful though! So, by reversing the volume of colour in this pallet and using just a hint of Mulberry Purple, we've create a very different look. 

Metro White Gloss & Finn Dining Set, £595

The wooden base of the Finn Dining Chair complements the Scandi look perfectly, while the Metro White Gloss Dining Table adds contrast and interest. By styling with coloured glass and sheepskin rugs, we were able to create a warm, inviting, coloured Scandi destination which is achievable in all existing Kitchens or Dining Rooms. Share the colour across your Dining Chairs and Bar Stools for a perfectly coordinated style.

Get the Look:

Metro Extending Dining Table in white Gloss

Metro White Gloss Extending Dining Table, £399

Mulberry Purple Finn Dining ArmchairFinn Dining Armchair in Mulberry Purple, £59

  Finn Barstool

Finn Barstool in Aqua, £89

Eve Compact Frosted Glass Sideboard in Grey

Eve Compact Grey Gloss Sideboard, £369

Colour Trend 3: Modern Metallic

Take a look at this: by integrating the Stylo Dining Chair in Aqua, we were able to really lift the room and create a lighter and more refreshing colour scheme for a kitchen that's still in keeping with our Jewel Tone trend. The reason this colour combination works so well is that Aqua and Purple are opposite each other on the colour wheel. This makes them complementary colours. By deepening the Purple and lightening the Aqua this typically vivid colour combination becomes subtle, stylish, and oh so easy on the eye!


Tiva & Stylo 6 to 8 Seater Dining Set, £539


The Chrome Leg of our Stylo Dining Chair helps to keep the room modern, while the combination of Aqua, Purple and White keep it playful. Keep accessories metallic and sleek for a modern contemporary dining room. For a Traditional Family Kitchen, try bright and bold accessories. However, if you're feeling adventurous why not add in a colourful print or even a printed wallpaper? We can’t get enough of the Prism wallpaper by Cole & Sons.

Get the Look:


Tiva 6 Seater Dining Table, £299

Aqua Stylo Dining Armchair, £55 

Mulberry Purple Stylo Dining Chair, £49 

White Stylo Dining Chair, £49 

Prism Wall Paper, Cole & Sons

So to conclude...

Hopefully, you now know what to do to embrace this colour combination and will show us your lovely pictures! If this colour combo isn't quite your cup of tea, luckily with our dining sets you can choose whatever colour combination you like. Go all one colour or mix and match your dining chairs, it's up to you. Just remember these tips:

  • When picking colour combinations, try using a colour wheel. Aqua and Mulberry Purple are opposites on the colour wheel, making them complementary colours and a very visually stimulating combination. Want a more subtle colour combination? Choose colours which are neighbouring. These could be Aquas, Blues and Greens to create a very relaxing and tranquil setting.
  • Play around with the volume of colour you use. Maybe stick to a darker colour on your walls and keep furniture and accessories light. Or opt for neutral walls and floors and keep your chairs and styling bold!
  • For a Modern look, use metallics, chrome and gloss finishes. For a scandi look, work with textures, neutrals and mix and match!
  • Adding a printed wall paper or dramatic colours to your walls will instantly change the look of a room. Rich, inky tones are very 'in' at the moment, so experiment with colours. Just remember to use tester pots on more than 1 wall. That way you can get a feel for the colour in different light and shade. What works opposite a window may look much different around the window itself!

Stay tuned for the next 'How to use Colour in your Home". In the meantime, share with us the colours you have chosen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #mydanetti!!

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Our Stylists Top 10 SALE Picks
April 13, 2017 at 9:43 am 0

Have you checked out our SALE yet? No? Well you'd best be quick. With up to 50% off and new lines added its selling fast! Plus until Monday 17th April 2017 you can get an EXTRA 10% OFF too!

  With so much amazing product and such great deals to have its hard to pick a few pieces, right? Well I have chosen my Top 10 Best Sale Picks. Whether you're after a new Dining Set, or a living room makeover with new Coffee Tables and Consoles.  As much as we would all love to refresh our homes bi-yearly, its not all that practical. So, here are 5 quick and easy home updates for under £100!  

Top 5 Easy Updates under £100


1. Lime Riva Stackable Dining Chair


Riva Stackable dining Chair, Now £49, Was £64

Eve White Frosted Glass & Riva Extending Dining Set, Was £745, Now From £693

  The Riva Stackable Dining Chair is a personal favourite of mine. Greenery was announced as Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017, and the Lime Riva sits into this category perfectly. While lime green may not be a common choice for a dining chair, adding a splash of colour will lift and update a room instantly. Why not go for a colour clash look and mix up with pops of tangerine, fuchsia and teal? Or maybe keep monochromatic with just a dash of Lime? And at just £39 its an absolute steal! Also, the best thing about the Riva is these chairs are stackable... So you can stack 'em up when not in use! A perfect summer alternative to create you own personal Greenery Paradise!  

2. Eva Console Table


Eva Aqua Console Table, Was £219, Now £99

White Eva Console Table, Was £219, Now £99

Taupe Eva Console Table, Was £219, Now £99

  First of all, who can resist a console table? With their compact, thin silhouette, Console Tables are the perfect addition to any hallway or alcove. I've even been known to use a console table as a dressing table too! (These little space saves are so versatile!) Due to the Gloss finish and curvaceous leg, our Eva Console is a modern update of a classic carpentry design. In addition to these unique details, the Eva is available in White, Aqua and Taupe gloss... And at just £99 who can resist this little beauty! Seems like you have a new favourite..? And why not- Console tables are great and a super easy way to add style and substance to any room!  

3. Eva Coffee Table

  White Gloss Eva Coffee Table Danetti

White Gloss Eva Coffee Table, Was £159, Now £69

Taupe Gloss Eva Coffee Table, Was £159, Now £69

Aqua Gloss Eva Coffee Table, Was £149, Now £49


Probably want something to go with that Eva Console table, right? Maybe treat yourself to a set and get the Eva Coffee Table too! Available in Taupe, White and Aqua gloss. Same as the console tables, this is the perfect pairing for any living room. Since you can get up to £100 off PLUS 10% off that in our sale, you're looking at a new set from £134! Just don't forget this is a limited time offer and expires midnight Monday 17th April 2017.

Because Eva is available in 3 colours, all of which compliment each other wonderfully, maybe try mixing up the finishes?  In conclusion, the Eva Coffee Tables are a perfect home update for under £100!


4. Senn Dining Chair in Poppy Red


Poppy Red Senn Dining Chair, Was £36, Now £29

Senn Detail

Arc & Senn Colourful 4 Seater Dining Set, From £365


We all love a bit of red. Possibly the most used colour in our Kitchens? Thats why I have picked the Poppy Red Senn Dining Chair as one of my top sale picks. Not only is it an absolute steal at just £29, but it is also stylish, versatile and perfect for families. Either keep all your dining chairs red, or mix and match as with our colourful Senn and Arc dining set.

Since the bright red is such an eye catching colour, you could even use the Senn Chair as a stand alone piece? Maybe position in an entrance way, or keep in the bedroom as a useful (definitely not for throwing clothes on) statement piece. This is probably one of my favourite pieces from the sale... but thats just me!


5. Penny Coffee Tables


Grey Penny Coffee Table, Was £109, Now £89

Yellow Penny Coffee Table, Was £109, Now £89

White Penny Coffee Table, Was £109, Now £89


Because we all know Scandi living is winning the interior design trends at the moment, our Penny Coffee Tables are the perfect piece for this style. The Slim Oak leg and either white, grey or, my favourite, yellow tops can slide easily into any existing living room.

Keep styling to a minimal if you want to create a Hygee inspired home. Think candles, house plants and heavy textures. Otherwise, try styling with metallics to reflect off the soft matt satin finish. Most of all, the Pebble Coffee Tables are only £89! Bargain.


So, there you have 5 (maybe more..) of my top sale picks under £100. But thats not everything! Head over to the sale page on our site for more great deals under £100! And make sure you don't forget you can get an extra 10% off until midnight on Monday 17th April 2017.

In addition to the above style steals, if you're after something more substantial and a bit of a statement, we've got you covered. Let me show you some of our best deals and stylish finds!

Top 5 Sale Picks


1. Eve White Frosted Glass Dining Table


Eve White Frosted Glass Dining Table, Was £499, Now £399


We have already seen the Eve White Frosted Glass Dining Table in this post, featured with our Lime Riva Chairs. But an extending Dining Table, featuring a frosted glass top and smooth satin painted leg, who could resist? While in use daily, the Eve is a comfortable 4 seater dining table. However, come the holidays (such as Easter), you can extend to an 8 seater. Thats enough room for all the family and the dog!

We often get asked for extending dining tables under £500, and the Eva White Frosted Glass is the perfect table. Add the Riva Lime chairs and you're onto a winner!


2. Reflect Sideboard


Reflect Sideboard in White, Was £649, Now £499

Mirror Details

Draw and Door Details


There is no denying I LOVE a sideboard (keep your eyes peeled for new styles coming soon)! They're amazing to hiding away books and DVD's or for storing your special dinner wear. In addition to their tidying abilities, they're great fun to style!

The Reflect Sideboard is a substantial and sturdy piece, which for £499 is a great price. Probably the most useful piece of furniture, in addition to chairs, obviously, sideboards are great in Dining Rooms and Living Rooms. Also if you have the luxury of space, a great alternative to a console table in a hallway!


3. 4 Seater Arc Glass and Gloss Dining Table


Arc 4 Seater Glass and White Gloss Dining Table, Was £319, Now £249

Arc 4 Seater Glass and Grey Gloss Dining Table, Was £319, Now £249 


As part of our collection with Julia Kendell, Interior Designer and TV Presenter, we have the Arc 4 Seater Dining Table. While homes are getting smaller there is more desire for compact dining furniture. Coming in at just 110cm in diameter, this tasty little number is stylish and small, yet still comfortable enough to seat 4 around it.

Available with White and Grey Gloss legs, which splay out at the most beautiful angle. The tempered glass top is also hard wearing and a beautiful design feature, allowing you to see where the legs cross over under the table. Strong and Elegant...


4. Todd White Real Leather Dining Chair


Tod Real Leather White Dining Chair, Was £129, Now £89


We all know white leather is the epitome of Luxe Living. As a result, we have created Tod. This real leather dining chair with brushed metal legs is a very welcome addition to any Kitchen or Dining Room.

White just works. Everywhere. Yet people are scared to use white? First of all, don't be. White is beautiful and co-ordinates with literally any table. Second of all, at just £89 for a real leather dining chair with a modern roll back this is ticking all the style boxes!


5. Eva Taupe 6 Seater Dining Table


Eva Taupe 6 Seater Dining Table, Was £289, Now £129 


Ok, I'll admit it. I love our Eva collection. Its so classic, yet so modern! So my final top sale pick is this, the Taupe Eve 6 Seater Dining Table. Rather like the Coffee and Console Tables, this Dining Table features a contemporary leg and the stunning Taupe colour makes this a real design feature.

Most noteworthy though, this 6 seater dining table is just £129.... £129!! Since we have an extra 10% off site wide until midnight Monday 17th April 2017 too you'd be a fool to miss out on this one!!

In Conclusion, there are excellent deals to be had!


So there you have 10 of my top sale picks. We love this product, but we're making room for some really exciting new products coming very soon. Don't forget, until midnight on Monday 17th April 2017 you can get an extra 10% discount off everything! Thats some crazy good deals!

Also, don't forget to share you pictures of your Danetti Furniture with us! Tag us on Instagram using @danetti_com and using the hashtag #Danetti. Better yet, you can also share your pics with us on Twitter and Facebook too! We look forward to seeing your favourite Sale picks!

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Danetti’s Top 6 Must Have Interior Design Apps
May 12, 2016 at 2:55 pm 0
Blog post Test Interior design apps are fast becoming the go-to gadget when it comes to home renovations. Searching through the various app stores, there’s a decorating app for almost anything; from selecting which furniture pieces you want in your kitchen to what colours would look best on your bedroom walls. We’re not exaggerating when we say there’s a lot out there, that’s why we’ve edited down the top picks to provide you with a manageable and little less scary list. Ideal for amateur interior designers and proud homeowners, this selection of decorating apps for android and IOS will make it easier than ever for you to gather interior design inspiration, learn loads of interior design tips and gain plenty of modern interior design ideas.  


Houzz App Icon

App Name: Houzz Price: Free Use it to: Gather inspiration and bookmark ideas

If you are looking to renovate or redesign any aspect of your home, the Houzz app is a great place to start. With features that make it a wonderful blend of other sites like Pinterest and Facebook, Houzz will become your go to design app when it comes to anything interiors. You can comment and share your ideas while also being able to save products to your own idea books. All of your idea books are saved on your profile for quick and easy access. Houzz is well known for its wealth of brand professionals using the site, meaning you can directly ask both brands and designers the questions you want answers to (you can view our Houzz profile here). With over 10 million photos and 35 million users, you really will have the world of interiors at your fingertips.    

Easily find brands, designers and professionals through the Houzz app. Read all the gossip, blogs and latest trend news. You can also join in discussions and get advice on what to do with your space!


The Houzz app lets you search by space, style or product. Narrow down your categories and search terms to find relevant pieces. 


My-Pantone-App-Image App Name: MyPantone Price: £7.99 Use it to: Find colours for your space Being the authority figure of the colour world, Pantone really does have the final say when it comes to disputes over whether it’s green or blue, pink or purple, turquoise or teal… The MyPantone app allows you to take pictures and match all of the colours in the image to the 1,000’s of Pantone shades. You can also find the RGB of colours. This is incredibly useful if you are doing anything on photoshop or online, as you can get an exact colour match. Being big fans of colour here at Danetti, we had a go at testing the app on the Pantone swatches we have in our office. Although the app did have some trouble finding an exact colour match to its own colour swatch, we can see its potential. Our design team said that they would probably use it for capturing colours on the go and making mental notes of colour references. We use Pantone as a colour reference for a range of our products, so this app is great for matching up some Danetti pieces! There are so many colours in this app, so if you are a fan of colour it’s not one to be missed.

Take your image and hover over your chosen colour to see Pantone's matches. Scroll through the variety of fanned decks to browse for a shade you like or to match up coordinating colours.


ColorSmart by BEHR®

Colour-smart-behr App Name: ColorSmart by BEHR® Price: Free Use it to: Find colours and see how they would look in a space If you don’t want to pay for the Pantone app, ColorSmart by BEHR® is a handy (and free) alternative. I wasn’t sure whether to include it on this list purely because you can’t buy their paint in the UK. However, the features in the app still make it incredibly worthwhile. Like the MyPantone app, you can take a photo and get a colour match to any of the shades in the image. The ‘explore colour’ tab gives you a whole variety of colours to choose from. It's also a great place to start when deciding what colour you want in your space. I really like how this decorating app suggests what colours will go with your selected shade. It also gives the palette a title which is so useful when you are trying to focus in on what look you want to go for. Seeing what colours coordinate best is also really handy when choosing furniture pieces such as occasional chairs or dining chairs, as you can get a rough idea of how the colours will work together in your space. From the selection of palettes, I opted for ‘cool tones’. Using the stock images provided, I was able to paint the colour onto the wall. Although this isn’t my room, I got a much better feel of what the colour would look like in a real space. This colour app is great for anyone who’s much more in the seeing is believing mindset,  as it gives a much clearer idea of how colours can look in a real space and setting.
BEHR image merge 1

Start your colour selection in the ‘explore colour’ tab. Once you’ve found your shade, browse the suggested coordinated palettes to see which selection would work best in your space.


Now you’ve got your palette, choose a room and try out the different colours on the walls. You’ll be surprised how much this makes a difference to how you see the colour and how it looks in the space!


HomeStylerApp Name: HomeStyler Price: Free Use it to: See how your space will look I really enjoyed using the HomeStyer decorating app. It’s simple and easy to use while also being quite fun to just play around with. Firstly, you choose your space. This can be done either by taking a picture of your own room or selecting one of the stock images. You can then scroll through a whole variety of products, dragging and dropping the product where you think it looks best. You can select furniture by room or by brand. This is a great feature if you have a particular piece in mind and want a clear visual of how it could look in your space. The backgrounds that you use are flat images so there are no 3D room views in this app. I also had some trouble putting pieces at certain angles in front of particular backgrounds. However, this interior app is ideal if you want a quick and simple way of viewing products in your setting.

Select, resize and angle your selected products in the space you’ve chosen.

Home Styler 2

Once placed in your room setting, choose the location to see how the product will look. Each product links to a profile. This means you can go on to purchase the exact item when you find the perfect piece!


Planner 5D

5d-planner-icon App Name: Planner 5D Price: Free (with in-app purchases) Use it to: Create 3D models and floor plans of your home. The best way to describe this app is that it’s like a handheld version of Google SketchUp for interior layouts. With both 2D and 3D modes, you can create your floor plan and place in different furniture pieces. By switching to the 3D view you get an even more in-depth look at your creation. Using the app is pretty straightforward. It’s just as case of using your fingers to click, drag and drop the various items. You can add measurements and keep your furniture to scale if you want a more realistic idea of how the pieces will not only look but also fit in your space. There are lots of product categories in this app, from windows and doors to tables and chairs, not forgetting your garden as there’s also trees, garages and even pools to choose from. The only ‘catch’ is that not all the items are free. If you want access to all the products in the app, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version. However, if you’re committed to creating your ideal home in 3D model form, we definitely think it’s worth it. If not, there are plenty of free pieces to use and play around with to help you get a general idea of how the space will look.
Planner 5D

Choose what shape you want your space to be to get started. The app lets you create a space with rooms, doors and furniture, with both wall decor and flooring.

I’d like to say I created this but sadly not, it’s one of the room demos that Planner 5D provides. It’s a good idea to have a look at the demos. That way you can really get a feel for the app's design potential!



BrightNest-app-icon App Name: BrightNest Price: Free Use it to: Manage your project BrightNest is a great port of call for project management of both tasks and renovations. If you’re a little (...very) forgetful like me, this app allows you to create schedules and to-do lists to make sure you get things done. You can also use the app as a handheld notepad, jotting down the name of furniture pieces or wall decor you'd like to purchase. It’s great for keeping track of all the smaller things you are likely to miss when you renovate or move house such as cleaning the gutters and changing the batteries in your smoke detector. There's also loads of information for general home maintenance. You'll also be asked questions about your home. This allows the app to provide you with posts that are interesting and relevant to you.
BrightNest Merge

Choose the most relevant categories to get the most out of this app. BrightNest will ask questions to keep your content relevant and up to date. This is great because if you don’t have anything to do with ceiling fans, you don’t need to read about them! The various posts and mini style blogs offer pocket-sized information on a range of interior topics.

The Design Apps  You Don't Want To Miss...

Have we inspired you to give some of these apps a try? Maybe you’re using them already or we’ve missed your favourite one off of the list… Let us know in the comments! :) 
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How to Mix and Match Your Dining Room Furniture: The Mismatched Look
April 21, 2016 at 4:20 pm 0
Mix and match dining setting At a first glance mix and match furniture may look like a totally random selection. However, it’s actually a much more considered design set up than just throwing any old pieces together. After all, you don’t want your dining space looking like your old student digs or your first flat, where non-matching furniture was more of a necessity than a lifestyle choice! When done correctly, mixing your dining chairs is a great way to create a unique look in your dining area. We’ve put together our own definitive guide to offer you style tips for pulling off a mix and match dining set. We also have tons of dining room decorating ideas, so you'll be creating this very on-trend mix and match look in no time!  

Same Colour Dining Chair, Different Design:

By keeping the colour of your dining chairs the same, you are able to keep the coordination. You're also able to have some fun with the shape, style and size of the chairs you choose.  

Mix and Match Same Design Dining Chair, Different Colour:

One of the easiest mixed dining chairs design ideas is having the same shape and style of dining chair but in a variety of complementary colours. This is because there is still consistency from the design of the chairs, but you can really get creative with which colour combinations you choose. Opt for two tones or a neutral palette for a more subtle take on this look.
Mix and match dining set: Arc Oak and White Gloss and Senn Colourful Dining Set Danetti

Mixing bold chair colours against tactile wooden and gloss surfaces is a fun take on the mix and match look. Not to mention the gorgeous look of the close up and detailing.


Same Material Dining Chair, Different Design:

This look is ideal if you have a particular material choice in mind but still want mix things up. The key to pulling off this mismatched dining setting is to stick with just one material finish but in different chair styles. We’ve opted for real leather but you can choose any material that best suits your space. It’s a good idea to stick to one colour when opting for this mismatched look. This is so that there aren't too many points of difference. All of our leather chairs come in the same palette creating plenty of potential to coordinate different designs of chair.   

Play With The Height Of Chairs and Bar Stools:

Okay, so a bar stool isn’t technically a dining chair but we had to include this mix and match dining setting. Having different heights in your dining space, such as bar stools at a breakfast bar, will help to create a nice visual balance in the space. We’ve kept elements the same such as the wire leg frame of both the Eames chairs and of the Anzio bar stools, as it is a contemporary coordinating feature that helps to tie the whole look together. If you want to have an even more coordinated look throughout your space, you might want to consider something like an Eames Style Bar Stool, as they have similar styling on the base and the seat mirrors the continuous curve of the Eames chair.
Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool Danetti

You can also mix the colours of the bar stool seats, like we've styled here with the Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stools in mulberry purple, white and black £132

Mixing The Traditional With Modern:

When mixing traditional with modern pieces, less really is more. Try not to have too many different styles of chair as this can make the space look jumbled rather than styled. We’ve selected a seat similar to the Eames Dining Armchair, called the Finn Dining Armchair, as its iconic design means it will always look on trend and up to date. To add a traditional spin, we’ve chosen the tactile oak frame finish of the Scandi style Senn Oak and White Dining Chair, which also helps to add a touch a warmth. The white finish of both of the seats helps to tie the whole look together. When selecting a table for this look, we’d suggest something with glass and chrome accents, like the Tiva Small Glass Dining Table or Naro Round Glass 4 Seater Table. The transparency of the glass would let the chairs be the ‘star of the show’ while the chrome accents would give the set a truly modern edge. If you’re really inspired by this timeless look, we definitely recommend taking a look at our “How to Add a Modern Edge to a Traditional Home” blog post (after you’ve finished reading this one of course), which offers an array of style inspiration for creating this look throughout your home.    

Different Details:

Mix and match furniture can create a very impactful setting. However, there are ways around this if you’d like to have a more subtle take on this statement look but still with some level of variation. Changing just one element or detail of your chair selection keeps the coordination but breaks up the palette for a mini mixed look.

Tactile Textures:

When mixing textures, we suggest keeping the shape and style of your dining chairs as similar as you can. This is so all the style impact from this look comes from your choice of mixed of materials. Whether it’s wood with chrome or fabric and faux leather, like we’ve opted for with our Riva and Tori chairs, having a mix of textures in your dining area will create a tactile and very contemporary vibe, with the added benefit of getting to have such a range of gorgeous material finishes in your home! Both of our Tori and Riva chairs are stackable seats, so they are great space savers. This makes the chairs ideal for storing away and then getting out again when you have guests round for dinner.    

Same Style Dining Chair Different Design:

This dining room design is another subtle take on the mix and match look. By keeping the style the same but having a slightly different design of chair, you are able to mix things up just enough so there is a stylish visual impact, without the look becoming too overpowering in your dining space. A great way to do this is to place dining armchairs at the each end of the table. This not only mixes things up a bit, but it creates a really neat and uniform modern dining room. There's also two extra comfy seats at the end of the table for your favourite people. This style of chair is definitely something to consider if you want to comfortably sit around your table chatting, long after the dinner plates have been cleared away! Have we inspired you to give the mix and match look a try in your dining area? Let us know your favourite style in the comments, alongside any stylish set ups you already have in your home! :)
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Q&A with Interior Designer and Presenter Julia Kendell
November 27, 2015 at 2:31 pm 0
Following the recent launch of our new  ‘Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell’ range, we managed to catch up with Julia during the recent shoot for the launch of our collection. We had a chat with her to find out what she thought about the collaboration and the individual products.

Why did you choose to work with Danetti?

When I am designing an interior for a client I will only specify furniture from a supplier I can trust and who I know will be reliable. The furniture also has to be aesthetically beautiful, fit the brief and it’s also got to be good value. I have to be absolutely sure that it's going to arrive on time, in good order and should anything go wrong, I have to know that the company will be on it straight away. Danetti satisfies all those criteria so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to collaborate on a furniture collection with them.

What elements of your personal design ethos have you incorporated into this range?

My personal ethos is all about creating an emotional connection both between the interior and the inhabitants who will be using that space. The reason that’s important is because in this day and age we're all so busy and we need a home that we can retreat to at the end of the day. Somewhere you feel safe, that's also energising. So for me creating this range of furniture, creates a perfect backdrop for home life that has a sense of energy about it. And that has been really important.

How would you sum up the range?

I’d sum up the range as being a fresh and robust collection combining organic materials and glossy surfaces. I've created something that’s really energising and is just a really fabulous collection for contemporary family living.

The Peacock blue is a beautiful accent - is it a bit of a signature colour of yours?

I really enjoy designing with blue. It’s a very calming colour and because of this and because it’s very easy on the eye. It means you can use quite punchy shades to create impact and depth in a scheme without it unbalancing the whole look of the scheme and without it drawing too much attention. So yes, it's just a fabulous colour. I love it!

What elements of the process of design do you enjoy the most?

I love the entire experience of designing and putting this collection together. It has been hugely exciting for me. Of course I suppose nothing beats the moment when you’ve done all the concept drawings, you’ve had all the meetings and then suddenly the pieces arrive and you can unwrap them and see them in the flesh. It's just so exciting.

How important was it to you that these products were affordable?

Affordable design has always been at the heart of my work. When I first started out in the industry a very long time ago it was very much an elitist sport. Only the very wealthy could afford to have really beautifully designed pieces of furniture and interiors and of course there's no reason why everybody shouldn’t have a beautiful home. So throughout my career, I’ve always championed really good quality design at good value.

What does good design mean to you?

Good design to me is creating a balance between something being aesthetically very pleasing (so it's satisfying all the senses I suppose, something that feels good, that’s tactile, that looks great, sometimes that smells great too) and also being functional and practical. You want something that makes you feel a whole emotional connection. 

How do you see these products integrating with the modern family?

I think that the dining table and the space around it is really underestimated. In this day and age when families are so busy and when the illuminated screen is such a draw - we need to be able to have family time around the dining table. It’s one of those moments when we can really connect as a family. It’s the place where you have Xmas lunches and birthday dinners. You can sort out problems and share experiences. Frankly, it is where memories are made, family memories and that is so, so important.

What do you think of the bar stools?

I am particularly thrilled with the bar stools. It’s really difficult actually to find the perfect bar stool. One that you can move easily, is comfortable, looks great, but these bar stools I think are spot on. They’re very easy to move around. Plus, they’re light as anything but they are very robust and you know they are going to last and they look fantastic. Even just the tiniest detail like the beautiful stitching around the seat. They’re absolutely stunning -I'm so so pleased with them!

How about the sideboards:

The sideboards have been designed with detail in mind and they will satisfy even the most discerning client. The chamfered detail throughout the whole piece is just beautiful. Whats more the 'soft close' mechanism and the super smooth sliding door are great too. It’s just so lovely to use. I love the combination of the materials as well. The gloss, and the matt and the timber I think just works so beautifully together. And of course there are a lot of surprising little details as well like the mirrored backs on some of the pieces - just beautiful…

What do you like best about the table selection? 

For the cost of the Arc round table, the price I think is quite amazing. I haven’t seen such beautiful veneer detailing on a table at that price - ever! So just how lovely to be able to have such a stunning piece in your kitchen or dining room. The Zen table is a contemporary spin on the classic trestle table it is the perfect size for a family or a group of friends. I wanted to keep the lines nice and simple and straightforward - it’s just perfect.

The chairs are so elegant, how do you feel about the results?

Comfort is so important when it comes to sitting at a dining table. The design of the Form Dining chair really focus's on this. It's available with and without arms and the detailing again is really really superior. Particularly the way the frame follows the curvature around the back, it’s just the most beautiful chair. Definitely designed with comfort very much in mind. We all like to spend time at the dinner table, nobody wants their friends or family to feel uncomfortable. Therefore the design makes you feel like you want to spend hours at the dining table. So there you have it! Our Exclusively Danetti range with TV Interior Designer and Presenter Julia Kendell in all it's glory. If you want to see more, head over to Danetti.com for more.
Living Inspiration, Styling Tips
One Sideboard, 3 Looks With Julia Kendell
November 18, 2015 at 5:18 pm 0
Featured Image Revised Take inspiration from our stunning new ‘Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell’ range of sideboards and see how versatile the collection is. We worked with Julia to create three very different looks using the same sideboard. It’s so important to us that this range is versatile so we wanted to show you how it’s done. See how these looks can be achieved easily and used to enhance a variety of styles. Think outside the box and let your imagination do the styling!  


Look One: Naturally Organic Sideboard

Julia wanted to show the sideboard looking feminine and tactile, so opted for calming colours and natural textures. Choose your accessories carefully for this look. Julia selected pieces in soft pastels, twigs, interesting sculptural shaped flowers. A delicate framed butterfly print combined to give the look a slightly botanical feel with elegant style. Neutral Revised Naturally Organic: Glide sideboard in white gloss with grey and oak, £499

How to get this look at home:

  1. Use a few bold shaped items but in pale colours.
  2. Look for dried flower heads; hydrangeas and cow parsley work well.
  3. Twigs or something with height will add impact and substance to the look. You don’t have to buy them though, we just picked ours from the woods!
  4. Layering up a few different clear glass pieces will add interest without being intrusive.
  5. A simple framed print in soft colours will give the sideboard a focal point. For this look Julia opted for purposeful central placement.

This combination of organic elements and simple, elegant pieces creates a soft, welcoming look that sits well in most contemporary environments. Keep the look ‘clean’ and defined allowing the twigs and flowers to add the unconstrained movement in the display.” Julia Kendell


Look Two: Gorgeous Global Sideboard

The eclectic traveller look is a favourite style for Julia. Having been lucky enough to travel to amazing places as an Interior Designer, she’s picked up some interesting authentic pieces along the way. As a palette, classic monochrome works well for this look. Julia felt that black and white would give the sideboard style definition. A fascinating selection of accessories and curiosities add interest and create a well travelled antiquitous feel. Therefore blending in effortlessly with the contemporary sideboard. It’s easy to create with a selection of much loved treasured possessions and a few simple quick tricks.   Monochrome Revised Gorgeous Global: Glide sideboard in white gloss with grey and oak £499

How to get this look at home:

  1. Decide on the look you are going for, Julia went for ‘tribal global traveller’ - but it would work well with a different theme such as Mediterranean, Indian etc
  2. Cloches are a great way to showcase something simple and unusual - Julia used an old camera and a plant; even the simplest object is elevated to something special under a cloche.Man From Kathmandu
  3. One striking piece will give your collection a focal point, Julia’s wooden statue from Kathmandu was her choice for this ensemble.
  4. The contemporary zig zag vase helps set the scene and Julia then used touches of black and white throughout the selection to tie them all together. The ceramic we chose has a vaguely tribal feel, perfect for this look.
  5. Use something living like an orchid or a leafy fern to breathe life into the look and stop your arrangement from appearing dusty or antiquated.
  6. Authentic artefacts aren’t essential to this look. The best thing is to use something that means something to you, a piece that you love. But failing that you can get some amazing ‘global chic’ items in charity shops or on the highstreet. One of our go-to places for inexpensive but great quality props is Homesense.

“Its lovely to have a place to assemble your treasured memories of trips and adventures, family heirlooms and quirky finds. Collecting these together in one place has more impact than dotting around the house and has a wonderful sense of energy and history” Julia Kendell

Look Three: Playful Retro Sideboard

Although this might not be the most obvious look for this fabulous collection as it has a contemporary retro feel to it. It feels playful, fresh and bright and would be at home in any family living space. Julia managed to bring something new to the retro look with some lovely styling ideas. There is a fine line between stylish and kitsch with retro styling. Remember you want it to be more Conran less Austin Powers so get the balance between retro and contemporary right.  

How to get this look at home:

  1. Choose a few pre-loved or nostalgic accessories in bright colours to kick start your look. We used the bullseye telephone and the ochre coloured pot filled with bull rushes give the sideboard enough of a nod to the retro, without looking too themed.
  2. Add a few more sharp, contemporary products that will give it a really updated feel. The juxtaposition between the new and the old will give a designer styling look.
  3. Introduce something individual and cool. Julia used string, mini clothes pegs and a selection of Penguin Classic book cover postcards to create wall art. Childrens drawings of fun photographs would look great as well.
  4. A pendant light hanging over the sideboard is a great idea and can be themed to match the scheme - this globe style light is typical of the 60’s era.

“Retro is all about having fun, adding pops of colour and creating a space where people want to stop and look and leave with a smile. Have confidence in your choices, not mixing too many styles or colours, and leave plenty of space around groups of items to avoid the car-boot look!” Julia Kendell

To see these looks come to life, check out the video and comment telling us which you like the best.


The product that we used in this shoot was the The Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell Glide Sideboard in White gloss, Grey gloss and Oak, £499, www.danetti.com

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Q & A – a word with Interior Designer, Amanda Erritt
September 15, 2015 at 12:57 pm 0
Amanda ErrittAmanda Erritt has 18 years of interior design experience behind her, whether she is re-designing a hotel in the Cotswolds, a Surrey mansion or a bijou flat in Notting Hill, she approaches each project with the same enthusiasm and flair. Amanda's attention to detail is what sets her apart from other designers, she gets to know the personalities of the clients and includes personal touches that surprise and delight them. With a hands on approach Amanda is always in demand and offers a variety of services which can be found on her website Iddesign. Here we find out how she started on her Interior Design journey and what inspires her! Can you tell us how you came to be an interior designer? After graduating, I worked in fashion for 15 years until my 2 children were born.  When they were very small I decided I wanted to go back work and to continue working with style, colour, texture, art, & fashion but knew that I wanted to have my own business and be my own boss, so I retrained at night school and did a diploma in Interior Design.  From then on I have been busy creating homes for clients for the past 18 years!
Bathroom Project

Bathroom Project

What does an interior designer do? What would a normal working day involve for you? An interior designer will transform a whole house or just one room for a client from early design/mood board stage, through project managing required building work to choosing every last thing to go into a space to make it aesthetically beautiful and right for each particular client, as well as being functional and lasting.  A normal working day will involve visiting clients’ homes to supervise ongoing decorating, kitchen or bathroom installation, a lot of sourcing of furniture, antiques, fabrics etc and A LOT of chasing up deliveries and contractors to make sure everyone and everything is done and delivered at the right time! How does what you do, differ from a photographic interiors stylist? An interior designer creates a new space for a residential or commercial client (I have designed a couple of boutique hotels) and the space created is lasting, whereas a stylist creates a room or set which is temporary and usually for  for a magazine shoot, or TV commercial . What formal training do you have, do you have to do a course or can you be self taught - how did you learn the tricks of your trade?  I did do the interior design diploma but the best training is just doing it: always looking at colour, form, fashion, at styles shifting and changing and having a love of making people’s homes their favourite place to be.
Elle Deco

Elle Deco

Where do you find your inspiration for design? I love looking though magazines, Elle Deco and Living etc, plus movie sets, old houses, watching fashions change and feeling the mood of everything in fashion changing, right from music through clothing to interiors. Describe your home to me? My home is definitely a home and not a show piece for my work - it is calm with pops of colour and quirkiness but mostly a collection of gathered memories and favourite pieces.  I don’t like clutter so I choose carefully what stays! What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? Never save anything for best. What is your favourite style? Eclectic mix of rusty, damaged, worn mixed with new and perfect, all on a back drop of sumptuous colour. What is your favourite Danetti product and why? eames-style-dining-chair-27My favourite Danetti product at the moment is the mustard yellow Eames style dining chairs which I would put around an old oak heavy dining table all sitting on a faded, threadbare Chinese rug.
busby & Fox

Busby & Fox

Where is your favourite shop?  My friend Emma has a gorgeous shop in Totnes, Devon called Busby & Fox which sells wonderful art, mirrors and home wares and a few carefully chosen pieces of jewellery and clothing - she has always had the most brilliant eye for beautiful things!   If you could live anywhere - what would your dream home be like?  A rambling Victorian house in Devon with a beautiful old garden - I would decorate it with dark coloured panelling and a mixture of some of the new and gorgeous fabrics available covering rickety  old pieces of furniture.  And lots of vases of flowers from the garden!

Abigail Ahern

Who is your favourite designer if you had to pick anyone dead or alive.. My favourite designers are Rembrandt, Tom Dixon, Abigail Ahern, the vision and bravery of Alexander McQueen, I find that fashion, interiors, art  all roll together so I find it hard to pick a favourite ... The Quick Fire Round:


Where is your favourite holiday spot? Devon to relax and Italy to watch the world go by What’s in your bag? The usual keys, wallet, phone plus tape measure and a scattering at the bottom of foreign coins which I accidentally put into the pay & display machines, then throw into my bag in disgust when they get rejected!! Favourite film? Little Miss Sunshine

Hague Blue

How about your favourite paint colour? I am a big fan of Farrow & Ball and my favourite colour at the moment is called Hague Blue. What is your favourite colour? Green What is your favourite book? The Celestine prophesy and The Odyssey
Special Offers
Danetti July Giveaway- Celebrating Our New Product Launch!
July 14, 2015 at 4:27 pm 0
Occasional Chairs Competition Facebook ImageWe are so excited here at Danetti. Not only are we really pleased to announce the launch of our brand new range of stylish (and super comfy) faux leather occasional chairs, but we have also just launched our new collection of luxurious velvet cushions, which we really think add that homely finishing touch to any seating arrangement. So, we thought what better way to celebrate the launch of our new product ranges than with a giveaway competition! Just tell us which of our chair and cushion combinations you like best for a chance to win your selected pairing worth up to £528. This can be done by commenting on Facebook, or ping us an e-mail and sign up to the newsletter. We love hearing what colour combinations you think look best and as you’ll see, we have plenty of pieces to choose from. To get you started, we asked our stylist Jess to give a few tips on the best ways to style an occasional chair... Room Build Gif   Jess’ top 9  tips for styling with occasional chairs:
  1. Create a real presence by using symmetry in your room - two statement chairs side by side or either side of an occasional table will look stunning.Depending on your personal style you might like to ‘dress’ your lounge chair with a scatter cushion or two! I always try a scatter cushion on chairs and sofas as it will often make a chair look much more inviting.Light-Grey-and-Black
  2. A swivel occasional chair like our neat compact Mono chair is ideal in a bedroom, perfect for quick perching to take off or put on shoes, or just somewhere to relax. With it’s self correcting pedestal base (it always goes back to its original position) the rotating chair always looks tidy.
  3. An occasional chair is the perfect solution for introducing a statement piece in your room, something like our Canio or Wing Back leather chairs will blend with the existing scheme but add character and style.
  4. If your occasional chair is big enough, try styling it with two cushions in different sizes. So, try something like the 58 x 58 Tropical Velvet cushion with a 45 x 45 Plush Velvet cushion. This layered effect with added accents of colour will give you room a designer feel. If it’s not big enough then using the same cushions can be a good way to tie our occasional chair in with your sofa.
  5. Think about the colour and style of your room when choosing a new occasional chair. It might just be a simple choice of black or white, but if your scheme is on the cool side of the colour wheel, opt for a cool grey or if it is a warmer palette then clay grey is ideal for these tones, our Tivani armchair is a great choice as it will go with almost any existing scheme._MG_4755--Black
  6. Scatter cushions will unite any scheme and introduce accent colours into your home, so do remember to get cushions for your sofa too when styling your modern occasional chair and mix and match colours and patterns that blend well together.Cushion Grid
  7. Don’t worry if you already have a fabric sofa, faux leather and real leather chairs are the ideal choice for creating a sense of style and juxtaposition so typical of the styling you get from top interior designers - so be brave with your choices!_MG_4759-clay-grey
  8. If you are just looking to fill a space with something that looks stylish perhaps for a small nook, or maybe in a hallway, landing or study then definitely consider using one of our small occasional chairs, like the Mono chair.
  Have a great weekend. We look forward to hearing what combos you like best! The Danetti Team. Terms and Conditions Win one of our occasional chairs and cushions
  • Tell us either on Facebook, or via e-mail to enter.
  • Prize includes one occasional chair & one 45 x 45cm cushion.
  • Competition runs from the 14th July 2015 to 4th August 2015.
  • Competition prize cannot not be exchanged for money, store credit or any other product or service.
  • Delivery charge is included in the competition prize.
  • Installation not included.
  • Winner will be notified via email by the 7th of August 2015.
  • Your information will not be sold or shared with any third parties.
  • Prize is covered under our standard Total Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • No purchase necessary.
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Q & A – A word with our stylist
June 10, 2015 at 5:20 pm 0

Q and A

Q&A with Jess

Our Stylist Jess has been part of the team for a little while now so we decided to put her under the microscope;  see what makes her tick creatively and get to know the woman behind the mystique.
Shoot with Julian Bajzert

Shoot with Julian Bajzert

Can you tell us how you came to be a stylist?

Many moons ago, I was fresh from my Art Foundation course and waiting to go to University to study History of Art and needed a job for 9 months. My uncle (who was an art director) took me to see what went on at a photographer Julian Bajzert’s studio . I was very lucky that I got on really well with him and his lovely PA / Stylist Baz was going to Australia for a year - so he asked me if I wanted to cover for her. I leapt at the chance….and never looked back really. I was very fortunate when Baz returned, I continued as her assistant..it was a real case of right place, right time.

For those who aren’t familiar what does a stylist do? Can you tell us about a normal work day for you?

Depending on the job in hand, usually I would be either styling or propping or writing. So, for example, next week we are shooting images of our fabulous new range of occasional chairs. So, last Friday I went to do recce’s of potential locations, but we’ve decided to shoot them in the Danetti studio so this week we are designing the ‘set’ and calling in wallpaper from the fabulous Mineheart and then I will be choosing props to go with each set. So, tomorrow I will probably go and buy the props (this is called propping) and then on Friday I will be making sure the set is all ready to go for Monday morning. On Monday morning we will start shooting the chairs with our photographer Ashleigh. This involves us finding a pleasing angle, Ashleigh will set up her camera and lights and  and then I will ‘dress’ the set accordingly..we will spend the day creating gorgeous images of our fabulous new products!

Styling at Danetti

What is the difference between an interior designer and a stylist?

An interior designer is usually employed to design a residential or commercial property and can be involved almost from the blueprint stage. An interior stylist designs and styles an interior set for photography, film or perhaps an exhibition or show...it’s not usually a permanent fixture.

What formal training do you have or if self taught, how did you learn?

I didn’t have any formal training at all - I started off ‘styling’ Julian Bajzert’s lunches and hampers to Lords cricket(!), sweeping the floor and making clients coffee (wine after 12pm?!...it WAS the late 80’s!). When he became a bit more confident about my ability, I started doing small jobs and then it kind of snowballed - I was basically thrown in at the deep end and learnt on the job. However, I have heard that now you can do Interior Stylist courses!

Living Etc Magazine

Where do you find your inspiration for design?

Well like most people I love browsing through magazines, I love to look through Elle Deco and Living Etc magazine and interior design books, and wait with baited breath for all the press Look Books to come out! But I also love going online and looking at sites like Houzz and Apartment Therapy , blogs like Kate’s Creative Space (which I love) and Decor8….and I am still a fan of Martha Stewart (sorry!)...

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

There are two things that I always bear in mind...one is something my Dad said to me once..he heard it and held on to it and passed it on to me..‘the person who does what they love, never does a day’s work in their lives’ ….and the other phrase that I always repeat in my mind was my best friend at school who was an eternal perfectionist and she said ‘Always remember, OK...is NEVER good enough’.

What is your favourite style?

This may be a bit disappointing but I like lots of different styles, I love vintage retro, I am a big fan of mid century design - I am not averse to a bit of shabby chic and I find minimalism pretty stunning in the right space...and I love modern contemporary  too (which is hard as I work for Danetti and end up wanting to take so much of it home!). So to be fair I sort of mix all that up and use elements of each...which may not be very consistent but the results are often pleasing and certainly quite unique...I hate the word but I suppose ‘eclectic’ best describes it!

How would you describe your home?

Eek! Eclectic (messy), cosy (cramped) lived in (worn out) vintage (crumbling!)....I love my home but it’s quite a busy place and there are lots of us in there - mostly boys (grrr!)...but it’s a real family home and I have been very happy there…(and I do get my say mostly with the interior styling….although sometimes its hard to see all my hard work through the piles of trainers, footie boots, school bags etc that seem to litter the house)...the keyword is Home and I think you can make that wherever you live, with the right mix..

If money was no object where would you live and how would you decorate it?

I would live in a rambling Arts & Crafts house in Cornwall and I would want it look almost untouched as though time had stood still with all the original period features and perhaps some 1930/40’s smoky pastel colour schemes (I would break this rule and have some mod cons in essential rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms). I am a sucker for period detail and history so I would want it to look authentic. Failing that, I would want a state of the art contemporary house in the hills of Cape Town decorated in Danish mid century style with a swimming pool and a huge sun deck!

IMG_3018-greyWhat is your favourite Danetti product and why?

I know that everyone I work with will think this is utterly predictable but I am a great lover of mid century retro and I do absolutely love our Eames style chairs! But...if I am not allowed to say that! I think I would say the Fern Grey Gloss Table OR the Curva chairs...I love the grey gloss table - its a gorgeous colour and very tactile…..the Curva chairs are very feminine, all curvy with long legs like steel stilettos - gorgeous design with a touch of Art Deco about them.

What is your favourite shop?

I think it would have to be Rockett St George …..I have a longstanding passion for everything they do and sell - I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on their site that I haven’t coveted….right behind them are Graham & Green, Oliver Bonas and Mineheart.

Sir Terence Conran

Who is your favourite designer - dead or alive..

I am a big fan of Le Corbusier and I have always loved Ray & Charles Eames, but if I was to pick someone who I thought had contributed outstandingly to design in my own lifetime - it would probably be Sir Terence Conran….( I would also do a quick hats off to the original English Eccentric, Nicky Haslam...I love his opulence - he is the ultimate Renaissance man!)

The Quick Fire Round:

What is your favourite colour? Pink What is your favourite book - Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Agni Bay Corfu

Agni Bay Corfu

Where is your favourite holiday spot - My parents place in Ibiza or Agni Bay in Corfu. What’s in your bag? - 3D glasses from the cinema, a Lego man, a pair of sunglasses, a notebook, old keys to our front door, make up bag, purse, a mini speaker, my phone and charger, Antonis’ (my 8 year old) socks(why?), my eldest son’s Santander card (not mine….oops..wasn’t wearing glasses this morning..this could be interesting).... Favourite paint colour? Top Hat from Fired Earth is a favourite closely followed by Mrs Booth!
Heathcliff & Cathy

Heathcliff & Cathy

Favourite film? Wuthering Heights (the old one with Lawerence Olivier and Merle Oberon)    
Dining Chairs, Product Reviews
Stylish, Modern Elise Dining Chair – Product of the Week
September 2, 2013 at 12:05 pm 0
The modern and stylish Elise Dining Chair certainly stands out from the crowd, with its curvy design and elegant, tapered chrome legs.
Elise Dining Chair

Elise Dining Chair £79.00

The beautiful backrest and seat is upholstered in luxurious but hard wearing faux leather. It is available in a choice of 8 fashionable colours: classic Black, warm Cream, rich Brown, Latte Beige, Poppy Red, Ruby Red, fashionable Putty Grey and modern White. The depth from the front of the seat to the backrest is 440mm which ensures the lightly padded seat is comfortable when you want to linger over dinner.  
Elise Dining Chair

Elise Dining Chair £79.00

The sleek, slender legs are finished in highly polished chrome which complements the faux leather seat perfectly. The legs are tapered creating extra interest and an elegant look. The Elise Dining Chair is an elegant addition to any dining area.   Here's what some of our customers have to say about the Elise Dining Chair:
  • Very strong heavy chairs much better than I thought they would be. By A Dimech from Hornchurch
  • Very comfortable with support for the lower back. By K Swinton from Kelso
  • Just to let you know the dining set has arrived safely - it is beautiful, just what we wanted. By S Davies from Preston
  • I am emailing to let you know how impressed I am with this company. My order was placed just before 6pm last night. Less than half an hour later I had a phone call to say the chairs would be delivered between 7 and 8 am today. About a 12 hour turn round! Just before 7am a van pulled up outside my house and by 7am the chairs were in my kitchen! I would like to mention a special thanks to Daniel Smith for his helpful advice. I am very pleased with the chairs he suggested. All in all I can't remember when I have been so impressed with a company's service before and I have certainly never emailed or written a testimonial before. Thanks Danetti. By D Wilson from Hemel Hempstead
  • Just writing to say we received our new dining chairs yesterday, all well packaged and delivered on time. They certainly look quite stunning around our dining table, particularly in the bright red. They are also very comfortable to sit on. Thank you for your excellent communication and quality products.  Many thanks. By C Harrison from Eastbourne
Elise Dining Chair

Elise Dining Chair £79.00