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Colour Trend How To – Oak and Blue Hues
March 27, 2017 at 2:51 pm 0

Do you find it hard to decide which colours to use in your home? Don't worry, I do too. Thats why over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a series of blog posts on the hottest colour trend for your home. Whether you want to update your kitchen by adding coloured dining chairs, or completely redecorate your home, we’ve got it covered!

This week we are taking inspiration from our new Cleo oak dining table. Available in 4 & 6 seater options, with 3 different leg colours to choose from, including Dove Grey, Matt White and Powder Blue.

Deluxe Denim Drift - All images via pinterest


Blue is a big colour this season, with Dulux announcing Denim Drift as their Colour of the Year 2017. Pantone even had a similar shade, Serenity, and their colour of the year for 2016. However when it comes to using blue in your home there are so many shade to choose from. How do you choose the right shade for your home? And how do you know what look to go for? Do you decorate your kitchen in neutral shades and keep blue as an accent colour, or go all out and have blue feature walls, blue furniture and blue accessories?

When it comes to decorating your dining room or kitchen, you have to think about how often the room will be used. If used daily then choose a more subtle and harmonious colour pallet. However, if you have a separate Dining room, maybe think about darker blues to create a more dramatic atmosphere. Either way, we all know that blue is a very versatile colour... plus it looks great with Oak!

To help you visualise the colours, we have created this mood board for you, using White, Grey, Steel Blue and Oak. Using this same colour pallet we can create 3 very different looks, by varying the amount of each colour used.... 


Colour Trend 1 : Touch of Blue

If your kitchen is already quite muted but you want to inject a bit of colour, then why not try using coloured dining chairs- in this instance, blue dining chairs. As you can see in the image below everything in the room is Oak, white and grey, creating a very scandi, fresh, airy feel. 

Cleo 6 Seater Dining Table, £319

If we swap out the Grey Finn Dining Chairs for our Steel Blue Finn Dining chair straight away we have added more warmth and attitude to the room. Just by changing the grey dining chairs to blue dining chairs - its so easy!  The great thing about this cool colour combination is that despite blue, white and grey being cold colours, the oak table top and wooden base of the Finn Chairs really help warm the room up. This makes for the perfect colour combination, plus being bang on trend.

Get the Look:

Cleo Oak and White 6 Seater Dining Table, £319

Finn Dining Chair, Cool Grey £49

Finn Dining Chair, Steel blue £49


If you love this colour combination but still prefer a more muted look, why not mix and match your dining chairs?  You could even throw our Finn dining Armchair into the mix for a really fun and stylish look!!

Colour Trend 2 : Bold Blue

Maybe now you're are feeling a little more colour confident? Then our Cleo Oak Dining Table comes with a stunning Powder Blue Leg. This Oak Dining Table is a great piece for adding a focal point to your dining room, yet remains versatile for any existing kitchen. Whether you have a modern and clean Kitchen, or a more traditional kitchen.

Cleo 6 Seater Powder Blue and Finn Dining Set £515

Again, we use the same setting but this time with our Cleo 6 Seater Oak & Powder Blue Dining Table. Straight away you eye is drawn to the dining table, however by using they grey dining chairs we still create a subtle and adaptable space.

Cleo Powder Blue Pedestal Dining Table - Coming Soon

So, what if you have a modern kitchen? The Finn dining chairs are great chairs for families, but if you do prefer a more minimalist kitchen, then maybe try a white faux leather dining chair. Check out our Santo Dining Chair. Due to the juxtaposition of the farm house style dining table the modern white dining chairs look great! Especially as the blue leg of the Cleo brings it bang up to date with modern colour trends.   

Get the Look:

Santo Faux Leather Dining Chair, £59

Cleo Pedestal 4 Seater Table, Coming Soon

Cole & Sons, Tile Geometric II

We love this wallpaper from Cole & Sons- the geometric pattern is a nod to the mid-century interior design trend, while the colour is perfect with our Cleo Dining Table!

Colour Trend 3 : Moody Blues

If, like me, you are totally in love with the current paint trend of inky, moody, dark shades, this colourful dining set is just what you’re looking for! By choosing a dramatic colour for your walls you instantly create a very swanky interior. And by matching this to our Cleo Dining Table you’re oozing style! To go with our Cleo Dining Table in Oak & Powder Blue, we love Little Greene’s Wode 251. It is a deep mid blue, yet still light and bright enough to use in your kitchen.

If you are brave enough to go for a darker shade on your walls, then why not go all the way and choose a dark dining chair too? The Oak Table Top will balance out the dark tones, and if accessorised with whites and greys,  you can still create a serene dining area which will be the heart of your home!

Get the Look:   

Cleo 6 Seater Powder Blue Dining Table, £319

Black Stylo Dining Arm chair, £49

Cool Grey Stylo Dining Armchair, £55

Steel Blue Stylo Dining Chair, £49

Little Greene - Wode 251

Decision Made

Still unsure on how to style your home using blues and oak? Well, we have some top tips to keep in mind when decision making…

  • By sticking to a colour pallet of different shades of blue, you will be creating a dining area which is very pleasing on the eye due to minimal colours. In areas used most in our homes, such as the kitchen and living areas, it is important to use harmonious colours to help relax and unwind. Save the bold shades for hallways and less used rooms, like an occasional Dining Room!
  • Coloured Dining Chairs are a great way to add interest and atmosphere into a kitchen or dining room. Stick to one colour which compliments the room, or play around with colour combinations for a fun, mix and match dining table!
  • Be sure to balance out the cool feeling of blue with a bit of warmth. This can be achieved by your home furnishings such as rugs, cushion. By choosing a chair with a wooden base, such as our Finn Dining Chair, this will bring extra warmth too.
  • If you want a really bold look, go for a deep blue feature wall such as Little Greene’s ‘Wode 251’. This rich blue is really on trend and looks great on one wall or on every wall!
  • If you really want to shake things up, try adding a different colour into your scheme. Blues work great with oranges as they are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, which are called complimentary colours. Typically complimentary colours create a very visually stimulating colour combination. Maybe play around with the saturation and amount of each colour? That way you can create very different looks which are pleasing to the eye!

To conclude, we have 3 different look using the same colour pallet and dining table. Let us know what colour combinations you have gone for, and if you have any other colour questions- just ask! We love to see your pictures so make sure you tag us with @Danetti_com and use #Danetti on Instagram!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next in our Colour series...

Colour, Ideas and Inspiration
Interior Colour Schemes for Kitchens and Diners
October 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm 0
Your kitchen is often the hub of the home, a place to hang out and chat, dine, enjoy a drink at the bar with a friend, do homework with your kids, cook up some comfort food or enjoy a special occasion. Whatever you do, you’ll find the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home and so it needs to be decorated accordingly. We decided to look at some of the most popular kitchen colours and share them with you!
black kitchen

Elle Deco

Back to Black:

Black can be seen as a bit dark and gloomy but not when teamed with the right other finishes. Black is becoming increasingly popular and being used more and more in kitchen spaces. Where before a black granite worktop was considered ‘on trend’, we are now seeing units being given the black treatment and worktops in walnut, concrete or stone. Forget all memories of shiny 80’s style black gloss, this time around it’s a much more organic look. So, we’re seeing sophisticated matt black finishes making an appearance in the kitchen which is then given a luxe treatment with elegant black leather and more subtle styling. Green plants add a burst of life to the scheme and the effect is very striking. However, if you are feel slightly dubious about this being too overpowering in your space and you are not too confident about it, then pare down the blackness and go for a warm grey instead. You can still blend black accessories and natural wood finishes and achieve a similar, softer look.  

Get the Look:

teal kitchen


Feel the Teal:

Ever since being names as Dulux's Colour of the Year 2014, Teal has become a really popular colour for Interiors. It is calming and restores balance in a room but also energises a space - which is ideal in a busy hub like the kitchen! Teal is extremely versatile and blends well with concrete, stone, chrome and metal as well as a more natural modern scheme like white, black and wood tones. So, whether you decide to go for teal kitchen units and more neutral worktops, walls and tiles or perhaps paint the walls or use teal tiles with a plain simple white, wood or black kitchen, this uplifting colour has really positive qualities that will bring zest and umph to any kitchen! Teal is a great backdrop for traditional and contemporary looks, so don’t think it can only be used in modern kitchens! Dating back hundreds of years, Teal is a very traditional colour. So be bold, brave and feel the teal!  

Get the Look:

white kitchen


All White

A white kitchen is still for many the first choice. It always looks smart, crisp, hygienic and fresh. Whilst it may be deemed the ‘safe’ option, generally speaking this blank canvas can provide the basic shell for showcasing some beautiful styling with accessories and splashes of colour. All white has been the ultimate in ‘cool’ style for a good few years, but it is worth noting, that it can look clinical or cold, so finding a definite ‘look’ is important to give this ‘heart of the home’ area character and and warmth. This could mean introducing a colour, texture or a glossy finish like chrome, brushed steel or glass. An all white kitchen can go in almost any style direction, yet create very different moods depending on what it’s used with. So, the options are limitless. Bright colours will create a fresh energised space, muted tones will create a calming atmospheric room. It's the hues and finishes you choose that will determine the mood in the room - it’s a brilliant option and so versatile!  

Get the Look:

bright kitchen


Kitchen Brights:

Colourful kitchens are always happy places to be! Often they are family kitchens as children need stimulation and sometimes their artwork, oilcloth tablecloths, multi coloured plastic plates and cups etc can add to the colour. A vibrant kitchen bursting with colour is always a fun place to be. It is worth bearing in mind that the family kitchen needs to be able to ‘grow-up’ just like the family. Bright kitchens could date or become tired - so do choose carefully! Some interesting advice I read recently was this, ‘There are no bad colours, just bad colour combinations’. This is a very good piece of design info - use the colour wheel to look up shades that blend. Are they warm cool? Do they enhance each other or clash? Generally speaking I would say these rules apply; either choose neutral kitchen units and add pops of colour with bar stools, splash backs, dining chairs and table. Or if you want bright kitchen units make sure the rest of the kitchen is subtle and perhaps stick to similar tones and hues - monochromatic schemes in brights work well. If you’re not sure - stick to a white kitchen and introduce other shades on the walls, chairs and tiles!     

Get the Look:

Colour, Dining Chairs
Orange Dining Chairs – Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Home!
November 2, 2011 at 2:04 pm 0
British Summer Time is over, the clocks have gone back and the evenings have drawn in, so now would be the perfect time to let a little bright orange into your home or business.  Team it up with white or black to create a monochrome colour scheme with a little pop of accent colour, or team it with other bright colours such as yellow or royal blue to make a bright and cheery environment.  Funky orange is also the perfect accompaniment to lift this year’s high fashion colours of grey or taupe. As you know, we like to keep up with the latest trends, so here are some of our best-selling orange dining chairs. Prima Funky Plastic Coloured Chair  
Prima Funky Plastic Coloured Chair

Prima Funky Plastic Coloured Chair £74.00

The gorgeous Orange Prima Funky Plastic Coloured Chair is a fantastic addition to our range of coloured plastic chairs. The ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to sit on and the contemporary loopy pattern on the back gives added interest for the eye. These trendy coloured plastic chairs are stackable and made from very hardwearing polypropylene. The Prima is also available in modern White or trendy Grey.   Zola Curvy Plastic Coloured Chair
Zola Curvy Plastic Coloured Chair

Zola Curvy Plastic Coloured Chair £76.00

If you are looking for a comfortable contemporary orange plastic chair then look no further than the Zola Curvy Plastic Coloured Chair. Made from hardwearing polypropylene and also available in a whole range of other fashionable colours - white, red, black and charcoal grey - with sturdy chrome legs, the Zola is ideal for modern homes and commercial environments alike.  In addition, if you need to save space the Zola is stackable. Misso Plastic Dining Chair    
Misso Plastic Dining Chair

Misso Plastic Dining Chair £119.00

  The contemporary Italian designer Misso Plastic Dining Chair is perfect for any modern kitchen, dining room or even garden. As well as Transparent Clear and Amber, the Misso is available in 5 other different transparent coloured and clear combinations, making it versatile and trendy. You could team this chair with a glass table or a wooden one for a contemporary look, but really this chair can be used anywhere - even in the bathroom or bedroom. Kool Plastic Chair    
Kool Plastic Chair

Kool Plastic Chair £129.00

A bright transparent orange contemporary coloured dining chair available in a range of other transparent colours too. The Kool Plastic Chair can be stacked up to 8 chairs high; the colourful seat is made from hard-wearing polycarbonate shell and is light, shock and UV ray resistant. The modern steel tube frame comes in either chrome or silver powder coating. Regal Chair   
Regal Plastic Chair

Regal Plastic Chair £139.00

The Amber Transparent Regal Chair is a funky outdoor dining chair that is just as at home indoors. Moulded from polycarbonate, this stylish outdoor chair is strong and durable, in a traditional design with a modern twist.  This modern plastic chair is also available in opaque white or black, or transparent violet or smoke grey. The funky Regal chair is perfect for use at home or in a commercial environment such as a restaurant or bar.