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Spring Cleaning Storage Solutions
April 8, 2013 at 9:50 am 0

If you’ve been spring cleaning then you may have discovered that finding storage solutions for your Living Room or Lounge which are both useful and stylish can be a mind-boggling business.  The Living Room is the centre of the home and a room that usually needs to be very versatile – it can be a place for the children to play by day and a space to chill or entertain by evening.  Sometimes keeping on top of all the clutter that everyday living generates can be a chore.  However, help is at hand - stash away all those bits and bobs, toys and paraphernalia in one of our stylish sideboards, coffee tables with hidden storage or display cabinets to restore calm and serenity to your home.

Here are some of the stylish, modern sideboards that we have in stock, ready for a speedy delivery! Assi Wenge Dark Wood Sideboard
Assi Wenge Dark Wood Sideboard

Assi Wenge Dark Wood Sideboard £439.00

If you are looking for a Dark Wood, stylish, high quality sideboard then this could be the solution. It is ideal for storage in living and dining rooms as it has two spacious cupboards and three handy drawers. The drawers and cupboards all have nifty 'soft' closures. The Assi Wenge Dark Wood Sideboard has slightly slanted, stylish rectangular brushed metal legs which enhance the overall designer look. If you need an extending dining table with the same rich dark looks and funky brushed metal legs, then have a look at the modern matching Assi Extending Wenge Dark Wood Dining Table. Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard
Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard

Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard £396.00

The Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard is part of the same stylish furniture range. Along with the matching extending dining table, this white and grey gloss sideboard gives a room a light and airy feel, whilst the grey gloss contrasting door and drawer fronts provide a welcome burst of accent colour. With two cupboards and three drawers the Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard provides plenty of storage, and the handy 'soft' closures mean there are no handles to spoil the sleek look. Once again, the legs of the Assi White Gloss Sideboard are designer retro, slightly slanted in a brushed metal finish. The matching extending dining table has the same white and grey gloss modern look and funky brushed metal legs.  With this contemporary extending dining table the central extension piece is in Grey high gloss to create a dramatic and eye-catching table. Assi Walnut Sideboard
Assi Walnut Sideboard

Assi Walnut Sideboard £439.00

Also in the Assi Range is a rich Walnut Veneer Sideboard, again giving two spacious cupboards and three handy drawers, providing ample space for dinner services, glasses and other miscellaneous items that you don't necessarily want on show. The drawers and cupboards all have nifty 'soft' closures. This sideboard also has a matching, retro style extending dining table in the same rich Walnut veneer with brushed metal slanted legs.  The grain of the extension leaf insertion runs in the opposite direction to the main table to give a stylish contrast. Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard
Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard £549.00

This modern White Oak and glass sideboard is perfect if you are looking for an unusual and eye-catching storage solution.  The main body of the sideboard has a White Oak veneer with a very stylish oak grain running through it, and the glass supporting legs give the appearance that it is floating in the air.  The legs are made from 12mm thick tempered clear glass which have been rigorously tested for strength and durability, certified to BS6206 to ensure the quality of toughening and strength against impact. Stash away the TV remote, DVDs and other bits and bobs in the spacious drawers of the Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard to keep clutter to a minimum in your dining room or lounge. The Aria Sideboard has four sleek 'soft' closing drawers for storage and a large display area. For a completely stylish new look in your home, why not have a look at the matching Aria White Oak Dining Table, Coffee Table, Coffee-End Table and Shelving Unit? The Aria range of furniture is also available in rich Espresso dark wood finish.
Ideas and Inspiration, Styling Tips
Creating a Minimalistic Home
September 5, 2008 at 3:03 pm 0
Taken from the art form minimalism, the Japanese highly influenced the creation of minimalistic design through their traditional style and architecture. The design is simple - reduce everything down to its necessary elements.  

Plaza Velvet Stool with Luxe Sofa

  I wonder how many homes have unnecessary elements? With our hectic lives, I'm sure many of us have objects in the home that we just don't need. But can you imagine the satisfaction and fulfilment if the only things on our kitchen worktop where the bare essentials such as a kettle and toaster? How calm and relaxed would you feel knowing that everything was in it's rightful place and the area looked clean, clear and spacious?   Well, we can help. From the kitchen to the bedroom, in this guide, we tell you all you need to know to help you create a minimalistic home. So you can feel less stressed and take pride in your home.

Start with Furniture

  Always start planning your room with the key furniture items. Remember that less is more, so always try to see the functionality of the item. If it has no purpose and is never used then ask yourself is it truly essential. I would advise people to go for a few choice pieces of plain and simple furniture with subdued colours, decorative items beyond the essential can always be added later on. See the images below for achievable ideas to incorporate into your kitchen, dining room and living room.  

Aria and Verona Dining Set 


Aver and Senn Dining Set


Luxe Sofa Range

Clear the Space

  This means floors, surfaces and walls - make sure that all clutter is out of sight. Nothing should be stored on the floor or stacked. Try to buy furniture that has maximum storage. Surfaces should be removed of all items apart from one or two decorative accessories. Remember that when choosing wall art, it is important to only have one or two simple pieces as lots of pieces can make the space feel smaller. Always try and leave some walls bare.  

Cleo Round 4 seater Pedestal Dining Table

Keep the Decor Plain

  White is the classic minimalistic colour but other subdued earth colours can work too, such as blues, greens and browns. Avoid big and bold patterns such as flowers and checks as these can create visual clutter! Liven up any plain colours with simple decorations. A vase of flowers or a selection of candles can add interest without adding clutter.  

Drift Occasional Chair and Orbit Side Table 

And Finally..... Keep it up!

  It is important you find a place for all clutter and remember where that place is. Every so often have a look at the space and see what items are unnecessary. Remember a minimalistic home is a less stressful one!