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Backless vs Backrest Kitchen Bar Stools
January 4, 2019 at 3:00 pm 1
Backless vs Backrest Bar Stool Seating

Backless vs Backrest Bar Stool Seating

A common stumbling block when choosing a kitchen bar stool is whether to go for a backrest or a backless bar stool. While having a kitchen counter bar stool with a backrest offers plenty of support, you might not like the idea of the bar stool's backrest being visible above the height of the countertop. Below we've written a quick rundown of the benefits and considerations of each design to help you choose the right stool for your space.  

Kitchen Bar Stool with Backrest


  • Good lumbar support. When sitting in the same place for a while your body can often slump, so with a backrest, this can take off some of the stress on the back.
  • Backrest bar stools feel more secure as you have a supporting surface at the back.


  • The backrest may be seen above the height of the countertop. Dependent on the height of the backrest will depend on how much will be visible above your kitchen countertop. This is a purely aesthetic issue but should be taken into account.
  • Kitchen bar stools with a backrest cannot be fully tucked under your counter or table. Therefore, the stools will be more visible and take up slightly more floor space.

Backless Bar Stool


  • No visible backrest above the height of the countertop so you have nothing to break up the simple straight lines of the surface.
  • Backless kitchen bar stools can be tucked under the counter or table so they'll take up less floor space. This is ideal if you're a little pushed for room.


  • As there is no back support, when seated you'll more likely to be leaning and resting on the surface in front of you.
  • If you have younger children, backless stools offer less support when they are seated.
  Still stuck for choice? Why not have the best of both worlds...

Kitchen Bar Stool with a Small Back Rest


  • This style of stool offers some Lumbar support for the lower spine and for the lower back.
  • A small backrest is not so visible above the height of the countertop.


  • As the backrest is far smaller, it will not offer complete support for your back.
  • Like a backless stool, a stool with a small backrest won't offer full support for younger children.

So there we have it!

We hope we've given you some inspiration as to what stool will be right for your space. Now let's choose the perfect seat! Head over to our website to full the full range of backless and backrest bar stools.  For more sizing and styling tricks, be sure to take a look at our Bar Stool Buying Guide.
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Brushed Steel Bar Stools to Match Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
July 27, 2011 at 1:43 pm 0
Brushed steel bar stools are a great contemporary addition for many modern kitchens.  Even though lots of kitchens have stainless steel extractor hoods, ovens, hobs, American fridge-freezers, door knobs and even kettles and toasters, there aren’t many bar stools in the market to match.  We think that brushed steel bar stools are very stylish and blend perfectly with stainless steel appliances and accessories, so we’ve introduced some new exclusive brushed steel bar stools to our range.
Fondi Brushed Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool

Fondi Brushed Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool £129.00

Our exclusive Fondi Brushed Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool is contemporary, comfortable and curvy and offers fantastic value for money.  The flat sturdy base is finished in beautiful brushed steel or shiny chrome, matching the adjustable gas lift system and funky footrest. The curves of the faux leather seat give you a small backrest and the front curve fits neatly behind your knees.  The Fondi Brushed Steel Bar Stool is available in high quality black or white hard-wearing faux leather.
Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool

Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool £149.00

We love the stylish elegant curves of the modern Elise Brushed Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool.  If you are looking for comfort and value for money but don't want to compromise on quality, then the Elise Brushed Steel Bar Stool ticks all the boxes. A stylish, contemporary bar stool, the comfy Elise's seat and backrest are upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather in a choice of classic black or trendy white. The pedestal with a flat round base has a gas lift mechanism to make the stool fully adjustable.  The pedestal comes in shiny chrome or brushed steel which complements the stainless steel in many of today’s kitchens perfectly.
Elise Bar Stool

Elise Bar Stool £79.00

Another new exclusive bar stool to our Elise range is this chic and comfy bar stool, upholstered in durable yet tactile faux leather in a choice of three colours - classic black, trendy cream or modern white. The frame is finished in a highly polished chrome at a fixed height of 670mm.  The beautifully slender legs taper to make the Elise Bar Stool a very elegant addition to any breakfast bar. Also in the range is the Elise Dining Chair.     To see other brushed steel bar stools in our range, have a look at the Hammel or Adolfo Brushed Steel Bar Stools.