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Airbnb Basics For Beginners: How to Create a Colourful Rental Home
October 6, 2017 at 12:16 pm 0
In the previous post of Airbnb Basic for Beginners, we covered the key pieces of information you need when starting to host on Airbnb, and how to get the best listing for your home. We also gave you our top interior tips for the best type of furniture to kit your home out in, and the key features for practicality and durability. If you've missed it, check it out right Here! In this post, we're going to look at the most appealing colour schemes for your home and give you a few cost-effective storage solutions, all to keep your home stylish and desirable on Airbnb.   Homes And Property Magazine Mihaela Homes  

How to use Colour in your Home

When making your home appealing to potential guests, it's really important to consider the colours you use. If you have a look through what Airbnb has to offer, I guarantee the spaces that appeal most to you are those where colour has been carefully considered. 

If you do a quick Google search you can find so many tips on which colours to use in each room and the importance of getting this right, not only for aesthetics but your mood too! Take a look at our top 5 tips on how to decorate your home like a pro!

  1. Create a soothing colour palette. Neutral colours are the standard when creating a serene interior, but we're not talking 50 shades of beige. Stick to cool colours like greys, blues and play with different tones of white.
  2. Bright and airy interiors are more sought after as your house will look larger and give off the feeling of tranquillity- exactly what Airbnb guests are looking for!
  3. Once you have your base colour palette, you can begin to furnish your home with complementary colours. It's always wise to keep your key items such as dining tables and sofas neutral and have fun with the smaller more inexpensive items.
  4. Keep a theme running throughout your home. By all means, the kitchen can be decorated in a more lively manner, and the living room more calming, but try to stick to similar colours so walking from one room to the next feel seamless.
  5. When undertaking a home makeover, don’t choose a colour which is too bold or too trend focused, unless you want to be re-painting your home twice a year! Always go for timeless colours, that way you’ll attract a wider audience and won't need to renovate yearly.
  6. Keep the chill out zones as chill out zones. Nobody wants to unwind in a bright purple and orange living room. Promote a feeling of tranquillity by using blues. Introduce subtle touches in your smaller furniture pieces and soft furnishings.

Using Colour in your Airbnb

Now you know the key factors on how to use colour in your Airbnb home, we’re going to give you some examples of quick and cost-effective home updates. Just to make sure you nail hosting on Airbnb! We will focus on the calming colour pallet of Powder Blues, White, Greys and a touch of warmth through the use of wood. 


Colourful Kitchen

It's no secret that your kitchen is usually the hub of the home. It is a constant hive of activity! You're either cooking for the family, having drinks with friends, having a cup of coffee in the mornings or rummaging for a midnight snack. For this reason, we can be more playful with the colours we use in our kitchens. The more activity, the more colour! 

  Aver and Finn Extending Dining Set for Airbnb

Aver & Finn Aqua and Steel Blue Extending Dining Set £669


Our Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table is a great option for Airbnb homes as its extension leaf tucks neatly inside the table, so no need to extra storage. Most notably though are the Finn chairs which bring all the feels, which come as part of the set. Available in 11 colours, the Finn Dining chairs are plastic, durable and easy clean, and will sit in any existing, or new home interior!

What we love most about this 4 - 8 seater extending dining set is the calming tones of Aqua and Steel Blue balanced out with White. Keep the rest of the room neutral and play with textures to add more depth and style.

Alternatively, you could try an earthy colour palette of Taupe, Brick Red, White and Taupe Grey, but play with the proportions of each colour. The more Bright Red, the moodier the feeling. However, More Taupe and White with just a hint of Brick red will create a calmer kitchen with a hint of warmth.   Brick Red and Taupe Aver Extending Dining Set

Aver White and Oak Extending and Finn Dining Set, £669


Zen Living

Opposite to your kitchen, your living room needs to be more calming as this is usually where you'll unwind in the evening. Play around with your soft furnishings and more affordable pieces of furniture, such as side tables. As side tables tend to be more cost-effective, you're able to update these as you update your interior style. Keep your investment pieces, such as your sofa, in a more neutral colour so it will fit with your ever-changing colour scheme for years and years. However, if you do decide to pick a colourful sofa, be sure it is one you love and will be happy to live with. Never choose a sofa because it's on trend! Choose a piece you love and it's sure to last.   Pebble Powder Blue Side Tables

Pebble Side Tables in Powder Blue, £119

  Add a touch of colour to your home by using this calming Powder Blue. It will add warmth and promote feelings of tranquillity. Along with the reflective finish, this high gloss side table is a steal at under £100. Say you love this colour, but don't feel adventurous enough to purchase coloured furniture. Try adding a splash to your walls! Dulux's colour of the year 2017 Denim Drift is a perfect option for updating your living room while nailing 2017 colour trends.   Wing and Dice setting

Wing Leather Occasional Chair, £419 | Grey Gloss Dice Side Tables, £119


Luxury Twist

If you're a fan of more luxurious interiors, perhaps introduce colour into a real stand out piece of furniture. By keeping the majority of your home simple and having one statement piece, you can create a real focal point.   Smoked Blue Luxe Chaise

Luxe Chaise in Smoked Blue, £1299

  The Luxe Chaise comes in a variety of colour options, including this deep Smoked Blue. The Chesterfield quilted style gives you an abundance of luxury style, while the Chaise is just a wonderful statement in itself. Feeling really adventurous? The Luxe Range also comes in the most fantastic Mustard Yellow! If you wanted a really dramatic look, pair the Mustard Luxe Range with dark blue walls and Walnut highlights for an opulent, traditional room with a modern twist. Not one for the fainthearted!   Mustard Luxe with Dark Walls

Luxe Real Leather Chaise in Mustard Yellow, £1299


Cool and Convenient

When it comes to managing an Airbnb property from a distance, or letting out your home while you're away, it's hard to keep tabs on any little spills or thrills. That's why stackable dining chairs are such a great idea. A must have when it comes to rental properties.   Riva and Arc Dining Set for airbnb

Riva and Arc 4 Seater dining Set, £475

  Our Riva Fabric Dining Chairs come in 7 colours and are ideal for Airbnb homes. Say you're going away for the weekend and don't want any potential damage your pricey real leather dining chairs. Keep a spare set of stackable dining chairs in the garage for use when your home is being borrowed.  That way, you can add more colour to your home and also keep your best as your best. Just remember to protect your Fabric Dining Chairs with a barrier spray, such as Scotchguard upholstery and fabric protector.  

Warm Tones

Bright white interiors are always popular. They exude a minimal Scandi vibe and, photographed well, look SO good! However, when it comes to interior colour trends, dark walls are certainly having a moment.   Walnut and Black Chrome Acute Console Table

Acute Console Table in Walnut and Black Chrome, £259

  Create a real feel of warmth and intimacy with dark grey walls and Walnut furniture. Our Walnut and Black Chrome Acute Console Table is perfect as an extra, practical surface, but also brings that welcome touch of sophistication. Plus, the Acute range is a really stylish and cost-effective furniture range, starting at just £89 to £199. Mix and match your coffee tables, side tables and console tables to a coordinated, high end feel.   Studio 3 Seater Fabric Sofa for Airbnb

Studio 3 Seater Fabric Sofa £899 |Walnut and Black Chrome Acute Coffee and Side Tables £169 each


Ready? Set, GO!

Well done, by now you'll have the most desirable home on Airbnb. Getting your home Airbnb ready is just the start of it. Now you'll have to upload your property, with all those bright and airy photos of your newly updated home, and scope out those potential guests. There are a few important factors to take into consideration before letting your house out to any part-time guests.  

Airbnb Safety

If your home is available just for weekends, or if it's on the market full time, you need to bear in mind some key safety features when hosting on Airbnb. Safety is paramount, and there's plenty of tips on Airbnb's site when it comes to taking care of you and your home. We've done the legwork and narrowed it down into little bite-sized chunks:
  • Communicate through Airbnb. Use this to communicate safely with any potential guests. All conversations will be recorded and monitored which is so reassuring. Plus, Airbnb will blank out any mobile numbers and email addresses to keep communication safe.
  • Know your guests. Before letting your property out, you can get to know your guests by having clear and verified profiles. People cannot pretend to be someone they're not, and if you are unsure, you can ask for verification, such as a video profile or government-issued ID.
  • Understand the visit. It's also a great idea to chat with your visitors and get to know them. Find out what they will be doing in your home and why they want to stay. That way you can whittle out any potential home wrecking parties! Keep your wits about you.
  • Pay through Airbnb. Airbnb will always handle the money to make sure you as the host are getting your payment. This way you are protected against any scams. This goes for both Hosts and Guests.
  • Meet your guests and welcome them into your home at check in. You can still cancel a booking at any time. Therefore if you feel unsafe at any point, you don't have to go ahead.
  • Use a Security Deposit. Nobody wants last-minute cancellations or damages to your home! This will also cover you in any situation, so you're not out of pocket.
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Airbnb Basics for Beginners: Getting the Perfect Home Interior
August 11, 2017 at 4:40 pm 0

In this modern world there's a term that keeps popping up over and over again; Sharing Economy. But what does it mean exactly?

Sharing Economy: an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet.

Sounds great, right? Sharing your off street parking to a commuter, renting out a room for a lodger, or maybe even letting out your entire house for holiday makers, there's no denying this is an intriguing concept. So how do you make it happen for you?

There are many sites on the world wide web, but perhaps most popular is Airbnb. You can let your home out for weekly getaways, or share a room to meet new people and make a bit of extra cash along the way.

I’ll admit though, the thought of having essentially a stranger staying in your home can be daunting. We’ve created a series of Airbnb Basics to supply you the best tips and tricks on looking after your Airbnb home, be it cleaning, styling or furnishing. This is your one stop Airbnb beginners guide. 


Make your home the perfect holiday destination with our Airbnb Basics guide. Siena Corner Sofa and Arc Glass 4 Seater Dining set with Riva Stackable Dining Chairs


Getting Started

Almost anyone can host on Airbnb but there are some barriers. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Airbnb FAQ’s. Heres a few things worth checking out before getting too stuck into Hosting;

  • House / Liability Insurance- Airbnb offer some sort of coverage, but it's a good idea to make your insurance company aware when you start Hosting on Airbnb, and also explore your other insurance options. Remember to add your furniture to any insurance policy too. These are investment items and you want to make sure you're covered should anything happen... Insurance isn't all about electricals!
  • Costs, Taxes and Fees- As with most sharing sites, there will be some applicable costs. Again, we highly recommend reviewing Airbnb’s post about what you’re likely to be charged when being a Host. 
  • House Rules, Safety Card and First Aid Box- When sharing your home or letting it out, you must make sure to lay down some ground rules, along with safety information. Look at a Welcome Pack, with all the do’s and don’ts, Safety information, emergency numbers and have a first aid box clearly posted.

Stylists Tip: Be sure to include any 'no snacking zones' and how to care for you furniture in your House Rules- let your guests know these are to be followed and respected.

  • Property Type- Airbnb has 3 different types of properties, and it's key to list yours correctly, not only for your listing to be found, but also for your security. These are:
            • Shared rooms- You’ll be sharing space with other guests, as well as sharing the entire property
            • Private rooms- You’ll have your own private room, however the rest of the property will be shared.
            • Entire homes / apartments- You’ll have the entire property for yourself. These are great for those big family trips away, or if you just prefer your privacy.

Creating the Perfect Listing

Now you know what Airbnb is all about, its time to get your listing up and running. So, whats the first thing that attracts you to a potential rental property? The pictures of sweeping staircases, insane garden views and the most desirable magazine-worthy interiors? Getting your home interior pictures right is super important in pulling in those future guests…

  • Lighting is so important! A bright and airy room flooded in natural light will always appear more appealing. Avoid synthetic light, and photograph your home in the morning, when the lighting is spot on.
  • De-clutter. Make your home look like the pages of your favourite interior design magazines by removing any remotes, mugs, washing, children toys etc. Your home wants to look like the perfect getaway / relaxation zone. 

Stylists Tips: Add a strategically places mug and magazine to make your home look lived in, but uncluttered! 

  • Get back and capture the entire room. You could use a wide angled lens to get more of the room in, but you don't want that 90’s fish eye effect. Just get back as far as you can, even if it means moving some furniture. The more your guests can see, the more likely they are to book with you.

 Moodboard using our Stone Grey and Taupe Grey Finn and Stylo Dining Chairs


Airbnb Interiors

Once you're ready to be a host(ess) with the most(ess), you need to make sure your home is practical for weekly new guests and also stylish, so people see your listing and want to stay. Luckily for you, we’re masters in creating beautiful interiors, so heres our tips for the perfect Airbnb home makeover.


The biggest thing to remember is that, although you are careful in your home, other guests may not treat it the same. That's where tough and durable furniture comes in. Some of the most durable kitchen table finishes on the market are Tempered Glass and HPL (high pressure laminate).


Zen Dining Table, £289


The Zen 6 seater Glass Dining Table is a perfect option for letting out your home on Airbnb. With a 10mm thick Tempered Glass top, this makes the table extra strong and resistant to breakage. As tempered glass will not splinter, the Zen Dining Table is also a kid friendly dining table. Plus, the sleek ‘V’ shaped gloss legs mean this 6 seater glass dining table is ticking all the boxes for modern interiors.

Stylists Tip: A Glass Dining Table allows light to flow through you room, helping with those all important interior photos and creating a light, airy kitchen! 


Ellie Extending Dining Table, £499


If a Glass Dining Table isn't your style, but you still want a durable kitchen table finish, take a look at our Ellie Extending Table. Made from HPL, this is one of the strongest, high performing materials for the home. HPL is able to withstand a temperature of up to 180ºC, but we would recommend using coasters anyway! Still unsure what HPL is? Take a look at our Material Spotligth: HPL post to find out more.   


Easy Clean

Secondly, you have to have wipe clean surfaces. There's nothing worse than scrubbing coffee stains out of a solid oak dining table, or trying to get red wine off of your favourite leather dining chairs! Let's face it, you can't watch your guests 24/7, so making sure your home is easy to keep clean is paramount.


Santo Dining Chair, £79


If you want to add more protections to your leather or faux leather dining chair, make sure you protect with a quality product, such as scotchgaurd fabric & upholstery protector. This will coat your chairs in an extra protective layer to repel those unwanted spills and prevent any nasty stains!


Detail of Zen Table


When it comes to keeping you table clean, our Zen and Ellie tables couldn't be more low maintenance. Just follow these simple steps;

  1. Wipe table with a clean cloth, soaked in a solution of warm water and fairy liquid. Make sure you cloth is rung out well.
  2. Wipe up any spillages as soon as they happen to avoid any staining. If you do find a stain, use a non-abrasive cleaner such as a magic sponge, or try adding a touch of vinegar to your cleaning solution.
  3. Take a dry, clean micro-fibre cloth to buff away and water makes, and keep your table streak free and sparkling!

Stylists Tip: If your table however does require specialist care, like a solid oak table, make sure to include this in your House Rules, so your guest know straight away to take extra care!


Compact Furniture

One of the key things potential guests will be looking at when browsing Airbnb is open, light and airy spaces. No one wants a home which is cluttered, dark and dingy. That's where compact furniture comes in.


Eve Compact Sideboard, £349


Although smaller, this handy space saving furniture for small apartments is ideal for rented properties. By having smaller, compact furniture, it means your space will feel more open, while still offering practical storage solutions. Which, as a result, will be much more appealing to potential lodgers!


Eve inside cupboard


Our Eve compact sideboard has a high gloss finish and matt tempered glass top (durability) and is a stylish piece for any hallway, living room, dining room or bedroom! Plus, for you part time Airbnb Hosts, a compact sideboard with drawers a good idea to tuck away any personal items and mark as an out of bounds area.


Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture goes hand in hand with compact furniture. These clever space savers are ideal for rental properties and first time Airbnb hosts. Be it a side table which hides a footstool or a Console Table which doubles as drinks cart, there's no denying the possibilities are endless.


Fern Console Table, £199


The Fern console Table is a practical extra surface but also ideal for showcasing your favourite items. The high gloss finish also helps reflect light back around your room.


Duo Side Table, £149


Much as the Fern Console Table is multi-functional, the Duo Side Table doubles up as a table for remotes, lamps and magazines, while the pouf which tucks neatly inside can be pulled out as a perfectly sized footstool! Multi-tasking at its finest!


Dining Benches

When looking for an Airbnb property, 9 times out of 10 people will be looking for new experiences. You want your home to be that new experience, something different from the day to day.  Although you cannot physically give them a new experience, you certainly can give then a new interior experience.  

Loop Right Hand Corner Bench, £899

  Stand out from the crowd with a Dining Corner Bench and create a multi-functional American Diner style booth. Dining benches are such a focal piece and add so much style and class to a kitchen / diner. The Loop Bench Range offers multiple sizes and styles to suit any home interior. Combine a corner bench with a backless upholstered dining bench, or perhaps a mix and match of dining chairs and a 3-4 seater dining bench with backrest. Either way you'll have a totally desirable and magazine worthy kitchen. So now you have the basics to getting started on Airbnb. Don't forget to read through all the FAQ's over on Airbnb and familiarise yourself with the safety tips and tricks.  

Coming soon...

We've got so much more to share with you when it comes to getting your home Airbnb ready! Keep a look out for the next post in the series, where we will be talking through all things colour and getting the most out of your Airbnb listing!

Have you got any Airbnb hosting questions? Submit them below and our experts will be sure to get back to you. In the meantime share your Airbnb interiors with us by tagging us in your pictures and using #mydanetti.