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Our fantastic range of bar stools for commercial use

June 9, 2010 0
Modena Bar Stool - suitable for commercial use

Modena Bar Stool from Danetti - suitable for commercial use

If you’re the owner of a bar, or an interior designer charged with decorating and furnishing  a bar, we think you’re going to like what we have on offer.

We’ve trawled the furniture fairs and hunted down all the best European and high quality furniture makers and gathered together a selection of commercial quality bar stools that’s second to none.

Whether you want free-standing bar stools with fixed height legs, gas lift bar stools that can be adjusted to suit different table heights, or floor-fixed bar stools that will remain exactly where you want them, then we’ve got lots of options for you to choose from.

Colour is also our speciality – many of our bar stools are available in a host of modern and classic colours – from black, red and cream, through to purple, royal blue and yellow. Whatever the style you’re looking to create in your bar, restaurant or club, we’ll have something suitable.

Another benefit of shopping with Danetti is that we can often supply chairs or short stools in the same style and upholstery as our bar stools, which allows you to create a co-ordinated look.

For advice on making your space the most popular in town, just give us a  call.


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