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True or False? Top Mattress Myths
October 11, 2019 at 5:49 pm 0
With so many options out there, buying a mattress can be a daunting task for many people. If you’re buying for your master bedroom then you’re going to be using it everyday so you really need to make sure it’s perfect; if it’s for the guest bedroom, you’ll want your guests to go home feeling refreshed, right? With our comfort mattress range, we’re here to make life a little easier for you and clear up some common misconceptions about mattresses, helping you to improve sleep and buy the mattress thats perfect for you.

1. A Firm Mattress Is Better For Your Back: FALSE

A mattress that is good for your back is one that supports your spine. When you are lying down, your spine should be straight - the springs need weight to engage them and support the contours of the body. Spring engagement is when weight causes the springs to contract and release, pushing back against the sleeper and therefore giving the best support. A medium tension mattress is better suited to someone of an average weight and build, as the springs on a firm mattress won’t push back enough to give the right level of support. A good night’s sleep also depends on the position you sleep; if you’re a side sleeper, a medium tension mattress is more suitable to give an extra bit of squidge, putting less pressure on your joints and making you feel a lot more refreshed in the morning. The firmness or ‘tension’ rating of your mattress is all dependant on the preference. Often when people say 'i like a firm mattress' what they are actually mean is that they like a mattress that is supportive, possibly because their current mattress isn't. No one likes to feel like they sink right into their mattress. You want the comfort but with a level of support and it's the support that is good for your back. A great option for if you like a firmer comfort level is our Forever Wellness mattress. With a nested spring construction and multiple foam comfort layers, with varying densities, it's designed to have a more supportive firmer feel.

2: A Tufted Top Mattress is More Comfortable: FALSE

This really is down to personal preference. A tufted top gives high ‘lofts’ of comfort, this is the most traditional mattress style top and what most people are probably used to.
Tufted style mattress

A Tufted Mattress: The spring core and comfort layers are laced front to back, creating a pillowy surface.

The more luxurious the tufted mattress, the more pronounced the lofts. Ours go from the Comfort Bliss right up to the Boutique Opulence, depending what level of Luxury you are looking for. Our most indulgent mattress with a deeply indulgent hand tufted top:
Top Quality Mattress

Boutique Opulence: Hand tufted through luxurious silk and wool comfort layers.

The alternatives to a tufted mattress are:
Quilted Top Mattress:
This type of mattress offers a flatter feel compared to a tufted option; it would appeal to someone looking for an alternative to a memory foam mattress, moulding closely to the shape of your body with the extra comfort layers inside.

A Quilted Mattress: The comfort layers are quilted together and joined to the side of the mattress resulting in a soft, level surface.

The Sumptuous Luxury Quilted Mattress is perfect if you like a luxurious topper on your mattress as you have this soft, topper-like feel built in.
A Pillow Top Mattress
A Pillow Top Mattress is almost like a mini mattress on top of your mattress. Our Ultimate Pillow Top Mattress has all the deep comfort and support of the most premium mattress but with shallower lofts. The Pillow top is made up of mini-springs resulting in a shallower tufted top, so you will feel peaks of comfort while still getting that extra support from the mini-springs.
Pillow Top Mattress

A Pillow Top Mattress gives you double comfort but with shallower surface lofts.

3. More Springs Are Better: TRUE...ALMOST.

The more pocket springs your mattress has, the more support, resilience and weight distribution you will get. More springs means your mattress will retain its shape for longer, so you won’t find yourself unintentionally rolling into the centre. More springs also means that the weight will be distributed evenly. So if your partner moves in the night, you won't be disturbed. Our new mattress range only uses pocket springs which are kept in place by their own individual ‘sock’ so every spring moves independently, ranging from the 1000 pocket spring Comfort Bliss to 2400 on our Boutique Opulence mattress, you know you’ll be getting a supportive night’s sleep with our mattresses. TIP: Don't be blinded by bold claims of high spring counts! The reason we don't have a 5000 spring count mattress in our range is that over a certain level you cannot feel the benefit. That's a fact! If you are thinking of choosing a high spring count mattress make sure you ask about construction - stacked spring layers can result in a high spring count (seems good, right?) but unless there is variation in tensions there is zero benefit to your comfort. 

4. A Pillow-Top Mattress Will Be Too Hot: FALSE

Everyone is different, we all regulate heat different levels. With a mattress, heat is generated through direct contact to the surface of the mattress and with some foam topped synthetic mattresses this heat increases further. However, our Ultimate Pillow-top mattress from our comfort mattress range has individual mini-springs and a wool layer. Don't think of Wool as hot. Being natural, the wool is able to breathe and allows air to flow through the pillow-top meaning it won’t get too hot and will improve sleep for you.

Ultimate Pillow Top: Multiple comfort layers featuring natural breathable wool.

5. A New Mattress Will Take Time To Get Used To: TRUE

As with a new pair of shoes, a new mattress will take some time to bed in (excuse the pun!). Remember, you’ve been sleeping on your old mattresses every day for years, it has moulded and contoured to your body shape. Your new mattress will settle too, this is perfectly normal and is a sign that your mattress is working properly. Similar to wearing in a new pair of shoes, it could take a couple of days or a couple of weeks, but we’re confident you’ll love our new support mattress range which are all handmade with love and care in the UK. Shop the new mattress range now!
Lighting Style Guide | How To Get Your Interior Light Right
February 8, 2019 at 4:49 pm 0

Lighting is the most important part of interior design. There. I said it.

Create an interior statement with the Rey Floor Lamp.

You may think this to be a bold and false statement but think about it. You can have the most beautifully decorated room with incredible furniture, but if the light is too dark, or too harsh, the feeling will be totally wrong.

Getting your lightning right should be top of your interior wish list, and we're here to show you just how to create that perfect ambience for every room in your home.

Lighting Basics

Before you start buying lamps and pendants willy nilly, you need to take a moment to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What will I use the room for?

Knowing how you are going to use a space is key to getting the atmosphere right. Kitchens generally need bright, overhead task lighting so you can see what you're doing, where as Bedrooms are generally dimmer to promote relaxation.

Create a cosy corner in your bedroom or living room with a statement chair and simple lamp, such as the Alma Floor Lamp in Black and Brass.

2. What atmosphere do I want to create?

Creating an atmosphere can be as simple as playing with levels of lighting. Think about it- romantic scenes are usually lit with candles and soft lamps. For rooms where you want to relax, unwind or just hang out require soft, warm lighting. Playrooms, on the other hand, are promoting learning, creativity and play, so would require slightly brighter light to see what's going on.

The Soft white shade of the Casa Table Lamp offers a beautiful atmosphere for reading nooks or bedrooms.

3. What space do I have?

Thinking about space is usually the most overlooked thing when it comes to lighting your home. We choose beautiful bedside table lamps which take up all the space on our side tables, or pendant lights which are so low you keep bumping your head! Making sure you have enough room for your chosen lighting should be taken into consideration.

Using the Teo Pendant lights as an alternative to bedside lamps is a great space saving solution.

4. What's my budget?

Finally- don't forget your budget! We could all fall in love with a Porta Romana lamp, but no one will be willing to remortgage to have one! Set yourself a budget for your lighting and stick to it. With so many options you're bound to find a designer knock-off or beautiful simple design within your price range.

The Olivia Pendant light has just enough style to bring that designer look to your home without overpowering the rest of your surroundings.

What's Your Lighting Style?

Now you've worked out exactly what it is you require your light for, let's take a look at a few different styles of lighting. Depending on your personal interior style, there are many options and combinations of lighting styles to create very different looks.

The Haze lamp is an ideal options for desks or bedsides, as you can angle the light exactly where you need it most.

Minimal Modern

Minimalist homes will always be a thing, regardless of what other trends are current. A minimal style is classic, timeless and considered. Everything purchased has more thought put into it and is bought for substance, over style.

The Carmel Floor Lamp is suited for minimal interiors due to its simple shape and considered design features.

Our Carmel Floor Lamp is the perfect, simple addition to minimalist homes. With a smooth arch and subtle brass details, it will sit in any room of your home. Double up and use as statement bedside lamps, or position next to your sofa for a dedicated reading nook.

The Teo Pendant is a great choice for minimal homes...
... especially when paired with the matching Teo Table Lamps.

For something smaller, the Teo Pendants and Table Lamps are the perfect pairing for clean kitchens and simple suites. The marble brings a touch of opulence while the brass highlight adds a touch of modern design.

Scandi Cool

For cool, Scandi inspired style, think about simple silhouettes and light colours. White is the go-to choice for Scandinavian interiors, promoting a light and airy atmosphere. Our Alma range is perfect for this due to the slim profile and clean matt white finish.

Create a Scandi Vibe with the Alma Table Lamp

Pair the Alma lamp with the Fiesta pendant to bring a pop of colour. Exposed bulbs are also a key feature of Scandi cool style, so opt for a statement bulb to add your own twist.

The Fiesta Pendant in Light Grey adds a subtle pop of colour to your Scandi home.

Boutique Luxe

Ever stayed in a luxe boutique hotel and fell in love with the statement lamps and luxurious textures? Creating this look yourself is super easy! Think marble bases, chrome stands and oversized shades and you're there!

Pair up the Casa Table and Floor Lamps for a boutique statement.

The Casa range is ideal for creating a Boutique Luxe style. Position and pair of table lamps either end of a sideboard, or one your bedside tables for a symmetrical look. Alternatively, the stand alone floor lamp will add drama and an opulent feel to any living room or hallway.

Or use the Casa Table Lamps as bedside lamps for a real style statement.

Compact Living

Finally, with space at a premium, we are all trying to squeeze a little bit more into a little bit less. Be savvy with your lighting choices and opt for space saving solutions.

Save space with bedside pendants. Keep your side tables clear and nail interior styling all at once.

Play around with pendant lights instead of bedside lamps to keep surfaces clear and create a style statement. Or maybe choose a compact table lamp which is light and easy to move around if needs be. Compact styles such as the Felix and Pablo are perfect when perched on a stack of books or stand alone on your side tables.

Simple yet effective styling in the form of our Felix Table Lamp.

Our Stylists Top Tip When Lighting Your Home

You are now fully clued up on your own interior style and how to use your new Danetti Lamps. Just incase, here's a run down from our in-house interior stylist on how lighting can affect your home.

  • Be sure to select the right style of lighting for your space. Task lamps work great in home offices, pendants in hallways and kitchens and table lamps as bedside lamps.
The Flo Table Lamp brings style and colour to your bedroom.

  • Consider your personal style before selecting your lighting. Modern homes call for clean, simple lines. Avoid overly fussy shades or vintage styles to maintain your signature style.
Fiesta Dome in Blue

  • Bulbs should not be overlooked. Know the wattage of your bulbs and make sure you're using them correctly. 80W should be used for task lighting, whereas 30W is more than enough for relaxation zones.
Pablo Marble Table Lamp in Black

  • Choose styles which will not date and are not too "trend" based. Tassle lamps may be big now, but in a couple years time, your simple marble lamp will be much more versatile than that hot pink velvet number.
Oscar Marble Table Lamp in White

  • You can never have too many lamps. I have 6 lamps alone in my living room, each a slightly different style and giving off a slightly different light. This helps to create enough light to see efficiently, but not so harsh as to stop us from relaxing.
The Carmel Lamp creates a tranquil zone for those dark winter evenings.

Show Us Your Style!

We love seeing your beautiful homes so don't forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram with #mydanetti.

How To Be Your Own Interior Designer – Adding Texture To Your Interior
January 31, 2019 at 11:12 am 0

Have you ever wanted to add an extra layer to your interior, but couldn't work out what's missing? The most likely reason is that your home is lacking in texture. Texture is the simple element which brings warmth, style and personality to your home. Our Stylist shares the top 5 factors to consider when adding texture to your interior, and how to nail that mix and match trend.

The Texture Basics

When it comes to adding an extra layer of softness to our homes, there are a few basic textures which are a must-have. Regardless of the flooring you have or colours on the walls, no home show be without these 6 elements:

1. Animal Skins or Faux Fur

It's up to you if you buy a real sheepskin rug or a faux one, either works brilliantly to add a softness to your home. A cowhide rug can help soften wooden floors while a sheepskin placed over a plastic chair brings comfort and warmth.

The Matt Black Glass of our Cavour Desk contrasts the pattern and texture of the cowhide rug

2. Natural Materials

If you're lucky enough to have original floorboards, rustic brick walls or exposed beams, then you're already halfway there. However, if you are in a more modern home, you can create the same feel by introducing these natural elements through your furniture and floors. Wood, rattan, stone and concrete are great for mix and matching with modern finishes.

The Terni and Bella Dining Set sits perfectly against this slate wall. The soft sheen from the table top balance out the rough wall texture.

Top Tip: 2019 sees the start of a huge Rattan interior trend. From chairs and side tables to lampshades and headboards, there's nothing Rattan hasn't touched. Start by adding a subtle hint of rattan, such as a storage basket or plant stand to see how you feel about it. Contrast with smooth velvets and painted furniture for an ultra-chic look.

3. Metallics

An unstoppable trend in modern interior design is the use of metallic materials in our homes. We have seen the rise of rose gold, brass and now more weathered metallic textures being introduced. From simple details in our furniture to statement gold kitchens, by using metallics in your home you instantly add a modern luxe edge.

The Brushed Brass base of the Plaza stool adds a harder element to the soft blush pink velvet. Mixing and matching in one simple step!

4. Knitted Textures

It's no secret that it's usually pretty chilly in the UK. Which is exactly why we all love a chunky knitted throw, or a heavy wool rug to make our homes feel extra cosy and snug. A soft knitted throw on the end of a velvet bed does wonders for clashing textures, while a wool rug on a flagstone tile floor adds warmth and stops you toes getting too chilly!

Clash chunky throws with metallic finished and velvets for a soothing textur combination as seen here on the Mellow Velvet Bed.

5. Glass

You may think glass is not so much of a textural element to use in our homes, but you'd be wrong! Adding glass its the best way to add texture to your home. A simple glass dining table on a wooden floor with leather dining chairs is a great way to show off the different finishes! Glass furniture allows light to float freely around the room while reflecting windows and textures placed on top.

Our Ripple Glass and Brass coffee table sits perfectly on this chunky wool rug  the glass reflects the metallic on the surface while remaining light and airy.

6. Greenery

Fresh plants breath life and colour into your home. What's more, there are so many varieties of houseplants, with all different colours, textures and shapes and sizes you're sure to find the perfect pot plant to suit your style. Simple palms work wonders in minimal homes, while textured cacti sit beautifully in scandi homes.

Greenery adds colour as well as texture to the Aria sideboard.

Modern colour trends are predicting green to be a huge interior colour for 2019. From deep emeralds to silvery eucalyptus shades, keep your eyes peeled for more greenery coming soon!

Styling and Decorating with Texture

As a stylist, I quite often get asked how to add texture to a white room. With such a large percentage of us living in rented accommodation, you're very limited to how much you can decorate. So, instead of seeing your white home as restrictive, see it as a blank canvas to make your own through adding texture!

The Effie sofa packs a punch with the bright Velvet texture and the sleek Brass detailing in the arm.

Choose Furniture Wisely

Although you're limited with decoration, you still have the freedom to furnish your home how you like. Choose furniture which really sparks joy and excitement, that will also bring much-needed texture to your blank canvas. Wooden Dining tables are an ideal option to bring interest to your home. The warmth and grain of the wood will inject colour and texture, while sitting effortlessly into a white interior.

The new Valencia and Bay dining set does all sorts of things for texture clashing.

Top Tip: Our new Valencia Dining Table does all sorts of good things when it comes to adding texture. The glass top allows you to see the detail of the wooden leg, with an extra brass detail for a real modern touch.

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight Velvet with Acute Side Tables in Grey Gloss and Chrome

Or why not consider a velvet bed to bring a soft sheen to your bedroom. Team up with high gloss side tables to clash with each other and create an inviting, harmonious space to relax and unwind.

Layering and Clashing Texture

Don't be scared to get creative with textures. Layer a soft knitted throw over a smooth leather sofa, topped with a marabou feather cushion. This mix of different textures will bring an element of contrast to your home, which is vital when creating a personalised interior. Depending on your own personal style, when it comes to clashing textures there really is no right or wrong. Just remember less is more, unless you're a maximalist, then more really is more! Have fun with it and create your own texture. Don't forget to show us your style and use #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram!